--> 2005 Rocky Mountain Section AAPG Meeting, September 24-26, 2005, Jackson, Wyoming, #90047 (2005).

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AAPG Rocky Mountain Section

September 24-26, 2005, Jackson, Wyoming

Search and Discovery Article #90047 (2005)
Posted November 10, 2005

*Special appreciation is expressed to Lyn George, Technical Program Chair, 2005 Rocky Mountain Section Meeting, for providing permission to post these abstracts on Search and Discovery.

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Late Mississippian (Chesterian)-Early Pennsylvanian (Morrowan) Conodont Biostratigraphy of East-Central Idaho and Southwest Montana

J.M. Abplanalp, P.E. Isaacson, A.S. Gilmore


Mesaverde Gas Play - Eastern Uinta Basin, Utah

P.B. Anderson


Inversion Modeling of the SP Log…Resurrecting and Quantifying a Critical Measurement for Predicting Permeability and Formation Water Resistivity

J.S. Arbogast, S.M. Goolsby


Wyodak Coal, Tongue River Member of the Fort Union Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: "No-Coal Zones" and Their Effects on Coalbed Methane Production

M. Ashley


Techniques to Evaluate Resevoir Performance in a Tight Gas Field: The Wamsutter Experience

F.E. Bakun, C.N. Cecil, H.C. Gee, K.A. Haley, E.R. Ellis, S.L. McConkey


Exploring the basin fill history of the Green River Formation in the Piceance Creek and the Uinta Basins

Y. Bartov, D. Nummedal


High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of Latest Mississippian (Chesterian) Carbonate and Siliciclastic Facies in East Central Idaho and Southwest Montana

L. Batt, P.E. Isaacson, M.C. Pope, I.P. Montañez


The Fort Union Formation of the Powder River Basin, Campbell County, Wyoming: The Methane Gas Potential of the Upper Fort Union Formation Sandstones

M.J. Blackstone


Eagle Springs Oil Field East Extension – a 1965 Soil Gas Survey Success

L.C. Bortz


Using Production History and Field Characteristics to Quantify the Influence of Geologic and Engineering Attributes on Reservoir Performance in Wyoming Oil Fields

J.M. Boyles, K. van ’t Veld, B.F. Towler, C.F. Mason


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Lewis Deltaic Shelf Sequences Predict Deepwater Sand Presence/Absence

C.R. Carvajal, R. Steel, D. Reitz


Petroleum Geology of Ashley Valley Field and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Surrounding Area, Uintah County, Utah

T.C. Chidsey, Jr, D.A. Sprinkel


Analyzing Hydraulically Fractured Gas Well Performance in the Greater Green River Basin of Wyoming

D.D. Cramer


Geology and Mechanics of the Basin-Centered Gas Accumulation, Piceance Basin, Colorado

S.P. Cumella, J. Scheevel


Utility of Rocky Mountain Tight Gas Sand Resource Assessments: Data Sources, Methodologies and End Users

J.B. Curtis


Overview of An Interactive Online Internet-based Map Server (IMS) for Wyoming's Northern Powder River Basin

R.H. De Bruin, N.R. Jones, R.M. Lyman, A.J. Ver Ploeg


Reservoir Geometry of the Regressive Fox Hills Sandstone: Control on Aquifer Quality

M. Dechesne, R.G. Raynolds


Tidally Influenced Sedimentation in the Upper Cretaceous Almond Formation, Patrick Draw Field, Sweetwater Co, Wyoming: Come Look at the Cores

B. Blakeney DeJarnett, A.J. Scott


Petrographic Reservoir Characterization—Direct Measurement and Analysis of Pore and Grain Size Data from Thin Sections

T.L. De Keyser


Lacustrine Deposits Examined as a Sratigraphic Control on Migration and Compartmentalization in Eolian Reservoirs

K.A. Duncan, R.P. Langford


The Use of Passive Seismic Monitoring for the Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

P.M. Duncan, J. Lakings, C. Neale


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Gas Desorption Tests: Application for Powder River Basin Gas Production Prediction

M.S. Ellis, G.D. Stricker, R.M. Flores


What are the Mechanisms and Timing of Joints in the Rockies?

