--> GEO 2006, 7th Middle East Geosciences Conference and Exhibition, March 27-29, 2006, Manama, Bahrain, #90051 (2006)

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GEO 2006
7th Middle East Geosciences Conference and Exhibition
March 27-29, 2006 Manama, Bahrain

Search and Discovery Article #90051 (2006)
Posted June 6, 2006

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Structural Evolution and Fracture Patterns in the Front Range of Northern Oman Mountains
by Mohammed H. AL-Kindi, Martin Casey, and R.W.H. Butler

Rapid Assessment Techniques for Reservoir Optimization and Monitoring: Mauddud Reservoir – Bahrain Field
by Ali AL-Muftah, William Vargas, C.R.K. Murty, and Ayda Abdulwahab

Differential Exhumation and the Structural Evolution of the Northern Oman Mountains
by Mohammed AL-Wardi and R.W.H Butler

Tectonics of Afghan-India Collision Zone, Kuram-Waziristan Region, N. Pakistan
by Iftikhar A. Abbasi

Single and Multi-Story Sandstone Bodies, their Geometry, Stratal Pattern and Relevance for Identification of Facies Heterogeneity in Muglad Basin, Sudan
by Mohamed Abaker Abdalla and K.B. Trivedi

Depositional Environment and Reservoir Characteristics of Lower and Upper Dibsiyah Member (Wajid Sandstone), Southwest Saudi Arabia
by Ibrahim Taiwo Abdulkadir, Osman M. Abdullatif, and Ali Sahin

Outcrop Analog For a Paleozoic Shallow Marine Sandstone Reservoir: Geological And Geostatistical Models of Quwarah Member, Saudi Arabia
by Osman M. Abdullatif, Mohammed H. Makkawi, and Fadhel Al-Khalifah

Seismic Stratigraphy of the Cretaceous and Tertiary of the Mesopotamian Basin, Central Iraq
by Vitor Abreu, Nurlan Muratov, John Mitchell, and Chengjie Liu

Meeting Seismic Data Quality Expectations: New Dimensions in Seismic Survey Design
by Said Abri and Paul Matheny

Underwater Marine Surface Waves
by Jerome Adamy, Edouard Mouton, and Gregory Durand

Land Surface Waves: a Quantitative Geophysical Tool
by Jerome Adamy, Edouard Mouton, and Gregory Durand

Exploration Data Management at Saudi ARAMCO: Making Data Pay
by G. S. (Steve) Adcock and Tawfeeq Al Faraj

Predicting Log Properties from Seismic Data Using Abductive Networks
by Osama A. Ahmed, Radwan Abdel-Aal, and Husam AlMustafa

Onset of Overpressures and Their Relationship with Depth, Stratigraphy and Tectonic Settings in Kuwait
by A.M. Manowar Ahmed, Saifullah Khan Tanoli, Meshal Al-Wadi, and Ahmed Al-Edan

"Layer-cake" Gas Reservoirs in Triassic Carbonates of the Netherlands: Understanding an Analog for the Khuff of Arabia
by Thomas Aigner, Ravi Borkhataria, and Koos Pipping

Overcoming Structural Uncertainties in a Reef-Developed Thin Oil Reservoir in the Middle East
by Omar M. Al Ameri, Salem Al Marzouqi, Mohamed Hamdi, Sameer Bellah, Bjorn Sirum, Magdi Bazara, and Roger Griffiths

Static and Dynamic Modeling of an offshore field, UAE
by Omar Al Ameri, Salem Haidar, Samir Bellah, and Mohamed Salah AbouSayed

Reservoir Architecture of the Triassic Khartam Carbonate Sequence, Khuff Outcrop Analogue in Al-Qassim, Central Saudi Arabia
by Raed K. Al Dukhayyil and Aus A. Al Tawil

New Technology Applications in the Rub Al-Khali Desert
by A. Al Dulaijan, P. Van Mastrigt, F. Al-Somali, K. Saadaoui, and I. Morris

The Hasbaya Asphalt (Lebanon) Revisited: Some Remarks from Detailed Field Mapping, Petrographic and Geochemical Studies
by Sharbel Al Haddad, Fadi H. Nader, Rudy Swennen, and Ralf Littke

Improved Core Quality Through Application of a Low Invasion Water Based Mud, Tracer Technology, Half Moon Inner Barrel Coring, and Improved WellSite Core Handling in a Sandstone Reservoir in North Kuwait For Oil in Place Calculations and Development Planning
by Moudi Fahad Al-Ajmi and Ali Khan

