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Figure 7. Southwest-northeast well log cross section AA' from Poui field to East Mayaro field across the Columbus Basin, illustrating the typical gamma-log (left) and resistivity-log (right) signatures associated with depositional facies that make up the prograding megasequences. Note the abrupt stratigraphic thickening across the major normal growth faults in the depositional dip direction (OPR4-Omega and Flambouyant-NEQB-EM3-EM1), as well as the continuity of facies in the depositional strike direction (Omega-Flambouyant). Logs and base Pleistocene pick in OPR4 and Flambouyant are from Heppard et al. (1998). Environments of deposition are based on interpretation of integrated biostratigraphic data, well log motifs, seismic facies, and regional paleogeography. Line of section shown in Figure 4.