E. Erslev


The San Juan Basin is NOT a Model for "Basin-Centered Gas"

J.E. Fassett, B.C. Boyce


Application of a High-Frequency Sequence Stratigraphic Framework in the 2nd Frontier, Green River Basin, Wyoming

G.L. Ford


3D Geologic Modeling and Fracture Interpretation of the Tensleep Sandstone, Alcova Anticline, Wyoming

N.J. Gilbertson, N.F. Hurley


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Supplying the Next Generation of Petroleum Professionals

C. Hansen


The Megabreccia Reservoir at Ghost Ranch Oilfield, Railroad Valley, Nevada

J.B. Hansen, C. Schaftenaar


Shallow Thermogenic Shale Gas in the Rocky Mountains

N.B. Harris


The Rocky Mountain Transportation Conundrum

B.G. Hassler


Gemstones in Wyoming: Geology and Exploration

W.D. Hausel


Treatment Technologies for Coalbed Methane Produced Water Management

T. Hayes, D. Arthur


Good-bye to the Upper Cretaceous Seaway – Models for Lewis, Fox Hills, and Lance Strata in the Greater Green River and Wind River Basins

M. Hendricks


Utah - Permitting Challenges in a Rocky Mountain Petroleum Frontier

K. Hoffman


A New Look at Cow Creek Field, Carbon County, Wyoming

S.H. Hollis


Prospecting for Gas Hydrate Accumulations using 2D and 3D Seismic Data, Milne Point, North Slope Alaska

T.L. Inks, T. Collett, D.J. Taylor, W.F. Agena, M.W. Lee, R.B. Hunter


Middle and Upper Paleozoic Carbonate Sequences in Idaho: Foreland Subsidence, Eustacy and Reefs

P.E. Isaacson, M.C. Pope, I.P. Montanez, L. Batt


New Stratigraphic and Palynologic Studies of the Paleocene Waltman Shale Member, Wind River Basin, Wyoming: Implications for Basin Depositional Environments

R.C. Johnson, S.B. Roberts, D.J. Nichols


Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary Petroleum Systems and Assessment Units, Wind River Basin, Wyoming

R.C. Johnson, T.M. Finn, S.B. Roberts, L.N.R. Roberts, P.G. Lillis, P.H. Nelson


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Detailed Stratigraphic Delineation Using 3D Volume Interpretation: A Case Study from the Uinta Basin, Utah

R.W. Keach, II, P. Harrison, D. Harrison


Management of Produced Water from Coalbed Natural Gas Wells, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

J. Kennedy


Evaluating Thermogenic Tight Gas Shales, the Unconventional Frontier with Proven Success

J. Kieschnick, R. Suarez-Rivera, D. Handwerger


Cultural and Molecular Studies of Methanogens in Paleocene Fort Union Formation Coal from the Powder River Basin of Wyoming and Montana

D.A. Klein, R.M. Flores, S. McKinney, L.P. Pereyra, A. Pruden-Bagchi


Is It Possible to Detect Gas Seepage from CO2-EOR Projects? Experience at Rangely, Colorado, with CO2-EOR, and Teapot Dome, Wyoming, at Baseline Condition

R.W. Klusman


What's UP on the Pinedale Anticline

S. Kneller, R.W. McDermott, S.G. Zinke


Undersaturation in Coals: How Does it Happen and Why is it Important

R.A. Lamarre


CBM Resource Development in Ecologically Sensitive Environments--Vermejo Park Ranch, New Mexico -- A Case Study

R.A. Larson, G.J. Holm, J. Lorenz


Horizontal Drilling Potential of the Middle Member Bakken Formation, North Dakota

J.A. LeFever


Characterization of the Natural Gas Systems of the Wind River Basin, Wyoming

P.G. Lillis, R.C. Johnson


Integrated Gravity and Magnetic Interpretations Yield New Insights to Basin and Range Structures

G.L. Lisle


Documentation of Late Cretaceous Forebulge Migration in Southwestern Wyoming

H. Luo, D. Nummedal


Wyoming Coal's Role in Gassification; Past, Present, and Back to the Future

R.M. Lyman, N.R. Jones


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Characterizing a Fractured Carbonate with an Embedded Multicomponent Seismic Test

B. Mattocks, D. Todorovic-Marinic, S.L. Roche, S. Ronen


Evaluation of Coal Seam Permeability in Marginal Reservoirs

M. Mavor, W.D. Gunter


Investigating the Interaction of Sevier and Laramide Structural Development in the Rocky Mountains with 3D Seismic Mapping

