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AAPG Annual Meeting

June 19-22, 2005, Calgary, Alberta

Search and Discovery Article #90039 (2005)
Posted May 15, 2005

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Early Himalayan Orogeny and Its Influence on Carbonate-Clastic Sedimentation: The Middle-Late Eocene Kirthar Formation of the Indus Foreland Basin, Pakistan,
by Ghulam Abbas and Osman Salad Hersi

Reservoir Characterization and Management, Role and Contribution in Improving Hydrocarbon Productivity, Zeit Bay Field, Gulf of Suez, Egypt
by Khaled M. Abdallah, Saber M. Selim, Samir A. Abd El-Aal, and Abd El-Azim El-Sayed

Identification of Key Petroleum System Risks in Grandview Hills, Northwest Territory Exploration Play
by Michael A. Abrams, Michal Nemcok, Richardson Allen, Kenneth Shaw, and Robert W. Potter

High-Resolution Seismic Imaging of a Passive Margin Turbidite Lobe Complex in Deep-Water Systems: Impact on Reservoir Modeling
by Carlos Jorge Abreu, Ciro Jorge Appi, Fernando Guilardi Silva, and Renata Solagaistua Matos

3-D Modeling of Discrete Fracture Networks in a Complex Fold and Thrust Belt in the Northern Portion of the Eastern Cordillera Foothills, Colombia: Implications for Petroleum Exploration and Production
by Javier Andres Acevedo, Freddy Corredor, David Richards, and John Jairo Aristizabal

Using Geomechanical Modeling to Constrain Discrete Fracture Networks and Fractured Reservoir Permeability Structure
by Rolf V. Ackermann, Stephen Dee, Graham Yielding, Brett Freeman, and Laurent Ghilardini

Petrologic and Geochemical Attributes of Dolomite Recrystallization: an Example from the Mississippian Pekisko Formation, West-Central Alberta
by JoAnn Adam and Ihsan S. Al-Aasm

4-D Physical Simulation of Tectonics, Sedimentation and Erosion and the influence on Hydrocarbon Dynamics in the Sicilian Thrust Belt
by Juergen Adam, Rolando Di Primio, Magdalena Scheck, and Juliette Lamarche

4-D Physical Modeling of Tectonics and Basin Migration During Salt Mobilization at Passive Margins
by Juergen Adam, Djordje Grujic, and Steven J. Ings

Biodegradation of Petroleum in Subsurface Reservoirs: A Numerical Analysis of the Impact of Produced Biogenic Gas on Oil Column Systematics
by Jennifer Adams, Dennis Coombe, Steve Larter, and Haiping Huang

A Case Made for Integrated Studies
by Sunit K. Addy, Gabino Castillo, Sergio Ibanez, Flavia Garbarino, Rene Martinez, Francisco Mosqueda, Gonzalo Meza, and Rafael Jeronimo

Near-Surface High-Resolution 3-D Seismic as a Tool for Guiding Earth Modeling and Field Development Planning—an Example from Offshore Niger Delta, Nigeria
by Adedayo Adeogba, Timothy R. McHargue, and Stephan A. Graham

Slope Tectonic Influences on Submarine Channel Location, Geometry and Evolution: Examples from the Shallow Sub-Seafloor, Offshore Angola
by Emmanuel Eseroghene Adiotomre, Martin Gee, Rob Gawthorpe, and Duncan Irving

Multi Detachments and Oil Blow Up
by Pedram Aftabi

Complex Mushroom Diapirs of Great Kavir, Iran
by Pedram Aftabi

Seismic Imaging of Quaternary Channels for Shallow Gas at Rainbow Lake, Northwest Alberta
by Jawwad Ahmad, D. R. Schmitt, C. D. Rokosh, John Pawlowicz, and Alain Plouffe

Geochemical Markers of Anaerobic Biodegradation in Crude Oils
by Carolyn M. Aitken, Martin Jones, Steve Larter, Arlene Rowan, and Ian M. Head

Reducing Uncertainty in Hydrocarbon Pore Volume Estimation of Giant Multi-Layered Reservoirs, Saudi Arabia
by Hussain M. Al Sabti

Reservoir Development in the Devonian Wabamun Group: Examples from the Gold Creek and Pine Creek Fields, Alberta, Canada
by Ihsan S. Al-Aasm, Daniel Rivas, and Olugbemi (Mac) Amurawaiye

Interplay of Tectonics, Depositional Facies and Fracture Network Development in Sudair Formation, Kuwait: Implications for Hydrocarbon Prospectivity
by Ahmad Al-Eidan, Riyasat Husain, Terry O'Hearn, S. K. Bhattacharya, Abdul Aziz Sajer, and King Hoi Lau

Three-Dimensional Fluvial Architecture and Reservoir Modeling of the Green River Formation (Eocene), Southwest Uinta Basin, Utah
by Jessica Moore Ali-Adeeb, Cari L. Johnson, Bradley D. Ritts, Renaud Bouroullec, and Rosalind Archer

Natural Gas from Coal in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB): From Concept to Reality
by Daniel K. Allan

Transtensional Basins and Their Hydrocarbon Systems
by Mark B. Allen, Nic De Paola, Robert E. Holdsworth, Jonny Imber, Richard R. Jones, Ken J. W. McCaffrey, Adam Pugh, and Robert Wilson

Shale Facies Variability in Deep Marine Depositional Settings: Seal Quantification and Prediction
by William R. Almon and William C. Dawson

Paleozoic Petroleum System of the Northern Arabian Platform
by A. S. Alsharhan

Geological Setting and Hydrocarbon Potential in the Mesopotamian Basin, Iraq
by A. S. Alsharhan and K. H. Habib

Deepwater Facies Architecture and Evolution of Middle and Lower Miocene Minibasins in the Onshore Salina Basin, Southeastern Mexico
by William A. Ambrose, Renaud Bouroullec, Khaled Fouad, Rebecca Jones, Edgar H. Guevara, Emilio Garciacaro, Alejandro Alberto Sosa Patron, Jaime Patino Ruiz, and Juan de Guadalupe Cardenas Lopez

Distribution and Character of Soft-Sediment Structures within a Paleo-Submarine Mass Transport Complex and Implications for Reservoir Geometry Prediction, Permian Cutoff Formation, West Texas
by Robert Amerman, Eric P. Nelson, and Michael H. Gardner

Swan Hills Unit Build-Up and Platform: A Tale of Two Reservoirs
by Alexis Anastas and Judi Dobbin

Tectonic Controls on Delta-Front to Basin Sedimentation: The Lewis Shale–Fox Hills Turbidite System, Northernmost Great Divide Basin, Wyoming
by Donna S. Anderson

Assessing Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources of the Eastern Great Basin in Parts of Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Arizona
by Lawrence O. Anna, Laura N. R. Roberts, and Christopher J. Potter

Mudrock Pore Networks: Lithological Control and Implications for Prediction of Flow Properties
by Andrew C. Aplin and Julian K. S. Moore

Terra/Advanced Space-Borne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) Application for Oil and Gas Exploration
by Yasushi Arakawa

Updated Subsurface Stratigraphic Synthesis for Southern Ontario: An Improved Framework for Exploration
by Derek K. Armstrong, Terry R. Carter, and A. P. Hamblin

Architecture of Lateral Accretion Deposits in Deep-Marine Sinuous Channel Fills
by R. William C. Arnott

Syntectonic Unconformity Development, Facies Stacking Patterns, and Unroofing History Recorded in Upper Cretaceous Synorogenic Growth Strata, Cordilleran Foreland Basin, Southern Nevada
by J. L. Aschoff and J. G. Schmitt

Comparative Abrasion of Modern and Fossilized Fish Fragments
by Michele Asgar-Deen and Claudia Schroder-Adams

DNA-Based Molecular Surveys of Oilfield Bacterial Communities
by Matthew N. Ashby and Dago Dimster-Denk

Depocenter Migration in the Santos Basin and Its Importance to Oil and Gas Exploration
by Mario Luis Assine, Hung Kiang Chang, Fernando Santos Correa, Julio Setsuo Tinen, Eduardo De Mio, and Joel Carneiro Castro

Data Integration to Optimize Reservoir Characterization—an Example from the Far East: Malampaya Mid-Tertiary Carbonate Build-Up
by Wenche H. Asyee, Georg Warrlich, Maria Boya-Ferrero, Jan-Henk Van Konijnenburg, and Phil Cassidy

Rejuvenation of a Mature Oil Field: The Devonian Leduc Formation at Innisfail Field, South-Central Alberta, Canada
by Stacy C. Atchley, Lawrence W. West, and Jeff R. Sluggett

The Structural Evolution of Western Newfoundland and Its Implications on Petroleum Prospects
by Ian M. Atkinson

Assessment of Resource Characteristics and Methane Content of Low-Rank Coals, Wilcox Group, East-Central Texas
by W. B. Ayers, S. K. Ruhl, M. F. Hoffmann, J. A. Rushing, D. A. McVay, and R. I. Ramazanova

Paleodrainage Evolution and Sedimentation Sources on the Amazon Fan Using Regional Cyclostratigraphy
by Ricardo Ayup-Zouain and Farid Chemale

Thermo-Kinetic Modeling of the Mass Exchange Mechanisms Between Water-Rock-Gas Induced by Acid Gas Injection in Carbonate Reservoirs
by Mohamed Azaroual, J.-C. Lacharpagne, E. Caroli, and Isabelle Czernichowski-Lauriol

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Turbulence Modulation in Clay-Laden Flows over Ripples and Dunes
by Jaco H. Baas and James L. Best

Syn-Sedimentary Salt Tectonics and Evolution of Cretaceous Carbonate Sedimentation in the Central Persian Gulf, Offshore Iran
by Uwe P. Baaske, Maria Mutti, Francesca Baioni, Guiseppe Bertozzi, Noberto De Marchi, Tesfaye Lakew, and Mostafa A. Naini

The Use of Volume-Based Seismic Attributes for Automated Mapping of Seismic Carbonate Facies: An Example from the Sarvak Formation, Central Persian Gulf, Offshore Iran
by Uwe P. Baaske, Maria Mutti, Francesca Baioni, Guiseppe Bertozzi, Pierluigi Iacone, Axum Cotti, and Mostafa A. Naini

Large Modern Deep-Sea Fans: The Amazon Channel Versus the Zaire Channel
by Nathalie Babonneau, Bruno Savoye, Laurence Droz, Alain Morash, and Martine Bez

A Proposed Classification of Facies-Fill Styles on Modern Isolated Carbonate Platforms Controlled by Variations in Platform Physiography and External Energy
by Steven L. Bachtel

Platform-Scale Facies Distributions Using LANDSAT Data from Isolated Carbonate Platforms: Methods to Constrain Lateral Facies Continuity for Geologic Modeling
by Steven L. Bachtel and Robert L. Brovey

Selection of Monitoring Sites at Acid-Gas Injection Operations in Western Canada
by Stefan Bachu

Morphology, Architecture and Evolution of Channel Levee Complexes as Reconstructed on 3-D Seismic Data, Offshore Nile Delta, Egypt
by Gianluca Badalini, Jonathan Redfern, Andy Samuel, Stuart Burley, Nick Steel, Ramadan Ramadan, and Roger Heath

McMurray-Wabiskaw Identity Crisis in the Oil Sands of Northeastern Alberta, Canada
by Corinne Bagdan, Mike Ranger, and Ken Weaving

Oil Preservation Controlled by Strain Partitioning: New Insights into Trap Integrity Prediction in a Reactivated Setting, Laminaria High, Australian Northwest Shelf
by Wayne R. Bailey, Anthony Gartrell, and Mark Brincat

Evaluation of Lateral and Vertical Fluid Migration in the Pyrenees-Macedon Oil and Gas Fields, Australian Northwest Shelf
by Wayne R. Bailey, James Underschultz, Dave Dewhurst, Gillian Kovack, Scott Mildren, Mark Lisk, and Mark Raven

Salt Tectonic Controls on the Development of Normal Fault Systems: Insights from the Paradox Basin and Southern North Sea
by Nick Banbury and John Underhill

Recognition of Localized Fluvial Input into a Wave-Dominated, Prograding Shoreface Succession: Tern Formation, Bonaparte Basin, Timor Sea, Australia
by Kerrie L. Bann, Olaf Kloss, Geoff Wood, Simon C. Lang, Jochen Kassan, and Jim Benson

Differentiating Juxtaposed Marine and Estuarine Mudstones Using Integrated Sedimentology and Ichnology: Permian Pebbley Beach Formation, Australia
by Kerrie L. Bann, James A. MacEachern, and Christopher R. Fielding

Kinematic Evolution of the Southern Ebro Foreland Basin
by David L. Barbeau, Nick Swanson-Hysell, Ellen Schaal, Kate Stalker, Peter DeCelles, Joseph Kirschvink, and Bereket Haileab

Secondary Gas Emissions during Coal Desorption, Marathon Grassim Oskolkoff-1 Well, Cook Inlet Basin, Alaska
by Charles E. Barker and Todd A. Dallegge

Slope Instability and Its Impact upon the Fringe of a Deep-Water Sheet-Sand System: The Aptian Britannia Sandstone Formation, North Sea
by Simon P. Barker, Peter D. W. Haughton, William M. McCaffrey, Stuart G. Archer, and Bill Hakes

Turbidity Current Flow Structure Linked to Vertical Textural Changes Within a ‘Turbidite’ Deposit: An Experimental Approach
by Simon P. Barker, William M. McCaffrey, Peter D. W. Haughton, Jaco Baas, and Caroline Choux

Subsurface Vents Under the Gulf of Mexico Shelf?—Characteristics and Significance for Hydrocarbon Migration and Trapping
by W. Charles Barnes

Evaluation of a Highstand Clastic Wedge: The Jurassic Aklavik Formation, Northwest Territories
by Carly Barnett, Richard Evoy, and S. George Pemberton

The Origin of the Gold Creek Collapse Structure and Associated Dolomitization, West Central Alberta
by Kent R. Barrett

Comparison of the Fill of High- and Low-Sediment Supply-Incised Valley Systems
by Louis R. Bartek and Jeffery D. Warren

Fine-Grained Sediment Transport in Tidally-Influenced Environments—Detection with Optic-Acoustic Devices
by Alexander Bartholomae, Olaf Joerdel, Martina Karle, and Kerstin Schrottke

Sequence Stratigraphy in the Dead Sea Basin – Field Observations and Computer Modeling
by Yuval Bartov, Yehuda Enzel, and Mordechai Stein

The Significance of Transgressive Erosional Surfaces in Sedimentary Basins
by Yuval Bartov and Dag Nummedal

Late Pleistocene Extension and Strike-Slip in the Dead Sea
by Yuval Bartov and Amir Sagy

Reservoir Development and Distribution of a Dolomitized Lacustrine Carbonate: The Toca Formation, Offshore Cabinda, Angola
by Phillip Bassant, Peter S. Brown, Rachel Preece, Martinho Fernandes, and Anthony J. Lomando

Analyzing Reservoir Architecture of Isolated Carbonate Platforms
by Phillip Bassant and Paul M. (Mitch) Harris

Basin Evolution and Geomorphology of Tertiary Deep-Water Depositional Systems, Krishna-Godavari (K-G) Offshore Basin, India
by Ravi Bastia, Neeraj Sinha, Ven Kolla, and Ram Janma Singh

Eustatic, Tectonic, and Oceanographic Controls on the Birth, Life, and Death of a Late Ordovician Carbonate Ramp, Newfoundland Appalachians
by Kelly L. Batten and George R. Dix

New Techniques in Volumetric Imaging of Salt-Contaminated Aquifers
by Paul D. Bauman

Evaluation of Oil Bearing Fractured Reservoirs (Type I) Using Data Acquired While Drilling
by B. Douglas Bearinger

Lower Triassic Shallow Marine Ichnofossil Assemblages from the Northwest Margin of Pangea: Insight into Biotic Recovery after the Permian-Triassic Mass Extinction
by Tyler W. Beatty, John-Paul Zonneveld, Charles M. Henderson, and Robert B. MacNaughton

Carboniferous and Permian Oil and Gas Potential in the Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic: A New Timan-Pechora?
by Benoit Beauchamp and Gregory P. Wahlman

Ordovician Karst Mapping with Hyperspectral and LIDAR Data
by Jerome A. Bellian, Charles Kerans, Richard A. Beck, Jerry Lucia, and Robert G. Loucks

History of the Eocene Oil and Gas Fields in Tunisia: A Progressive Analogic Approach
by Hela Ben Jemia, Fethia Mejri, and P. F. Burollet

The Cambrian Deadwood Formation and Lower Palaeozoic Winnipeg Formation, a New Petroleum System Within the Williston Basin, or Not!?
by Stephen Bend, Mauri Smith, Christopher Seibel, Scott Rainville, and Bingli Lu

Comparison of Shoreface Stratal Architectures in the Mesaverde Group (Upper Cretaceous) Northwest Colorado: Impact of Varying Transgression Rates on Progradational Trajectories
by Tara L. Benda and J. Michael Boyles

Crude Oil/Brine/Rock Interactions during Simulated Petroleum Migration
by Barry Bennett, Bernard F. J. Bowler, Arnaud Lager, James O. Buckman, Randy Winans, and Steve R. Larter

Petroleum Biodegradation: What is the Problem with 25-Norhopanes?
by Barry Bennett, Paul Farrimond, Carolyn M. Aitken, Martin D. Jones, and Steve R. Larter

Hydrocarbon Sealing Capacity of Paleosols, Wasatch Formation, Rifle, Colorado
by Jarrad B. Berg, Frank G. Ethridge, Sally J. Sutton, William R. Almon, and William C. Dawson

Detection and Analysis of Wrench Fault Systems and Related Hydrothermal Dolomite (HTD) Reservoirs in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB)
by Zeev Berger and Graham Davies

Successive Drowning of Platforms by Thrust-Fault Loading in the Cuba-Bahama Foreland Basin
by Kelly L. Bergman, Gregor P. Eberli, Jose Luis Masaferro, and Anthony Poiriez

Mudstone or Grainstone: SEM Observations of Processes and Patterns of Pelletal Hardening, Bahamas
by Kelly L. Bergman and R. Pamela Reid

Thermal Maturation and Hydrocarbon Potential of Ordovician to Devonian Rocks in Northwestern New Brunswick
by Rudolf Bertrand, Michel Malo, and Denis Lavoie

Distinguishing Shorefaces Versus Delta Fronts in the Rock Record
by Janok P. Bhattacharya

Hyperpycnal Versus Hypopycnal River Plumes and the Origin of Shelf Muds: Examples from the Cretaceous of the Western Interior Seaway, North America
by Janok P. Bhattacharya, James A. MacEachern, Boyan Vakarelov, Charles D. Howell, and Anne H. Covault

River Deltas in Crater Lakes on Early Mars
by Janok P. Bhattacharya, Tobias Payenberg, Simon Lang, and Mary Bourke

The Recent Hydrocarbon Discoveries at the Mature East Java Basin, Indonesia
by Elan Biantoro and Achmad Luthfi

Cavitation: A Possible Key to the Jail?
by Randal L. Billingsley

A Dynamic Approach to Evolution of Low Permeability Gas Accumulations in the Greater Green and Wind River Basins, Wyoming
by Randal L. Billingsley and Maria Wood Henry

Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources, Central North Slope, Alaska
by Kenneth J. Bird

Dunes Galore: Tidal Signatures in Sandprone, Tectonically-Generated Straits
by Stuart Blackwood and Ron Steel

Tectonic Controls on the Development of Lacustrine Systems, Bass Basin, Australia
by Jane E. Blevin, Alan D. Partridge, Chris J. Boreham, and Simon C. Lang

The Petrology of Mesoproterozoic Unkar Group Shales and Detrital Zircon Geochronology of Interbedded Sandstones, Grand Canyon: Grenvillian Influence on Sedimentation of Inboard Rodinia
by John D. Bloch, J. Michael Timmons, Laura J. Crossey, George E. Gehrels, and Karl E. Karlstrom

A Geologic-Based Reservoir Modeling Workflow from 3-D Outcrop Models of the Brushy Canyon Formation
by James Borer, Michael Gardne, Mary Carr, and Safian Atan

Towards a New Genetic Classification of Carbonate Platforms Based on Their Basinal and Tectonic Settings in the Cenozoic
by Dan Bosence

Shale, Siltstone and Mudstone in our Future
by Arnold Bouma

Neogene Salt Tectonics in the Salina Basin, Southern Mexico
by Renaud Bouroullec, William A. Ambrose, Khaled Fouad, Rebecca Jones, Alejandro Alberto Sosa Patron, and Juan de Guadalupe Cardenas Lopez

A Synthesis of Terrestrial Sedimentation Across the Accommodation Spectrum
by Ron Boyd, Claus Diessel, Jennifer Wadsworth, Roy Davies, Dale Leckie, and Brian Zaitlin

Enhanced Fault Seal Evaluation of Turbidite Systems in Mature Basins: Examples from Around the Globe
by P. W. Bradbury, S. R. Freeman, S. D. Harris, R. J. Knipe, W. D. Mcaffrey, J. H. Baas, and G. Lewis

Tectonic Evolution of the Limón Fold and Thrust Belt, Limón Back-Arc Basin, Costa Rica
by Christian Brandes, Allan Astorgao, Peter Blisniuko, Ralf Littkeo, and Jutta Winsemann

New Mississippian Play Concepts and Fairways in the Montana Overthrust Belt
by Richard Brandley

Paleogeography and Basement Controls on the West-Central Mississippian Platform (WCMP) of North America
by Richard Brandley

“GOR-Isotopes” – A New Tool for the Quantitative Assessment of Gas Generation and Gas Typing in Petroleum Systems
by Robert L. Braun, Yongchun Tang, Steven Zhang, Geoffrey S. Ellis, and Martin Schoell

Initial Geophysical and Geological Assessment of an Industry 3-D Seismic Survey Covering the JAPEX/JNOC/GSC Mallik 5L-38 Gas Hydrate Research Well
by Thomas A. Brent, Micheal Riedel, M. Caddel, M. Clement, Scott, R. Dallimore, and Timothy S. Collett

Upper Pennsylvanian and Lower Permian Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Systems Tracts, Intracratonic Eastern Shelf and Adjacent West Texas Basin, North- and West-Central Texas
by L. Frank Brown

Stratigraphic Architecture of Lower to Middle Pennsylvanian Coalbeds in the Forest City Basin of Northeastern Kansas
by W. Matthew Brown, Timothy R. Carr, and K. David Newell

Application of GIS Techniques to Large-Scale Outcrop Studies in the Tertiary Alpine Foreland Basin of Southeast France
by Rufus L. Brunt, William. D. McCaffrey, Robert W. H. Butler, Jamie S. Vinnels, and Myron Thomas

Shallow Salt Imaging Using 3-D Seismic Attributes Around Orca Basin, Green Canyon and Walker Ridge Areas, Northern Gulf of Mexico
by Eugene Brush, Joseph Carl Fiduk, Thomas Schultz, Lynn Anderson, Robert Ayers, Susan Towe, and Charles Bowen

Calibrating the Brackish-Water Trace Fossil Model Through Geologic Time
by Luis A. Buatois, Murray Gingras, James MacEachern, M. Gabriela Mangano, John-Paul Zonneveld, George Pemberton, Renata G. Netto, and Anthony Martin

Fault Tectonics of the Carpathian Foredeep During Mesozoic-Cenozoic Time
by Andrew M. Bubniak

Tectonic Evolution of the Outer Ukrainian Carpathians and Their Foreland in Miocene Time
by Ihor M. Bubniak

Quaternary Seismic Stratigraphic Framework of the Southern Albemarle Embayment: The Sequence Stratigraphic Response to Evolving Paleotopography
by Michael Buckner, David Mallinson, Stan Riggs, Robert Thieler, and David Foster

The Hidden World of Dolomites: Self-Organization of Porosity and Permeability at the Decameter Scale During Dolomitization
by David Budd and Matthew J. Pranter

