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Sandstone Deposition in Lacustrine Environments: Implications for Exploration and Reservoir Development

May 18-21, 2004 — Baku, Azerbaijan

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Note: Items preceded by asterisks(*) designate somewhat extended to extended abstracts, some with illustrations.

*Pliocene Fluvio-Lacustrine Depositional Systems in the South Caspian Basin; Reservoir Architecture Impacts
by Nazim Abdullayev, Andrew Bowman, Neil Piggott, Gregory Riley, and Matthew Warner

*Results of Paleo Volga Deltaic Sediments Study within Gunashly Field 
by E. Aleskerov, A. Narimanov, B. Husseynov, S. Jafarova, and O. Akhmedov

*Lithofacies Zonation of Lower Pliocene Productive Series Sediments, South Caspian Basin
by Elmira Aliyeva and Dadash Huseynov

High Frequency Cyclicity of Sedimentation in the South Caspian Early Pliocene: Implication to Productive Series Reservoirs Architecture
by E. Aliyeva, D. Nummedal, D. Huseynov, G. Riley, and J. Friedmann

*Tectonostratigraphy of the Paratethyan Basins
by Mark Allen, Stephen Vincent, Clare Davies, Arif Ismail-Zadeh, Elmira Aliyeva, Mike Simmons, and Andy Morton

*Balakany IX & X Integrated Studies Shallow Water Gunashli, Caspian Sea
by Bakhtiyar Bagirov, Elshad Aleskerov, Sonya Jafarova, Kevin Sylvester, and Dave Waldren

Sequence Stratigraphy in the Dead Sea Basin – Field Observations and Computer Modeling
by Yuval Bartov, Yehouda Enzel, and Mordechai Stein

Sheet-like Fluvial Sand Bodies and Incised Valleys in the Fluvio-Lacustrine Triassic Dockum Group, Palo Duro Canyon, Texas Panhandle, USA
by Tara L. Benda and Lee F. Krystinik

*Reservoir Prediction in Lake Systems: Complex, Contingent, and Challenging
by Kevin Bohacs

Geodynamic and Tectonic Framework of the South Caspian Basin Evolution
by Marie-Francoise Brunet and MEBE Teams

*Fluvial Sandstone Deposition in an Underfilled Lake Basin: Wilkins Peak Member of the Eocene Green River Formation, Wyoming
by Alan R. Carroll, Jeffrey T. Pietras, Brooke A. Swanson, M. Elliot Smith, and Cynthia A. Stiles

Comparison of the Neogene Productive Series, Azerbaijan with the Modern Ephemeral Fluvial Systems Around Lake Eyre, Australia
by Clare E. Davies, Simon C. Lang, Tobias H.D. Payenberg, Mark R.W. Reilly, Jochen Kassan, and Stephen J.Vincent

*Integrating Sedimentological and Palynological Observations to Deduce Tectonic and Climatic Controls on the Depositional Environments of the Productive Series 
by Clare Davies, Mike Simmons, Stephen Vincent, Mark Allen, Keith Richards, Andy Morton, and Elmira Aliyeva

*Creating Structural Model of V Oil Deposit, Pannonian Basin, Serbia and Montenegro
by Miroslav Francuski, Milovan Berić, and Krunislav Ilić

*Sedimentary Processes and Sequence Stratigraphy of Lake Michigan
by Gordon S. Fraser, Todd A. Thompson, Ted C. Moore, and Joseph F. Atkinson

*Using Trace Fossils to Differentiate between Alluvial, Lacustrine, Eolian, and Marine Paleoenvironments
by Stephen T. Hasiotis

*Oil Source Rocks in the Lower Pliocene Deltaic-Lacustrine Successions in the South Caspian Basin
by D. Huseynov, E. Aliyeva, D. Nummedal, I. Guliyev, G. Riley, and J. Friedmann

*Parasequence-Scale Sedimentology and Reservoir Architecture of a Late Mesozoic Fluvial-Lacustrine Interface, Southeast Mongolia
by C.L. Johnson

On the Distribution of the Turbidite Type Reservoirs in Productive Series within South Caspian Deepwater Structures
by Ch. M. Khalifa-zade

Productive Series as a Gravity-Driven High-Rate Lacustrine Formation, South Caspian Basin (Insights from Field-Exposure Observations)
by R.Kh. Khayrulin

*Exploration of Sand Rich Triassic Lacustrine Deltas in North Sichuan Basin, People's Republic of China
by David J. Kronman

*Modern Caspian Deltas as Analogues for the Productive Series, Azerbaijan
by S.B. Kroonenberg, J.F. Boels, R.M. Hoogendoorn, I. Overeem, E. Aliyeva, D. Huseynov, E.M. Badyukova, A.A. Svitoch, D. Hinds, and M.D. Simmons

Lacustrine Syn-rift Facies Associations and Reservoir Quality from Core: Shahejie and Dongying Formations (Eocene-Oligocene), Bohai Bay, People’s Republic of China
by Michael D. Kuykendall

