--> Abstract: Simulation Experiment of Clastic Rock Diagenetic Compaction

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Simulation Experiment of Clastic Rock Diagenetic Compaction

Guoyong Liu

Basin & Reservoir Research Center, University of Petroleum,

Changping, Beijing, P. R. China, 102249.

[email protected] [email protected]

It is well known that compaction is a very important part of diagenesis of sedimentary basins. In order to deepen this research, a set of new equipment has been designed to simulate diagenetic compaction. Thus we can make known the physical properties variation rule of reservoir changing with compaction intensity.

On the basis of extensive investigation and researches, we chose Dongying Depression as our experimental guidance. In order to define conditions of experiments more efficiently, we have done some taphonomic researches of this area and component analysises of several clastic samples. Accordingly, we mainly chose feldspar, quart and clay as experimental mineral. We mix these minerals in the proportion of above samples as different experimental materials. Then we define the temperature and pressure of the experiments. After this, we put experimental materials into the airproof high-pressure kettle, where the reaction takes place. For every sample, rise temperatures from 15℃ to 135.2℃, and adjust the pressure from 0.1 to 63.8 Mpa in 500 hours according the taphonomic history of the area. And repeat above experiment with different materials. During the courses of experiments, computer will register concerned parameters, with which we can calculate the porosity and permeability. Through thorough analysis and systemic contrasts of above results, we can make known the variation rule of reservoir changing with compaction intensity.This research not only can do much good to the researches of diagenesis compaction, but also can guide us to explore and develop oil and gas reservoirs.

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