--> 2006 AAPG Rocky Mountain Section Meeting, June 11-13, 2006, Billings, Montana, #90055 (2006).

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AAPG Rocky Mountain Section

June 11-13, 2006, Billings, Montana


Search and Discovery Article #90055 (2006)
Posted July 31, 2006


*Appreciation is expressed to Technical Program Co-Chairs, 2006 Rocky Mountain Section Meeting, especially Steve Van Delinder, for providing these abstracts to post on Search and Discovery.


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Regional Stratigraphic Architecture of the Prairie Canyon Member of the Mancos Shale, Uinta Basin, Utah: Development of a Constructional Shelf/Slope/ Basin Ramp

by Donna S. Anderson and Michael H. Gardner 


Gee Whiz Geophysics…But What About the Log Data? Normalizing, Editing, and Supplementing Log, Core and Production Data from 1935 to the Present

by Jeff Arbogast


Links Between the Sevier Fold and Thrust Belt, Cordilleran Foreland Basin Architecture and Depositional Process Change: A Transect through the North American Cordilleran Foreland Basin, Utah and Colorado, U.S.A.

by J.L. Aschoff and Ron Steel


Simultaneous Inversion of Pre-Stack Seismic Data for Fluid and Lithology Prediction

by Bradley L. Bankhead


LiDAR: A Remote Sensing Technology for Integrated Solutions in Onshore Exploration and Production

by Tamra1 Beaubouef, Mark Wagaman, and Mike FitzMaurice


Characterization of Cretaceous Age Lewis Shale Deepwater Lobe Sands: Sanger Ranch, Washakie Basin, Wyoming

by Matthew D. Boyce, Roger M. Slatt, and David Pyles


Red Wing Creek Field, North Dakota: A Review

by L. W. Dan Bridges





Lewis High Sediment Supply and Rising Clinoform Trajectories Indicate Highstand Fan Generation

by Cristian R. Carvajal and Ron Steel  


The Muddy Sandstone (Albian) of the Wind River Indian Reservation, Western Wind River Basin, Wyoming: Underlain by a Lowstand Surface of Erosion or Correlative Conformity?

by Lisa A. Costanzo and Donna S. Anderson


Better Seismic Images with High Channel Count Seismic

by C. Jason Criss


Basin-Centered and Conventional Gas Accumulations in the Williams Fork Formation, Piceance Basin, Colorado

by Stephen Cumella


Transient Depositional Shelves: A New View of Ancient Shallow-Marine Systems, Upper Cretaceous Kenilworth Member of the Blackhawk Formation, Central Utah, U.S.A.

by Nicholas Delebo and Michael H. Gardner


Structural Geometry of Thief Creek Field Discovery, Uinta County, Wyoming

by Edward D. Dolly and Paul R. Lamerson


Economic Significance of Fluvial Sandstones within the Fruitland Formation, San Juan Basin, New Mexico

by Kuwanna Dyer and James Perkins





A Case Study of a Three Forks (Sanish) Horizontal Well in the U. S. Williston Basin

by Jacob D. Eisel and Michael L. Hendricks


Laramide Structural Evolution of the Stillwater Complex Portion of Beartooth Mountains Front, South Central Montana: Integration of Surface and Underground Mapping and Drilling

by Ennis P. Geraghty


Source-to-Sink Sand and Mud Partitioning across a 300 km Transgression of the Western Interior Seaway (Campanian)

by Carolina A. Gomez, Ron Steel, and Andrew Petter





Sequence Stratigraphy and Paleosols in Continental Rocks - Examples from Cenozoic Deposits of the Great Plains and Western USA

by Debra L. Hanneman and Charles J. Wideman


Gas Resources of the Montana Thrust Belt

by William B. Hansen


Middle Bakken Revisited: Petrophysical Aspects of the Subcrop Fairway

by William B. Hansen


Insights Into the Petroleum Geology and Stratigraphy of the Dakota Interval (Cretaceous) in the San Juan Basin, Northwestern New Mexico and Southwestern Colorado

by Charles F. Head and Donald E. Owen


Ratcliffe Anhydrite Edges - Indicators of Paleo- Structure in the Central Williston Basin, U.S.A.

