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AAPG Division of Professional Affairs
Mid-Continent Playmaker's Forum
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, May 11, 2017

Search and Discovery Article #90296 (2017)
Posted June 30, 2017




Science Data: Rise Of the Machines, Analytics and Humans: Artificial Intelligence in the Age of the Iiot and Cyber,
      Tristan Arbus

Discoveries from the Up-Dip Expansion of the Scoop Play,
      Chris J. Carson

Devono-Mississippian Petroleum Systems of North America: What Makes the Stack– Merge Play in Oklahoma So Special,
      Andrew Cullen

Multilateral Horizontal Drilling: A Game Changer in the NW Stack,
      Frank Dano

Woodford and VRO: Learning the Scale of the Woodford Petroleum System One Measurement at a Time,
      Doran Eddins

Deep StackExploration of the Over-Pressured Meramec Shale in Blaine and Dewey Counties, OK,
      Richard Dale Fritz

The Scoop on the Arkoma Stack,
      David J. Fruit

Horizontal Value Add: Marchand and Lower Red Fork Sandstones, Anadarko Basin,
      William Knebush

The History of the WEHLU Play from Conventional to Unconventional,
      Galen Ward Miller

Early Entry in to the NW Stack Play,
      Douglas Eugene Pethoud

Depositional Interpretation and Sequence Stratigraphic Control on Reservoir Quality and Distribution in the Meramec Stack Play: Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma,
      Buddy James Price

The Evolution of the American Shale Plays: Where We Are and How We Got There,
      Richard Kelty Stoneburner

Building a Major Asset in the Anadarko Basin: The Tecolote Granite Wash Story,
      Maurice Storm

Understanding Stratigraphy from Stack to Scoop: A Subsurface Study of a Mega Play in the Anadarko Super Basin,
      Mark Andrew Sutcliffe

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