Angolan Margin from Up-Dip Extension to Ultra-Deepwater Compression—a Balancing Act
by Tim S. Buddin, Jeff Milliken, and Kent England

Changing Stratigraphic Models to Create New Opportunities: An Example Contrasting the Texas Woodbine and Louisiana Tuscaloosa
by Robert J. Bunge

Comparative Analysis of Athabasca Oil Sands and Green River Oil Shale Resources—Implications for Production
by James Bunger, Anton Dammer, Hugh Guthrie, and Butch Gangle

CO2 "Storage Growth" in Sedimentary Basins: Linking Assessments of Storage Capacity in Oil and Gas Reservoirs with Storage Capacities of Salt Water Formations
by Robert C. Burruss, Sean T. Brennan, and W. Matthew Burns

Mineralogy and Geochemical Trapping of Acid Gas in Northeastern British Columbia, Canada
by Beate E. Buschkuehle and Kyle Durocher

Volumetric Strain Associated with Methane Desorption and Its Impact on Coalbed Gas Production from Deep Coal Seams
by R. Marc Bustin and Xiaojun Cui

Evolution of the Mediterranean Water Body During the Messinian Salinity Crisis: The Record from Marginal Basins on Sicily
by Robert W. H. Butler

Reservoir Rock Properties of the Cretaceous Niobrara Chalk, Northwest Kansas and Northeast Colorado
by Alan P. Byrnes, Geoff Ice, Mark Malinowsky, and David Eby

Evolution of Reservoir Models Incorporating Different Recovery Mechanisms and 4-D Seismic – Implications for CO2 Sequestration Assurances
by Alan P. Byrnes, Richard D. Miller, and Abdelmoneam E. Raef

High-Resolution Spectral Reflectivity Inversion: A Case Study on Thin Bed Reservoirs
by Carlos Cabarcas, John Castagna, and Oleg Portniaguine

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4-D Evaluation of Oil Generation, Migration and Entrapment in the Pisco Basin, Offshore Peru
by Angel F. Callejon, Peter A. Emmet, Robert G. Hickman, Glenn W. Granata, Tarek Y. Ghazi, Rolando Bolaños Zapana, and Maurice Slot

Magnetic Characterization of Folded Aeolian Sandstones
by Jean-Paul Callot, William Sassi, Martin L.E. Guiton, Narjes Kallel, Philippe Robion, and Jean-Marc Daniel

Control in the Localization and Geometry of Thrust by Pre-Existing Salt Structures
by Jean-Paul Callot, Sharam Sherkati, Daniel Pillot, Jean-Marie Mengus, Jean Letouzey, and Christophe Rigollet

Improving Recovery and Insight by Improving 4-D Seismic Resolution
by Rodney Calvert and Andrey Bakulin

Kinematic Evolution of the Perdido Fold Belt
by Rion H. Camerlo and Randy Marrett

Facies Architecture and Lithologic Heterogeneity: A Precursor to Productivity in the Barnett Shale-Newark East Field, North Central Texas
by Michael Cameron, S. Robert Bereskin, John Kieschnick, and Roberto Suarez-Rivera

Internal Stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation, MacKay River Area, Alberta Oil Sands
by Douglas J. Cant, Mark Savage, and Ketema Amare

Controls on the Inception of Early Senonian Tethyan Rudist-Bearing Carbonate Platforms
by Gabriele Carannante, Roberto Graziano, and Lucia Simone

The National Carbon Sequestration Database and Geographic Information System (NATCARB) Carbon Cyberinfrastructure: A Federation of Distributed Resources and Distributed Multidisciplinary Expertise
by Timothy R. Carr, Jeremy D. Bartley, Asif Iqbal, and Kenneth Nelson

CO2 Sequestration, Petroleum Accumulation, and Groundwater Flow in Kansas: A Regional Assessment
by Timothy R. Carr and Daniel F. Merriam

Temporal Self-Organization of Lacustrine Sedimentary Facies, Eocene Green River Formation, Wyoming
by Alan R. Carroll, Jeffrey T. Pietras, Meredith K. Rhodes, L. Ashley Hubbard, and Kevin M. Bohacs

Trenton-Black River Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs in Ontario: Geology, Reserves and Potential Resources
by Terry R. Carter, Sean McFarland, Robert A. Trevail, Joseph Gorman, and Philip Walsh

Caprock Bypass Systems: A New Approach to Topseal Analysis
by Joe Cartwright, Mads Huuse, and Andrew Aplin

Scale and Architecture of Large Channel-Levee Systems and Ponded Sheets of the Foz do Amazonas Basin: Pleistocene Analogs for Deeper Exploration Targets
by Mick Casey, Andrei V. Belopolsky, Kris E. Meisling, Mark Pasley, Jean-Paul van Gestel, Kevin Boyd, and David Shepherd

First-Order Foreland Cycles: Interplay of Flexural Tectonics, Dynamic Loading and Sedimentation
by Octavian Catuneanu

Middle Pennsylvanian Transcontinental Epeiric Systems of the USA
by C. Blaine Cecil, Frank T. Dulong, and Ronald R. West

Estimation of Leakage Potential Through Abandoned Wells from CO2 or Acid-Gas Storage Sites in Deep Saline Aquifers
by Michael A. Celia, Jan M. Nordbotten, Stefan Bachu, Dmitri Kavetski, Sarah E. Gasda, and Helge K. Dahle

Examples of Cutting-Edge Environmental Technology Utilized at Williams Piceance Basin Operations, Parachute, Colorado
by Dave Cesark

Genesis and Paleoenvironmental Considerations of Shoreline Microbialites, Hardgrounds and Offshore Carbonate Sediments in Two Adjacent Marine-Marginal Saline Lakes in South Australia
by Matthew M. Chalaturnyk, William M. Last, and Edlyn Bruni

Carbonate Hardgrounds in Maars of Western Victoria, Australia: A Glimpse at Modern Lacustrine Dolomite Formation
by Matthew M. Chalaturnyk, William M. Last, and Patrick Solylo

Shale Gas Potential in Lower Cretaceous Strata of Northeastern British Columbia, Canada
by Gareth Chalmers and R. Marc Bustin

Analogs of Earth Marbles to Mars Blueberries: Records of Groundwater History from Red Rock to Red Planet
by Marjorie A. Chan, Brenda Beitler, William T. Parry, Jens Ormo, and Goro Komatsu

Distinction Between Sortable Silts and Flocculated Particles in Muddy Intertidal Sediments: The Role of Flocs and Aggregates in Muddy Sediment Turnover
by Tae Soo Chang, Olaf Joerdel, Burg Flemming, and Alexander Bartholomae

Variability of Incised-Valley Fills Along the French Atlantic Coast During the Pleistocene and Holocene
by Eric Chaumillon and J. N. Proust

Lacustrine Turbiditic Reservoirs in the Jiyang Superdepression, Bohai Bay Basin
by Dongxia Chen, Xiongqi Pang, Maowen Li, Jianhui Zeng, and Zhenxue Jiang

Basin-Forming Tectonics of the Cretaceous Gyeongsang Basin in Southeast Korea and Its Implication on Crustal Evolution in the Eastern Asian Continent
by Daekyo Cheong and Kosuke Egawa

Tectono-Stratigraphy of the Ulleung Basin, Offshore Korea and Its Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration
by Byeongoo Choi, Booyong Kim, Ilsoo Kim, Yongsu Lim, and Byeongwook Yoo

The Importance of Dolomite Cement in the Evolution of Pore Systems in Sucrosic Dolostones
by Philip W. Choquette and Eric E. Hiatt

Controls on Paleosol Development in the Judy Creek Reef Complex, Upper Devonian Swan Hills Formation, West-Central Alberta
by Nancy Chow and Jack Wendte

Regional Deep Water Salt Geology, Offshore Nova Scotia, Canada
by Abu Chowdhury and Landis Newbanks

Channel and Canyon Systems of an Active Margin: Improving and Extending Basin-Level Mapping in the Sabah Basin of Northwest Borneo
by Janice M. Christ, William G. Dickson, and James W. Granath

'Getting to Know Brenda': Core from a Stratigraphic Trap in a Paleocene Debris-Flow Deposit, Outer Moray Firth, United Kingdom North Sea
by Rod Christensen, Dan Barson, and Dean Bilous

Basin Development and Petroleum Exploration in West Greenland: Review of Recent Data, Models and Ongoing Research
by Flemming G. Christiansen

Developing Rock Magnetic Techniques for Correlation Purposes: Principles and Case Studies
by Maria T. Cioppa

Lessons Learned from Distributions as Geological Analogs
by Gary P. Citron, James A. MacKay, James Gouveia, Robert M. Otis, Richard Nehring

The Lost Hills Lower Brown Shale: A Diagenetic-Stratigraphic Trap in a Miocene Diatomite Reservoir, San Joaquin Basin, California
by Michael S. Clark and Victor Pusca

Water Supply Challenges Confronting Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Oil Sands Projects in Alberta
by R. S. Clarkson, S. Howard, and M. Dubord

Seal Capacity and Petrophysical Evaluation of Shales Using Destructive and Non-Destructive Methods
by Ben Clennell and Dave Dewhurst

Hydrocarbon Generation, a Cause of Fluid Overpressure and Thin-Skinned Detachment in Fold-and-Thrust Belts
by Peter R. Cobbold

Sequence Stratigraphic Influence on Regional Diagenesis of a Non-Tropical Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Passive Margin, Paleogene, North Carolina, U.S.A.
by Brian Coffey

Process-Based Stochastic Modeling, from Fluvial to Turbiditic Channelized Meandering Reservoirs
by Isabelle Cojan, Jacques Rivoirard, François Geffroy, Simon Lopez, and Olivier Bahabanian

A Comparison of Stratigraphic Architecture, Lithofacies, and Reservoir Quality in Adjacent Large and Small Isolated Carbonate Platforms: Tengiz and Korolev Fields, North Caspian Basin, Kazakhstan
by Joel F. Collins, Kevin L. Putney, Paul M. Harris, Akmaral Zhumagulova, and Dennis J. Fischer

Depositional and Tectonic Evolution of the Middle Miocene Depositional Episode, East-Central Gulf of Mexico
by Ricardo Combellas-Bigott and William Galloway

AVO Modeling: A Tool for the Specialist or a General Interpretation Aid?
by Richard Cooper, Lars Hubert, Jack Dvorkin, Jurgen Hoffmann, Matthew Carr, and Alsing Selnes

Exhumation of Irish Sedimentary Basins and Implications for Petroleum Exploration Offshore Ireland
by D. V. Corcoran and Anthony G. Dore

Structural Analysis of the Neiva Fold-and-Thrust Belt, Upper Magdalena Basin, Colombia: New Opportunities for Petroleum Exploration in a Mature World-Class Hydrocarbon Province
by Freddy Corredor, Fernando Munar, and Claudia Rosa Posada

3D Structural Controls of Contractional Fault-Related Folds on the Patterns of Growth Stratigraphy in Passive Margins: Examples from the Deep-Water Niger Delta
by Freddy Corredor, John Shaw, Chris Guzofski, and Frank Bilotti

Complex Imbricate Systems in the Southern Caribbean Basin, Offshore Northern Colombia: Advanced Structural and Stratigraphic Analysis, and Implications for Regional Exploration of Hydrocarbons
by Freddy Corredor and Tomas Villamil

The Impact of Geologic Model Resolution on Fluid Flow Behavior—an Example from a Large, Mature Carbonate Reservoir
by Linda Corwin, Gregory S. Benson, and Shan H. Yang

Use of High-Resolution Biostratigraphic Analysis for Delineation of Reservoir Compartments in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
by Jeff Coryell, John B. Wagner, Gerald Ragan, and Ronald W. Morin

Regional Stratigraphic Framework and Outcrop-Subsurface Correlation, Athabasca Oil Sands, Fort McMurray Area, Alberta
by Darrell K. Cotterill

Horseshoe Canyon Coalbed Methane Case Study
by Dave Cox

Architecture, Evolution and Stacking Patterns of the Paine Channel Complex, Upper Cretaceous Cerro Toro Formation, Silla Syncline, Magallanes Basin, Chile
by William H. Crane and Donald R. Lowe

A Method for Producing Natural Gas from Gas Hydrate Deposits
by Constantin Cranganu

Capillary Sealing as an Overpressure Mechanism in the Anadarko Basin
by Constantin Cranganu and Maria A. Villa

Fossil Age Group Plots: A Rapid Interpretation Technique for Complex Structural Areas
by Jason A. Crux, I. Gunilla Gard, Peter H. Griggs, Bruce J. Farrer, and Neil N. Evans

Shelf-Margin Delta Myths and Misconceptions
by Donald I. Cummings, R.W.C. Arnott, and Bruce Hart

Why Does the Naskapi Mudstone "Blanket" Prograde the Paleo-Shelf Edge Offshore Nova Scotia?
by Donald I. Cummings, Robert W. Dalrymple, and R.W.C. (Bill) Arnott

Examining Appraisal Project Values for Both Portfolios and Appraisal Plans
by Peter Cunningham

Future Gas Supply from Rocky Mountain Tight Sands—Analysis of Resource, Demand and Price Projections
by John B. Curtis

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Sedimentologic Characterization of Santos Basin Gas Reservoirs: Shallow- and Deep-Marine Siliciclastic Depositional Systems Related to Hyperpycnal Flows (Brazil Deep Seds - Deep-Water Sedimentation on the Southeast Brazilian Margin Project)
by Roberto S.F. D'Avila, C.V. Madeira, J.L.P. Moreira, S.F. Santos, and D.C. Dias Filho

Exploration and Production Clusters: Value Creation Through Skills Integration
by H. T. F. Da Silva, F. T. Fontes, and M. F. C. Bezerra

The Offshore Transport of Mud: Why It Doesn’t Happen and the Stratigraphic Implications
by Robert W. Dalrymple and Donald I. Cummings

Geological Constraints on Porosity Evolution and Permeability: A Comparison of Limestone Versus Dolomite Carbonate Reservoirs
by G. Darke, P. H. Nadeau, J. Garland, and S. N. Ehrenberg

Hydrothermal Dolomite and Leached Limestone Reservoirs: Representative Core Fabrics and Facies
by Graham R. Davies, Tom Boreen, and Langhorne Smith

Hydrothermal Dolomite and Leached Limestone Reservoirs: Tectonic, Structural, Mining and Petroleum Geology Linkage
by Graham R. Davies and Langhorne Smith

Insights into the Formation and Sedimentary Fill of the West Siberian Basin: Structural, Sedimentological and Provenance Analysis
by Clare Davies, Mark Allen, Mikhail Buslov, Inna Safonova, and Elena Soloboeva

Testing a Model for Recognizing High-Resolution Accommodation Changes in Paralic Coal Seams in the Book Cliffs of Eastern Utah, U.S.A
by Roy C. Davies, Ron Boyd, John A. Howell, Stephen S. Flint, and Claus Diessel

Opening History of the South Atlantic
by Ian Davison, C. Reeves, and Pedro Baptista

Progress of the CHRONOS Permian-Triassic Time Slice Project
by Vladimir I. Davydov and Bruce R. Wardlaw

The ZAIANGO Project, Petroleum Implications of Multiscale Investigation of Modern Deep Sea Zaire Fan, Lower Congo Basin
by Philippe De Clarens, Bruno Savoye, Nathalie Babonneau, and Martine Bez

Depositional Environments and Reservoir Characterization, Upper Saar, Masila Block 14, Republic of Yemen
by D. Dearborn, M. Kerman-Milne, and Dale A. Leckie

Fault Seal, Migration and Accumulation: An Integrated Approach
by Stephen Dee, Dan Carruthers, Brett Freeman, and Graham Yielding

Determination of Palaeoslope Using Small-Scale Remobilization Fabrics in Core: Britannia Field, United Kingdom North Sea
by A. Del Pino Sanchez, R.W.H. Butler, W.D. McCaffrey, P.D.W. Haughton, W.G. Hakes, and E. Hailwood

Calibrating Core-Scale Observations in Remobilized Turbidites Using Outcrop Analogues
by A. Del Pino Sanchez, R.W.H.. Butler, W.D. McCaffrey, and P.D.W. Haughton

Geology and Production Performance from Suncor's Firebag In-Situ Project
by Eugene A. Dembicki

Characterization of McMurray Formation Strata Utilizing Palynofloral Assemblages, Surmont Lease and Immediate Surrounding Areas
by Thomas D. Demchuk, Graham Dolby, Daniel Michoux, John R. Suter, and Alain Lejay

Lakes in Tropical Western Pangaea: Siliciclastic- and Carbonate-Dominated Lacustrine Deposits of the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation, Colorado Plateau, U.S.A.
by Timothy Demko, J. J. Beer, and E. L. Gulbranson

Submarine Lobes Deposited Off the Northern Margin of East Corsica Over the Last 60 k.y.r.—Relationship Between Outer Shelf Evolution and Lobe Architecture from Ultra-High Resolution Seismic Profiles
by Mark E. Deptuck, David J. W. Piper, Bruno Savoye, and Anne Gervais

Predicting Petroleum Phase Behaviour During Secondary Migration and Accumulation
by Rolando Di Primio, Brian Horsfield, and Andreas Fuhrmann

A Busted Flush in the Santos Basin (Brazil) Becomes a Winning Hand—Hydrocarbon Generation and Multi-Path Migration on Shallow and Deepwater Flanks of the Basin
by William G. Dickson, Craig F. Schiefelbein, and A. G. Requejo

Deep Basin Petroleum Formation from Neo-Formed Sources, the Mackenzie Delta, Canada
by Volker Dieckmann, Michael Erdmann, Robert Ondrak, Lloyd Snowdon, and Brian Horsfield

Petroleum Resource Potential of Pacific Margin Basins in Canada
by James R. Dietrich, Peter K. Hannigan, and Kirk G. Osadetz

Deltaic Deposition in the Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin, Northern Mainland Canada
by J. Dixon, J. R. Dietrich, and D. H. McNeil

A Tight Gas Sand Saga Adapting to High Density Population in High Density Drilling Areas
by Scot A. Donato

Slope Terrains and Their Role in Understanding and Predicting the Distribution and Type of Slope Reservoirs
by Art D. Donovan

Striving to Attain Formalized “Sequence Stratigraphic” Nirvana
by Art D. Donovan

Deep-Water Reservoir Facies of the Jurassic Buzzard Field, North Sea, United Kingdom
by Graham Dore and Chris Forster

Arc-Related Carbonate Platform Systems
by Steven L. Dorobek

Tectonic and Stratigraphic Significance of Growth Stratal Patterns Within Syn-Rift Carbonate Platforms
by Steven L. Dorobek

Paleosol Characterization and Identification in the Subsurface Using Nuclear Logs: A Case Study from the Kansas Cretaceous
by John H. Doveton and Peer Hoth

Seismic in the New World
by Michael J. Doyle

Modeling and Managing Large Mature Carbonate Fields: Examples from the Cretaceous of North Oman
by Malcolm Dransfield, Joachim E. Amthor, Nada Al Kindy, Hassan Behairy, Anthony Brooks, Richard Chia, Huw Davies, Philippe Gauthier, Jeremey Harris, Patrick Hogarty, Mohamed Al Mughairy, Robbert Nieuwenhuijs, and Daniel Rayes

Climatic Controls on Reef Development and Distribution: Lessons Learned from Caicos Platform, Southern Bahamas
by Jeffrey J. Dravis and Harold R. Wanless

Deep-Burial Dissolution of Devonian Carbonates in Western Canada—More Common Than You Think!
by Jeffrey J. Dravis and Iain Muir

Lowstand Linear Siliciclastic Coastal Deposits as Substratum for the Growth of Modern Barrier Reefs (Northern Ashmore Trough, South Shelf Edge of the Gulf of Papua)
by Andre W. Droxler, Gianni Mallarino, Jason M. Francis, Bradley Opdyke, Gerald Dickens, Samuel Bentley, and Larry Peterson

Canada's Discovered Oil and Gas Resources North of 60
by Kenneth J. Drummond

Integrating Stochastic and Deterministic Methodologies in Geological Reservoir Modeling
by Taizhong Duan, Jeff Hamman, Don Caldwell, and Mark Petersen

Accommodation Model for Wolfcamp (Permian) Redbeds at the Updip Margin of North America’s Largest Onshore Gas Field
by Martin K. Dubois and Robert H. Goldstein

Evaluating Reservoir Connectivity Uncertainty of Tengiz Field
by Dennis Dull, B. Blake Sherman, and Gulmira Kuanyshova

The Origin of Hummocky and Swaley Cross-Stratification - the Controlling Influence of Aggradation Rate and Unidirectional Current Strength
by Simone Dumas, R.W.C. Arnott, and John Southard

Origin and History of Bitumen in Geodes of the New Albany Shale
by Mirela Dumitrescu, David Finkelstein, Ovidiu Remus Lazar, Juergen Schieber, and Simon Brassell

Coastal-Plain Incised-Valley Systems Characterized by Multiple Sequences: Examples from the Alabama Coast
by Diana M. Duran, Robin Mattheus, Larry Greene, and Antonio B. Rodriguez

Application of a Regional Groundwater Flow Model to Provide Boundary Conditions for Local Coalbed Natural Gas Extraction Models in the Powder River Basin
by Alan R. Dutton and Hung-Lung Chen

Effect of Calcite Cement on Reservoir Properties in Permian Deepwater Sandstones, Delaware Basin, West Texas
by Shirley P. Dutton and William A. Flanders

Facies Architecture and Paleopedology of Ancient River Systems, Eocene Wilkins Peak Member of the Lacustrine Green River Formation, Wyoming
by Kuwanna M. Dyer, Alan R. Carroll, and Jeffrey T. Pietras

Meandering Turbidite Channels and the Effective Depth of Turbidity Currents
by Mason Dykstra and Ben Kneller

2003 U.S. Geological Survey Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources in Upper Cretaceous Navarro and Taylor Groups, Western Gulf Province, Texas
by T. S. Dyman, S. M. Condon, R. R. Charpentier, T. A. Cook, T. R. Klett, M. D. Lewan, M. J. Pawlewicz, R. M. Pollastro, and C. J. Schenk

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High Resolution Reservoir Model Development: A Case Study from the Barrow Delta, Exmouth Sub-Basin, Western Australia
by Stewart Easton and Carl Jonathan Stark

Controls on Depositional Geometries of Carbonate Platforms
by Gregor Eberli

Dolomitization of the Mississippian Leadville Reservoir at Lisbon Field, Paradox Basin, Utah
by David E. Eby, Thomas C. Chidsey, Craig D. Morgan, Kevin McClure, John D. Humphrey, Joseph N. Moore, Louis H. Taylor, and Virginia H. Weyland

An Integrated Description, Modeling and Management of a Low Permeability Reservoir, Puesto Peter Field, Austral Basin, Argentina
by Carlos A. Echevarria, Victor M. Marteau, and Marcelo J. Cagnolatti

Applying 3-D Seismic to Underexplored Areas in the Uinta Basin
by Marc T. Eckels, David Suek, Viola Rawn-Schatzinger, and Virginia Weyland

The Obispo Turbidite Ramp—a Sedimentary System Immune to Sea-Level Changes
by Sven O. Egenhoff

Lateral Variabilities of Carbonate Cycle Patterns in the Latemàr Lagoon, Triassic, Italian Dolomites
by Sven O. Egenhoff and Arndt Peterhaensel

Oil and Gas Direct Exploration Technology Applied to Integrated Petroleum Systems Studies
by Vladimir O. Elias, Paul Brooks, Tikae Takaki, and Giovanni Toniatti

The Barmer Basin, Rajasthan, India—the Ingredients Which Led to Exploration Success
by Pierre Eliet, Richard Heaton, and Mike Watts

Baltimore Canyon Trough Mesozoic Carbonate Margin Cores, Offshore USA Atlantic
by Leslie S. Eliuk and Bradford E. Prather

New Canadian Oil and Gas Disclosure Legislation, National Instrument 51-101: A Model for Other Countries?
by David C. Elliott