Exploration Prospectivity in the Sharkiyah Region -SE of Block 42
by Saleh Al-Anboori, Mohammed Al-Balushi, and Bader Al-Sariri

Play Concept of Offshore Salalah - Oman
by Saleh Al-Anboori, Bader Al-Sariri, and Mohammed Al-Balushi

Porosity Partitioning for Permeability and Texture Analysis in Thamama and Shuaiba Formations
by Saif Al-Arfi, Denis Heliot, David Allen, and Julie Li

Aspects of Petroleum Geology of Block-34, Al-Jazir, Southeast Oman
by Mohammed A. Al-Balushi and Omar S. Al-Ja’aidi

Faults Representation Impact on Multiphase Fluid Flow in Production Simulation Models
by Bader Al-Busafi, Quentin Fisher, and Simon Harris

Random Noise Removal of Seismic Attribute Data via Complex-valued Wavelets
by Saleh Al-Dossary and Leon Hu

Insight on the New Exploration Potential in the Northern Ghawar Environs, Saudi Arabia: New Support from Technology and Structural Analysis
by Mohammed A. Al-Duhailan and Mesbah Khalil

Exploration Risk Reduction by Accurate Delineation of Channel Sand Bodies of Lower Zubair Formation in Northwest Raudhtain Area of Kuwait Using Post-Stack Seismic Attributes
by Abdulaziz Al-Fares, Mohammed Ismail Syed, and Saifullah Khan Tanoli

Detailed Depositional Architecture of the Wara Formation in the Waterflood Pilot Area of Greater Burgan Field
by Jarrah Al-Genai, Thekriat Hussain, Mohamed Abdul-Razak, Pradyumna Dutta, Osman Khalid, and Rafael Ramirez

Regional Overpressure Modeling in Onshore Kuwait : Impacts on Pressure Prediction before Drilling and Petroleum System Behaviour
by M. Al-Hajeri, P. Y. Chenet, A. Al-Khamiss, S. K. Bhattacharya, M. Pernelle, and N. Bianchi

Investigation of the Behavior of Surface Noise within Seismic Arrays of Variable Geophone Density
by Ibrahim A. Al-Hokail

High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characterization of a Lekhwair Reservoir Unit (Lower Cretaceous, United Arab Emirates)
by Ismail Al-Hosani, Christian J. Strohmenger, and Abdulla Al-Mansoori

Petroleum Systems in Onshore Kuwait: from Paleozoic Deep Targets to Cretaceous
by A. Al-Khamis, S. K. Bhattacharya, M. Al-Hajeri, N. S. Rao, P. Y. Chenet, N. Bianchi, M. Pernelle, and A. Prinzhofer

The Influence of the Caledonian Orogeny in Central Arabia
by Abdulaziz Al-Laboun

Hydrocarbon Potential of the Al-Qassim Region, Central Arabia
by Abdulaziz Al-Laboun

Sub-Regional High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characterization of Upper Thamama (Lower Cretaceous) Reservoirs of Onshore and Offshore Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
by Abdullah Al-Mansoori, John C. Mitchell, Christian J. Strohmenger, Ibrahim Al-Ali, and Chengjie Liu

Seismic Frequencies: a Robust Interpretation Tool
by Maher I. Al-Marhoon and Yi X. Luo

An Integrated Study that Opened New Opportunities
by Maher I. Al-Marhoon, Abdulqayum Ahmad, Stephen Franks, Konstantinos G. Makridis, Mohammed J. Sadeg, Arthur K. Norton, Mesbah H. Khalil, Stephen G. Cheshire, and Allen S. Neville

Unified Structural and Stratigraphic Model for Giant Field in ADCO
by Yousuf S. Al-Mehairi, Sami Rassas, Ahmad Al-Shaikh, Ismail Al-Hosani, Suryanarayana Karri, Tawfiq A. Obeida, Lorraine Yearron, and Steve Cannon

Tilt-Derivative Filtered Potential Fields Data Unravel the Paleozoic Structure Image in Tinat Field, Saudi Arabia
by Emad Al-Muzaiyen, Mesbah Khalil, and Maher Al Marhoon

The Polynomial Method: An Accurate Tool to Estimate Reservoir Depths
by Mohammed G. Al-Otaibi, Abdalla S. Laota, and Fawwaz M. Al-Khaldi

