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Figure 4.3. Vertical-lined patterns show unproven OCS reserves within seven miles of shoreline and possible reserves in state waters (T-Ridge and S labels). Rig symbols locate six possible onshore drill sites. The total reserve potential of the six onshore drill sites ranges from 500 to 1000 MMBOE. The low-side and high-side recovery factors are 13600 BOE/acre and 33600 BOE/acre (see Figure 2). The reserve potential of each drill site is:
North Vandenberg Air Force Base. 230-470 MMBOE.

South Vandenberg Air Force Base. 110-220 MMBOE.
Pt. Conception. 110-210 MMBOE.
Capitan. 30-60 MMBOE.

West Montalvo. 40-90 MMBOE.
The drilling rig on the man-made Grissom drilling island near Long Beach, California is an example of the use of camouflaging to enhance the visual impact of operations in urban areas. (Modified from photo by J. Jepson, California DOGGR website.)