Two Years of Experience with the New Canadian Oil and Gas Disclosure Legislation, National Instrument 51-101
by David C. Elliott

Parasequences in Third Generation Sequence Stratigraphy
by Ashton F. Embry

New Insights in the Structural and Tectonic Evolution and Petroleum Potential of the Orphan Basin, Atlantic Canada
by Michael Enachescu, Steve Kearsey, Victoria Hardy, Jean-Claude Sibuet, Shiri Srivastava, John Hogg, Jerry Smee, and Alphonsus Fagan

Reservoir Pressure and Fluids Modeling to Support a 3-D Seismic Feasibility Study in the Kuparuk River Field, Alaska
by Stephanie N. Erickson, Tammy L. Campbell, Dominique VanNostrand, and Blaine M. Campbell

A Petrophysical Study of Reservoir Quality and Flow Unit Continuity in a Lower Clearfork Oil Field, Lower Permian Dolostones, West Texas, Using Ten Wells of Variable Age and Data Quality
by Eric Eslinger and R. V. Everett

Production-Induced Water Migration into Gas Pools Overlying the Athabasca Oil Sands, McMurray Formation, Alberta: Implications for Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Production
by Edward L. Etris

A Natural Seepage of Biogenic Natural Gas at Tatogga Lake in the Intermontane Belt (Bowser Basin) of the Canadian Cordillera
by Evenchick, Carol A., Kirk G. Osadetz, Bernard Mayr, Fil Ferri, and Mark Hayes

Chemostratigraphic and Heavy Mineral Analyses as Stratigraphic Tools in the Bowser and Sustut Basins, British Columbia, Canada
by Carol Evenchick, David Ritcey, Andrew Morton, Amelia Wright, and Kenneth Ratcliffe

Hydrothermal Dolomites in the Southern Appalachian Basin: Ideal Reservoirs with Inherent Exploration Difficulties
by Jonathan C. Evenick, Robert D. Hatcher, Linda C. Kah, Theodore C. Labotka, and H. Virginia Weyland

Regional 3-D Geomorphic Features – Effective Guides for Hydrocarbon Exploration
by John R. Everett and Ronald J. Staskowski

The Southwest Texas Heavy Oil Province—a Ten-Billion-Barrel Resource
by Thomas E. Ewing

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The Past, Present and the Future of Petroleum Exploration in Newfoundland and Labrador
by Phonse Fagan

Sinuosities, Gradients and Equilibrium Profiles: Assorted Measurements from the Fuji and Einstein Channel Levee Systems, Gulf of Mexico
by Laura Faulkenberry, Ben Kneller, and Jeffrey Peakall

Submarine Channel Initiation from Gullies on the Upper Slope: Fuji and Einstein Channels, Gulf of Mexico
by Laura Faulkenberry, Jeffrey Peakall, and Ben Kneller

Bars to Valleys: The Hierarchy of Incised Valleys and Their Fills from the Grand Rapids Formation, Cretaceous, Alberta, Canada
by Howard R. Feldman and James Maynard

Biostratigraphic Age Control of Late Cretaceous-Cenozoic Strata on the Scotian Margin: An Eventful Story
by R. A. Fensome, G. L. Williams, J. A. Crux, R. A. MacRae, F. C. Thomas, G. Gard, and F. Fiorini

Recognition of Major Debris Flow and Turbidite Depositional Patterns Using 3D Seismic Facies Analysis in Deepwater Sediments in Offshore Brunei Darussalam
by Angus J. Ferguson, Arnold Bouma, Lauti Santy, and Sofiana Suliaman

3D Reconstruction of an Oblique Fault and Fold System and Related Growth Strata: Ainsa Basin, Spanish Pyrenees
by Oscar Fernandez, Josep Anton Munoz, Pau Arbues, and Oriol Falivene

Recent Advances in the Geological Framework of the Bowser and Sustut Basins, north-central British Columbia, Canada
by Filippo Ferri, Carol A. Evenchick, Peter S. Mustard, Margot McMechan, Vicki J. McNicoll, Randolph J. Enkin, Kirk Osadetz, Lavern Stasiuk, Carmel Lowe, Nick S.F. Wilson, Terry P. Poulton, Art Sweet, and David Ritcey

Fault-Zone Deformation Mechanisms in the Cretaceous Limestones of South Texas
by David A. Ferrill and Alan P. Morris

Evidence for Large Amplitude Base Level Fluctuations in Fine-Grained Strata of the Mid Permian Wandrawandian Siltstone in the Southern Sydney Basin, Australia
by Christopher R. Fielding, Stephanie G. Thomas, and Tracy D. Frank

Paleocene-Eocene Deposystems in the Gulf of Mexico: Petroleum System Implications
by Richard H. Fillon, Arthur S. Waterman, and Paul N. Lawless

The Effect of Cover Strength on Extensional Fault Propagation
by Emma Finch, Rob Gawthorpe, and Stuart Hardy

The Development of Incised Valleys in a Three-Dimensional Numerical Model of Deltaic Deposition
by Emma Finch, Stuart Hardy, and Rob Gawthorpe

An Integrated Program to Assess Illinois Basin Geological Carbon Sequestration Potential
by Robert J. Finley

A Tale of Two "Shales"--Similarities and Differences in the Gas Generation Histories of the Cretaceous Milk River Formation (Saskatchewan and Alberta) and Cretaceous Lewis Shale (San Juan Basin, New Mexico)
by Neil S. Fishman, T. M. Parris, Donald L. Hall, and Debra K. Higley

Intertidal Sand-Mud Transitions: Depositional Mechanisms, Mass Physical Properties, and Stratigraphic Interpretation
by Burg Flemming, Monique Delafontaine, and Weidong Xu

Non-Foldbelt Provenance and Tectonic Influence on Sediment Supply Routes, Rates and Grain Size Range and Their Impact on Deepwater Sandstone Architecture, Early Karoo Foreland Basin, South Africa
by Stephen Flint, David Hodgson, Rosalind King, Richard Wild, Belinda Van Lente, Graham J. Potts, Daniel Andersson, Richard H. Worden, and De Ville Wickens

Deepwater Stratigraphy: The Current Position and Future Challenge
by Stephen Flint and Ole Martinsen

Paleo-Valley Depths: Comparison of Pennsylvanian Icehouse and Cretaceous Greenhouse Examples
by Stephen Flint and A. Guy Plint

Reservoirs in a Structurally Controlled Estuary: The Jurassic Snøhvit Gas-Condensate Field, Barents Sea, Norway
by Atle Folkestad, Signe Ottesen, and Arnfinn Rømuld

Depositional Wedge-Tops, a Challenge for the Critical Wedge Theory?
by Mary Ford

Reservoir Geology of Abbey/Lacadena Milk River Equivalent Gas Field, Saskatchewan
by Brad Ford, Bill Gatenby, and Michael Staniland

Canada's Petroleum Systems—an Overview
by Martin G. Fowler, Cynthia L. Riediger, and Don McAlpine

Controls on the Development of a Modern Nearshore, Terrigenous-Influenced Reef: Low Isles Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Australia
by Tracy D. Frank, John S. Jell, Jon S. Schueth, and Ed Frankel

Evolution and Style of Complex Relay Ramps in Nature and Analog Models
by Nathan M. Franklin, David A. Ferrill, Darrell W. Sims, and Alan P. Morris

Basin Floor Paleotopography: A Major Control on Reservoirs in Santos, Campos and Espirito Santo Basins, Brazil (BRazil Deep Seds - Deep-Water Sedimentation on the Southeast Brazilian Margin Project)
by Almerio B. França, A. P. France, E. J. Milani, and A. R. Viana

New Insights into South Atlantic Rifting from the Santos and Campos Basins, Offshore Brazil—a Tale of Two Basins
by Scot I. Fraser and Mike Lentini

Structure, Kinematics and Foreland Basin Evolution in the Montana Disturbed Belt, Northwestern U.S.A.
by Facundo Fuentes, Peter G. DeCelles, and Kurt Constenius

Stratigraphic Dip Analysis – a Novel Application for Detailed Geological Modeling of Point Bars, and Predicting Bitumen Grade, McMurray Formation, Muskeg River Mine, Northeast Alberta
by Milovan Fustic

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Converted Shear-Wave Seismic Fracture Characterization Analysis at Pinedale Field Wyoming
by James E. Gaiser and Richard R. Van Dok

Mapping Oil and Gas Potential in the Sahtu and Gwich’in Settlement Areas, Northwest Territories
by Leonard P. Gal

Deep Sea Depositional Systems of the Thyrrenian Basin
by Fabiano Gamberi and Michael Marani

Braided River-Like Channelization in Toe-of-Slope Sandstones at Castle Creek, Windermere Supergroup, British Columbia
by Paul R. Gammon and R. W. C. Arnott

New Concept of Generation and Migration of Hydrocarbons
by G. R. Gamsakhourdia, V. I. Ivannikov, and Yu. I. Kuznetsov

External Morphology Versus Internal Facies Architecture of Deltas Challenge Tripartite Classification Scheme
by M. Royhan Gani and Janok P. Bhattacharya

Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Carbonates: Main Petrophysical and Geochemistry Issues During Flooding Tests of San Andres Formation Cores
by Gloria S. Garcia, Waylon House, and Necip Guven

Exploring for “Giants” in Offshore West Greenland: Recent activities and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in a Developing Frontier Basin
by Robert I. Gardner, Neil D. Ethier, and Mark A. Cooper

Reservoir Modeling to Address Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Simulation and Heterogeneity Scales, Surmont Lease, McMurray Oilsands, Alberta
by David Garner and Thomas J. Wheeler

Overview of a Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Reservoir Characterization Strategy for Horizontal Well Placement and Ranking Within the Surmont Lease, McMurray Oil Sands, Alberta
by David Garner, Thomas J. Wheeler, Emmanuel Mus, and Jean-François Richy

Stable Isotope Chemostratigraphy Across the Conformable Permian-Triassic Boundary at Opal Creek, Alberta
by Geoffrey H. Garrison, Peter D. Ward, and Charles Henderson

A New Exploratory Data Analysis Technique to Aid in Biosteering
by Anthony Gary, Glenn Johnson, and Douglas Ekart

3-D Evolution of Segmented Normal Faults and Their Impact on Sedimentation: Combined LIDAR, Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS) and Photogrammetry Analysis of the Nukhul Fault, Suez Rift, Egypt
by Rob Gawthorpe, David Hodgett, and Ian Sharp

Controls on Hydrocarbon Entrapment and Reservoir Distribution: The Pennsylvanian Oswego Limestone and Big Lime Limestone in the Putnam Field Area, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma
by James R. Geary and Stacy Atchley

Submarine Channel Geometry and Salt Tectonics Revealed by 3-D Seismic and Visualization, Offshore West Africa
by Martin Gee and Rob Gawthorpe

Application of Fault-Related Fold Theory to an “Odd Structure”
by Paul Genovese

There’s Gold in Them Thar Data!: A Data Mining Solution for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
by Paul Genovese and Tawsak Urwongse

Autocyclic Behavior of Experimental Turbidity Currents
by Thomas P. Gerber, Lincoln F. Pratson, Matthew A. Wolinsky, Jere Mohr, John B. Swenson, and Chris Paola

Gas Hydrate Geohazard Assessment in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Using a Vertical Line Array
by Erika Geresi, Ross Chapman, Tom McGee, and R. J. Woolsey

Valley Fill Types and Dimensions: A Compilation from the Geological Record
by Martin Gibling

Evaluation of Regional-Scale to Field-Scale Seafloor Morphology in the Ultra-Deepwater Northwestern Gulf of Mexico
by J. L. Gibson and T. W. Neurauter

Application of High-Resolution Seismic Investigation for Geohazard and Geotechnical Assessment in Deepwater Field Developments
by J. L. Gibson, R. C. Shipp, J. S. Smith, and J. A. Newlin

Aspects of Landfill Gas Collection and Utilization: Energy from Waste
by Tej Gidda, Rick Mosher, Ed McBean, and Frank Rovers

Using Carbonates to Reconstruct Provenance and Watersheds
by Elizabeth H. Gierlowski-Kordesch

3D Geologic Modeling and Fracture Interpretation of the Tensleep Sandstone, Alcova Anticline, Wyoming
by Nathaniel J. Gilbertson and Neil F. Hurley

Controls on Cretaceous and Paleogene Reefal Carbonate Platforms Developed on Passive Salt Diapirs, La Popa Basin, Northeast Mexico
by Katherine A. Giles and Dominic Druke

Halokinetic Sequence Types and Controls within La Popa Salt Basin, Northeast Mexico
by Katherine A. Giles, Timothy F. Lawton, and Mark G. Rowan

The Role of Footwall Release Faulting in Controlling Structural Closures in Rift Systems: Evidence from the Murchison Fault Array, Northern North Sea
by Caroline E. Gill and John R. Underhill

The North Sea Revisited: A Reappraisal of Normal Fault Activity in the North Viking Graben and Its Generic Implications for Rift System Evolution
by Caroline E. Gill, John R. Underhill, and Patience A. Cowie

Tectonostratigraphy of a Breached Hydrocarbon Reservoir, Sluice Brook, Western Newfoundland, Canada
by Erin S. Gillis and Elliott T. Burden

Ichnofacies Distributions in Wave-Dominated, Mesotidal Estuaries: Variations in Ichnological Patterns Along a Depositional Continuum
by Murray K. Gingras and James A. MacEachern

Evidence for a Prograding Tide-Dominated Delta Model for the McMurray Formation Reservoir of the Athabasca Oil Sands
by Murray K. Gingras and Michael J. Ranger

A Living Stromatolite that Mimics Its Billion-Year-Old Precambrian Counterpart
by Robert N. Ginsburg

A New Chronology for Holocene Danube Delta: Morphodynamic, Paleoenvironmental and Human Implications
by Liviu Giosan

Construction and Implementation of a Field Development Plan, Cretaceous Tetuán Member, Villeta Formation, San Francisco Field, Colombia
by Ernest Gomez, Fabian O. Iwere, William J. Clark, Yuan Z. Ma, Osman Apaydin, Jaime Moreno, Leonardo J. Marquez, German Rondon, Luis E. Goyeneche, Jorge Falla, Jaime Pavas, David Richards, and Michael F. Doe

Significance of Estuarine Valleys in the Cores of Clastic Wedges: Ericson Formation, Wyoming
by Carolina A. Gomez and Ron Steel

Geology of the Margins of the Central Caspian Basin: The Mesozoic of Mangystau (Kazakstan) and the Eastern Greater Caucasus (Azerbaijan)
by Irene Gomez-Perez, Simon R. A. Kelly, and Arif Ismail-Zadeh

Structurally Controlled Sand-Rich Gravity Deposits of the Jubarte Oil Field (BRazil Deep Seds - Deep-Water Sedimentation on the Southeast Brazilian Margin Project)
by R. C. Gontijo, C. E. Souza Cruz, J. L. L. Caldas, L. M. Arienti, and R. S. F. D'Avila

Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Appalachian and Illinois Basins of Kentucky
by Patrick J. Gooding

Mechanical Stratigraphy of a Salt-Cored Anticline; Late Cretaceous and Eocene Carbonates, Tunisia
by C. Gordon, J. A. Toni Simo, B. Tikoff, and M. Cooke

Depositional Setting of the Burgess Shale’s Greater Phyllopod Bed
by Kevin Gostlin

Outcrop Characterization, 3D Geological Modeling, "Reservoir" Simulation and Upscaling of Jackfork Group Turbidites in Hollywood Quarry, Arkansas
by J. Camilo Goyeneche and Roger M. Slatt

Shale Diapirism in the Canadian Beaufort Mackenzie Basin
by Peter P. Graham and Christopher L. Bergquist

How Do Modes of Extension Affect Normal-Fault Geometry, Displacement Variations and Population Dynamics?
by Amber B. Granger, Martha O. Withjack, and Roy W. Schlische

3-D Vision Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR): Reservoir Anatomy Beyond the Outcrop Surface
by Mark Grasmueck, David Viggiano, Langhorne Smith, and Richard Nyahay

The Jurassic-Cretaceous North Sea Rift Dome and Associated Basin Evolution
by Ole Graversen

Prediction of Shale Plugs Between Wells in the Heavy Oil Sands at Long Lake Using Seismic Attributes
by F. David Gray, Paul Anderson, and Jay Gunderson

Multiple Paleo-thermal Episodes in Mackenzie Corridor, Northwest Territory, Canada Revealed by Apatite Fission Track Analysis (AFTA): Implications for Hydrocarbon Prospectivity
by Paul F. Green, Ian R. Duddy, Lee Slind, and Fred Rayer

Monkman Paleozoic Play in Northeast British Columbia
by Richard Green, Robert Grenier, Pradeep Bhatnagar, Mazhar Qayyum, Normand Begin, and Tom Borthwick

Depositional Model for Deep-Water Miocene Reservoirs in the Jubliee and Spiderman Gas Fields, Eastern Gulf of Mexico
by Todd J. Greene, Peter Gamwell, Todd Butaud, Andrew Pink, Michael Golden, David Jones, James Parr, and Istvan Barany

Petroleum System Study of the Humma Marrat Reservoir in the Partitioned Neutral Zone (PNZ)
by Stewart Griest, W. Scott Meddaugh, and David L. Barge

Styles of Deformation and Kinematics of Mesozoic Intraforeland Inversion Structures, Central Neuquén Basin, Argentina
by Gabriel O. Grimaldi and Steven L. Dorobek

Calcrete Overprinting of Palustrine Carbonate Facies: The Role of Phreatic Water Movement
by Erik L. Gulbranson and Timothy Demko

The Distribution of Organic-Rich Mudstones in a Carbonate Setting: A Model Based on Pennsylvanian Source Rocks Deposited on an Isolated Carbonate Platform of the Paradox Basin, Southeast Utah, U.S.A.
by John M. Guthrie, Kevin M. Bohacs, and Ruben D. Uribe

Critical Review, Calibration, and Ranking of Popular Velocity-Based Pressure Prediction Models
by Mario A. Gutierrez, Neil Braunsdorf, and Brent Couzens

Screening Candidates for Field Rejuvenation with Worldwide Geological Analogs
by Jose I. Guzman, Shengyu Wu, and Shaoqing Sun

Three-Dimensional Modeling of Two Low Taper Wedges Using Critical Taper Wedge Mechanics
by Chris A. Guzofski, John H. Shaw, Freddy Corredor, and Frank Bilotti

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Facies and Lithology Distribution Patterns Derived from Evolving Seismic Geomorphologies Within a Seismic Stratigraphically Well Constrained Submarine Fan Complex
by Frode Hadler-Jacobsen, Michael H. Gardner, and James M. Borer

Control of Third-Order Growth Faulting on Lowstand Slope and Basin-Floor Sedimentation: A Geomorphologic Evaluation of Oligocene Deep Frio Strata, South Texas Gulf Coast
by Ursula Hammes, Hongliu Zeng, L. Frank Brown, Robert Loucks, and Patricia Montoya

Calcic Paleosols – Regional Sequence Boundary Indicators in Cenozoic Strata of Southwestern Montana
by Debra L. Hanneman and Charles J. Wideman

Along-Strike Facies Variations in a Mixed Wave- and River-Influenced Delta Lobe, Upper Cretaceous Basal Belly River Formation, Ferrybank and Eastern Pembina Fields, Central Alberta
by Cindy D. Hansen

Extension of the Lower Cretaceous Glauconite Sand Play into Northwest Montana
by William B. Hansen

Update on a Sleeping Giant: Gas Exploration in the Montana Thrust Belt
by William B. Hansen

Global Controls, Coupled Kinematic and Thermal Modeling of the Lewis Transect, Southwest Alberta, Canada
by Nicolaas J. Hardebol, Jean-Luc Faure, Jean-Paul Callot, Giovanni Bertotti, and Francois Roure

Incorporating Uncertainty into Geological and Flow Simulation: Application to a Pre-Development Field, Offshore West Africa
by Andrew W. Harding, Avi Chakravarty, and Robert Scamman

Folding Due to Back Rotation Between Extensional Detachments in Fold-Thrust Belts
by Lyal B. Harris

Carbonate Mud and Carbonate Source Rocks
by Paul M. (Mitch) Harris and Barry J. Katz

3-D Upscaling of Fault Damage Zones for Reservoir Modeling
by Simon D. Harris, Atilla Vaszi, and Rob J. Knipe

Analogs for Fault-Controlled Ordovician Dolomite Reservoirs, Appalachian Basin: Characterization of Central Kentucky Outcrops
by David C. Harris, Clay A. Wilcox, and T. M. Parris

A New Geology Map of the Northern Baffin Bay-Nares Strait Region, Northern Nunavut and Northwest Greenland: Implications for Offshore Energy Potential
by J. C. Harrison, T. A. Brent, and G. N. Oakey

Untested Cretaceous-Paleogene Sedimentary Basins of Northern Baffin Bay and Nares Strait Region, Arctic Canada and Greenland
by J. C. Harrison and T. A. Brent

Curvature for Visualization of Surface Morphology
by Bruce Hart and Justine Sagan

Preliminary Evaluation of the Petroleum Systems of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
by Paul J. Harvey, Pransantra K. Mukhapadhyay, and William G. Shaw

Differentiating Between Cricket, Spider, Scorpion, and Skink Burrows in Dryland Environments, Simpson Desert, Northern Territory, Australia
by Stephen T. Hasiotis and Mary C. Bourke

Preliminary Report on Modern Organism Traces from the Supralittoral to Sublittoral Zone in Kigoma Bay, Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania
by Stephen T. Hasiotis, David Kennedy, Jonathan A. Todd, and Ellinor Michel

Integrating Rock Physics and Seismic Methods to Reduce Uncertainties in Permeability Modeling of an Exploratory Carbonate Oil Field
by Ebrahim Hassanzadeh, S. Saleh Hendi, and Ayato Kato

Evidence for Vertical Petroleum Leakage Across Silurian Evaporites in the Michigan Basin of North America
by J. R. Hatch, C. S. Swezey, D. O. Hayba, W. B. Harrison, A. S. Wylie, J. E. Repetski, J. A. East, and A. Modroo

Thrust Attributes and Potential Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in the Southern Appalachian Valley and Ridge
by Robert D. Hatcher, Jennifer B. Whisner, and H. Virginia Weyland

Facies Prediction in Turbidite Systems – the Impact of Up-Dip Incision
by Peter Haughton, Simon Barker, Chris Davis, and William McCaffrey

In-Situ Stress Magnitudes in the Alberta Basin: Implications for Geological Sequestration of Greenhouse and Acid Gases
by Chris Hawkes, Kristine Haug, and Stefan Bachu

Anatomy of a Marine Transgression: Tectonically Controlled Sediment Partitioning and Eustatic Rise, Cenomanian Dunvegan Formation, Alberta and British Columbia
by Michael J. Hay and A. Guy Plint

Ichnological and Sedimentological Comparison of Wave- and River-Dominated Deltaic Deposits from the Lower Cretaceous Kamik Formation in the Parsons Lake Field, Mackenzie Delta Region, Northwest Territories, Arctic Canada
by Michael D. Hearn and S. George Pemberton

Knickpoint Migration in Deepwater Channels in Response to Fold Growth in Compressional Settings: Examples from the West Niger Delta
by Paivi Heinio Richard Davies

Conodont Micropaleontology and Depositional Systems of Pennsylvanian and Permian Strata in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
by Charles M. Henderson

Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Barents Sea: Focus on Late Palaeozoic Carbonates, a Potential Future Replacer of Hydrocarbon Reserves on the Norwegian Shelf
by L. B. Henriksen, E. Henriksen, G. B. Larssen, S. R. Gytri, B. Fotland, B. Osdal

Pressure and Seal Prediction and Detection in Highly Overpressured Basins to Determine Prospectivity
by Philip D. Heppard and Martin L. Albertin

Operational Concerns Database: Keeping Current with Changing Regulations
by Larry Herd

New Exploration Framework and Plays in Offshore Peru
by Robert G. Hickman, Peter A. Emmet, Glenn W. Granata, Angel F. Callejon, Maurice Slot, Rolando Bolanos Zapana, and Tarek Y. Ghazi

