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AAPG Southwest Section
April 10-13, 2005, Fredericksburg, Texas

Search and Discovery Article #90040 (2005)
Posted July 13, 2005

*Special appreciation is expressed to David J. Sivils, Ph.D., Technical Program Chairman, for providing the abstracts for posting on Search and Discovery.

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Oil-Wet Reservoir: Recognition from Well Logs
by G. B. Asquith

Corporate Needs Versus Individual Adaptive Skills: How to Effectively Recruit and Retain Key Technical Staff
by Lyle F. Baie, John J. Gallagher, and K. Frank Wantland

Railroad Commission of Texas Voluntary Cleanup Program: Introduction and Case Studies of Successful Cleanups
by A. E. Beveridge

New Mexico’s Raton Basin Coalbed Methane Play
by Brian S. Brister and Gretchen K. Hoffman

Oil, Natural Gas and Helium Potential of the Chupadera Mesa area, Lincoln and Socorro Counties, New Mexico
by Ronald F. Broadhead

Application of Principles of Soil Science in Effective and Practical Approaches to Remediation of Produced Brine Releases in the Permian Basin Area of West Texas
by Hoy L. Bryson and A. Shane Estep

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Gold Mine or Money Pit- Worsham-Waha Devonian Play Reeves & Pecos Counties, Texas
by David J. Entzminger, David Sivils, Xu Long, and Huaibo Lui

Oil – Gas – Geothermal – An Energy Triad Part I: A New Energy and Economic Future in Texas
by Richard J. Erdlac, Jr.

Phanerzoic Development of the Llano Uplift
by Thomas E. Ewing

The Barnett Shale: Not So Simple After All
by Natalie Givens, Hank Zhao, and Dan Steward

Iceland—Fire and Ice
by Will Green

Petroleum Systems of the Permian Basin: Implications for Conventional and Unconventional Resource Development
by Ronald J. Hill, Daniel M. Jarvie, Jack A. Williams, and Jack D. Burgess

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Geochemistry of Unconventional Gas Shales: Using the Barnett Shale as a Model for Highgrading Exploration Plays
by Daniel M. Jarvie, Ronald J. Hill, and Richard M. Pollastro

Remaining Oil and Gas Potential of North Central Texas
by Jeff Jones

The Information Collected by Imaging Satellites: Examples of What It Tells Us, How to Get It, Ways It Saves the Explorationist Time and Money
David G. Koger

Porosity Characterization Utilizing Petrographic Image Analysis: Implications for Rapid Identification and Ranking of Reservoir Flow Units, Happy Spraberry Field, Garza County, Texas
by M. John M. Layman II and Wayne M. Ahr

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Llano Uplift
by Donald P. McGookey

Case Study for Selection of Technologies to Remediate Soil and Groundwater Containing Gas Condensate, West Panhandle Field, Texas
by J. David Mohrbacher, Brent Miller, and Mike Jacobs

Evaluating Textural Changes Within Clastic Environments Using Electrical Borehole Images
by B. M. Newberry, S. M. Hansen, and T. Perrett

Geology of the Billy (Abo) Field: Lamb County, Texas
by J. Michael Party and A. E. “Tony” D'Agostino

Identification, Documentation and Reporting of Environmental Liabilities in Light of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
by David E. Polter

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Budding New Technologies: First, Take Care of the Science Please
by Bill Riehl

Anticipating and Resolving Ethical Conflicts in Petroleum Exploration and Production
by Peter R. Rose

Seismic Interferometrypp, A Novel Exploration Tool
by Stan Sansone

Desalination Reject Water, Boon or Bust for Secondary Flooding?
by Allan Standen, Dr. Jean-Philippe Nicot, John Coll, and Robert Ruggiero

Oil – Gas – Geothermal – An Energy Triad Part II: Heat Energy And Risk Mitigation In Delaware-Val Verde Basin Reservoirs
by Douglas B. Swift, Richard J. Erdlac, and Subir K. Sanyal

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Certification of Petroleum Reserves Evaluators: The Time Is Now?
by Daniel J. Tearpock

Analyzing a “Sweet Spot” in the Barnett Shale
by Jimmy D. Thomas

Advances in the In Situ Treatment of Hydrocarbons Stimulation of Indigenous Bacterial Populations
by David Vance

Computer Modeling of the Evolution of Linked Fluvial and Coastal Erosion and Deposition
by Mark R. Vining

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Opening History and Porosity Evolution of Fractures in Sandstone Beneath an Evaporate Detachment, Gulf of Mexico Basin
by Meghan E. Ward and Stephen E. Laubach

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