--> Abstract: Geology of the Lansing-Kansas City Group in the O’connor Field, Stafford County, Kansas

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Geology of the Lansing-Kansas City Group in the O’connor Field, Stafford County, Kansas

Loveness Mpanje,

Wichita State University, Geology Department,

Wichita, Kansas,

[email protected]

The Lansing-Kansas City Group is one of the main petroleum producing formations in the mid-continent area of the North America continent. The carbonates of the Lansing-Kansas City Group have produced billions of barrels of oil and trillions of metric cubic feet of gas in Western Kansas. Despite years of production little is known about the O’connor Field, the Lansing-Kansas City reservoir and its deposition and diagenetic origin. Several scientists have written about the cyclothems of the upper Pennsylvanian, the Missourian series, and the factors that influenced their development but no specific study has been done on sedimentologic and diagenetic controls of the eustatically-influenced carbonates of the Lansing-Kansas City group in the O’connor Field.

Utilizing a core, the study will analyze the development of the Pennsylvanian reservoir in the Lansing-Kansas City Section in the O’connor Field. The study will characterize five separate known productive zones of the Lansing-Kansas City Section as well as the associated inter-bedded non reservoir zones, depositional patterns and fabrics, depositional environment, porosity, permeability, mineralogy, origin of diagenesis and other geologic attributes as necessary.

The study will help the student and other scientists in the state understand the depositional environments and diagenetic processes that influenced the development of the Lansing-Kansas City reservoir in the O’connor Field and the immediate area.

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