--> AAPG/EAGE/SEG/SPE Middle East Geosciences Technology Workshop; - Abstracts, #90287 (2017).

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AAPG/EAGE/SEG/SPE Middle East Geosciences Technology Workshop
The Knowledge Management Challenge
Abu Dhabi, UAE, November 16-18, 2016

Search and Discovery Article #90287 (2017)
Posted February 13, 2017


Project Knowledge Harvesting: Process Integrated Approach to Knowledge Sharing in Complex Project Environment,
      Rima Al-Awadhi and Abdul Jaleel Tharayil

The Journey of Knowledge Transfer from Centralized into Distributed Implementation at Saudi Aramco,
      Hashim Alsaeedi

Knowledge Management in Exploration Organization "Impact and Challenges",
      Ahmed BenMahfuz

Mapping Knowledge for Due to Retire Employees at ADCO,
      Lama Dweik

Leveraging Knowledge to Cut Costs, Drive Innovation and Ensure Project Success,
      Arnab Ghosh

Establishing a Successful Knowledge Management Framework – Case Studies and Open Discussion,
      Arnab Ghosh

Taking Advantage of our Knowledge in PDO,
      Hank Malik

Breaking the Barriers to E & P Knowledge Management,
      Shaoqing Sun and Shengyu Wu

Promoting Organizational Innovation, Intrapreneurship and Knowledge Based Renewal,
      Petra Turkama

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