by Michael L. Hendricks


Upper Three Forks Shoreline Facies and Potential Reservoirs in the U. S. Williston Basin

by Michael Hendricks


West Tavaputs Plateau: Development and Discovery

by Greg Hinds


Permeability Modeling from Petrophysical Measurements in Tight Gas Sands: Empirical Relations Including Analyses of Saturation Profiles from Individual Porosity Log Responses

by Michael Holmes, Antony Holmes, and Dominic Holmes


High-Performance Downhole Heater Cables

by Matthew Hooker, Michael Stewart, and Michael Tupper


Geophysical Technologies Improve Success in Development of Jonah Field, Sublette County, Wyoming

by Nancy J. House


Comparison of 2-D and 3-D Seismic Data to Image Shallow Pop-Up Structures in the Eagle Sandstone Gas Play, North-Central Montana

by Eric H. Johnson


Avulsion Stratigraphy in Ancient Alluvial Systems: A Tool for Predicting Fluvial Sand-Body Connectivity

by Heather L. Jones and Elizabeth A. Hajek





Video Microscopy of Methane Gas Production from a Series of Typical Coalbed Methane Coals

by Brian Lareau, John Pope, Daniel Buttry, Robert Lamarre, et al.


Bakken Production: A Learning Curve

by Julie A. LeFever


The Monell Unit of the Patrick Draw Field, Wyoming: CO2 Flood in an Old Field Using New Technology

by Frank H. Lim and Heather N. Ramsey


Coalbed Methane Produced Water Disposal by Injection, PRB, MT

by David A. Lopez


Reservoir Development in the Tensleep Formation, Pryor and Bighorn Mountains, South-Central Montana

by David A. Lopez and Steven W. VanDelinder


Soil-Gas Evaluation of a Greybull Prospect, Crow Reservation, Montana: A Case Study

by David A. Lopez and Daniel H. Vice


Rock Wettability Control and Chemical Loss Reduction in EOR Process

by Shaohua Lu and Ponisseril Somasundaran





Measuring CO2 in Coalbed Reservoirs

by Steven MacDonald


Preparation of Digital Topographic Base Maps to Improve Integration of Exploration Data Sets

by Lindsey V. Maness, Lee Rice, and Douglas C. Peters


Geologic Implications of Basin- and Gigaton-Scale Storage of Greenhouse Gases: Modeling the Powder River Basin for Economic EOR and CO2 Storage and Leakage

by Jesse J. Melick and Michael H. Gardner


Predicting Water Production Volumes and Timetables Using Critical Desorption Data

by Charles Mones


Integrated Electrodialysis Process for Coalbed Methane Produced Water Treatment

by Paula Moon, Seth Snyder, and Thomas Hayes


The Bedrock Geology and Structure of a Portion of the Upper San Pedro Basin as Penetrated by the Phillips #1-A Huachuca State Trust Well

by William D. Moore and Steve Rauzi


The Utah Geological Survey Mineral Lease Research Program: A Status Report

by Craig Morgan, Thomas C. Chidsey, and Roger L. Bon


Coalbed Natural Gas Resource Potential of Lignite Deposits in the Williston Basin

by Charles R. Nelson


Basin-Scale Distribution of Pressure, Thermal Maturity, and Other Hydrocarbon-Related Parameters, Wind River Basin, Wyoming

by Philip H. Nelson and Joyce E. Kibler


The Nature of Seals in a Large Underpressured Gas System, San Juan Basin, New Mexico

by Philip H. Nelson and Steven M. Condon


Laramide Front Range Tectonics

by William D. Nesse





The Milk River Formation (Eagle Equivalent) in Alberta and Saskatchewan 1: General Production Characteristics, Lithology, and Facies

by Shaun O’Connell


The Milk River Formation (Eagle Equivalent) in Alberta and Saskatchewan 2: Stratigraphy and Trapping

by Shaun O’Connell


A New Exploration Strategy for Lower Paleozoic Petroleum Systems in Williston Basin

by Kirk G. Osadetz, F.M. Haidl, B.P. Kohn, S. Feinstein, et al.


Insights into the Sequence Stratigraphy of the Dakota Interval (Cretaceous) in the San Juan Basin, Northwestern New Mexico and Southwestern Colorado

by Donald E. Owen and Charles F. Head


3-D Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for the Middle Jurassic Ellis Group, Wyoming and Montana through Correlation of Outcrop Descriptions, Gamma Ray Profiles, and Well Logs

by William C. Parcell and Jaclyn C. Venhaus


A Newly Recognized Shear Zone in Western Idaho: Implications for Late Cretaceous Thick and Thin-Skinned Shortening in the Rocky Mountain Foreland

by Jonathan D. Payne and William C. McClelland


Central Utah Thrust Belt Tectonics: Sevier Plus Salt May Lead to Very Large Reserves

by Michael L. Pinnell and Floyd Moulton


Evaluating VTI Anisotropy in Shale Using New Borehole Sonic Measurements for Improving Seismic Ties

by Brian Pluemer, Adam Donald, and Tom Bratton


Downhole Geochemical Analysis of Gas Content and Critical Desorption Pressure for Carbonaceous Reservoirs

by John Pope, Daniel Buttry, Robert Lamarre1, Bret Noecker, et al.