1-D/2-D/3-D Petroleum System Model of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
by Debra K. Higley, Laura Roberts, Mitch Henry, Michael Lewan, and Doug Steinshouer

Discharge of Coalbed-Methane-Produced Waters Into Limited Capacity Waters: An Evaluation of the Wyoming Experience and a Possible Resolution
by Eric L. Hiser and Matthew Joy

Three-Dimensional Reservoir Models from Digitally Mapped Outcrop Data Using DGPS and LIDAR Mapping: Examples from the United Kingdom and Canada
by David Hodgetts, Nadine Mader, Rob Gawthorpe, Jonathan Redfern, and Ivan Perez

Fine-Grained Submarine Fan Growth and the Distribution of Architectural Elements: An Example from the Skoorsteenberg Formation (Fan 4), Southwest Karoo Basin, South Africa
by David M. Hodgson, Nick Drinkwater, Stephen Flint, David Hodgetts, and Erik Johannessen

Effects of Pore Network Geometry on Permanent Storage of Sequestered CO2
by Mark Holtz and Steven Bryant

Improving Geological Models for Redevelopment of Old Fields: Comparison of Natih Formation Outcrop and Subsurface Data, Northern Oman
by Peter Homewood, Quintin Davies, Volker Vahrenkamp, Xavier Janson, Carine Grelaud, Henk Droste, Philippe Razin, Omar Al Ja'Aidi, Deborah Bliefnick, and Alia Al Bahry

Depth Dependent Stretching and the Opening of the North Atlantic
by Robert Hooper, Nick Kusznir, Alan Roberts, Tim Austin, and Ian Walker

Role of Tectonics in Regional Progradation of Coarse-Grained Sequences: Upper Cretaceous Castlegate Sandstone, Charleston-Nebo Salient, Utah
by Brian K. Horton, Kurt N. Constenius, and Peter G. DeCelles

Tertiary Synorogenic Sedimentation Along the Brookian Tectonic Front, Eastern U.S. Beaufort Sea and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) Coastal Plain
by David W. Houseknecht

Frio Brine Pilot: Field Validation of Numerical Simulation of CO2 Storage
by Susan D. Hovorka, Christine Doughty, Shinichi Sakurai, and Mark Holtz

What Controls Hydrocarbon Production from Shallow Marine Reservoirs?
by John A. Howell, Tom Manzocchi, and Saigup Consortium

Petroleum System Evolution in Southern Piceance Basin
by Zehui (Tim) Huang

Controls on Heavy Oil and Tar Sand Bitumen Compositions and Physical Properties in the Liaohe Basin, Northeast China
by Haiping Huang, Barry Bennett, Thomas B.P. Oldenburg, Jennifer Adams, Kim Noke, and Steve R. Larter

Pimienta-Tamabra(!) Petroleum System Dynamics and Exploration Potential in Deep Water Areas, Southern Gulf of Mexico
by Zehui Huang and Andre Vayssaire

Deep-Water Axial Channel Deposition in Foreland Basins, Cretaceous Magallanes Basin, Chile and Oligo-Miocene Molasse Basin, Austria
by Stephen M. Hubbard and Menno J. De Ruig

Large-Scale Sedimentary Intrusions Sourced from Deep-Water Channel Deposits, Cerro Toro Formation, Chilean Patagonia: An Outcrop Analog to North Sea Reservoirs
by Stephen M. Hubbard, Brian W. Romans, and Stephan A. Graham

A Compressional Origin for Minibasins Near the Sigsbee Escarpment, Gulf of Mexico
by Michael R. Hudec, Martin Jackson, and Daniel D. Schultz-Ela

Neutron Computed Tomography (NCT) Applied to Studies of Porosity and Fluid Content in Porous Media
by Nicolas J. Huerta

Structural Style of Sedimentary Basin and Passive Margin Formation: Roles of Strain Softening and Surface Processes
by Ritske S. Huismans and Chris Beaumont

Controls on Upper Palaeozoic Buildup Distribution, Development and Connectivity: New Insights from Outcrop and 3-D Seismic
by DW Hunt, J. Thurmond, L. Stemmerik, T. Samuelsberg, and G. Elvebakk

Synsedimentary Deformation of the Upper Permian Capitan Reef Carbonate Platform, New Mexico
by DW Hunt, E. Kosa, AJ Simo, and L. Piccoli

Gas Hydrate Prospect Development and Production Modeling, Alaska North Slope
by Robert B. Hunter, Timothy S. Collett, Scott J. Wilson, Tanya L. Inks, Robert R. Casavant, Roy A. Johnson, Mary M. Poulton, Kenneth M. Mallon, Shirish L. Patil, and Abhijit Dandekar

Facies-Stacking Patterns in a Late-Jurassic Bahama-Type Platform Interior, Dinaric Platform, Croatia
by Antun Husinec and J. Fred Read

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Unconformity Traps Potential of Sirte Basin, Libya
by Muhammad W. Ibrahim

Applications of 1-D Basin Modeling to Hydrocarbon Generation and Reservoir Filling History in Trutch Map Area and Adjacent Plains, Northeastern British Columbia and Northwestern Alberta
by Ayse Ibrahimbas and Cindy Riediger

Formation of Salt Withdrawal Mini-Basins: Insights from Margin-Scale Numerical Models
by Steven J. Ings and Christopher Beaumont

Devonian-Carboniferous Passive to Foreland Basin Buildup-Rich Carbonates in Idaho: Significant Subsidence and Eustacy Events
by Peter E. Isaacson, George W. Grader, Liselle Batt, Michael C. Pope, Isabel Montanez, and Bonny Archuleta

Depositional Model of a Palaeo-Orinoco Shelf Margin Delta System, Columbus Basin, Trinidad
by Ramiz Israel

Integrated Thermal History Analysis of the East MacKay I-77 Well, Central Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories, Canada: Insights from Multi-Kinetic Apatite Fission Track Thermochronology, Thermal Maturity, Shale Compaction and Modeling
by Dale R. Issler, Alexander M. Grist, Laverne D. Stasiuk, and Art Stirrett

Mapping the Distribution of Overpressure in the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin, Northern Canada
by Dale R. Issler and Kezhen Hu

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Fault-Propagation Folding in Extensional Settings: Examples from the Suez Rift and Comparisons with Numerical Models
by Christopher Aiden-Lee Jackson, Rob Gawthorpe, Ian Sharp, and Emma Finch

Large-Scale Mud Mobilization: Implications for Mapping and Timing Fluid Flow in Sedimentary Basins
by Christopher Aiden-Lee Jackson and Daniel Stoddart

Seismic Data Bearing on Iapetan Opening/Rome Trough-Related Faults, Their Reactivation History and Effect on Deposition in the Appalachian Basin of New York State
by Robert D. Jacobi, Stu Loewenstein, and Gerald Smith

Contrasting Plate Tectonic Models for the Circum-Arctic and Their Influence on the Results of Earth System Modeling: Inferences on the Contemporary Distribution and Quality of Play Elements (Source, Reservoir and Seal)
by John M. Jacques and Paul J. Markwick

The Integration of Tectonics and Earth System Modeling to Reduce Risk in Frontier Exploration in the South Atlantic—the Fundamental Importance of the Tectonic Model?
by John M. Jacques and Paul J. Markwick

The Search for a 'Definitive' Tectonic Model for the Gulf of Mexico Basin—Innovative Solutions from Potential Field Data
by John M. Jacques, Simon E. Williams, and J. Derek Fairhead

Oceanographic Control of Photozoan and Heterozoan Carbonate Sedimentation During Transgression of a Modern, Tropical, Oceanic Ramp, North West Shelf, Australia
by Noel P. James, T. Kurtis Kyser, Yvonne Bone, George R. Dix, and Lindsay B. Collins

Hydrocarbon Pools of the Trout Plain, Northwest Territories
by Ed Janicki

Interaction of Tectonism and Eustasy in Icehouse Carbonate Buildups and Shelf Strata, Pennsylvanian Holder Formation, New Mexico
by Xavier Janson, Charlie Kerans, J. A. Bellian, Ryan Phelps, Ned Frost, and Ted Playton

Offshore Hydrocarbon Potential of the Northern Labrador Shelf and Baffin Bay
by C. D. Jauer, J.B.W. Wielens, and G. N. Oakey

A Submarine Channel’s Response to an Evolving Seafloor Bathymetry: An Example from the Miocene Slope of Southern Gabon
by David Jennette

Taking Turbidite Outcrops to the Next Level: 3-D Visualization, Characterization, and Interpretation of Analogs Using LIDAR Technology
by D. C. Jennette, Florence Bonnaffe, David Pyles, Renaud Bouroullec, and Mark Tomasso

Correlating Formation-Waters Using Stable Isotopes in Mississippian Aquifers, Williston Basin, Canada and U.S.A.
by Gavin K. S. Jensen and Benjamin J. Rostron

Can Sequence Stratigraphy Co-Exist with Instantaneous Event Stratigraphy of the Talus Breccia Reservoir in the Campeche Shelf and Elsewhere in the Gulf of Mexico Basin and Beyond?
by Tom Jerzykiewicz, Gustavo Hernandez-Garcia, Jaime Rios, Armando Garcia, Griselda Garcia, and Antonio Murillo

Mantle-Derived Fluids and Their Effects on Oil/Gas Generation in Sedimentary Basins
by Zhijun Jin, Liuping Zhang, and Wenxuan Hu

The Prediction of Permeability Enhancing Fracture Patterns within Natural Gas Reservoirs Based on Outcrop Characterization Near Normal Faults; Wind River Basin, Wyoming
by Hutch Jobe, Randy Herr, and Paul MacKay

The Early Cretaceous Cadomin and Gething Formations of the Deep Basin Area, Western Canada: Cordilleran Tectonics and Alluvial Sedimentation in a Retroarc Foreland Basin
by Michael F. Johnson and Robert W. Dalrymple

Disrupted Conodont Assemblages, Upper Bakken Formation (Lower Mississippian), from the Subsurface of Western Canada
by D. I. Johnston and C. M. Henderson

A Comparison of Paired Monoclines in Central Utah: Origin, Timing, and Structural Style
by Shelley A. Judge, Terry J. Wilson, David H. Elliot, Kenneth A. Foland, and Douglas S. Kilmer

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4-D Petroleum Systems Modeling on the Vietnam Side of the North Malay Basin—High Heat Flow Effect on Fault-Flow Properties
by Marek Kacewicz, Greg Cable, Joe Curiale, Russel Davies, Art Trevena, and Clark Weaver

Fault Seal Analysis Applied to the Erawan Gas Condensate Field in the Gulf of Thailand
by Tokio Kachi, Hideki Yamada, Kiyoshi Yasuhara, Masamichi Fujimoto, Shutaro Hasegawa, Shoji Iwanaga, and Rasoul Sorkhabi

Levels of Biodegradation in Oils—Causal Relation to Meteoric Oxygenated Waters
by Dag A. Karlsen, Jon H. Pedersen, Bowan Xu, Jon E. Skeie, Kristian Backer-Owe, and K. Berge

Seal Mechanisms in Shallow Sediments: Implications for Shallow-Water Flow and Gas-Hydrate Hazards
by T. J. Katsube, K. O. Horkowitz, I. R. Jonasson, and D. Piper

Cobàn Formation: An Example of a Carbonate Petroleum Source Rock
by Barry Katz

Positive Carbon Isotopic Excursions and Their Application to Sequence Statigraphy in Shallow Water Carbonates, Mississippian Madison Formation, Wyoming and Montana
by David Allen Katz, Matthew R. Buoniconti, Gregor P. Eberli, Peter K. Swart, and Langhorne B. Smith

The Role of Visualization in Understanding the Reservoir
by R. William Keach and Nicholas D. J. Purday

Uncertainty – Wellbore Stability from Logging Information
by Gemma M Keaney and Martin D. Matthews

Construction of Pingston Hydroelectric Plant
by J. Ross Keating

Experimental Study of the Formation and Development of Sediment Waves
by Gareth Keevil, Jeff Peakall, Kathryn Amos, Will Bradbury, and Jim Best

Lower Tertiary Discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico Deepwater: Capitalizing on Success
by Greg Kelleher and Ken Beeney

Variation in Petroleum Source Potential of the Kingak Shale, Central North Slope Alaska
by Margaret A. Keller

System Tract Bounding Surfaces, Lithofacies, Geometric Hierarchies and Stacking Patterns: Keys to Shallow Water Carbonate Interpretation
by Christopher G. St. C. Kendall and Luis Pomar

A Preliminary Assessment of the Hydrocarbon Potential for the Offshore Sydney Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada
by Kris L. Kendell, Paul J. Harvey, D. Jack MacDonald, Kimberly A. Doane, and Carl R. Makrides

Application of Sequence Stratigraphy to Solve the Depositional History of Quartz Arenit Reservoir Rocks in the Mississippian Carbonate Succession of the Northern Williston Basin, Southeastern Saskatchewan
by Donald M. Kent

Quantifying Geological Uncertainties for Assessing Remaining Oil Targets: A Case Study from the Glitne Field, North Sea
by Kevin J. Keogh, Frode K. Berg, and Glitne Asset Team

Water Quality Issues Associated with Coalbed Methane Development
by Eric A. Kern

Mitigating Terrain-Based Access Concerns on the Fort Nelson Lowland, British Columbia: A Geographic Information System (GIS) Application
by Ben Kerr and Warren Walsh

The Role of Diagenesis on the Formation of Fluid Flow Barriers Along Parasequence Boundaries
by J. Marcelo Ketzer, S. Morad, and Luiz Fernando De Ros

New Oil in an Old Reservoir Through an Integrated Approach on Recharacterization of a Matured Clastic Reservoir: Lower Burgan, Sabiriyah Field, North Kuwait
by Ali Nasar Khan, Nouf Abdulla Mayyas, Moudi Fahad Al-Ajmi, H. B. Chetri, and Ealian H. Al-Anzi

Chemical Composition of Water and Gases in the Frio Brine Pilot Test: Preliminary Baseline and Post-Injection Results
by Yousif K. Kharaka, William D. Gunter, Seay Nance, and David R. Cole

Predictive Diagenetic Clay-Mineral Distribution in Siliciclastic Rocks Within a Nonmarine Sequence Stratigraphic Framework: The Coalspur Formation, West-Central Alberta
by Ahmed Khidir and Octavian Catuneanu

Cores Demonstrating the Depositional Environments of the McMurray Formatin in the Northern Most Activity of the Athabasca Oil Sands Area: Exploring the World's Largest Energy System
by Errin Kimball, Murray K. Gingras, S. George Pemberton, and Georgia L. Hoffman

Depositional Environments of the McMurray Formation in the Northernmost Activity of the Athabasca Oil Sands Area: Exploring the World’s Largest Energy System
by Errin K. Kimball, Murray K. Gingras, S. George Pemberton, and Eric Swanbergson

Stratigraphy of Northern Belize: Petroleum and Economic Potential
by David T. King, Kevin O. Pope, and Lucille W. Petruny

Structural Interpretation and Seismic Imaging of the Gaspé Belt, a Structurally Complex Fold and Thrust Belt in the Northern Appalachians
by Donna Kirkwood, Eric Desaulniers, Anne Jardin, Martin Beche, and Jean-Yves Laliberte

Radar Imaging Application for Hydrocarbon Exploration Offshore Ukraine: Submarine Seeps, Oil Slicks, and Promising Prospects
by Alexander Kitchka and Irina Nedosekova

Labrador Shelf Petroleum System: A Review, Offshore Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
by Harold J. Klassen, Judith McIntyre, and Dave Hawkins

Building a Discrete Fracture Network Based on the Deformation History: A Case Study from the Guaduas Field, Colombia
by Armelle Kloppenburg, D. Richards, G. Rodriguez Charry, and J. C. Alzate

Mass Transport Deposits and Slope Accommodation
by Ben Kneller and Mason Dykstra

Geological Risk Assessment of Development Opportunities within the Devonian Leduc Formation at Sturgeon Lake South Field, Alberta, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
by Jon Koenig, Julia Kahmann, Stacy Atchley, Jeff R. Sluggett, and Lawrence West

Angola: The Emerging Petroleum Giant of Sub-Saharan Africa
by Tako Koning

The Control of Provenance on Reservoir Quality and Rock Properties in the Gulf of Mexico
by Tobi H. Kosanke, Tom R. Taylor, Charlie D. Winker, Tim N. Diggs, and Neil R. Braunsdorf

Modeling the Role of Multiple Salt Horizons on Deformation in Fold-Thrust Belts
by Hemin Koyi, Abbas Bahroudi, Maura Sans, and Fazil A. Lawa

New Perspectives on Hydrocarbon Potential of Bakken and Torquay Formations, Southeastern Saskatchewan
by L. K. Kreis, A. L. Costa, and K. G. Osadetz

Geochemical Evaluation of Ground-Water Contamination Associated with Oil Field Operations
by Charles W. Kreitler

Stratigraphy and Petrography of Viking Sandstones in the Bayhurst Pool and Surrounding Areas, Southwest Saskatchewan
by Carrie Kreutzer-Walz, Per Kent Pedersen, and Guoxiang Chi

"Is That Channel a Valley?" ... Distinguishing Between Distributaries, Tidal Inlets and Paleovalleys
by Lee F. Krystinik and Dale A. Leckie

Detailed Outcrop Gamma-Ray Characterization of the Woodford Shale, South-central Oklahoma
by Alischa M. Krystyniak, Stanley T. Paxton, and William S. Coffey

Modes of Interaction Between Salt and Basement Tectonics During Inversion: An Examples from the Mid-Polish Trough
by Piotr Krzywiec

Frontal Carpathian Orogenic Wedge and Carpathian Foredeep Basin, South Poland—Structure and Hydrocarbon Plays
by Piotr Krzywiec, Pawel Aleksandrowski, Kazimierz Madej, Radoslaw Florek, and Janusz Siupik

Basement Tectonics Versus Sedimentation and Their Importance for Petroleum System: Jurassic to Miocene Evolution of Southeastern Poland and Western Ukraine
by Piotr Krzywiec, Jacek Gutowski, Igor Popadyuk, Piotr Gliniak, Igor Gubych, Kazimierz Madej, Irena Matyjasik, Barbara Olszewska, Tatiana Syrota, Andrzej Urbaniec, and Grzegorz Wrobel

Relative Permeability of Mudstones and Implications for Migration Modeling
by Kuncho D. Kurtev and Andrew C. Aplin

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Updip Sequence Development on a Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Continental Shelf, Paleogene, North Carolina, Eastern U.S.A.
by Jenny LaGesse and J. Fred Read

The Upper Devonian Duperow Formation of Southwestern Saskatchewan: An Example of a Natural CO2 Flood
by J. H. Lake, S. G. Whittaker, and D. M. Kent

What Drives Volumetrics?—Risking Petroleum Systems on the Alaskan North Slope
by Carolyn Lampe, Robert Tscherny, Kenneth E. Peters, Kenneth J. Bird, and Leslie B. Magoon

Reservoir Evaluation Time Reduction (RETR): An Iterative, Common-Scale Modeling Approach
by Lester H. Landis and Peter N. Glenton

Dryland Fluvial-Lacustrine Reservoir Analogues from the Lake Eyre Basin, Australia
by Simon C. Lang, Tobias Payenberg, Mark Reilly, Carmen Krapf, Victor Waclawik, Jochen Kassan, and Saju Menacherry

Folding, Thrusting and Fracturing on Turtle Mountain Near Frank, Alberta
by C. Willem Langenberg and Dinu Pana

Core-Based Calibration of Image Log and Dipmeter Data in Shelf Reservoirs: Their Utility in Separating Shoreface from Tidal Dominated Sands in Subsurface, Offshore Brunei Darussalam
by Lai Quoc Lap and John K. Warren

Unusually Thick Microcodium Occurrences in Early Permian Carbonates, Timan Pechora Oil Field (CIS): Origin and Significance for Reservoir Properties
by Philippe A. Lapointe, Andrew J. Barnett, and Pavel Kabanov

Re-Deposited Deep Water Carbonates, Surface and Subsurface Analogues
by Philippe A. Lapointe, Jean-Loup Rubino, Serge Ferry, and Berengere Savary

Capillary Seal or Permeability Barrier: Advances in Experimental and Theoretical Considerations of Caprock Wetting State
by Steve Larter, Andy Aplin, and Barry Bennett

Progress and Problems in Assessing Subsurface Petroleum Biodegradation- a Key Process in the Origin of Deep Water Oil and Gas Accumulations and the Volumetrically Important Tar Sands of Foreland Basins
by Steve Larter, Haiping Huang, Barry Bennett, Martin Jones, Ian Head, Jennifer Adams, Thomas Oldenburg, Cindy Riediger, Martin Fowler, and Dennis Coombe

Microfabric Characteristics of Top Seal Deposits in the Upper Devonian Shale-Dominated Catskill Delta Sequence, Western New York State
by Gary G. Lash

Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs in Eastern Canada—a Promising Newly Recognized Play in Paleozoic Carbonates
by Denis Lavoie

Lower-Middle Paleozoic Basins in Eastern Canada: A Largely Under-Explored and Under-Evaluated Potential
by Denis Lavoie

Sequence Boundaries in Terrestrial Foreland-Basin Strata: Do They Lie Above or Below the Amalgamated Fluvial Facies Tract?
by Timothy F. Lawton and Amy E. Christensen

A Coherent and Genetically-Based Stratigraphic Framework for the New Albany Shale Succession: Methods and Results
by Ovidiu Remus Lazar and Juergen Schieber

Paleo-Redox Conditions During Deposition of the Devonian New Albany Shale, Illinois Basin: Results of a Multi-Proxy Investigation
by Ovidiu Remus Lazar  and  Juergen Schieber

Syntectonic Depositional Systems Within the Mt. Enterprise Fault Zone
by Gary C. Lee

Mt. Simon Sandstone as a Carbon Sequestration Sink in the Illinois Basin
by Hannes Leetaru, David G. Morse, Scott M. Frailey, and Robert Finley

Significance of Reef-Bearing Upper Jurassic Ramp Types for Basin Analysis and Hydrocarbon Exploration
by Reinhold Leinfelder, Martin Nose, Rainer Zuehlke, Ernest Mancini, and Geraint Wyn Hughes

The Bitumen-Bearing McMurray Formation: Description of Reservoir Units in a Large Fluvio-Estuarine Setting from the Athabasca and Christina Rivers Outcrops, Alberta, Canada
by Alain Lejay and Catherine Yuill

Evolution and Stratigraphic Variability of a Rift Border Fault Segment: Sarbut El Gamal, Thal Fault, Hammam Faraun Fault Block, Suez Rift, Egypt
by Chris Leppard, Rob Gawthorpe, and Mike Young

Sandbody Architecture of Basin Margin Shallow-Marine Delta Systems: The Eocene Roda Sandstone, Tremp-Graus Basin, Spain and the Cemalettin Formation, Boyabat Basin, Turkey
by Beate L. S. Leren, John Howell, Ediz Kirman, Allard W. Martinius, and W. Nemec

Rapid Emplacement, Dewatering and Colonization of Muddy Substrates in Estuarine Systems: Implications for the Recognition of Stratigraphically Significant Surfaces
by Curtis D. Lettley, Murray K. Gingras, and S. George Pemberton

Seasonality and Lithologic Variation Along an Ancient Channelized Estuary: Examples and Implications from the Aptian McMurray Formation, Athabasca Oil Sand Deposit, Northeast Alberta
by Curtis D. Lettley and S. George Pemberton

High-Resolution Seafloor Mapping off the Cap de Creus Canyon Head, West Gulf of Lion
by Matt D. Levey, Daniel Lewis Orange, Ana Garcia-Garcia, Mike Todd, Joan Fabres, and Andy Gardner

Stratigraphic Record of the Transition from Cratonic Basin to Foreland Basin
by Shaohua Li and Charles M. Henderson

