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Same Day Downhole Critical Gas Content Without the Core

John Pope, WellDog Inc, Laramie, WY 82072, phone: 307-721-8875, [email protected]

Gas desorption methods to analyze coal gas content require expensive sample retrieval methods and extended desorption and analysis times.

WellDog has adapted its new downhole Raman spectrometer to measuring gas content in coalbed wells without sampling and in a matter of hours.

This technology, which has been successfully calibrated in three independent laboratories using state-of-the art Boyle's Law isotherm apparatus, accurately measures gas content in wells containing one or more coal seams, in-situ.

This presentation will show the methods behind the analysis, share laboratory calibration and field case study results. It will also review how same-day analysis of gas content is leading to new, more efficient development methods for clients.