The Effect of Swelling/Shrinkage on Gas Transfer Rates within Intact Cores of Powder River Basin Coals

by Richard D. Pribyl


Pore-Fluid Composition Oriented 4-D Seismic Data Processing and Interpretation: Implications for Monitoring EOR and/or Sequestration CO2

by Abdelmoneam E. Raef, Richard D. Miller, Alan P. Byrnes, and William E. Harrison


Oil-Field Brine Plumes in Shallow Ground Water, Sheridan County, Montana: Sixteen Years Later

by Jon C. Reiten


Structural and Geochemical Characterization of the Cretaceous Milk River Formation, Abbey and Lacadena Pools, Saskatchewan, Canada

by J.L. Ridgley


Sub-Hydrostatic Pore Pressure in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana, and Implications for Re-injection of Coalbed Methane Produced Waters

by Hannah E. Ross and Mark D. Zoback


Mapping Prospective Channel Sands Using Full- Wave Seismic Interpretation

by Murray Roth and Ron Larson





Transient-Pooled Natural Gas Systems in the Rocky Mountain Basins

by Steven Schamel


Sediment Provenance and Dispersal in the Late Cretaceous Cordilleran Foreland Basin of Montana

by James G. Schmitt


Occurrence and Distribution of the Almond Formation in Portions of the Sand Wash Basin, Northwestern Colorado

by DeLonna F. Schutt, John B. Curtis, and Donna Anderson


Tide-Dominated Facies Complex at Southern Terminus of Sunburst Sea, Cretaceous Kootenai Formation, Great Falls, Montana

by Robert K. Schwartz and Susan M. Vuke


Contrasts in Shallow Biogenic Gas Systems on the Western and Eastern Margins of the Williston Basin

by George W. Shurr


Effects of Hydrophobically Modified Polymers on the Stability of Emulsions and mineral Wettability

by Ponisseril Somasuandaran and Puspendu Deo


Analysis of Fluvial Sand-Body Characteristics and Dimensions in a High Net-to-Gross System, Upper Williams Fork Formation, Main and Plateau Creek Canyons , Piceance Basin, Colorado

by Nicholas Sommer, Quentin German, Matthew Pranter, and Rex D. Cole


Coalbed Methane Exploration in an Extensional Terrain: Results from the Albuquerque Basin

by T.J. Stark, C.W. Cook, R. Zelaya, C.A. Presmyk, et al.


“Evolved” Triangle Zones along the Eastern Flank of the Colorado Front Range

by Edward J.Sterne


Salt Creek: A Prototypical Basement-Involved Thrust-Generated Fold

by Donald S. Stone


EnCana S. Piceance Produced Water Cycle

by Mark C. Thrush


Evaluation of Potential Impacts to Water Resources from Petroleum Drilling - Grand Mesa, Colorado

by Geoffrey Thyne


Improvement of Water Flood Performance of Low- Permeability Sandstone Reservoirs

by Zhengxin Tong, Peigui Yin, Norman R. Morrow, and Dennis J. Brabec





Depositional History of the Newcastle Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Williston Basin, North Dakota and Montana

by Adam J. Ulishney and Richard D. LeFever


Discover More Producible Oil-Flow Characterization for Oil Mobilization

by Eugene Wadleigh and Paul Hannah


Modeling Surface Topography: A Comparative Analysis of GPS, LiDAR and USGS Digital Elevation Models

by Mark Wagaman


Elm Coulee Field, Middle Bakken Member (Lower Miss./Upper Dev.), Richland County, Montana

by William B. Walker, Alfred R. Powell, Richard A. Rollins, and Ronald V. Shaffer


AVO as a Fluid Indicator: A Physical Modeling Study

by Aaron V. Wandler, Brian J. Evans, and Curtis A. Link


Update: Tertiary and Cretaceous Development, East Blanco Field, San Juan Basin

by Richard J.White and Glen A. Luebking


Simulation of N2/CO2 Injection in Coal Beds: Lessons Learned from Tiffany Field Case Study

by Shaochang Wo


Zonation and Compartmentalization of Tensleep Sandstone Reservoirs

by Peigui Yin and Dag Nummedal