Age- and Source-Specific Hydroaromatic Biomarkers in the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin
by Maowen Li, Lloyd Snowdon, and Dale Issler

Benefiting from Emission Reductions Credits: A Canadian Eco-Efficient Community Initiative in Rural Cuba
by Paul Liddy

Smoothed Oil and Gas Field Outlines Created for Six Onshore United States Areas with ArcGIS
by Samuel Limerick, Lucy Luo, Gary Long, David Morehouse, Jack Perrin, Steve Jackson, and Robert King

Salt Sutures in Single- and Multi-Tiered Allochthons, Green Canyon and Walker Ridge Areas, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
by Louis M. Liro, Mark Jones, Lorenzo Villalobos, Glen Gatenby, Vinod Mathur, and Dennis Steele

Source Potential and Lake Types in Asymmetric Half-Grabens: Triassic of West Argentina
by Oscar R. Lopez-Gamundi and Hector J. Villar

How Important Are Secondary Dissolution Pores in Siliciclastic Sandstones? Data from the Tertiary Sandstone Section along the Texas Gulf Coast
by Robert G. Loucks

Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Source Rock Potential of the Richthofen Formation (Jurassic), Laberge Group, Northern Whitehorse Trough, Yukon, Canada
by Grant W. Lowey

Spectral Gamma as an Aid to Correlation and Zonation
by Peter Martin Lucas

Physical Modeling of Primary Stratigraphic and Structural Controls on the Evolution of the Papuan Fold and Thrust Belt, Papua New Guinea, with Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration
by Katie Lucas and John M. Dixon

Quantitative Estimate of Hydrocarbon Loss During Migration
by Xiaorong Luo, Bo Zhou, Ping Hou, Sumei Li, and Xiongqi Pang

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Numerical Modeling of Hydrothermal Fluid Flow: An Example from the Devonian Wabamun Group, Northeast British Columbia, Canada
by Fujian Ma, Ihsan Al-Aasm, and Jianwen Yang

3-D Seismic Interpretation of Deepwater Cenozoic Stratigraphy, Erosion Systems and Salt Tectonics of the Central Scotian Slope Offshore Nova Scotia
by Adam W. MacDonald, David J.W. Piper, David C. Mosher, and Pierre Jutras

Bioturbated Mudstones: Critical Interpretations from Under-Appreciated Facies
by James A. MacEachern, Kerrie L. Bann, and Christopher R. Fielding

Tectonic Control of the Petroleum Systems in the Northern Region of the Santos Basin, Southeast Brazil
by Juliano M. Macedo, Luiz H. Drehmer, Davilson E. Andrade, Robert Tscherny, Bjorn Wygrala, and Marcio R. Mello

A Sedimentological Comparison of Tide-Dominated Estuarine and Tide-Dominated Deltaic Deposits: A Subsurface Perspective
by Duncan Mackay and Dr. Robert W. Dalrymple

The Marriage of SEC, N151-101 and SPE/WPC Guidelines in Corporate Disclosures
by Keith MacLeod

Controls on Platform Evolution and Carbonate Sedimentation in the Late Devonian: Case Study of a Ramp-Situated Reef System
by Alex J. MacNeil and Brian Jones

Sedimentary Processes and Myths About the Optimal Depositional Environments of Source Rocks
by Joe H. S. Macquaker and Duncan McIlroy

Another Tale of Two "Shales": How the Original Composition of Mud Determined Very Different Petroleum Source Rock Quality
by Joe H. S. Macquaker, David A. Polya, Kevin G. Taylor, and Margaret A. Keller

Spatial Expression of Architectural Elements and Packages in a Large-Scale Outcropping Siliciclastic Mudstone Succession: The Mancos Shale, Book Cliffs, Utah
by Joe H. S. Macquaker, Kevin G. Taylor, and Robert L. Gawthorpe

Is Deposition of Continental Reservoirs Driven by Mega-Monsoonal Oscillations?—Upper Triassic of Canada, Morocco, and Algeria
by Nadine Katja Mader and Jonathan Redfern

A High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of High-Frequency Sequences: Cozzette Sandstone, Mount Garfield Formation, Book Cliffs, Colorado
by Andrew S. Madof and Diane L. Kamola

A New Approach to Color Cathodoluminescence Imaging of Mudstones in the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
by Paul Mainwaring and Juergen Schieber

Temperature and Thermotectonic Histories from the Intermontane Belt in British Columbia
by Jacek A. Majorowicz, Kirk G. Osadetz, C. A. Evenchick, Fil Ferri, and Mark Hayes

Timing of Turbidite Input and Late Quaternary Sea Level: Comparison Between Siliciclastic (Western Gulf of Mexico), Carbonate (Northern Nicaragua Rise), and Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic (Pandora Trough, Coral Sea) Systems
by Gianni Mallarino, Andre W. Droxler, and Richard Fitton

Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous Thrombolite and Coral-Thrombolite Buildup Development in Shelf to Ramp Settings in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
by Ernest A. Mancini, William C. Parcell, and Juan Carlos Llinas

Regional Offshore Mapping of Structures and Depocenters of Venezuela and Trinidad: Implications for Deepwater Exploration in the Caribbean
by Paul Mann and Alejandro Escalona

Lower Cretaceous Petroleum Systems in Southern Alberta, Canada
by Kim Manzano-Kareah, Cynthia L. Riediger, and Martin Fowler

From Ordovician Source Rock to Dolomitized Devonian Limestones: A Promising Exploration Model in Gaspésie, Eastern Canada
by Jean-Sebastien Marcil, Jean-Yves Lavoie, Valerie Lavoie, and Virginie Lavoie

Reservoir Characteristics, Depositional Environments and Potential Oil/Gas Rates of Devonian and Silurian Drilling Targets in the Gaspe Basin, Quebec
by Jean-Sebastien Marcil, Martin Trobec, and Roberto Aguilera

The Carbonate Analogs Through Time (CATT) Hypothesis: A Systematic and Predictive Look at Phanerozoic Carbonate Reservoirs
by James R. Markello, Richard B. Koepnick, and Lowell E. Waite

The Interplay of Tectonics, Paleogeography and Paleoclimatology in Reconstructing Global Paleodrainage Systems Through Time
by Paul J. Markwick, John M. Jacques, and Paul J. Valdes

Petrology and Reservoir Quality of Oligocene to Albian Sandstones and Grainstones Recovered at Ocean Drilling Program Site 1276 Off the Newfoundland Margin
by Kathleen M. Marsaglia, Ilia C. Lyles, and Sara J. Maloney

Anhydritization of the Mississippian Frobisher Succession, Steelman Field, Southeastern Saskatchewan
by Arden K. A. Marsh and Hairuo Qing

Calibration of Fault Sealing Techniques as Part of a Resource Assessment of the Amadeus Basin Central Australia
by Torey Marshall, Titus Murray, John Warburton, Sebastian Gonzalez, Bronwyn Camac, Greg Christie, and Ian Little

Benthic Foraminiferal Characteristics of Cenozoic Cold Seeps on the Northeastern Pacific Margin
by Ruth Martin and Elizabeth Nesbitt

Integrated Deposystem Analysis of Lower Pottsville Strata (Lower Pennsylvanian) in the Greasy Ridge Oilfield, Central Appalachian Basin, Southern Ohio, U.S.A.
by Ronald L. Martino

Seal Capacity, Macro-Scale Capillary Numbers and an Improved Understanding of Basin Scale Fluid Flow
by Tim Matava

Offshore Algarve Basin, Portugal: Morphology of Paleozoic "Basement" and Influence on Mesozoic Sedimentation
by Hugo C. Matias, Frode Sandnes, Valeria C. F. Barbosa, P. T. L Menezes, Reidun Myklebust, Luis M. Matias, and Fernando A. Santos

Uncertainty – Shale Pore Pressure from Borehole Measurements
by Martin D. Matthews

Salt Tectonic Controls on Fluvio-Lacustrine Stratigraphy: From Outcrop to Subsurface
by Wendy Matthews, Gary Hampson, Bruce Trudgill, John Underhill, and Lutz Seiffert

Sustainable Development-Renewable Energy: Vogue Words
by Jordan McBean

Renewable Energy, Climate Change, and Business Opportunities
by Ed McBean, Rick Mosher, and Stephen Ball

Internal Versus External Forcing of Aggradational Submarine Channel Avulsion
by William. D. McCaffrey, Benjamin and C. Kneller

A Statistical Lookback at Exploration Trends North of 60 Degrees
by David B. McCaleb and Richard Kyle

Paleosols, Pedosedimentary History and Paleolandscape Evolution: Practical Tools for Nonmarine Sequence Stratigraphy and Basin Analysis
by Paul J. McCarthy

An Empirical Paleosol-Landscape Model of a Dissected Coastal Plain, Cenomanian Dunvegan Formation, Western Canada Foreland Basin: Implications for Nonmarine Sequence Stratigraphy
by Paul J. McCarthy and A. Guy Plint

4D Evolution of Fold and Thrust Belts
by Ken McClay, Jose De Vera, and Paul Whitehouse

Using Seismic Inversion Methods to Characterize the Extents of Gas Hydrate Traps in Northwest Walker Ridge—Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
by Daniel R. McConnell, Zijian Zhang, and Beth A. Kendall

Platform-to-Basin Transition in the Middle Devonian Winnipegosis Formation, Southwestern Manitoba, Canada
by David M. McDonald and Nancy Chow

Can Fractures in Soft Sediments Host Significant Quantities of Gas Hydrates?
by Thomas M. McGee, Carol B. Lutken, Rudy E. Rogers, Charlotte A. Brunner, J. S. Dearman, F. L. Lynch, and J. Robert Woolsey

Carbon Sequestration in Flood Basalts: An Overlooked Sequestration Option
by B. Peter McGrail, H. Todd Schaef, Stephen P. Reidel, and James J. Dooley

A New Method for Enhanced Production of Gas Hydrates with Carbon Dioxide
by B. Peter McGrail, H. Todd Schaef, Mark D. White, Tao Zhu, and Robert B. Hunter

Exploration for Methane Hydrates with 3-D Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) Technology, Alaska North Slope
by Donn McGuire and Steve Runyon

Seismic Facies Architecture of Canyon-Channel Complexes – Deepwater, Offshore Mauritania
by Caroline J. McKnoe, Simon C. Lang, and Tobias H. D. Payenberg

Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Well Optimization
by Jason McLennan, Weishan Ren, Oy Leuangthong, and Clayton Deutsch

Hydrocarbon-Related, Diagenetic Effects Preserved in Microfossils (Foraminifera) in a Gas Chimney Penetrated by the Immiugak A-06 Well, Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin
by D. H. McNeil, J. R. Dietrich, D. R. Issler, L. D. Stasiuk, N. Wilson, and J. Dixon

The Horseshoe Canyon Coalbed Methane Play in Southern Alberta: Turns Out It's Not All Dry
by Andrew McWilliams, Mike Finn, Julius Den Haan, and Craig Johns

Models of Continental Sequence Stratigraphy Revealed from Chemical and Mineralogical Correlation in the Triassic Sherwood Sandstone Group, United Kingdom
by Neil Meadows

Historical Assessment of Volumetric Uncertainty for the Humma Marrat Reservoir in the Partitioned Neutral Zone (PNZ)
by W. Scott Meddaugh and Stewart Griest

Probabilistic Model-Based Evaluation of Volumetric and Connectivity Uncertainty, Humma Marrat Reservoir, Partitioned Neutral Zone (PNZ)
by W. Scott Meddaugh, Stewart Griest, Stephen Gross, and David Barge

Delineation of Four “Type Producing Areas” (TPAs) in the Fruitland Coal Bed Gas Field, New Mexico and Colorado, Using Production History Data
by Reed H. Meek and Jeffrey R. Levine

Remote Sensing Application in Structural Mapping for Alberta Basin, Canada: A Synergic Approach
by Shilong Mei

The Petroleum System of the Santos Basin: A Giant Gas and Condensate Province
by M. R. Mello, J. M. Moldowan, J.M. J.M. Macedo, and R. Tscherny

From Bergs to Ergs: Stratigraphic Development and Architecture of Unayzah Reservoirs in East-Central Saudi Arabia
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Relationships Between the Morphology and the Infilling of Incised-Valleys: The South Armorican Example (Western France)
by David Menie and Jean-Noel Proust

Stratigraphic Architecture of a Distal Basin-Floor Fan System (Upper Kaza Group, Western Canada)
by Lori Meyer and Gerald M. Ross

Methane Enrichment of Biogas Using Rapid Cycle Pressure Swing Adsorption
by Sean Mezei and Andrew Hall

Reconstructing the Architecture and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Preserved Fluvial Record: A Reality Check
by Andrew D. Miall

Acid-Gas Injection at Watelet, Alberta: An Analogue for the Detailed Characterization of a CO2 Sequestration Site
by Karsten Michael, Beate E. Buschkuehle, and Stefan Bachu

Structure Controls on Paleosol Development at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California, U.S.A.
by Leslie R. Mikesell and Gary Stephen Weissmann

Assessment of Undiscovered Natural Gas Resources in Devonian Black Shales, Appalachian Basin, Eastern U.S.A.
by Robert C. Milici

Integrated Approach to Decipher the Petroleum Charge History in the Horn Mountain Field, Gulf of Mexico
by Alexei V. Milkov, Leon I.P. Dzou, Evelyn M. Goebel, David A. Fisher, Neal F. McCaslin, Joshua C. Turner, and David F. Bergman

Relationship Between Sources of Hydrate-Forming Gases and Gas Hydrate Concentrations in Sediments
by Alexei V. Milkov

Holocene Flooding History Linked to the Interplay of Eustasy, Sediment Supply, and Climate Change of a West Louisiana Bay
by Kristy T. Milliken, J. B. Anderson, and A. B. Rodriguez

Late Oligocene and Early Miocene Evolution of the Carbonate System in the Gulf of Martaban (Northern Andaman Sea): Comparison with the Maldives
by Dipanjan Mitra, Andre W. Droxler, Philippe Lapointe, and Arthur H. Saller

A Model for Exploring and Developing Silurian Clastic Reservoirs in the Appalachian Basin: The East Lake Erie Experience
by Marianne Molgat and Lynne Davies

Paleopedology, Palynology and Paleoenvironmental Interpretation of Alluvial Paleosols, Cretaceous Dunvegan Formation, Western Canada Foreland Basin
by Jacob R. Mongrain, Paul J. McCarthy, and Sarah J. Fowell

A High-Resolution Chronostratigraphy and Rock Magnetic Record for Tortonian Shallow-Water Carbonate Sequences, Cerro de Ricardillo, Southeast Spain: Identifying Climatic and Sea-level Cycles Using Magnetic Techniques
by Paul Montgomery, Evan K. Franseen, Robert H. Goldstein, and Niall K. Toomey

Frontal Triangle Zones of the Brooks Range Fold and Thrust Belt, Northern Alaska: Regional Framework
by Thomas E. Moore, Christopher J. Potter, and Paul B. O'Sullivan

Global and Regional Impacts of Orbital Cycles on the Climate and Sedimentation of Icehouse and Greenhouse Worlds
by Thomas L. Moore, Martin A. Perlmutter, and Christopher R. Scotese

Petrographic Variability of Horseshoe Canyon Coals in the Central Alberta Plains
by David B. Moore, Murray Rodgers, David Bilenduke, and Darren Tisdale

Application of Chemostratigraphy in the Alpine Field, North Slope, Alaska
by Steve R. Moothart, Jeffery W. Yeaton, and Ken Ratcliffe

An Emerging Ellenberger and Trenton-Black River Exploration Play—Anticosti Island, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Québec, Canada
by Claude Morin

Estimating Geoacoustic Properties of Marine Sediments by Matched Field Inversion Using Ship Noise
by Michael G. Morley, N. Ross Chapman, Tom McGee, and Bob Woolsey

The Kotaneelee Gas Field, Yukon Territory: An "HTD"-Type Liard Basin Dolomite Play
by David W. Morrow

Geological Atlas of the Northern Mainland Sedimentary Basin
by David W. Morrow and James Dixon

Liard Basin—a Multi-Story Petroleum System
by David Morrow, Bernard MacLean, Karen Fallas, and Judith Potter

The Growth of Normal Faults Through Enhanced Segment Linkage in a Region with a Strong Structural Inheritance: North Basin, Northern Malawi Rift, Africa
by Estelle Mortimer, Douglas A. Paton, C. A. Scholz, M. Strecker, and P. Blisniuk

High-Frequency Fluctuations in Heavy Mineral Assemblages from Upper Jurassic Sandstones of the Piper Formation, United Kingdom North Sea: Relationships with Sea Level Change and Floodplain Residence
by Andrew Morton, Claire Hallsworth, Dave Mundy, and Gail Bingham

Heavy Mineral Stratigraphy of the Lower Clair Group Succession, Clair Field, United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS)
by Andrew Morton, Claire Hallsworth, Dave Walder, Simon Payne, and Ewan Laws

Landfill Gas and Renewable Energy in Developing Countries: Links to Kyoto
by Rick Mosher, Ed McBean, and Frank Rovers

Stratigraphy of the Demerara Rise, Suriname, South America: A Rifted Margin, Shallow Stratigraphic Source Rock Analogue
by David Mosher, Jochen Erbacher, Lars Zuhlsdorff, Heinrich Meyer, and Shipboard Science Party

Geologic Nature and Characterization of "Tight" Gas Reservoirs in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin and Comparison to U.S. Rocky Mountain Basins
by Thomas F. Moslow

The Montney Formation of West-Central Alberta: Prolific Turbidite Play in a Hydrocarbon Mature Basin
by Thomas F. Moslow and John-Paul Zonneveld

Intraplate Foreland Deformation in the Neuquén Embayment
by Alfonso Mosquera and Victor A. Ramos

Canada's Natural Gas Resources—Assessment Procedures
by Vic Mroszczak

New Approaches to 3D Structural Restoration in Fold-And-Thrust Belts Using Growth Strata
by Joachim P. Mueller, Chris Guzofski, Carlos Rivero, Andreas Plesch, John H. Shaw, Pierre Muron, Frank Bilotti, and Don Medwedeff

Cataclastic Fault Zones in Nature and Experiments: Impact of Textural Evolution on Petrophysical Properties
by Sankar Muhuri, Eric Flodin, and Martha Gerdes

Re-Evaluation of the Petroleum Systems of the Scotian Slope, Eastern Canada, Based on Recent Drilling Within Deepwater Nova Scotia
by Prasanta K. Mukhopadhyay, Paul J. Harvey, and David E. Brown

Structural Styles of the Campeche Shelf Reservoir Rocks
by Antonio Murillo, Jaime Rios, Gerardo Figueroa, Roy Lindseth, Daniel Hsu, Vladimir Popovic, and Tom Jerzykiewicz

3D Sequential Structural Restoration: Geometry and Kinematics
by Pierre Muron, Jean-Laurent Mallet, and Donald A. Medwedeff

Renewable Energy and the Flexible Mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol: A Case Study from the Czech Republic
by Ian Murphy

A New View of the Graded River: Theory and Flume Experiments
by Tetsuji Muto and John Swenson

Stratigraphic Relationship Between Shelf and Deep-Water Reservoir Sandstone Units in the Middle Atoka Formation, Arkoma Basin, Arkansas
by Jacqueline L. Myers and Doy L. Zachry

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Impact of Uplift/Erosion on Carbonate Petroleum Systems: An Analysis from Western Canada
by P. H. Nadeau, J. Garland, S. Vasshus, G. Darke, and S. N. Ehrenberg

Seismic Geomorphology of Coal-Bearing Fluvial-Lacustrine Successions in Intracratonic Basins, Australia
by Takeshi Nakanishi and Simon Lang

Regional McMurray Oil Sands Resource Characterization and Assessment, Athabasca Basin, Alberta
by Thomas Nardin

Quantification of Reservoir Heterogeneity in 50-Meter-Thick Estuarine Point Bar Facies—McMurray Formation, Syncrude North Mine, Alberta
by Thomas Nardin, Howard R. Feldman, John P. Irish, Dave Jennette, and Dave Heyser

Subsurface Facies Calibration of Large-Scale Fluvial-Estuarine Point Bars in the McMurray Formation, Syncrude North Mine, Alberta
by Thomas Nardin, Howard R. Feldman, John P. Irish, Dave Jennette, and Dave Heyser

Indicators of Formation Overpressure in Brookian Rocks, Brooks Range Foothills of Arctic Alaska
by Philip H. Nelson, David W. Houseknecht, Daniel O. Hayba, and W. Matthew Burns

Structural, Topographic and Climatic Control on Sedimentation and Facies Distribution in a Hyper-Arid, Nonmarine Forearc Basin, Atacama Desert, Northern Chile
by Peter L. Nester and Teresa E. Jordan

Finding New Long-Life Natural Gas Reserves in the Foothills of the Mature Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin
by Andrew C. Newson

Quaternary Depositional History of the Central and Western Nile Fan, Offshore Egypt
by C. Simon Newton, R. Craig Shipp, Grant D. Wach, and David C. Mosher

Upper Cretaceous Hydrocarbon System, Ghana, Togo and Benin, West Africa
by Ken A. Nibbelink

The Mississippian Souris Valley Beds of South-Central Saskatchewan (Northern Williston Basin): Potential New Exploration Targets in a Mature Basin
by Erik H. Nickel

Updated Regional Mississippian and Devonian Structure and Isopach Maps for South-Central Saskatchewan
by Erik H. Nickel

Hydrocarbon Potential of Cenozoic Basins Offshore Vietnam
by Lars Henrik Nielsen, L. D. Thang, H. I. Petersen, L. O. Boldreel, N. T. Dau, Jorgen A. Bojesen-Koefoed, D. T. Houng, H. P. Nytoft, N. T. Huyen, Anders Mathiesen, N. A. Duc, L. V. Hien, M.B.W. Fyhn, and F. Mork

High Resolution Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of the Upper Jurassic Petroleum Regions of the Arctic Basin
by Boris Nikitenko and Michael Mickey

Oolite and Back-Barrier Reservoir Facies in the Mississippian Midale Beds, Southeastern Saskatchewan: Not Another Subcrop Play
by Andrew Rene Nimegeers

Using New 3-D Seismic Attributes to Identify Subtle Fracture Trends in Mid-Continent Mississippian Carbonate Reservoirs
by Susan E. Nissen, Timothy R. Carr, and Kurt J. Marfurt

Miocene Sedimentology of Eastern Sabah, Borneo, and Consequent Hydrocarbon Potential in the Adjacent Sulu Sea
by Jon Noad

Structural Evolution of Fold-Thrust Structures in Analog Models Deformed in a Large Geotechnical Centrifuge
by Todd E. Noble and  John M. Dixon

Seal Capacity Estimation from Subsurface Pore Pressures
by Hege M. Nordgard Bolas, Christian Hermanrud, and Gunn M. G. Teige

Large Kilometer-Scale Erosional and Depositional Bedforms as a Result of Turbidity-Current Overflow from the Monterey Channel
by William Normark, Andrea Fildani, Svetlana Kostic, and Gary Parker

Diagenetic Controls on Permeability of the Ben Nevis/Avalon Sandstones, White Rose Field, Jeanne d’Arc Basin, Newfoundland, Canada
by Leon S. Normore and Rudi O. Meyer

Wamsutter, the Keys to Unlocking This Giant Tight Gas Field
by G. Earl Norris and Tony McClain

Definition of Stratigraphic Traps in Exploration Using Stochastic Models and Seismic Multi-Attributes
by Miguel Nunez, Jesus M. Rodriguez, Saileth Cortez, Orlando Parra, Marcos Romero, and Alejandro Salas

CO2 Sequestration in Gas Shales of Kentucky
by Brandon C. Nuttall, James A. Drahovzal, Cortland Eble, and Marc Bustin

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Resolving the K-2 Salt Structure in the Gulf of Mexico: An Integrated Approach Using Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry and Pre-Stack Depth Imaging
by John O'Brien, Arnold Rodriguez, David Sixta, Mark Davies, and Phill Houghton

