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Corporate Needs Versus Individual Adaptive Skills: How to Effectively Recruit and Retain Key Technical Staff

Lyle F. Baie, John J. Gallagher, and K. Frank Wantland
Career Partnering, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Recruiting, developing and retaining a flexible, technically superior workforce, capable of success under any scenario of the future is the number one concern of bottom line oriented organizations. Individuals also have a stake in contributing to this goal by remaining technically superior and by developing their adaptive skills in order to continuously add value to their employers.

Most organizations currently have one or more programs to meet the challenges of recruiting and of retaining key staff in a tightening labor marketplace. Most of these current in-place programs focus on monetary incentives and have been only marginally successful. Few organizations recognize that recruiting and retention are parts of a continuum from pre-recruiting branding to eventual outplacement or retirement. This means that each aspect of the on-boarding process must be examined so that all the recruiting and retention programs are developed in the context of new career patterns, new adaptive skills and the new dynamics of the highly segmented careers which typify the 21st century work environment.

Individuals will be able to manage their careers effectively when they build their image and reputation, establish a large structure of connectedness and when they anticipate the future. These skills, when developed to the Mastery Level of competency, add significant value to any and all employers.