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AAPG Foundation 2006 Grants-in-Aid Projects


Search and Discovery Article #90060 (2006)

Posted October 16, 2006





Combined Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Outcrop Studies as a Tool for Predicting Subsurface Fluvial Architecture

by Oluwatosin Akinpelu


Stratal Architecture of the Middle Part of the Morrison Formation, Utah: Implications for Downstream Base-Level Fluctuations

by Riyad Ali-Adeeb


Mesoscale and Microscale Structure Analysis of Phase I and II Core of the SAFOD Drilling Project, Parkfield, California

by Rafael Almeida


Constraining  the Effects of Autocyclicity, Tectonics  and Climate on Alluvial Fan Architecture, SE Ebro Basin, Spain

by Elizabeth Baresch


Water interaction and Hydrogeochemistry during the Injection of Oil Production Brines in the West Lithuanian Oilfields

by Aurelija Baublyte


Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Petrology of Middle Maastrichtian Sandstone Strata of the LaPopa and Parras Basins, Northeastern Mexico

by Ira Bradford



Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Cenozoic Sequence in the Northern Sierra Nevada: Implications for Channel Morphology and Topographic Development

by Elizabeth Cassel


Anatomy of a Coarse-Grained Turbidite, Barbados West Indies

by Nysha Chaderton


Neogene and Quaternary Structural Development of the Orava Basin in the Light of Geological, Geomorphological and Remote Sensing Studies

by Monika Chrustek


The Effect of Progressive Diagenesis on Meso- and Microscale Fault Zone Structural Development and Heterogeneity

by Jennie Cook


An Integrated Study on Fossil Mangrove Carbonates on Mallorca, Spain

by Hilde Coppes


Ichnology of Cyclothem Deposits in the Lower Permian Council Grove Group (Kansas, USA)

by John W. Counts


Evaporite Deformation in the Sierra Madre Oriental, Northeastern Mexico: Décollement Kinematics in an Evaporite-Detached Thin-Skinned Fold Belt

by Gareth Cross


A Geomicrobiological and Geochemical Approach to the Biogenicity of Moonmilk Formation: Thursday Morning Cave, Colorado; Spider Cave and Pahoehoe Cave New Mexico

by Megan Curry


Timing and Origins of Magnetizations in Impact-related Carbonate Breccias and their Effects on Reservoir Potential

by Devin Dennie


Geological Carthographic Documentation of Potential Hydrocarbon Traps in Eastern Part of the Tyrawa Solna Antycline (Polish Carpathians)

by Robert Derda


The Sheep Pass Formation, Nevada: Record of the Transition from Contraction to Extension in the Sevier Hinterland?

by Peter Druschke


Characterization and 3-D Modeling of a Miocene Deepwater Carbonate Reservoir, Agua Amarga Basin, SE Spain

by Rachel Dvoretsky



The Morphology and Stability of Bifurcations in the Mossy River Delta, Saskatchewan Canada

by Douglas A. Edmonds


Basin Stratigraphic Response to Variable Fault Geometry and Tectonic Kinematics: An Investigation of Extensional Basin Development

by Todd Engelder


Platform-Margin Trajectory as a Control on Neptunian Dike Distributions, Devonian Reef Complexes, Canning Basin, Western Australia

by Ned Frost


Paleohydrology of Reflux Dolomitization in the Permian San Andres Fm, Guadalupe Mountains and Algerita Escarpment, Texas and New Mexico

by Beatriz Garcia-Fresca


Sediment Budget Distribution in a Source-to-Sink Transect (Late Campanian Western Interior Basin, SW Wyoming and N Colorado)

by Carolina Gomez



Avulsion Clusters in Alluvial Basins

by Elizabeth Hajek


Origin and Timing of Barite Mineralization at the La Popa Salt Weld, NE Mexico

by Emily Haney


The Evolution of Great Valley Group Hydrocarbons and their Relationship to Temporally and Spatially Disparate Hydrocarbon Seep Localities, Northern California

by Kristin Hepper


Integrated Sequence Stratigraphy and Chemostratigraphy of the Middle Cambrian Succession in Eastern Nevada and Western Utah

by Robyn A. Howley


The Correspondence between Radiolarian Faunal Variation and Geochemical Variation in the Lamar Limestone, Delaware Basin, West Texas: Implication to Radiolarian Paleoecology and Basin Evolution

by Yuxi Jin


An Examination of Benthic Foraminiferal Assemblages from Shatsky Rise, Central Pacific: Can They Be Used to Constrain the Causes of the Climate Change across the Eocene-Oligocene Boundary?