Laboratory Studies Evaluating CO2 Flood Impact on the Geomechanics of Whole Core Samples
by William K. O'Connor and Hank Rush

Black Shales of Southern Ontario and Their Petroleum Potential
by Mark Obermajer, Martin G. Fowler, and Lloyd R. Snowdon

Fault-Controlled Porosity Within a Trenton-Black River Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoir
by Osareni Christopher Ogiesoba and Bruce Hart

Terminal Distributary Channels of Fluvial-Dominated Delta Systems
by Cornel Olariu and Janok Bhattacharya

Nutrient Supply During Subsurface Oil Biodegradation—Availability of Petroleum Nitrogen Versus Mineral Phosphorus
by Thomas B. P. Oldenburg, Steve R. Larter, Barry Bennett, and Haiping Huang

The Baffin and Labrador Seas -- New Tectonic Models and Exploration Opportunities Between Greenland and Canada
by Jens Christian Olsen

Brunhes Evolution of the Belize Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Margin Relative to Glacial-Interglacial Sea Level Fluctuations
by Brooke Olson, Andre Droxler, Gerald Dickens, and Luc Beaufort

Modeling the Burial and Temperature History of the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin with Respect to Hydrocarbon Generation
by Robert Ondrak, Volker Dieckmann, Lloyd R. Snowdon, Lavern Stasiuk, and Brian Horsfield

Pushing Exploration Boundaries in the Heartland Niger Delta
by Fidel I. Onichabor, Ian G. Wilson, Berti Ozumba, Enyinnaya Eteh, Thibaut Burckhart, Raphael Esedo, and Oduagbon Okao

Identifying Processes Relevant to Exploration and Geohazards with High-Resolution Seafloor Mapping
by Daniel L. Orange, Norman Maher, Adam Heffernan Dan McConnell, Matt Levey, John Decker, Philip A. Teas, Rhys D. Schneider, Arthur H. Saller, Joseph A. Curiale, Elizabeth A. E. Johnson, Dem Demetriou, Du Sik Johng, Philippe Jeanjean, James A. Thomson, and Michael M. Angell

Insights on the Effect of Phase Separation on the Alkylphenol Composition of Petroleum During Migration – a Pressure-Volume-Temperature (PVT) Experimental Approach
by Sandra Ortega-Lucach, Thomas B. P. Oldenburg, Steve R. Larter, Bernard F. J. Bowler, Brian Moffatt, and Ed Clarke

Effective Petroleum Systems and Molecular Crude Oil Compositions in Bowser Basin
by Kirk Osadetz, Carol Evenchick, Fil Ferri, Mark Hayes, Nick Wilson, and Lavern D. Stasiuk

2-D Kinematic, Thermal and Petroleum Modeling Along the Calgary-Banff Transect
by Kirk Osadetz, Jean-Luc Faure, Narimane Benaouali, Francois Roure, and Frederic Schneider

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Regional Low Permeability Gas Systems
by Bruce R. Palmer and S.W. Burnie

Lithospheric Deformation, Structural Styles and Depocentre Distribution Across a Slowly Evolving Passive Margin—the Otway Basin, Southeast Australia
by Daniel B. Palmowski, Nick Hoffman, and Kevin C. Hill

The Gunnison Discovery—Garden Banks Block 668
by Jeff Pan and Jim Fulcher

Sandstone Channels and Associated Coal-Bearing Strata in Scollard Formation, West-Central Alberta
by Cristina Pana, Andrew Beaton, Desmond Wynne, and Mike Berhane

Subtle Traps in the Jiyang Superdepression of Bohai Bay Basin: Formation Mechanisms and Petroleum Resource Potential
by Xiongqi Pang, Dongxia Chen, Maowen Li, and Zhenxue Jiang

Cathodoluminescent Textures and the Origin of Quartz in the Mississippian Barnett Shale, Fort Worth Basin, Texas
by Petro K. Papazis and Kitty Milliken

Diagenetic Interaction of Sandstones and Shales in Gulf Coast Clastic Sediments: Predicting Reservoir Porosity and Permeability Evolution in Deep Reservoirs
by Anthony Park and Kitty Milliken

Coalbed Methane Exploration in Thrust Belts: Experience from the Southern Appalachians, U.S.A.
by Jack Pashin

Integrating a Suite of Geoscience Data Analyses with Basin Modeling to Understand the Development of the Orange Basin Hydrocarbon System, South Africa, in 4-D
by Douglas A. Paton, David Van der Spuy, Rolando Di Primio, and Brian Horsfield

Implications of Controlling Fault Geometry on the Structural and Sedimentary Development of Extensional Systems: Zeta-Snorre Fault System, Northern North Sea, Norway
by Douglas A. Paton and John R. Underhill

Tectonic Significance of Shelf Turbidite Bodies in the Upper Aberdeen Member to Lower Kenilworth Member Stratigraphic Interval, Cordilleran Foreland Basin, Book Cliffs, Eastern Utah
by Simon A. J. Pattison

Prodelta Turbiditic Channels and Lobes, Upper Aberdeen Member to Lower Kenilworth Member, Green River Embayment, Book Cliffs, Utah: Integral Components of River-Dominated Deltas
by Simon A.J. Pattison, Trevor A. Hoffman, and R. Bruce Ainsworth

Evidence of Fine-Grained Sediment Transport by Turbidity Currents, Hyperpycnal Flows and Storm Waves: Inner Shelf Prodelta Turbidite Complex, Hatch Mesa Succession, Book Cliffs, Utah
by Simon A.J. Pattison and Trevor A. Hoffman

3-D Fracture System Characterization Using Borehole Image Logs
by Mitch Pavlovic

Paleovalleys Revealed by Bedrock Topography and Drift Thickness Mapping Show Potential for Shallow Gas, Northwestern Alberta, Canada
by John G. Pawlowicz, Tami J. Nicoll, Mark M. Fenton, Dean Rokosh, Jawwad Ahmad, Douglas R. Schmitt, and Alain Plouffe

Late Cretaceous Play Types in the Southern Great Plains – Boldly Going Where All Silt Has Gone Before
by Tobias H. D. Payenberg, Karsten Schjoedt Nielsen, and Per Kent Pedersen

A Carbonate-Incised Valley Filled by Shelf Sand Dunes – Model of Formation and Exploration Implications
by Tobias H.D. Payenberg, Ron Boyd, Kevin Ruming, Jason J. Roberts, and Simon C. Lang

Kearl Oil Sands: Resource Characterization of a Giant Oil Sands Deposit
by Michael J. Peacock

Chemostratigraphy and Its impact on Exploration and Development of Upper Carboniferous Gas Fields in the Southern North Sea
by Tim J. Pearce, John H. Martin, Diana Cooper, and David Wray

Has Chemostratigraphy Evolved into a Mainstream Stratigraphic Technique?
by Tim J. Pearce, Ken T. Ratcliffe, and John H. Martin

Unconformity-Related Exploration Plays Within the Eastern Portion of the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway—Subtle Tectonic Control of Reservoirs
by Per Kent Pedersen

Basinward Increase in Prolificacy of Shallow Continuous Type Gas Plays – Importance of Facies, Stratigraphy and Structure
by Per Kent Pedersen

Assessment of Oils and Source Rocks from the Norwegian Barents Sea Region
by Jon H. Pedersen and Dag A. Karlsen

Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of Biodegradation Data Using Multivariate Modeling
by Bent Skaare Pedersen, Egil Nodland, Tanja Barth, Heinz Wilkes, Andrea Vieth, and Hege Ommedal

Comparison of Generated, Charged and Present Reservoir Gases in Ordos Upper Paleozoic Coal-Generated Gas Field: Revelation of Formation Processes
by Ping'an Peng, Yanhua Shuai, Se Gong, and Yanrong Zou

Application of Satellite and Airphoto Remote Sensing to Map Fracture Zones and Faults in the International Energy Agency (IEA) Weyburn CO2 Monitoring and Storage Project, Canada
by Lynden A. Penner, Jason I. Cosford, and Jack D. Mollard

Advances in Seismic Fault Interpretation Automation
by Randolph E.F. Pepper

The Impact of High-Frequency Climate Cycles on Exploration Strategy
by Martin Perlmutter, Roy Plotnick, and Thomas Moore

A 4-D Petroleum System Model for the North Slope, Alaska
by Kenneth E. Peters, Carolyn Lampe, Kenneth J. Bird, and Leslie B. Magoon

Bacterially Induced Sulfur and Carbonate Formation Formed During Epigenesis in a Gypsum Caprock of a Zechstein Diapir, Northwest Hills, Germany
by Henning Peters and Joern Peckmann

Deepwater-Slope Channels and Hyperpycnal Flows from the Eocene of the Central Spitsbergen Basin: Predicting Basin-Floor Sands from a Shelf Edge/Upper Slope Perspective
by Andrew L. Petter and Ronald J. Steel

Upstream Risk Analysis and Portfolio Management: A Language that Communicates to the Investment Community
by Henry S. Pettingill and Gavin H. F. Ward

Realizing the Value from Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Emissions
by Gareth Phillips

Characterization of North Slope Viscous Oil Reservoirs at Orion Field: A Sequence-Stratigraphic Approach for Predicting and Modeling Reservoir Heterogeneity
by Sandra Phillips, Anthony B. DePrang, David N. Greet, Jonathan D. Williams, and Greg E. Bernaski

Anatomy of Forced Regressive Wedges in Carbonate Platforms: An Icehouse Case Study from the Early Permian (Wolfcampian), Hueco Group, West Texas
by L. H. Piccoli and J. A. Toni Simo

Gaspé Belt Subsurface Geometry as Revealed by an Integrated Geophysical and Geological Study
by Nicolas Pinet, Pierre Brouillette, Pierre Keating, Denis-Jacques Dion, and Denis Lavoie

Chemostratigraphic, Sedimentologic, and Biostratigraphic Characterization of Carito and Furrial Fields, Northern Monagas, Venezuela
by Disnahir Pinto and Carrillo Marta

Bioturbation Without a Trace: The Loss of Ichnological Diversity from Propedisotropic Processes in Paleosols of the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, U.S.A.
by Brian F. Platt and Stephen T. Hasiotis

High-Frequency Sequences Reveal Complex Patterns of Plate Flexure: Late Cenomanian of Western Canada Foreland Basin
by A. Guy Plint and Michael A. Kreitner

Wave-to-Tide Process Change in a Campanian Shoreline Complex, Chimney Rock Tongue, Wyoming and Utah
by Piret Plink-Bjorklund

Diagenesis Affecting Reservoir Properties of a Single Turbidite Bed: Early Miocene Whakataki Formation, East Coast Basin, New Zealand
by Rosalie M. Pollock, Brad D. Field, Greg H. Browne, and Steve W. Edbrooke

Tide-Influenced Deltas in the Ancient Record – How to Recognize Them
by Anna S. M. Ponten and Piret Plink-Bjorklund

Tectonic-Sedimentary Evolution of the Black Sea
by I. V. Popadyuk

Differences in Parasequence Architecture and Stacking Patterns from Large Carbonate Platforms: Field Examples from Laurentia
by Michael Pope, Peter Isaacson, Isabel Montanez, Bonny Archuleta, Liselle Batt, and Kelly Dilliard

Seismic Geomorphology of Mid-Oligocene to Miocene Carbonate Buildups, Offshore Madura, Indonesia: Landforms, Depositional Environments and Basin Fill Analysis
by Henry Posamentier, Priscilla Laurin, Alex Warmath, and Andrew Mehlhop

Seismic Geomorphology in Exploration and Development: Workflows and Applications
by Henry Posamentier and Lesli Wood

Evidence of Coal Composition and Coalbed Methane (CBM) Source and Reservoir Potential in Coal Cores
by Judith Potter and David Marchioni

Brooks Range Foothills Structural Plays – Applicability of Canadian Rockies Foothills Play Types
by Christopher J. Potter and Thomas E. Moore

Use of Outcrop Analogs to Assess the Impact of Lateral Petrophysical Cyclicity on Static Connectivity and Fluid Flow within Dolomite Reservoirs
by Matthew J. Pranter and  Zulfiquar A. Reza

A Novel Integrated Approach to Stochastic Deepwater Reservoir Modeling Using Sequence-Stratigraphic and Geomorphic Constraints
by Matthew J. Pranter, Zulfiquar A. Reza, and Paul Weimer

Using Quaternary Reefs and Platforms as a Comparative Tool
by William F. Precht and Paul "Mitch" Harris

Development of Natural Gas Fueled Solid Oxide Fuel Cells at Versa Power Systems
by Dennis Prediger and Brian Borglum

The Nature and Significance of Contrasts in the Cordilleran Foreland Thrust and Fold Belt Between Southern Canada and the Northern U.S.A.
by Raymond A. Price

Late Carboniferous-Permian (Unayzah/Gharif) New Play Fairway Potential in Saudi Arabia: Integration of Sequence Stratigraphy, Palaeogeography, Reservoir-Seal Distribution and Basin Modeling
by Roger J. Price, Andrew Jollands, Pierre J. Van Laer, and David R. Fell

Tectonics and Hydrocarbon Systems of the East Gobi Basin, Mongolia
by Gary L. Prost

Reservoir Characterization, Parsons Lake Gas Field, Northwest Territories, Canada
by Gary Prost, David Bywater, Guy Peasley, Anh Duong, Michael Hearn, John Suter, and Gordon Fielder

The Transient Nature of the Empty Bucket Model of Reef Sedimentation
by Edward G. Purdy and Eberhard Gischler

Reservoir Characterization of the Korolev Field, North Caspian Basin, Kazakhstan
by Kevin L. Putney, Joel F. Collins, Paul M. Harris, Akmaral Zhumagulova, and Dennis J. Fischer

Basin-Scale and Local Stacking Patterns of the Carboniferous Ross Sandstone, Western Ireland: Applications to Northern Gulf of Mexico Minibasin Reservoirs
by David Pyles

Graded Versus Out-of-Grade Basin-Margin Morphologies and Their Relationship with Basin-Scale Stacking Patterns and Local Attributes of Submarine-Fan Strata: Lessons Learned from Outcrops of the Cretaceous Lewis Shale of Wyoming and the Carboniferous Ross Sandstone of Ireland
by David Pyles, James Syvitski, and Roger M. Slatt

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Investigation on Mixed-Natural Gases from Two Sources or from One Source with Two Generation Maturities: A Case Study of Giant Gas Fields in West China
by Jin Qiang and Fuqi Cheng

Forming Mechanisms and Characteristics of Abnormal Pressure in Junggar Basin
by Jiangxiu Qu and Ming Zha

Dealing with Reserves Uncertainty in Exploration - a Simple Methodology for Building Consistent, Realistic Reserves Estimates
by Dave Quirk

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Rock Physics and Seismic Modeling Guided Application of 4-D Seismic Attributes to Monitoring Enhanced Oil Recovery CO2-Flood in a Thin Carbonate Reservoir, Hall Gurney Field, Kansas, U.S.A.
by Abdelmoneam E. Raef, Richard D. Miller, Alan Byrnes, and William E. Harrison

Exploration Significance of Anomalously Thick Sandstone and Mudstone Bodies of the Middle Triassic Doig and Halfway Formations in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
by Bazlur Rahman and Charles M. Henderson

The Nature and Significance of Erosion Surfaces in the Middle Triassic Doig and Halfway Formations, WCSB
by Bazlur Rahman and Charles M. Henderson

Effect of Paleo-Fluid-Flow-Induced Mineralization of the Ardley Coals on Development of a Major Regional Seal in the Alberta Basin, Canada
by Kaush Rakhit and Basim Faraj

Generation and Interpretation of Multiple Seismic Data Volumes for Fluid and Lithology Discrimination in the Mahogany Field, Offshore East Coast Trinidad
by Rosemarie T. Ramkhelawan, Charlie Baynes, Mick J. Casey, Samuel R. Johnson, and Jennifer L. Nelson

Variable Formation Water Resistivity (Rw) and Bitumen "Flushing" in the Athabasca Oil Sands; Effect on Bitumen Assessment
by Michael J. Ranger and Brian Rottenfusser

Landscape-Scale Morphodynamics of Ooid Shoals, Lily Bank, Bahamas
by Eugene C. Rankey, Bernhard Riegl, and Kelley Steffen

Wave-Influenced Deltaic Sandstone Bodies in the Viking Formation, Hamilton Lake Area, South-Central Alberta
by Lynn T. Reich and S. George Pemberton

Beyond the Shoreface: Recognizing the Unique Ichnological Character of Subaqueous Delta Deposits in the Doe Creek Member, Northwest Alberta
by Scott A. Reid and S. George Pemberton

Bristol Bay, Frontier Basin, Alaska Peninsula: Hydrocarbon Resources, Petroleum Reservoir Characterization, and Source Potential
by Rocky R. Reifenstuhl and Emily S. Finzel

Reservoir Characterization of McMurry Formation by 2-D Geostatistical Modeling
by Weishan Ren, Jason A. McLennan, Oy Leuangthong, and Clayton V. Deutsch

Geothermal Energy—Canada, Mexico and the United States
by Joel L. Renner

3-D Structural Modeling of the Tordillo Formation: Structural Styles and Strain Partitioning in the Southern Agrio Fold Belt, Neuquen Basin, Argentina
by David G. Repol and Deborah A. Spratt

Managing the Probability of Making at Least One Discovery
by George H. Rhoads

Exploring Deep Water Fans in Falklands Basins
by Phil Richards, Ian Duncan, Colin Phipps, Jan Grzywacz, and Giles Pickering

Detailed Structural Analysis and Fracture Modeling of the Tetuán Formation, San Francisco Field, Upper Magdalena Basin, Colombia
by David Richards, A. Kloppenburg, M. F. Doe, E. Gomez, W. J. Clark, Y. Z. Ma, J. Pavas, and L. E. Goyeneche

Geochemistry of Gas and Co-Produced Water in the Cretaceous Milk River Formation, Abbey and Lacadena Pools, Saskatchewan, Canada
by J. L. Ridgley

Stratigraphic Architecture of the Bear Lake Formation, Bristol Bay Basin, Alaska Peninsula
by Kenneth D. Ridgway, Rocky R. Reifenstuhl, and Emily S. Finzel

Triassic Petroleum Systems in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: Old Data, New Ideas
by Cynthia L. Riediger, Nina Ejezie, and Martin Fowler

Methane Seeps, Public Hazards, and Seismicity: Hydrocarbon System Analysis of Coalbed Methane in the San Juan Basin as a Tool to Understanding
by W. C. Riese, G. K. Arp, A. Sanford, G. Snyder, and W. L. Pelzmann

Mapping Contamination Potential by Combining 3-D Geologic Analysis and Groundwater Hydrology—an Application of GIS for Preemptive Protection of Groundwater Underlying Oil Production and Processing Facilities
by James M. Rine, John M. Shafer, Elzbieta Covington, William Domoracki, Michael Waddell, and Richard C. Berg

Fining-Upward Lithostratigraphy of a Modern Muddy Coastline Deposit from Suriname, South America—a Record of Sea Level Fluctuations and Longshore Mud Transport
by James M. Rine

An Alternative Model for the Growth and Evolution of Paleozoic Algal Mounds with Significance to Reservoir Distribution
by Audrey L. Ritter and G. Michael Grammer

3D Decompaction and Restoration of Salt-Cored Fold Structures, Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico
by Carlos Rivero, Frank Bilotti, Robert Boyce, Mike Strickler, and Tom Clarke

Geochemical Attributes and Early Diagenesis of Neritic Cool-Water Carbonates: Central Southern Australian Margin
by John M. Rivers, Noel P. James, and T. Kurtis Kyser

Shelf-Edge Deltas, Linked Downslope Deposits, and Gas Hydrates: High and Low Sea Level Responses, Northern Gulf of Mexico
by Harry H. Roberts, Richard H. Fillon, and Larry M. Cathles

Terrestrial Organic Matter Contributions to the Hydrocarbon Geochemistry of Mudrocks
by Amelia C. Robinson, Isabel P. Montanez, and Peter J. Hernes

The Viking and Westgate Formations in Outcrop: Potential Analogs for Subsurface Reservoirs, Central Foothills, Alberta
by Xavier Roca and A. Guy Plint

Fluvial Terraces as an Autocyclic Mechanism for Incised Valley-Fill Parasequence Formation: Examples from the Late Quaternary, Northern Gulf of Mexico, U.S.A.
by Antonio B. Rodriguez, John B. Anderson, Larry Greene, and Alexander R. Simms

Facies and Architectural Complexity Within and Among Outcropping Slope-Channel Complexes, Upper Cretaceous Tres Pasos Formation, Sierra de los Baguales, Southern Chile
by Brian W. Romans and Stephen M. Hubbard

Seismic Geomorphology and Stratigraphy of Miocene Reservoirs from Campos Basin, Brazil
by Jose F. Rosalba, Ana A. G. Meira, Andreia R. D. Elias, Carlos M. Soares, Angela Pumputis, and Rodrigo O. Carvalho

Sedimentology and Diagenesis of Middle Devonian Platform Margin Carbonates (Keg River to Slave Point Formations): An Outcrop Study in the Front Ranges of Northeast British Columbia (Southern Trutch 94G)
by Scott Rose and Hairuo Qing

Detrital Mineral Geochronology of the Alberta Foreland Basin: Reconstructing Exhumation and Orogen Evolution
by Gerald M. Ross, P. Jonathan Patchett, and Mike Hamilton

Early Jurassic Nordegg Member, Northeastern British Columbia: Gas Shale Potential
by Daniel J. K. Ross and R. Marc Bustin

Hydrodynamics and Petroleum Migration in the Red River Formation, Williston Basin, Canada and U.S.A.
by Benjamin J. Rostron, Daniel K. Khan, and Zsolt Margitai

Strain Distribution and Consequences for Relay Ramp Flow Properties: Structural Analysis and Flow Simulation
by Atle Rotevatn, Jonny Hesthammer, and Haakon Fossen

Diagenesis of the Mississippian Alida Beds, Williston Basin, Southeastern Saskatchewan
by Cornelius M. Rott and Hairuo Qing

Structural Evolution and Coupled Kinematic-Thermal Modeling of the Upper Magdalena Basin in the Vicinity of the Garzon Massif, Colombia
by F. Roure, J. L. Faure, B. Colletta, C. Macellari, and M. Osorio

Archaea Related to Anaerobic Methane-Oxidizers are Resident in a Biodegraded Subsurface Petroleum Reservoir
by Arlene K. Rowan, Carolyn M. Aitken, D. Martin Jones, Haiping Huang, Martin Fowler, John Cody, Steve R. Larter, and Ian M. Head

Fluvial Reservoir Architecture - Examples from the Mesaverde Group, Colorado and Wyoming
by Kurt W. Rudolph and Penny E. Patterson

Surprising Lessons from Multi-Disciplinary Characterization of a Permian Carbonate Platform Reservoir
by Stephen C. Ruppel

Multidisciplinary Reservoir Characterization of a Giant Permian Carbonate Platform Reservoir: Insights for Recovering Remaining Oil in a Mature U.S. Basin
by Stephen C. Ruppel, Rebecca H. Jones, F. Jerry Lucia, Fred P. Wang, Hongliu Zeng, and Jeff Kane

Climate Change Control of Mio-Pliocene Nonmarine Stratigraphic Sequences: Iglesia Basin, Northwestern Argentina
by Brian G. Ruskin and Teresa E. Jordan

Comparing Opportunities in a Mature Basin: Examples from the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
by Dave A. Russum and Andrew R. Botterill

Potential Coalbed Gas Resource in the Hudson Hope Area
by Barry Ryan and Randy Karst

Fault Seal and Weak Points; a Case Study from Njord
by Erling Rykkelid

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Lessons from Holocene Deltas: Facies, Evolution, and Regime Shift
by Yoshiki Saito

Increasing Accuracy and Resolution in Porosity Prediction for Carbonate Reservoirs Using High-Resolution Seismic Technology in the Arenque-Lobina Area, Offshore Mexico
by Richard Salter, Marc Beller, Dianna Shelander, Ben Flack, Diana Gillespie, Francisco Pineda, and Jose Camara