*Modern Fluvial-Lacustrine Reservoir Analogues From Lake Eyre, Central Australia
by Simon C. Lang, Tobias H.D. Payenberg, Mark R.W. Reilly, and Jochen Kassan

*Biostratigraphic Zonation within a Brackish Lacustrine System, Central Paratethys, Lake Pannon
by Imre Magyar

*Lacustrine Sandstone Reservoirs of the Lake Pannon and Alluvial Sequences, Central Paratethys - Case Studies at Algyő and Hosszúpályi South
by I. Magyar, A. Fogarisi, V. Soreg, L. Buko, V. Lemberkovics, K. Kiss, G. Vakarcs, M. Vincze, and P. Zahucski

The Pliocene Paleo-Volga Delta: Sedimentary Response of a Large Lacustrine Delta to Cyclic Climate Changes
by D. Nummedal, Elmira Aliyeva, Dadash Huseinov, and Julio Friedmann

*Climatic Evolution of the Doba Basin, Chad: Controls on Depositional Setting and Stratal Architecture of the Three Fields Area, Chad
by Penny E. Patterson, Clive R. Jones, Maija E. Schellpeper, Ray Skelly, and David Lowe

*Sedimentary Processes in an Ephemeral River and Terminal Splay Complex, Lake Eyre, Central Australia – Observation from the February 2003 Flooding Event
by Tobias H.D. Payenberg, Mark R.W. Reilly, Simon C. Lang, and Jochen Kassan

*Sedimentary Processes and Facies Geometry of a Sandy Ephemeral Terminal Splay Complex, Umbum Creek, Lake Eyre, Central Australia
by Mark R.W. Reilly, Simon C. Lang, Tobias H.D. Payenberg, and Jochen Kassan

*Tectonic Evolution of the Doba and Doseo basins, Chad: Controls on Trap Formation and Depositional Setting of the Three Fields Area, Chad
by David J. Reynolds and Clive R. Jones

*Deterministic and Geostatistical Characterization and Modeling of the Geometry, Heterogeneity, and Connectivity of Lacustrine-Deltaic Sandstone, Green River Formation, SW Uinta Basin, Utah
by Bradley D. Ritts, Cari L. Johnson, Rosalind Archer, and Andrew Taylor

*Balakhany Sand High-Resolution Seismic Interpretation Over Deep Water Gunashli and Chirag Areas
by N. Sadigova, A. Narimanov, and J. Howie

Ashrafi-Karabakh Seismic Facies Analysis
by F. Salamov

Sedimentology and Reservoir Characteristics of Upper Miocene-Lower Pliocene Oil and Gas Reservoir Sands in Apsheron Peninsula, Kirmaky Valley, Baku, Azerbaijan
by Alaattin Sayili, Zühtü Bati, H. Edward Clifton, Dag Nummedal, Akif A. Narimanov , and Gregory W. Riley

Alluvial Fan and Lacustrine Fan-Delta Complexes (Early-Middle Miocene) in Sediment Balanced and Sediment Overfilled Rift Basin in Western Anatolia, Turkey 
by Alaattin Sayili, Zuhtu Bati, and Y. Haluk Iztan

*Stratigraphical Dissection of the Sediments of the Closed Oligocene Basin of Azerbaijan
by S.A. Shikhlinsky

Reservoir Architecture of Gabus and Udang Formations, West Natuna Basin, Offshore Indonesia
by Albert W. Shultz and L. Charles Ways

*Alluvial Deposition and Implications for Reservoir Development, Shuangyang Sandstone, Moliqing Block, Yitong Graben, P. R. China
by John S. Sneider, Andrew S. Harper, Susan Cao, and Haibin Zhou

Marginal Lacustrine Limestone Deposition and Implications for Reservoir Development, Yi64 Block, Bohai Bay Basin, P. R. China 
by John S. Sneider, Andrew S. Harper, and Cliff Geng

Fluvio-Lacustrine Deposition and Implications for Reservoir Development, FuYang Sandstone, Daan Block, Songliao Basin, P. R. China
by John S. Sneider, Andrew S. Harper, Tim Liu, Susan Cao, and James Wang

Fluvio-Lacustrine Sandstone Deposition and Implications for Reservoir Development, Daan Field, Songliao Basin, P. R. China
by J. Sneider, A. Harper, T. Liu, and J. Wang

Shallow Lacustrine Deposition and Implications for Reservoir Development, Putaohua Sandstone, Daan Block, Songliao Basin, P. R. China
by John S. Sneider, Andrew S. Harper, James Wang, and Lilly Zhang

*Conditions of Lower Pliocene Deposits Accumulation in Kura Gulf of Caspian Lacustrine Basin
by A.M. Suleymanov

*Integrated Sequence Stratigraphical Analysis of the Neogene Lacustrine Pannonian Basin
Gábor Vakarcs and Imre Magyar

*Freshened Seas or Giant Lakes: Eustacy and History of the Paratethys
by Gabor Vakarcs and Imre Magyar