J.H. McBride, R.W. Keach, II, T.H. Morris, W. Monn, T. Anderson


Discovered Crude Oil Resources of Wyoming, USA

T.J. McCutcheon, J.M. Skeim


Pinedale Field: a Giant New Gas Resource, Green River Basin, Wyoming, U.S.A

R.W. McDermott, T.G. Graham


Sediment Diapirism and Gravity Sliding of the 2 Ma Huckleberry Tuff Near the Teton Dam, Idaho: Small-Scale Structural Constraints

M. Millard, R.W. Clayton, C.S. Painter


A Historical Perspective of Anadarko's CBNG Exploration and Development Success in the Rocky Mountain Region

B. Miller, S. Ruhl


Surface Mapping Validates 3D Seismic Faulting Interpretations at Teapot Dome Field, Natrona Co., Wyoming

M.D. Milliken, T.J. McCutcheon


Structure and Reservoir Characterization of Farnham Dome Field, Carbon County, Utah

C.D. Morgan, K. McClure, T.C. Chidsey, Jr, R. Allis


The Goshen Multi-Zone Project: a Resource Area Where Multi-Stage Frac Technology May Commercialize Stacked Low Permeability, Hydrocarbon Saturated Targets

J. Morel


Integrated Reservoir Characterization of the Entrada Erg-margin Gas Play, Utah: An Outcrop and Seismic Analog for the North Hill Creek/Flat Rock Field, Southern Uinta Basin, Utah

T.H. Morris, W. Monn, J.H. McBride, R.W. Keach, II


Review of the Federal Land Use Planning Process

C. Moseley


Central Utah, a New Oil and Gas Province

Floyd C. Moulton and Michael L. Pinnell


Big Sand Draw Field – The Proof is in the Details

C.E. Mullen


3D Strain at Transitions in Foreland Arch Geometry: Structural Modeling of The Beartooth Arch - Rattlesnake Mountain Transition, NW Wyoming

T.G. Neely


Coalbed Natural Gas Resource Potential of the Wyodak-Anderson Coal Zone in the Powder River Basin

C.R. Nelson


Gas Origin in Coals of the Blackhawk Formation, Castlegate Coalbed Methane Field, Utah

M. Niemann, P.R. Clarke, C.T. Cornelius, B. Ryan, M.J. Whiticar


Case Study: Greater Wamsutter Field, Wyoming—Tight Gas Reservoir

G.E. Norris, T. McClain


A New Energy System for the Intermountain West – Built on Domestic Primary Resources and Negative Carbon Emissions

D. Nummedal


Late Cretaceous Subsidence in Wyoming

D. Nummedal, H. Luo, S. Liu


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Dating of Coal Bed Methane Reservoir and Surface Waters in the Raton Basin, Colorado and the Susitna Basin, Alaska

P.R. Oldaker, U. Fehn


Structural Analysis of a Larmide-Age, Basement-Involved, Foreland Fault Zone, Rawlins Uplift, South-Central Wyoming

S. Otteman, A.W. Snoke


Geomorphic Response of the Henrys Fork River to Pleistocene Volcanism, Mesa Falls Recreation Area, Caribou-Targhee National Forest, Idaho

C.S. Painter, W.W. Little, G.F. Embree, M. Millard


Structure, Stratigraphy, And Hydrocarbon Potential of Butte Valley, White Pine County, Nevada

A.H. Pekarek


Cretaceous Lowstand Shorelines of the Middle Park Basin, Colorado

A.L. Petter


Same Day Downhole Critical Gas Content Without the Core

J. Pope


Same Day Downhole Gas Content Analysis with Raman Spectroscopy

J.M. Pope


Overview of Oil and Gas Permitting – Issues Faced by the Bureau of Land Management in Wyoming

A. Rabinoff


A New Technology for 3-D Seismic Exploration and Development of Fractured Tight Gas Reservoirs

J.J. Reeves


Almond Reservoir Stratigraphy and Its Impact on Well Density Rule Changes in the Greater Wamsutter Development Area

V.L. Riggert, J.A. Hornbeck, D.S. Muller, B.W. Horn, G.E. Norris, D.H. Phillips, E. Glørstad-Clark, J.L. Coleman, Jr


Source-rock Analysis of the Lower Member of the Lewis Shale, Washakie Basin, Wyoming

A.V. Rigoris, I. Pasternack, J.B. Curtis, N.F. Hurley


The Waltman Shale Total Petroleum System: Does it have a favorable future?