Alentejo Basin, Portugal; Unexplored Plays—from Carbonate Build-Ups to Deepwater Systems
by Frode Sandnes and Reidun Myklebust

Overburden Compaction and Pseudo-Micritization: The Most Effective Pore-Deteriorating Processes in the Carbonate Reservoirs
by Salih Saner, Lameed O. Babalola, and Waleed M. Abdulghani

Integrated Log Analysis and Porosity Mapping in the “ITS” Field, East Java Sea, Indonesia: A Case Study
by Dedy Kurniawan Santoso

Imaging the Mannville Group with 3-D Seismic and Wireline Data
by Sabrina Sarzalejo and Bruce Hart

Analogue Models of Basin Inversion by Transpression: Role of Structural Heterogeneity
by William Sassi, Jean-Paul Callot, Luca Mattioni, and Narjes Kallel

Presence of Bottom Simulating Reflectors (BSRs) in Western Continental Margin of India: An Appraisal
by Nittala Satyavani, Naresh Kumar Thakur, and Kalachand Sain

New High-Resolution Seismic Lines Across ODP 155 Sites and First Images and Coring of the Amazon Distal Lobes (Lobestory Project)
by Bruno Savoye, Droz Laurence, Babonneau Nathalie, Bonnel Cedric, Jegou Isabelle, Cremer Michel, Estrada Ferran, and Carlos Pirmez

Deformation at the Mid-Norwegian Continental Margin
by Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, Jan Inge Falleide, Rolf Mjelde, Dorothea Eue, Brian Horsfield, and Rolando Di Primio

Salt in the North German Basin and Its Role in Mesozoic Deformation
by Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, Yuriy Maystrenko, Ulf Bayer, and Bjorn Lewerenz

Structural Styles, Evolution and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Kirthar Range, Western Pakistan: Deformation and Hydrocarbon Accumulation Along a Transpressional Plate Margin and Fold-Thrust Belt
by Daniel Schelling, Amir Ayub, Shahid Zahidi, Ahmed Naveed, John Hurst, Phil Maclaurin, and Patrick Bird

Structural Architecture and Evolution of the Central Utah Thrust Belt: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration
by Daniel Schelling, Doug Strickland, Keith Johnson, John Vrona, David Wavrek, and Justin Reuter

A Differential Scanning Electron Microscope Color-Cathodoluminescence Approach to Provenance Determination of Quartz in Devonian Shales of the Eastern United States
by Juergen Schieber

Early Diagenesis of New Albany Shale (Upper Devonian) Flooding Surfaces—an Intertwined Record of Fe-Sulfide, Fe-Carbonate, and Silica Deposition in Dysoxic Surface Sediments
by Juergen Schieber

The Indiana University Mudflume—Ongoing and Planned Experiments in Mudstone Sedimentology
by Juergen Schieber

Experimental Insights into the Origin, Geometry, and Evolution of Dip Domains and Transfer Zones in Extensional Provinces
by Roy W. Schlische, Martha Oliver Withjack, and Amy Clifton

The Complex History of the Shipwreck Fault Zone, Otway Basin, Southeast Australia—A Transfer Fault within an Oblique Rift Setting
by Craig L. Schneider, Kevin C. Hill, and Nick Hoffman

A New Approach for the Understanding of the Evolution of Petroleum Systems in Fold and Thrust Belts: Case Studies in the Alberta Foothills and in the Eastern Venezuelan Foothills
by Frederic Schneider and Patrick Wojciak

Reservoir Characterization of Ardley Coals, Scollard Formation, Alberta: Borehole Image Interpretation
by David Schoderbek and Satyaki Ray

Stratigraphic Sequences Associated with the Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Unconformity, Shanty Hollow Lake, South-Central Kentucky
by Scott R. Schoefernacker

Source Rock–Specific Calibration of Gas Formation in the North Sea: Gas-Source Correlation and Timing of Gas Formation
by Martin Schoell, Yongchun Tang, and Gavin Lewis

Timing of Gas Formation and Migration in Petroleum Systems: New Insights from Gas Isotope Modeling
by Martin Schoell and Yongchun Tang

Diagenetic Mineral Reactions Influenced by Hydrocarbon Fluids: Evidence from Deeply Buried Red Bed Reservoirs of the Central European Basin System
by Robert Schoner and Reinhard Gaupp

Control of Sedimentary and Biofacies by Ocean Currents: The Mixed Siliclastic-Carbonate Northern New South Wales Continental Shelf, Australia
by Claudia J. Schroder-Adams, Ron Boyd, and Jason Roberts

The Record of Redox Conditions in Deep-Water Rocks at the Neoproterozoic–Cambrian Boundary in Oman: A Case for Possible Anoxia
by Stefan Schroder and John P. Grotzinger

Seismic Rock Property Predictions Provide Insight to Field Development
by James S. Schuelke, Lyndon A. Yose, Saeed Al-Menhali, and Bill Soroka

Depositional Architecture of a Slope Channel Complex Set (Isaac Formation, Neoproterozoic, Canadian Cordillera): Implications for Reservoir Characterization
by Ernesto Schwarz, R. William C. Arnott, and Gerry Ross

Iraq's Oil—a Brief History of 20th Century Exploration and Speculations on the Future
by John Scott, Augustus Wilson, and Grenville Lunn

Geological Evolution of Southern Novaya Zemlya, Arctic Russia, and Its Implications for Adjacent Hydrocarbon Basins
by Robert A. Scott, James P. Howard, Li Guo, Irene Gomez-Perez, Roman Schekoldin, Vicky Pease, David G. Gee, Henning O. Lorenz, Alexander Gubanov, Olga Bogolepova, Evgeny Korago, and Galina Kovaleva

Opening the Arctic Ocean: Implications for Circum-Arctic Petroleum Potential
by Robert A. Scott, Vladimir Yu. Glebovsky, Alexander Minakov, Stewart Sinclair, and Ron Macnab

Impact of Reservoir Heterogeneity on Gas Recovery and Water Cresting, Columbus Basin Gas Fields, Offshore Trinidad
by Richard P. Sech, Matthew D. Jackson, Gary J. Hampson, Richard J. Dixon, Dirk Bodnar, and Paulo R. Ballin

Deep-Water Lithofacies Prediction from Seismic Using AVO—Multiple Offset Forward Seismic Modeling of Deep-Water Outcrops
by Lars Seidler, Anthony Sprague, and Michael Farrell

Paleomorphology and Reservoir Architecture of Tertiary Post-Rift Depositional Forms, from the Framework, Facies Classification, to the Reservoir Scale Geometry: A Case Study in Central Sumatra, Indonesia
by Erlangga Septama, Yudi Yugantoro, Albert Suwandy, Yosi Hirosiadi, and Bob W. H. Adibrata

Fluid Flow Analysis in Mauddud Carbonates, Sabiriyah Field Kuwait, Using Detailed 3D Structural Modeling and Stream Tube Analysis
by William Sercombe, Clark Robert, Ian Saxby, Thomas Radford, Craig Rice, James Lantz, John Wells, and John Isby

CO2 Sequestration and Enhanced Oil Recovery Potential in Illinois Basin Petroleum Reservoirs
by Beverly Seyler, Scott M. Frailey, Rex Knepp, Christopher P. Korose, Donald A. Keefer, and Damon A. Garner

Records of Punctuated Tectonism in Platform-Interior Graben Systems (Ontario, Canada) Far-Flung from Contemporaneous Taconic Orogenesis in the Northern Appalachians
by Sajal Sharma, George R. Dix, Mario Coniglio, Aicha Achab, and John F. V. Riva

Controls on Rift Margin and Intra-Rift Depositional Systems: Examples from the Jurassic North Sea Rift and the Oligo-Miocene Suez Rift
by Ian R. Sharp, Ian Carr, Tom Dreyer, Hege Fjellbirkeland, Rob Gawthorpe, Thomas Sperre, and Mike Whittaker

A Regional Overview of Salt Tectonic Sub-Provinces Beneath the Scotian Slope and Laurentian Fan, Offshore Eastern Canada
by J. W. Shimeld

Thick- and Thin-Skinned Thrusting in the Development of the Southern Apennine Thrustbelt: A Case Study from the Val D'Agri
by Peter R. Shiner, Stefano Mazzoli, and Giuseppe Cello

250 Miles of Reef History: Reefs from Ft. Lauderdale to Dry Tortugas
by E. A. Shinn, B. H. Lidz, and T. D. Hickey

High-Resolution Study of Post-Glacial Transgressive Deposits in the Mid-Western Part of the Yellow Sea
by Young Jae Shinn, S. K. Chough, Jusun Woo, and J. W. Kim

Ultrashallow Unconventional Gas Accumulations
by George W. Shurr, Layne D. Schulz, and Richard H. Hammond

A Quality Controlled Pressure Database and a Regional Hydrodynamic and Overpressure Assessment in the Dutch North Sea
by Erik Simmelink, Hanneke Verweij, James Underschultz, and Claus J. Otto

The Upper Ordovician Hollandale Embayment: Temporal Changes in Facies, Biota and Circulation in an Epeiric Sea
by J.A. Toni Simo, L. M. Chetel, S. R. Beyer, N. R. Emerson, B. Z. Saylor, B. S. Singer, and C. W. Byers

Depositional Dynamics and Sedimentary Bodies in Temperate-Type Carbonate Systems
by Lucia Simone and Gabriele Carannante

Cenozoic Sedimentation Processes of the Central Scotian Slope
by Kent W. Simpson, David C. Mosher, John M. Stewart, and Grant D. Wach

Simulation of Fault Patterns in Offshore Oil Fields of the Arabian Gulf
by Darrell W. Sims, Alan P. Morris, David A. Ferrill, Danielle Y. Wyrick, Yoshihiko Tamura, and Mamoru Takanashi

Present Day Stress Regime in Kuwait and Its Roles in Hydrocarbon Exploration
by Sunil K. Singh, Mohammed D. Al-Ajmi, Neema H. A. Al-Ajmi, Haiqing Wu, and Andrew Corley

Constraining the Regional Petroleum System and the Evolution of Pressure Distributions – an Example from the Norwegian Continental Shelf Integrating Basin Modeling and Geochemical Data
by Jon Erik Skeie, Dag Arild Karlsen, Rolando Di Primio, Kristian Backer-Owe, Richard Olstad, Jan Erik Lie, Gawin Lewis, and Harald Brunstad

Outcrop Analog for Lower Paleozoic Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs, Mohawk Valley, New York
by Brian Slater, Richard Nyahay, and Langhorne B. Smith

Integration of Structural Analyses with Numerical Modeling: Analysis of Stress and Strain Evolution to Aid Reservoir Exploration and Development
by Kevin J. Smart, David A. Ferrill, Goodluck I. Ofoegbu, Darrell W. Sims, Nathan M. Franklin, and Alan P. Morris

Unlocking Viscous Oil of the Schrader Bluff and Ugnu Formations at Milne Point Unit, North Slope, Alaska
by L. Micaela Smith, Pat Archey, Josef Chmielowski, Scott Digert, Matt Green, Kyle Johnson, William Mathews, Walter Quay, Sean Petersen, Jim Seccombe, Brad Simpson, Dennis Urban, Larry Vendl, Chris West, and Doug Wilson

Ichnofossils in Alluvial Deposits and Paleosols of the Lower Eocene Willwood Formation, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming
by Jon J. Smith, Stephen T. Hasiotis, Mary Kraus, and Daniel Woody

The Influence of Basement Structures on Upper Devonian Deposition in New York State
by Gerald J. Smith and Robert D. Jacobi

Stable Isotope Values in Modern Bryozoan Carbonate: Potential for Paleoenvironmental Interpretation
by Abigail M. Smith, Marcus M. Key, Campbell S. Nelson, and William P. Patterson

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Bowser Lake Group, Muskaboo Creek Assemblage, in Southern Bowser Basin
by Gareth T. Smith, Peter S. Mustard, and Filippo Ferri

Tectono-Thermobaric Carbonate Breccia Reservoirs: A Major Remaining Resource in North America
by Langhorne Smith, Arthur Palmer, and Graham Davies

Fluvio-Lacustrine Sandstone Deposition and Implications for Reservoir Development, Daan Field, Songliao Basin, Peoples Republic of China
by John S. Sneider, Andrew S. Harper, Liu Zhongtian, Wang Chunguo, and Cao Xiuzhi

Climatic Sequence Stratigraphy, Permian post-Glacial Unayzah Reservoir, Central Saudi Arabia
by Osama Mahmoud Soliman, Saad A. Aba Al-Hassan, and Bader A. Al-Mutairi

Carson and Salar Basins and the Newfoundland-Iberia Connection
by Krista L. M. Solvason, Jeremy Hall, Michael Enachescu, Sharon Demeer, K. W. Helen Lau, Keith Louden, Steve Holbrook, John R. Hopper, Hans Christian Larsen, and Brian Tucholke

Prevailing Geological Controls on the Petroleum Accumulations in the Foreland Basins of Western China
by Yan Song, Mengjun Zhao, Shaobo Liu, Shengfei Qin, and Feng Hong

Exploration Strategies for the U.S. Rockies
by Stephen A. Sonnenberg

Understanding of Heterogeneity Effects in Fluid Flow Impacts, Cusiana Field Management
by Luis Enrique Soto

Along-Strike Variation in Displacement and Structural Style Across Mechanical Stratigraphy: An Example from Northwest Alberta, Canada
by Gregory S. Soule and Glenn Larson

Sedimentary Geology at the Mars Exploration Rover Landing Sites
by Steven W. Squyres

Oil and Gas Potential of Yukon Flats, Alaska
by Richard G. Stanley

Proterozoic Potential Hydrocarbon Source Rocks, Western Canada
by L. D. Stasiuk, M. G. Fowler, and G. M. Ross

Thermal Maturity Discontinuity Between Devonian and Cretaceous Strata, Central Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories, Canada
by L. D. Stasiuk, D. R. Issler, and M. G. Fowler

Multidisciplinary Biostratigraphy for Exploration in Oman and the Rubh' al Khali: Improved Understanding of Surface/Subsurface and Regional Play Development in Pre-Khuff Reservoirs
by Michael H. Stephenson, Lucia Angiolini, Randall A. Penney, Uzma Mohiuddin, and Gordon Forbes

Novel Use of Volume Interpretation for Fracture Detection and Modeling: Examples from Fields in the Philippines and the Middle East
by Ben Stephenson, Phil Cassidy, and Georg Warrlich

Sedimentary Basin and Crustal Architecture on the Northern Canadian Polar Margin
by Randell Stephenson, Dave Forsyth, and Ashton Embry

Structural and Stratigraphic Controls on Fold-Related Fracturing in the Zagros Mountains, Iran: Implications for Reservoir Development
by Ben Stephenson, Anton Koopman, Heiko Hillgartner, Stephen Bourne, Jon Noad, Keith Rawnsley, and Harry McQuillan

Re-Evaluating the Origin of Isolated Sandstones Encased in Marine Mudstone: The Cretaceous Prairie Canyon Member of the Mancos Shale at Hatch Mesa, East-Central Utah
by Kimberly M. Stevens, Donna S. Anderson, Michael H. Gardner, and John B. Wagner

Low-Temperature Thermochronology of the Port au Port Peninsula Area, Western Newfoundland, Derived from Inversion of Apatite Fission Track Data: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration and Prospectivity in a Paleozoic Frontier Basin
by Glen S. Stockmal, Dale R. Issler, Alexander M. Grist, and Art Slingsby

Numerical Mechanical Modeling of Thin-Skinned Thrust and Fold Belts: Insights into Variations in Structural Style
by Glen S. Stockmal, Chris Beaumont, Mai Nguyen, and Bonny Lee

Calibrated Fluid Flow and Charge Modelling Using a Geological and Geochemical Integrated Approach
by Daniel Stoddart, Olav Lauvrak, Balazs Badics, Arne Steen, Susanne Sperrevik, Michael Erdmann, Marian Vaage, Oyvind Sylta, and Ane Lothe

Using Field Data to Demonstrate the Importance and Pitfalls of Flow-Unit Interpretation for Reservoir Description and Modeling
by Anne-Kristine Stolz and Ramona M. Graves

Structural Development and Petroleum System of the Sandino Fore-Arc Basin, Central America
by Imke Struss, Bernhard Cramer, Manuel Duarte, and Jutta Winsemann

A Combined Rare Earth Element and Sedimentologic Approach to Taphonomic Interpretations of the Early Cretaceous Crystal Geyser Dinosaur Quarry, Utah
by Celina Suarez, Marina Suarez, Dennis O. Terry, D.E. Grandstaff, and James I. Kirkland

An Application of High Resolution of Sequence Stratigraphy: Implications for Improved Description, Modeling and Management of the Springhill and Magallanes Reservoirs, Austral Basin, Argentina
by Morgan Sullivan, Marcelo Juan Cagnolatti, Jorge Gustavo Arguello, Fabian Edgardo Gutierrez, Alejandro Gustavo Trapiche, Lius Lucas Saccavino, Sergio Roberto Falconaro, and Carlos Echevarria

What is Controlling the Gorge of the Nile in Ethiopia? An Integrated Approach from ASTER, RADARSAT, DEMs, and Field Studies
by D. Nahid Sultana

Extensional Geologic History of the Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia, from Remote Sensing Data and Field Studies
by D. Nahid Sultana and Mohamed G. Abdelsalam

Field Development Optimization and Production Enhancement Using Worldwide Geological Analogs
by Shaoqing Sun, Jack Allan, Shengyu Wu, and Jose I. Guzman

Does Oil Composition Limit Biodegradation? Implications from a Biodegraded Reservoir
by Yongge Sun, Zhiyong Wang, and Mingsheng Yuan

Possible Causal Mechanisms for Palaeozoic Second-Order Depositional Sequences in the Middle East and North Africa: An Appreciation for Geodynamic Models
by Owen E. Sutcliffe, David M. Casey, Roger B. Davies, Peter R. Sharland, and Michael D. Simmons

Assessing Seal Capacity in North Sea Central Graben Mudrocks
by Richard E. Swarbrick and Richard W. Lahann

Spatial Sedimentological and Geochemical Variations on a Shallow-Water Carbonate Platform
by Peter Swart, John J.G. Reijmer, Robert Otto, and Thorsten Bauch

Uncoupling the Position of Sequence-Bounding Unconformities from Lithological Criteria in Fluvial Systems
by Arthur Richard Sweet, Octavian Catuneanu, and John F. Lerbekmo

A New Meme for the Hydrocarbon/Energy Industry
by Douglas Swift, Sovani Meksvanh, Ronald Whelan, Richard Erdlac, and Anthony Swift

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Comparison of Fracture Patterns from Outcrops and Shallow Boreholes: The Quest for 1-D to 3-D Extrapolation
by Jose K.J. Taal-van Koppen, Stefan M. Luthi, and Giovanni Bertotti

Deep Burial Diagenesis of Luconia Platform (Sarawak, Borneo) as the Main Control of Reservoir Properties
by Conxita Taberner, Mateu Esteban, Georg Warrlich, Marta Rejas, and Jan-Henk Van Konijnenburg

Deep-Water Coral Mounds from Rockall Trough: A Modern Analogue for Hydrocarbon Reservoir Carbonate Mounds?
by Conxita Taberner, Th. Richter, H. De Haas, F. Mienis, A. Stadniskaia, H. Vonhof, and T. Van Weering

Seismostratigraphic Interpretation of the Paleocene and Eocene of West Tambaredjo Field, Central Coast of Suriname, Northeastern Region of South America
by Gustavo A. Taboada

Fluvial Response to Base Level Change: A Case Study of Two Incised Valleys Along the East Texas Coast
by Patrick Taha, John B. Anderson, Alexander Simms, and Antonio Rodriguez

Valleys of the Gangetic Plains, India: Multiple Origins and Moving Targets
by S. K. Tandon, Martin Gibling, Rajiv Sinha, Parviz Ghazanfari, Ananda Dasgupta, Mayank Jain, and Vikrant Jain

Geostatistical Integration of Outcrop and Geophysical Data to Describe Diagenetic Heterogeneities for Flow Modeling, Frontier Formation, Wyoming
by Hong Tang

Integrating Advanced Geochemistry into Basin Modeling: An Additional Dimension for Constraining Model Predictions
by Yongchun Tang and Geoffrey S. Ellis

Reservoir Quality and Rock Properties Modeling Results—Jurassic and Triassic Sandstones: Greater Shearwater High Pressure/High Temperature (HPHT) Area, United Kingdom Central North Sea
by Thomas R. Taylor, Mark G. Kittridge, Linda M. Bonnell, and Peter Winefield

Is it Time to Develop a Certification Program for Petroleum Reserves Evaluators?
by Daniel J. Tearpock

Geochemical Reconstruction of Milankovitch-Driven Lacustrine Conditions: Green River Formation, Wyoming
by Stan Teerman, Al Fischer, and Alessandro Grippo

Impacts and Issues of Refining on Regional Groundwater, Los Angeles Coastal Plain, California
by Stephen M. Testa

A Production-Based Sequence Stratigraphic Framework is the Key for Optimal Oil Recovery on Mature Fields: Examples from the Statfjord Field of the North Sea, Norway
by Pierre Theriault

The Structure and Sequence Stratigraphy of Extensional Basins: A Case Study Offshore Sarawak and Sabah
by Kenneth J. Thies, Daniel J. Tearpock, Richard E. Bischke, Jeffrey Boyer, Ahmad Mansor, and Mohamad Hamdan

Glendonite Formation in Assocation with Methane Oxidation in the Middle Permian Wandrawandian Siltstone, Southern Sydney Basin, Australia
by Stephanie G. Thomas

Jurassic Cotton Valley Formation Reservoir Quality, Eastern Offshore Gulf of Mexico: Life Below 20,000 Feet
by Andrew R. Thomas, Dave Balcer, Tom Himes, Linda M. Bonnell, and Jessy Jones

Tectonostratigraphic Evolution of the Orphan Basin, Offshore Newfoundland
by Kimberly Thomas, Micheal Wojcik, David G. Roberts, Stephan Petmecky, Donald Tanasichuk, Thomas Mason, and David Derbecker

Wind Energy and Petroleum: More Similar Than You Think
by Justin S. Thompson and Fred M. Gallagher

Canopy Bridges Allow Arboreal Animals to Traverse Pipeline Corridors
by Mark Thurber

Comparison of Sources, Maturities and Alteration of Gases from Three Mud Gas Depth Profiles Across the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
by Barbara Tilley and Karlis Muehlenbachs

Utilization and Requirements for Outcrop Gamma-Ray Logging, Arkoma Basin Turbidite and Tidal Examples
by Roderick Tillman

Systematic Variations in the Capitan Depositional System: McKittrick Canyon, West Texas and New Mexico
by Scott W. Tinker

Lithification of Bathyal Coral Deposits: The Mediterranean Plio-Pleistocene and the Lithoherms in the Florida Strait
by Juergen Titschack, Andre Freiwald, Fritz Neuweiler, Conrad Neumann, and Italo Di Geronimo

Diagenesis, Reservoir Development and Hydrocarbon Charging in Sandstones of the Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group and Viking Formation in the Dodsland-Hoosier Area, West Central Saskatchewan
by Andy Tong, Per Kent Pedersen, and Guoxiang Chi

Great Palogue Field in Melut Basin, Sudan
by Xiaoguang Tong, Kunye Xiao, Lirong Dou, and Buqing Shi

Project Life Cycle Cost Evaluation Promotes an Opportunity for Renewable Energy Solutions at Remote Sites
by Stuart M. Torr

Sedimentary Characteristics of Mass Transport Deposits
by Efthymios K. Tripsanas, Kimberley A. Jenner, and David J. W. Piper

Late Quaternary Depositional Processes in Orphan Basin, Northeast Continental Margin of Newfoundland
by Efthymios K. Tripsanas, David J.W. Piper, Kimberley A. Jenner, and Calvin D. Campbell