Sag-Interior Oligocene Basin of North-Central Iraq: Sequence Stratigraphy and Basin Overview
by Basim Al-Qayim

Linking Diagenesis and Porosity Preservation to Sequence Stratigraphy of Reservoir Sandstones in the Jauf Formation (Lower Devonian), Eastern Saudi Arabia
by Khalid Al-Ramadan, S. Morad, A. Kent Norton, and Michael L. Hulver

Diagenetic Controls on Pre-Cambrian-Cambrian Era Carbonate Reservoir Quality – A Case Study from the South Oman Salt Basin
by Zuwena Al-Rawahi, Xiomara Marquez, and Joao Rodrigues

Integrated Approach of a Successful Geosteering Project Targeting a Low Permeability Reservoir in the Partitioned Neutral Zone between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia
by Osama A. Al-Shaarawy, Sr., Mohamed Rajab, John Garrity, David Barge, Ibrahim Al-Hakam, and Mohamed Shahid, Sr.

Saudi Aramco Implements New LWD Technology for Well Placement in Complex Clastic and Carbonate Reservoirs
by Yousef Mohamed Al-Shobaili, Mohsin Hadhrami, Mohamed Mudhhi, Dia Qudahy, Sr., Salah Aqeel, Sr., Ahmed Shehab, Sr., Essam Srdar, Sr., Seifert Douglas, Sr., Oludiran Babayeju, Maher Mashhadi, Sr., Parves But, Sr., and Hasan Qahtani, Sr.

Fracture Porosity Inversion from P-Wave AVOA Data along 2-D Seismic Lines
by Abdullatif Abdulrahman Al-Shuhail

Characterizing and Locating Conductive Faults/Fractures via Pressure Data
by Faisal M. Al-Thawad, Rashid H. Al-Obaid, Harmohan Gill, Fahad A. Al-Ajmi, Stig Lyngra, and Naseem Al-Dawood

Adaptive Subtraction of Multiples: A Case History from the Middle East
by Jaafar Ali and Roald Van Borselen

Integrated Geological and Geophysical Methods to Map Subsurface Contact between Ultramafic and Carbonate Sequences in Al Wadiyein, Buraimi, Oman
by Mohammed Yusuf Ali and James Leanderson

Geochemical Characteristics of Crude Oils Studied from the Lower Fars Reservoir in the Ratqa Field / Northern Kuwait
by Hossein Alimi, Daniel M. Jarvie, G.P. Oskui, M. Salman, B. Al Matar, D. Jiang, B. Jarvie

Oil-Oil Correlation of Asmari and Bangestan Reservoirs in Giant Marun Oilfield, SW Iran
by Bahram Alizadeh, Fareid Tezheh, and Mohamed Hosein Adabi

Hydrodynamic Petroleum Entrapment Potential in the Arabian Platform
by Arif I. Alkalali

Prestack 3-D TAU migration and Velocity Analysis: Focusing 3-D data from offshore Abu Dhabi
by Tariq Alkhalifah, Saif Alsharif, and Kamel Belaid

Fast and Easy Near Surface Correction of an Arabian Peninsula Seismic Line Using the Topographic Datuming Operator
by Tariq Alkhalifah and Claudio Bagaini

Restoring High Resolution in Surface Seismic Data
by Khalid Alrufaii and Kangan Fang

Removal of Surface and Internal Multiples from Land Data: Experience from North Africa Data
by Riaz Alá'i and Eric Verschuur

From Ice to Salt: Stratigraphic Synopsis of the Huqf Supergroup of Oman
by Joachim Amthor and Andrea Cozzi

Correlation of the Lower Permian Surface Saiwan Formation and Subsurface Haushi Limestone, Central Oman
by Lucia Angiolini, Michael H. Stephenson, and Ernst Ya Leven

Palaeobiogeography of the Alborz Mountains (North Iran) in the Early Permian: Evidence from Brachiopods and Palynomorphs
by Lucia Angiolini and Michael H. Stephenson

Integrating Core Data and Image Logs: The Critical Steps in Modelling a Fractured Carbonate Reservoir
by Abdel-Hamid Anis

Integrated Crosswell Seismic – An Advanced Technology to Improve Reservoir Description - Case Histories
by Massimo Antonelli, Claudio D'Agosto, and Francesco Miranda

