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AAPG Geoscience Technology Workshop (GTW)
Fourth Annual Eagle Ford Shale

San Antonio, Texas, March 9-11, 2015

Search and Discovery Article #90227 (2015)
Posted May 25, 2015


Eagle Ford Development Case Study Utilizing 3D Seismic in Structurally Complex Area, Atascosa County, Texas,
      Lee Billingsley

Limestone Frequency and Well Performance, Eagle Ford Shale (Cretaceous), South Texas,
      John Breyer, R.H. Wilty, Y. Tian, A. Salman, K.W. O'Connor, B. Kurtoglu, R.J. Hooper, R.M. Daniels, R.W. Butler, and D. Alfred

Reservoir Characterization for Optimizing Production: Eagle Ford Case Study,
      Queena Chou

Exploration Insight and Input that Changed Organizational Focus, Strategies and Economic Outcomes: Several Resource Play Examples,
      Bill Fairhurst and Frank Reid

Depositional Processes and Architecture of the Upper Cretaceous Eagle Ford Formation: Insights from Outcrops and Cores,
      Gregory Frebourg

Re-fracturing Horizontal Shale Wells in the Woodford and Eagle Ford – A Case History,
      Samuel French

Diffraction Imaging of Fault Zone Sediment Variation within the Austin Chalk and Eagle Ford Shale, Maverick Basin, South Texas,
      Ursula Hammes

Collaborative Field Development and Optimization in Unconventional Plays,
      Princess Helin

Understanding the Importance of Data Integration on Well Spacing in the Eagle Ford Shale,
      Phil Lindner

A New Approach to Optimizing Recovery PRTISP Process,
      Harold Nikipelo

A New Approach to Modeling Produciton Decline in Unconventional Formations,
      Babafemi Ogunyomi, Song Dong, and Kabir Shah

Seismic Attribute Analysis and the use of Unsupervised Neural Networks and Principal Component Analysis in Unconventional and Conventional Reservoirs,
      Deborah Sacrey

Well Performance and Completion Optimization: Striving to Optimize Returns in the Eagle Ford Shale,
      Jon Scheidt

Creating a 3-D Hydrocarbon Profile in the Eagle Ford Shale Play and Relating that Information to Field Production,
      Rick Schrynemeeckers

Geomechanical Modeling of Hydraulic Fracturing: Why Mechanical Stratigraphy, Stress State, and Pre-existing Structure Matter,
      Kevin J. Smart, Goodluck Ofoegbu, Alan P. Morris, Ronald McGinnis, and David Ferrill

Wettability Alteration in the Eagleford: How to Design Drilling Fluids to Improve Recovery in Shale Plays,
      Geoffrey Thyne

The Eagle Ford Formation in Northern Coahuila, Mexico: Ongoing Exploration Activities in the Galaxia Area (Burgos Basin),
      Ricardo Torres-Vargas

Restimulating Horizontal Oil Wells – Success and Failure,
      Mike Vincent

Propped Fracs Are Collapsing – What Are the Causes and Ramifications?,
      Mike Vincent

Eagle Ford Pore Architecture for Reservoir Optimization,
      Joel Wall

Correlation of Eagle Ford South Texas Eaglebine East Texas and Tuscaloosa Louisiana-Mississippi Using Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis,
      Walter W. Wornardt

Perforating Best Practices for Horizontal Plug and Perf Completions,
      Kevin D. Wutherich

An Integrated Petrophysics and Geomechanics Approach for Fracability Evaluation in Shale Reservoirs and Complex Carbonates, Including the Mississippian Lime of Oklahoma and Kansas,
      Xiaochun "Jacob" Jin, Subhash Shah, Jean-Claude Roegiers, and Bo Zhang

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