Stepped Counter-Regional Salt Systems: Evolution and Controls on Sediment Distribution, Eastern Louisiana Shelf, Northern Gulf of Mexico
by Bruce Trudgill

Evolution of the Paradox Basin and Controls on Salt Tectonics in an “Immobile” Foreland Basin, Ancestral Rocky Mountains
by Bruce Trudgill

High Resolution Petroleum Systems Modeling in the Northern Campos Basin, Brazil: Prediction of Hydrocarbon Composition and Phase Behavior
by Robert G. Tscherny, Juliano M. Macedo, B. Wygrala, and M. R. Mello

The Cretaceous Colorado Group in the Cold Lake Heavy Oil Area, East-Central Alberta: The Role of Microfossil Analysis in Sea-Level Reconstruction
by Qiang Tu, Claudia Schröder-Adams, and Jim Craig

Upper Mannville Mclaren Channel Sandstones: Depositional Characteristics and Innovative Reservoir Management Techniques
by Garnet D. Turcotte, Bill Thornton, and Jim Walters

Geologic Interpretation of Compartmentalization in the Pliocene Shelf Edge Delta System at Amberjack, Gulf of Mexico
by Joshua C. Turner, Evy Glorstad-Clark, Laura A. Banfield, Stan G. Davis, Jennifer L. Nelson, Mick Casey, and Kris E. Meisling

Magnetostratigraphic studies of late Paleogene-Neogene basins in the central Andes
by Peter Turner, Stephanie Kape, Geoff May, Adrian Hartley, Guillermo Chong, Hans Wilke, and Fin Stuart

Current Status and Screening Criteria for Field Application of Short-Distance Oil Displacement Methods
by Alex T. Turta, Ashok K. Singhal, Tianxiang Xia, and Malcolm Greaves

Variable Subsidence Patterns in an Upper Cretaceous Foreland Basin Wedge, Alberta
by Aditya Tyagi and A. Guy Plint

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Natural Gas Hydrate Concentration in Sandy Sediments Closely Relevant to Pore Water And Methane Accumulation
by Takashi Uchida, Amane Waseda, and Takatoshi Namikawa

Controls on Clastic Sequences in an Intracontinental Seaway: The Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, Central Europe
by David Ulicny, Jiri Laurin, and Stanislav Cech

Active Biogenesis of Methane in Wyoming's Powder River Basin
by Glenn Ulrich, Mark Finkelstein, Jeffrey Weber, and Roland DeBruyn

Influence of Uplift and Erosion on Hydrocarbon Maturation, Expulsion and Migration: An Integrated Analysis of the Ghadames Basin, North Africa
by Ruth H. Underdown

Role of Footwall and Hangingwall Release Faults in Accommodating Extensional Strain and Petroleum Prospectivity in the North Sea Rift System
by John R. Underhill, Caroline Gill, and Aileen McLeod

Integrated Seals Analysis of the Gidgealpa Oilfield, South Australia
by James Underschultz, L.C. Johnson, P. Boult, Mark Lisk, and Anthony Gartrell

Offshore Production and Onshore Falling Water Levels in the Gippsland Basin Australia
by James Underschultz, Claus Otto, and Tom Hatton

Petroleum Systems of the Sub-Andean Basins
by Carlos M. Urien and Craig F. Schiefelbein

Sedimentary Sequences and Petroleum Systems in the Austral Foreland Basin
by Carlos M. Urien and Craig F. Schiefelbein

Identifying the Regressive-Transgressive Turnaround in Shoreline Sequences from West Spitsbergen, Norway, and Wyoming, U.S.A.
by Carlos A. Uroza and Ron Steel

Exploration of the Offshore East Coast Fold and Thrust Belt Basin of North Island, New Zealand: An Emerging Petroleum Basin
by Chris Uruski, B. D. Field, and R. Funnell

Conodont Biostratigraphy of the Beaverhill Lake Strata, Upper Middle to Lower Upper Devonian, South-Central Alberta
by Tom T. Uyeno and Jack C. Wendte

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Description, Modeling and Uncertainty Analysis for the Future Development of a Giant Brown Field Carbonate Reservoir, Oman
by Volker C. Vahrenkamp and Fahud Studies Team

The Missing Mudbelts of the Ancient Record: Implications for Sequence Stratigraphy
by Boyan K. Vakarelov, Charles D. Winker, and Janok P. Bhattacharya

Heterogeneities Controlled by Interbedding of Eolian and Fluvial Deposits and Its Impact on Reservoir Quality, Weber and Maroon Formations, Rangely Field, Colorado, U.S.A.
by Diego J. Van Berkel and Kitty L. Milliken

Historical Comparison of PD vs PUD: Largest Publicly Traded Oil Companies
by Mary Van Der Loop

Complex Facies Distribution of a Leveed-Channel System, Lewis Shale, Wyoming
by Staffan K. Van Dyke and Roger M. Slatt

Morphology and Structure of Buried Cold-Water Coral Banks from Combined High-Resolution 2-D with 3-D Seismic Data: Examples from the Porcupine Basin, Offshore Ireland
by Pieter Van Rensbergen

Shallow Mud Diapirs Over a Buried Delta Toe Thrust Anticline, Tarakan Basin, Borneo
by Pieter Van Rensbergen

Landscape Visualization and Visual Impact Assessment in the Energy Industry
by Robert Van Wyngaarden and Kevin Graham

Molecular and Isotopic Composition of Natural Gas Discoveries, Western Offshore Nile Delta, Egypt
by Claudius Vandre, Bernhard Cramer, Peter Gerling, and Jutta Winsemann

The Regressive History of a Transgression: Early Turonian Tuskoola Sandstone (Kaskapau Formation), Western Canada Foreland Basin
by Bogdan L. Varban and A. Guy Plint

Correlation of Sedimentary Rhythms on a Stormy Silurian Shelf Using Non-Biostratigraphical Techniques
by Sarah Jane Veevers

A Web-Based Decision Support System for Geologic Carbon Sequestration
by Erik R. Venteris, Katharine L. Avary, Jeremy Bartley, David A. Barnes, Kristen Carter, Catherine Garcia, Premkrishan Radhakrishnan, and Michael P. Solis

The Influence of Sea-Floor Topography on the Depositional Styles of a Deep-Water Sand-Rich System: The Paraíba do Sul Turbidite System Example, Campos Basin (BRazil Deep Seds - Deep-Water Sedimentation on the Southeast Brazilian Margin Project)
by Adriano R. Viana, L.C.R. Machado, W. Almeida, R. O. Kowsmann, and R. C. Gontijo

Stratigraphic Architecture of “Greenhouse” and “Ice House” Sequences on a Glaciated Continental Margin: An Example from the Ross Sea, Antarctica
by Howard Preston Viator and Louis R. Bartek

Assessing In-Reservoir Microbial Degradation of Light Hydrocarbons Using Stable Carbon and Hydrogen Isotopic Signatures
by Andrea Vieth and Heinz Wilkes

An Early Tertiary Meteorite Impact Structure at Eagle Butte, Alberta
by John Visser and Doug Scott

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Reservoir Heterogeneity and Characterization in Deltaic Depositional Systems—Outcrop Analogs for Nova Scotia's Offshore Developments
by Grant D. Wach and Hasley L. Vincent

A Mass Balance Charge Model Explaining the Volume and Distribution of Asphaltene at the Crest of a Deep-Water Reservoir: Gulf of Mexico
by Bruce Wagner and Leon Dzou

Controls on Composition and Distribution of Pennsylvanian and Lower Permian Mounds and Reefs
by Gregory P. Wahlman

Cool-Water Origin of the Thirtyone Formation (Lower Devonian), Tobosa Basin, Subsurface of West Texas
by Gregory P. Wahlman and Ian W. Moxon

Improving Depositional Analogues Through Simulation Updating: Examples from a Clastic and a Carbonate Setting in Western Canada
by Anthony S. Wain, Sean Hayes, Jason Lavigne, William (Bill) Martindale, and Patrick Rouvroy

Using Plurigaussian Geostatistics and Depositional Analogues to Constrain Depositional Geometries and Spatial Evolution
by Anthony S. Wain, Sean Hayes, Jason Lavigne, William (Bill) Martindale, Patrick Rouvroy, and Rolf V. Ackermann

Extensional Fault Arrays in Strike-Slip and Transtension
by John W. F. Waldron

Development and Deformation of the Late Paleozoic Cumberland Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada
by John W. F. Waldron and Michael C. Rygel

Evidence for Submarine Channels in the Lower Carboniferous Banff Formation, North-Eastern British Columbia: A New High Impact Exploration Play?
by Warren Walsh, Brent Miller, and Richard Brandley

Exploration History and Resource Assessment Summary for Devonian Strata, Liard Basin, Northeastern British Columbia – a Synopsis
by Warren Walsh and Mark Hayes

Sedimentary and Stratigraphic Analysis of the Viking Sand in the Edgerton/Wainwright Area, Central Alberta
by Russell Walz

Characterization and Quantitative Assessment of Petroleum Source Rocks for Fault-Fracture Mesh Petroleum Plays in the Zhanhua Depression, Bohai Bay Basin
by Yongshi Wang, Maowen Li, Xiongqi Pang, Dishi Shi, Shanwen Zhang, and Dongxia Chen

Oil and Gas Systems of Ordos Basin in China
by Guoli Wang, Yongpei Wei, and Yi Wang

Source Kitchen Characterization and Petroleum System History in Tarim Cratonic Basin, China
by Feiyu Wang, Shuichang Zhang, and Digang Liang

Transgressive Recycling Produces Organic-Rich Carbonate Muds
by Harold R. Wanless, Brigitte Vlaswinkel, and Kelly L. Jackson

Seismic Geomorphology of Oligocene to Miocene Carbonate Buildups, Offshore Madura, Indonesia: 3-D Seismic Visualization Techniques and Workflows
by Alex Warmath, Priscilla Laurin, Henry Posamentier, and Andrew Mehlhop

Evaporitic Source Rocks: A Geological Response to Biological Cycles of “Feast or Famine” in Layered Brines
by John Warren

So Similar and yet so Different: Comparing and Contrasting the Controlling Factors for Reservoir Development of Two Southeast-Asian Tertiary Carbonate Build-Up Gas Fields: Malampaya and Luconia Fields
by Georg Warrlich, Wenche Asyee, Phil Cassidy, Maria Boya, and Jan-Henk Van Konijnenburg

Geochemical and Stable Isotope Analysis of the Wilcox Group Coal-Bed Gas and Related Petroleum Systems of Northern Louisiana, U.S.A.
by Peter D. Warwick and F. Clayton Breland

Interacting Thrust Systems and Submarine Canyons During Taconian Deformation of the Ordovician Outer Shelf in the Champlain Valley, Vermont and New York
by Paul A. Washington

Comparing Belly River and Sunburst Channels with Today's Meandering Milk River, Southern Alberta
by Godfried Wasser

Contrasting Styles and Common Controls on Middle Mississippian and Upper Pennsylvanian Carbonate Platforms in the Upper Midcontinent, U.S.A.
by W. Lynn Watney, Evan K. Franseen, Alan P. Byrnes, and Susan E. Nissen

A Major Paradigm Shift: Carboniferous Versus Permian Petroleum Systems in the Central Rocky Mountains, U.S.A.
by David A. Wavrek, Doug Strickland, Daniel D. Schelling, Keith R. Johnson, and John P. Vrona

Play Element Prediction: Carbonate Plays in Subaqueous Evaporite Settings
by L. J. (Jim) Weber and J. F. (Rick) Sarg

Controls on Accommodation in Fluvial Depositional Systems: Fluvial Fan Sequence Stratigraphy
by Gary Stephen Weissmann

Shallow-Marine Sedimentary Rhythms from the Onshore Canning Basin, Western Australia: A Mid-Permian Record of Glacio-Eustacy
by Rhonda Adkins Welch

Investigating Paleo-Tidality in Upper Carboniferous Epeiric Seas Using the Imperial College Ocean Model
by Martin R. Wells, Peter A. Allison, Gary J. Hampson, Matthew D. Piggott, and Christopher C. Pain

Magnetic Susceptibility, Biostratigraphy, and Sequence Stratigraphy: Insights into Timing of Devonian Carbonate Platform Development and Basin Infilling, Western Alberta
by Michael T. Whalen and Jed Day

High-Resolution Imaging of a Karstified Carbonate Reservoir Analog, Late Carboniferous, Spitsbergen
by Walter H. Wheeler, David Hunt, Jan Steinar Ronning, Einar Dalsegg, and Alvar Braathen

Sedimentological Interpretation of Shallow Seismic Profiles of a Wave-Dominated Beach: Waterside Beach, Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada
by Richardo White, Shahin E. Dashtgard, Karl Butler, Murray Gringas, and Peter Simpkin

Revisiting a Mature Play: An Assessment of Hydrocarbon Potential in the Northeastern Williston Basin
by Steve G. Whittaker, Andre L. Costa, Kim L. Kreis, Carol D. Martiniuk, Ruth K. Bezys, and Michelle P.B. Nicolas

Geologic CO2 Sequestration Characterization of America’s “Engine Room”
by Lawrence H. Wickstrom, Gerald Baum, Stephen F. Greb, Neeraj Gupta, John A. Harper, William Harrison, Michael E. Hohn, and John A. Rupp

4-D Modelling of Offshore Carson Basin, Grand Banks, Eastern Canada
by J. B. W. Wielens, C. D. Jauer, and G. L. Williams

Interpretation of a Fractured Dolomite Core: Margaree F-70, Deep Panuke, Nova Scotia, Canada
by Rick Wierzbicki, Keven Gillen, Rolf Ackermann, Nancy Harland, and Leslie Eliuk

Submarine Slope Progradation and Shelf Construction in the Early Permian Karoo Basin, South Africa
by Richard Wild, Stephen Flint, and David Hodgson

Hinterland Inflation in Detachment Folds: A Natural Example from the Monterrey Salient, Mexico
by M. Scott Wilkerson, Sara M. Smaltz, Dannena R. Bowman, I. Camilo Higuera-Diaz, and Mark P. Fischer

Bioavailability – the Crucial Control in Sequential Petroleum Alteration
by Heinz Wilkes, Andrea Vieth, Ann-Kathrin Scherf, J. Urgen Rullkotter, Rolando Di Primio, and Brian Horsfield

Origin of Large-Scale Inclined-Bed Sets in Ancient Tide-Influenced Delta Deposits
by Brian J. Willis

Geometry of Heterogeneities within Fluvial Point Bar Deposits
by Brian J. Willis and Christopher D. White

Assessment of Marine Gas Hydrate Deposits: A Comparative Study of Seismic, Electromagnetic and Seafloor Compliance Methods
by Eleanor C. Willoughby, Katrin Schwalenberg, R. Nigel Edwards, George D. Spence, and Roy D. Hyndman

Understanding Deepwater Field Size Distributions
by Ryan J. Wilson

Development and Reservoir Quality of Cenozoic Carbonate Buildups and Coral Reef Terraces
by Moyra E. J. Wilson

Diagenesis, Magnetism and Geomechanics of the Mallik 5L-38 Gas Hydrate Reservoir, Mackenzie Delta, Canada
by Nicholas S. F. Wilson, Randolph J. Enkin, Patrick J. McLellan, Carmel Lowe, Chris G. Podetz, Scott R. Dallimore, Mostafa Fayek, and Bruce Taylor

Control on Evolution of Reactivated Structural Highs on the Norwegian Margin and Their Significance in Future Exploration Areas
by Robert W. Wilson, Jonathan Imber, Robert. E. Holdsworth, Kenneth. J. W. McCaffrey, Richard R. Jones, Anthony G. Dore, David Roberts, and Grim Gjeldvik

Chasing the Upper Jurassic Alpine-Type Reservoir: Recent Exploration Success in the National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska
by  Gregory C. Wilson, Jerry H. Veldhuis, Erik Keskula, David B. Bannan, and Gregory F. Hebertson

Diagenetic and Depositional Controls on Reservoir Properties in the Eolian Pennsylvanian-Permian Tensleep Sandstone, Sussex Field, Wyoming
by Michael D. Wilson and Warren J. Winters

Reservoir Characterization and Hydrocarbon Implications of the Early Pliocene Deltaic Sedimentary Succession of the Columbus Channel, Trinidad
by Rene R. Winter and Ronald J. Steel

Difficulties in Identifying Synrift Growth Beds
by Martha Oliver Withjack and Roy W. Schlische

Geomorphology of the Mars Northeast Holden Delta
by Lesli Wood

Erosional Tidal Ridges in the Bakken Formation (Late Devonian-Early Mississippian), Southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada
by James M. Wood, Shaun C. O'Connell, and Stephen P. Robinson

Variability of Rift Climax Deposits: The Asl and Hawara Formations Associated with the October and Hamman Faraun Fault Blocks, Gulf of Suez, Egypt
by Paul Woodman, Rob Gawthorpe, and Jonathan Redfern

Sedimentology of Inorganic Calcite Precipitates from the Union Wash Formation, East-Central California, U.S.A.: Implications for the Biotic Recovery from the End-Permian Mass Extinction
by Adam D. Woods

Porosity Loss, Fabric Development and the Smectite-to-Illite Transition in Upper Cretaceous Mudstones from the North Sea: An Image Analysis Approach
by Richard H. Worden, Delphine Charpentier, Quentin Fisher, and Andrew C. Aplin

Pan-European Correlation of Ash-Falls (Bentonites) in Upper Cretaceous Chalks
by David S. Wray

An Nagyah Field, Upper Jurassic Lam Member Discovery—Marib/Shabwa Basin, Republic of Yemen
by Bruce Allen Wright

Paleosols in Carbonate Successions
by V. Paul Wright

Geochemical Distinction of Three Valley Fill Sandstones, Mannville Group and Basal Colorado Sandstone, Lower Cretaceous, Southern Alberta
by Amelia Wright, Roger G. Walker, Brian Zaitlin, and David Wray

Linking Climate with Laramide Tectonism, Valley Incision, and Sedimentary Fill: New Insights from Upper Cretaceous and Paleocene Examples
by Anton F.-J. Wroblewski

Application of Geological Analogs in the Exploration Workflow: Drawing on Decades of Knowledge to Identify the Critical Elements of a Play or Trap
by Shengyu Wu, Shaoqing Sun, Robert Trice, and Jose I. Guzman

Hydrocarbon Potential of the South Carolina Coastal Plain
by Douglas E. Wyatt

Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Ramp Signature of Transitional Eustasy, Mississippian Big Lime, West Virginia, U.S.A.
by Thomas C. Wynn and J. Fred Read

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Compound-Specific C and H Isotope Ratios as an Oil-Source Correlation Tool in the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin
by Yongqiang Xiong, Maowen Li, Lloyd Snowdon, and Dale Issler

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Cenozoic Stratigraphy and Structural Style in the Qaidam Basin, Northwest China, and Their Relationship with Regional Tectonics
by Yongtai Yang, Tianguang Xu, Qun Luo, and Quanjun Guan

Recognition of Intertidal Storm Deposits and Stratigraphic Reconstruction Using Wavelength of Hummocky Cross-Stratification: Observations and Deductions from Korean Tidal Flats
by Byong Cheon Yang, Robert W. Dalrymple, and Seung Soo Chun

Leak-Off Test Analysis to Evaluate Seal: Examples from the Central North Sea
by Najwa Yassir, Peter Winefield, and Amgad Younes

Building a Robust 3-D Model for a Complexly-Faulted Reservoir: An Example from the Angostura Field, Offshore Trinidad
by Liangmiao (Scott) Ye

Reservoir Heterogeneity Caused by Diagenesis in Tensleep Sandstones, Teapot Dome, Wyoming
by Peigui Yin, Dag Nummedal, and Qingsheng Zhang

Sequence Stratigraphy and Facies Architecture of Large Tidal-Fluvial Systems—Impact of Coastal Process Changes on the Coeval Nonmarine Strata
by Shuji Yoshida, Robert Dalrymple, James MacEachern, Andrew D. Miall, Andrew Willis, Ron Steel, Allard W. Martinius, Riyadh Rahmani, and Kerrie Bann

Tidal-Fluvial Versus Estuarine Bars: Upper Cretaceous Sego Sandstone, Utah, Compared with Modern-Ancient Analogues
by Shuji Yoshida, Ron Steel, Robert Dalrymple, James MacEachern, and Kerrie Bann

Forced Regression on Epeiric Seas: Examples from the Pimenteira Formation (Devonian, Parnaíba Basin, Brazil)
by Charles Young and Leonardo Borghi

Complex Traps: A Method for Calculating the Chance-Weighted Value Outcomes for a Prospect with Multiple Trap Styles
by Raymond Young, Steven McIntyre, Mark A. McLane, David M. Cook, James A. MacKay, and James Gouveia

Tectonics, Diagenesis and Distribution of Reservoirs in the Carboniferous Kiskatinaw Formation, Example from the Western Canada Basin
by Abu Yousuf and Charles M. Henderson

Mesozoic of the Eastern Margin of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
by Melinda M. Yurkowski, Dr. James E. Christropher, and Michelle Nicolas

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Late Syn-Rift and Post-Rift Slope-to-Basin-Floor Depositional System, Lower Cretaceous, Oseberg Area, Norwegian North Sea
by Anna-Jayne Zachariah

Seismic Character of Syn-Rift and Post-Rift Slope-to-Basin-Floor Deposits, Lower Cretaceous, Oseberg Area, Norwegian North Sea
by Anna-Jayne Zachariah, Steve Corfield, Martin Gee, Kristina Pedersen, Mike Charnock, Tom Dreyer, and Rob Gawthorpe

Geophysical and Geotechnical Mapping of Bedrock Down the Side of a Mountain in Northern British Columbia
by Wade Zaluski

Re-Assessment of Criteria for Discrimination of Parallel Inclined Drilling-Induced Tensile Fractures and Natural Open Fractures in Electrical Borehole Images
by Pedram Zarian, Raleigh D. Blumstein, Robert H. Maddock, and Mike Kozimko

High-Frequency Sequence Stratigraphy of Nearshore Strata: Corcoran Member, Mount Garfield Formation, Book Cliffs, Colorado, U.S.A.
by Mustapha Zater and Diane L. Kamola

Seismic Sensitivity of Vuggy Porosity: Example from Lawyer Canyon Outcrop, New Mexico
by Hongliu Zeng, Fred Wang, Xavier Janson, and Charles Kerans

Petroleum Migration Pathways in the Central Part of Junggar Basin, Northwestern China
by Ming Zha, Jiangxiu Qu, and Kongyou Wu

Shallow Gas Accumulations in the Neogene Strata of the Jiyang Superdepression, Bohai Bay Basin
by Guangyou Zhu, Shuichang Zhang, Jinxing Dai, Qiang Jin, Linye Zhang, and Jian Li

Comparison of Characteristics and Evolution of Two Submarine Canyon Systems in Two Cenozoic Post-Rift Continental Slope Basins Along the Northern Margin of the South China Sea
by Mangzheng Zhu, Stephan Graham, Timothy McHargue, Xiong Pang, and Yu Shu

Secondary Porosity and Reservoir Quality of Lower Tertiary Sandstones in Dongying Depression, Eastern China
by Xiaomin Zhu, Dakang Zhong, and Qin Zhang

Reducing the Oil and Gas Footprint Through the Use of Best Practices -- a Joint Venture by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and the MacLeod Institute
by Peter Zimmerman

Lingulide Brachiopods in Western Canadian Triassic Shallow Marine Strata: Implications for the Post-Extinction Recovery of Triassic Infaunal Communities
by John-Paul Zonneveld, Tyler W. Beatty, and S. George Pemberton

Primary and Reworked Pyroclastic Kimberlite Deposits in a Marginal/Shallow Marine Depositional Setting: Fort À La Corne Kimberlite Field, Saskatchewan
by John-Paul Zonneveld, Bruce A. Kjarsgaard, and Shawn E. Harvey

Oil Mixing in Deep Shelf and Deep Water Areas of the Gulf of Mexico
by John Zumberge, Harold Illich, and Stephen Brown

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