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Figure 2. Statistical analyses of Pacific OCS reserves. A. Distribution of sizes of 24 OCS fields with unproven reserves (Figure 1B) based on 13600 BOE/acre (1.3 MMBOE/95000 acres) (derived from Sorensen et al., 2000).

B. Linear regression analysis of the ultimate reserves of seven offshore fields producing mainly from the Monterey Formation and the closure areas of the fields (Santa Clara, Sockeye, Pescado, Pt. Arguello, Pt. Pedernales/T-Ridge Units, Sacate, and Hondo). The best fit recovery factor is 33600 BOE/acre (Based on DOGGR, 2006). The recovery factors of 13600 BOE/acre and 33600 BOE/acre are the basis for low-side and high-side estimates of the unproven and possible reserve potential of offshore southern California.