S.B. Roberts, R.C. Johnson, P.G. Lillis


Acquisition and Analysis of Multicomponent Seismic Data, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma, U.S.A

S.L. Roche, M. Wagaman, H.J. Watt


Improved Imaging of the Darby Thrust Fault using Multi-Component Seismic Receivers

S. Ronen, M. Wagaman, C. Ansorger


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Syntectonic and Release Fracturing in Doubly-Plunging, Basement-Involved Anticlines, Northern Rocky Mountains: Results of Integrated Surface and Subsurface Analyses
S. Salamoff


Shale Gas Reservoirs of Utah

S. Schamel


Detached Silt-rich Lowstand Shoreface Deposits of the Western Interior Seaway: Known and Prospective 'Shale' Gas Reservoirs

S. Schamel, S.R. Bereskin


Geochemical Exploration Surveys in the Rockies: Strategies for Success

D. Schumacher, D. Hitzman, B. Rountree


Coalbed Methane in the San Juan and Powder River Basins: Differences and Similarities

A.R. Scott


Surface Geochemical Tools for Hydrocarbon Exploration and Structural Mapping in the Great Basin of Nevada and Utah

D.M. Seneshen, J.H. Viellenave, J.V. Fontana


The Upper Birdbear Formation (Nisku) of Western North Dakota: Another Emerging Williston Basin Horizontal Play

J.T. Sperr, R.B. Burke


Exploration History and Petroleum Geology of the Central Utah Thrust Belt

D.A. Sprinkel, T.C. Chidsey, Jr


A Structural Model of Jonah and South Pinedale Fields, Wyoming

T.C. Stiteler, T.J. Young, K.E. Meisling, W.B. Hanson


Structural Geology and Petroleum Systems of the Newly Discovered Covenant Field Area, Central Utah Thrust Belt

D. Strickland, J.P. Vrona, K.R. Johnson, D.D. Schelling, D.A. Wavrek


A Strategy to Reduce Risk in Searching for Gas Accumulations in Tight-Gas Sand

R.C. Surdam, Z. Sheng


Deep Gas Potential in Wyoming

R.C. Surdam, Z. Sheng


Low Flood Rate Residual Saturations in Carbonate Rocks

H. Tie, N.R. Morrow


Late Paleozoic Tectonism in the Central Great Basin Requires Revision of Stratigraphic and Structural Interpretations

J. Trexler, Jr, P. Cashman


Regional Subthrust Fracture Arrays in Outcrop: Guide to Attributes of Tight Gas Sandstones

K. Tushman, S.E. Laubach


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Sandstone Lithofacies Within the Icebox Fm (Ordovician), Williston Basin, North Dakota and Montana

A.J. Ulishney, R.D. LeFever


Active Biogenesis of Methane in Ft. Union Coals of Wyoming’s Powder River Basin

G. Ulrich, R. DeBruyn, M. Finkelstein, J. Weber


Facies and Architecture of the Chimney Rock Member, Rock Springs Formation (Mesaverde Group), Southwest Wyoming

A.R. VanHolland, R.S. Martinsen


Using the EORI Scoping Tool to Assess the Potential Suitability of a Wyoming Oil Field for Enhanced Oil Recovery

K. van 't Veld, J.M. Boyles, B. Towler, A. Ergenc, C. Mason


Application of Fractured Reservoir Simulation Concepts-Teapot Dome

E.E. Wadleigh


Fractured Sandstone Outcrops in Northeast Mexico: Guides to the Attributes of Fractures in Tight Gas Sandstones

M.E. Ward, S.E. Laubach


Reservoir Modeling and Simulation for CO2 Flooding: the Effect of Reservoir Heterogeneity on Simulation Forecasts

S. Wo


Regulatory Framework for 80-acre Development Created in the Greater Wamsutter Development Area

C.A. Wood, C.E. Graham


Characterization of Tensleep Sandstone Reservoirs

P. Yin


Stratigraphy, sedimentology and petrophysics of the Tensleep Sandstone at Teapot Dome and in outcrop

Q. Zhang, D. Nummedal, P. Yin


Paleotectonic Control and its Relationship to Wyodak Coal Deposition and Production in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming

R.E. Zilinski, D.M. Goldstein


Pinedale Field: Geophysical Applications in a Major Tight Gas Field, Green River Basin, Wyoming, U.S.A

S.G. Zinke, S.E. Shearer


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