by Meaghan Julian



Sedimentologic and Diagenetic Heterogeneities as an Influence on Structural Deformation: Nugget Formation, Anschutz Ranch East Field, Northeast Utah and Southwest Wyoming

by Dustin Keele


Sequence Stratigraphy and Paleokarst Evolution of the Ordovician Pogonip Group near Beatty, NV

by Robert Kervin


Geochemical Characterization of Solid Bitumen Deposited within the Mississippian Sandstone Reservoir of the Hitch Field, Southwest Kansas

by Dongwon Kim


Evaluation of Colder Marine Waters Hypothesis for Cause of the Frasnian-Famennian Mass Extinction

by Anya Kircher


Sediment Consolidation State and Fluid Flow Properties of Nankai Trough and Cascadia Margin Accretionary Subduction Zones

by Hiroko Kitajima


Study on the Hydrocarbon Expulsion History of the Coals in Qinshui Basin, North China

by Wei Li


Nature of Late Ordovician Fluid Events in New York: Implications for Petroleum Generation

by Chul Lim


Simulation Experiment of Clastic Rock Diagenetic Compaction

by Guoyong Liu


The Provenance and Basin History of the Quartzose Paso Del Sapo Formation: Evidence for Intense Weathering during the Late Cretaceous, Chubut Province, Argentina

by Jessica Lopez


Mesozoic Basins of Mexico

by James Lyons



Petrophysical Characterization of Petroleum Reservoirs and Source Beds of the Batanga Sub-Block, Kribi-Campo Sub-Basin, Cameroon

by Eric Ndonwie Mahbou


Comprehensive Model for Modern Lagoonal Patch Reef Systems in Discovery Bay, Jamaica, and Application to Interpreting Ancient Paleozoic Bioherms

by Marie Maher


Determination of Coalbed Methane Potential and Gas Adsorption Capacity in Western Kentucky Coals

by Sarah Mardon


Geothermal Architecture of the Illinois Basin At the Time of Coalification 

by Jorge E.Mariño


Sequence Stratigraphy and Cyclothem Correlation of Lower Cherokee Group (Middle Pennsylvanian), Oklahoma to Iowa

by Thomas Marshall


A Characterisation of Volumes and Stratigraphic Relationships within Flood Basalt Units in Order to Access Their Potential Environmental Impact and Onshore/Offshore Facies Architectures

by Michael Mawby


The Gigaton Greenhouse Gas Problem: Modeling the Powder River Basin for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

by Jesse Melick


Reconnaissance for Active/Seismogenic Structures Along the Western Malibu Coastline, California

by Mark Millard


Understanding the Deep Crustal Structure of the Okavango Basin, NW Botswana: Insights from Magnetotellurics, Gravity and Earthquake Seismic Data.

by Moidaki Moikwathai


Mass Transport Processes and Deposits, and Their role in Continental Margin Development

by Lorena Moscardelli


Detrital Record of Rapid Neogene Exhumation of the Cordilleran Real, Bolivia

by Jessse Mosolf


Geology of the Lansing-Kansas City Group in the O’connor Field, Stafford County, Kansas

by Loveness Mpanje


Active Deformation and Recent Tectonic Evolution of the SE Carpathian Foreland: Mechanical Coupling between Crust and Upper Mantle

by Dana Mucuta


Architectural Element Analysis of Fluvial Deposits within the Muddy Creek Formation, Southern Nevada: A Late Miocene Analog for Dryland Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

by Thomas Muntean


Tectonic Influences Controlling the Growth and Demise of Isolated Oligo-Miocene Platforms; East Java Basin, Indonesia

by John C. Naranjo


Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Damage Zones Along Small-Displacement Faults Adjacent to the Seismogenic San Jacinto Fault, Southern California

by Eliza Nemser



Hydrocarbon Potential of the Floyd Shale in the Black Warrior Basin, Northwestern Alabama

by Albert S. Oko


Petrographic and Geochemical Characterization of the Post –  Santonian sediments of the Anambra Basin, Southeastern Nigeria

