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Preparation of Digital Topographic Base Maps to Improve Integration of Exploration Data Sets

Maness, Lindsey V. 1, Lee Rice2, Douglas C. Peters3 (1) Consulting Geologist, Golden, CO (2) Digital Technology Services, Inc, Lakewood, CO (3) Peters Geosciences, Golden, CO


Newly-released unclassified digital topographic data enables the generation of highly-accurate geomorphic maps for use as a common base for various data sets. In Heilogjiang Province, China, such data enable the creation of 90 meter resolution maps on which existing geological, structural, transportation, hydrological, political and oil & gas infrastructure (pipelines, refineries, oil shales, oil seeps, e maps can be precisely registered at any desired scale and projection. Beyond the obvious advantage of substantially greater precision, the geomorphic base map directly enables extending and connecting faults, anticline and synclines, etc., and the precise measuring of distances for building pipelines, all directly integrable with GPS units in the field. A wide variety of other capabilities are also enabled, including the automatic calculation (three-point problem) of strikesand- dips of exposed resistant strata.


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