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Better Seismic Images with High Channel Count Seismic

Criss, C. Jason1 (1) Input Output Inc, Denver, CO


Summary Since the early 1990’s seismic hardware technology has advanced significantly. More efficient equipment, higher channel counts, digital sensors, better field techniques and processing have all contributed to steadily improving images. Yet even with these improvements some seismic goals remain elusive. In many areas of the Rockies seismic resolution is still hampered by noise issues, limited frequencies, mode contamination and more. As an industry we have relied on improvements in processing methods to pick away at the issues of resolution but in many cases the quality and sometimes quantity of the recorded seismic data has been the limiting factor. This paper will explain future seismic equipment strategies which utilize current technologies and explore how high channel count seismic recording can help change the resolution of images and reshape the value of seismic exploration in the future.


Current commercial seismic hardware is capable of recording channel counts in the 10000-20000 channel range. Full wave technology goals require that digital three component phones be utilized, this limits the live recording templates to around 3000-4000 stations, combined with offset requirements in the Rockies, this stretches the limits of current recording systems. Seismic contractors must strike a careful compromise between sampling and equipment utilization which generally produces images with a restricted resolution. New seismic hardware technology will remove many of the issues that force compromise both geophysically and operationally. Unlimited channel count capability and cableless systems create the opportunity for a geophysical scenario in which technical goals rather than operational goal can flourish.


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