Ajayi Oluwakemisola


Interpretation of the Jurassic Entrada/Curtis Sandstone Play Using Seismic Attribute Analysis, Uinta Basin, Utah

by Ryan O’Neal


Sedimentology and Architecture of the Upper Cambrian Hickory Sandstone, Central Texas, U.S.A.

by Isaac Perez


Exhumation History of the Southern Black Mountains, California, with Implications for Extreme Extension in the Death Valley Area

by Byrdie Renik


Sedimentary Tectonics of the Salt Wash Member, Morrison Formation; Western Colorado

by Michael Robbins


Structural Geology and Thrust Belt Architecture of the Western Foothills of Taiwan

by Fernando Rodriguez


Sorbed Gas Capacities in Shale Gas Reservoirs – Influence of Pore Structure

by Daniel Ross



Quantitative Seismic Geomorphology of Pliocene and Miocene-age Fluviodeltaic Reservoirs in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Shelf Province

by Carla M. Sanchez


Modeling Strike Variability of Clinoform Surfaces; Last Chance Canyon, Guadalupe Mountains, NM

by Sam Z. Scott


Dynamics of Fold Growth and the Impact on Internal Fluid Flow: Examples from ancient and modern fold-thrust belts (Sawtooth Range, Montana, USA and Zagros Simply Folded Belt, Islamic Republic of Iran)

by Caroline M Setchell


Sequence Stratigraphy of the Middle Cambrian Marjum Formation: Response of Sedimentary Facies and Biota to Sea Level Changes

by Douglas Smith


Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Old Fort Point Formation (Neoproterozoic), Windermere Supergroup, Western Canada: An Example of a Deep-Marine, Organic-Rich Regional Marker Horizon

by Mark D. Smith


Fault Zone Weakening in Low-Angle Normal Faults

by Steven A.F. Smith


Reservoir-Scale Analysis of Fluvial Sand-Body Dimensions, Distribution, and Connectivity in a High Net-To-Gross System, Upper Williams Fork Formation, Main Canyon, Piceance Basin, Colorado

by Nicholas K. Sommer


Silurian Shelf Sequences, Wabash Platform, Mid-Continent North America: Records of Global Climate Change

by Alison Spengler


Characterization of Miocene-Pliocene Carbonate Platforms, Southern Southwest Palawan Basin, Philippines

by Ma. Corazon Sta. Ana


Variations in Detrital (Atmospheric Dust) Flux within Icehouse Carbonates of Horseshoe Atoll (Pennsylvanian, West Texas)

by Sohini Sur


Constraints on Spatial and Temporal Strain Distribution during  Continental Rifting Processes Along the Central Red Sea Rift System in Saudi Arabia

by Eugene Szymanski


3D Geophysical Imaging of Early Maya Paleoenvironments at Los Naranjos, Honduras

by Tiffany Tchakirides


Paleoenvironment and Paleoclimate Reconstruction through a Life Crisis: the Sedimentology & Geochemistry across the Permo-Triassic Boundary in NW China

by Stephanie G. Thomas


Fracture Pattern Heterogeneity in Km-scale Reservoir-Analog Outcrops

by Kira Diaz Tushman



Syn-Sedimentary Faulting on a Lacustrine Delta, Northeast Ordos Basin, China

by Jana M. Van Alstine


Intra-continental Deformation, Susitna River Basin Margins, Alaska
by Julie B. Willis


Avulsive Response in the Fluvial Systems of the Willwood Formation (Plaeocene-Eocene) to the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, Polecat Bench, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

by Daniel Woody


Recurrent Tropidoleptus Zones: The Fate of the Hamilton Fauna through the Global Taghanic Bioevent

by James Zambito