Mesozoic and Neogene Sedimentary Rift Basins of Yemen: Lithostratigraphic Correlation and Hydrocarbon Potential
by Mustafa As-Saruri, Ahmed Abdillah, and Rasoul Sorkhabi

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Control of Deep-Seated Salt Tectonics and Eustacy on the Stratigraphic Architecture of Mid-Cretaceous Carbonate Strata in the Central Arabian Gulf, Offshore Iran: A Seismic Sedimentological Study
by Uwe P. Baaske, Maria Mutti, Mathis Hain, Norberto De Marchi, and Giuseppe Bertozzi

Integrating Seismic Multi-Attribute Classification and Forward Stratigraphic Modeling in Mid-Cretaceous Carbonate Sequences, Arabian Gulf, Offshore Iran
by Uwe P. Baaske, Maria Mutti, Francesca Baioni, and Giuseppe Bertozzi

A Multi-Azimuth VSP Experiment for Fracture Orientation Detection in HMD Field, Algeria
by Foudil Babaia and Farid Chegrouche

Integrated Static and Dynamic Modeling in One of the Major Gas Reservoirs of Onshore Abu Dhabi
by Amr Badawy, Abdul Rahman Darwish, Adham Hathat, and Salama Al Suwaidi

Integrated Static and Dynamic Modeling Approach in One of Thamama Gas Reservoirs of Onshore Abu Dhabi
by Amr Badawy, Abdel Rahman Rasheed Darwish, Adham Hathat, and Salama Al-Suwaidi

Sedimentology and Reservoir Characteristics of Yabus and Samaa Formations (Tertiary), Agordeed Belt, Adar Yale Field, Melut Rift Basin, Sudan
by Amani A. Badi, Osman M. Abdullatif, Omer B. Ali, and Abdalla G. Farwa

Anisian Ammonoids from Socotra Island, Yemen
by Marco Balini and Giulio Pavia

The Triassic of Succession of Socotra Island (Yemen): Preliminary Results
by Marco Balini, Giulio Pavia, Maurizio Gaetani, Alda Nicora, Martino Giorgioni, and Dario Moalli

The MEBE Tectonic maps: Evolution of the Middle East Since Mesozoic
by Eric Barrier, Bruno Vrielynck, Marie-Francoise Brunet, Jean-Francois Brouillet, and Maurizio Gaetani

Oil and Gas Prospects Within the North and Middle Caspian Sea and Geodynamic Interpretation of Geological and Geophysical Data
by Gulara A. Bayramova and N. A. Kasyanova

Carbonate Margin Progradation and Clastic Basin Filling Sequences Mesopotamian Basin
by Charles Beeman, G. J. Grabowski, C. Liu, N. Muratov, W. Maze, and V. Abreu

Waveform Lateral Classification for Regional Facies Prediction
by Ahmad A. BenMahfooz, Fernando A. Neves, and Roger J. Price

Isolated Platform and Reef Growth in the Hawasina Ocean: The Late Triassic Jabal Kawr of Oman
by Michaela Bernecker

Estimating the Value of Seismic Data Before a Survey is Shot; Special Reference to 4D
by Karl A. Berteussen

A Full-Field Model of the Khuff Reservoir over the North Dome Field
by Isabelle Billat, Ole-Petter Hansen, Emmanuel Cassou, Enzo Insalaco, Marie-Corinne Devilliers, Christian Fraisse, and Claude Legorjus

Subsalt Imaging: Beyond Depth Migration and Model Building
by Biondo Biondi

Shuaiba Formation, An Unconventional Reservoir in Kuwait
by Rodney Gene Blackford and Meshari Al-Awadi

Role of Precursor Faults in The Growth of Anticlinal Reservoirs in The Middle East
by Eric J-P. Blanc, Mark B. Allen, Govand H. Sherwani, Saffa F. Fouad, Varoujan K. Sissakian, Christopher J. Wibberley, Sophia Antipolis, James Jackson, and Hossein Hassani

Yibal Field, Oman: an Integrated Approach to Reservoir Characterisation
by Deborah M. Bliefnick, Paul V. Grech, and Patrick Hogarty

Value of Petroleum Resource Classification Systems
by Gerard Bloch, Ilhan Sener, Jorge Gomes, Asbjorn Gyllensten, Khalaf Khalaf, and Badria Al Mulla

Polygonal Faults/Fractures Pattern within Abu Dhabi Onshore Lower Cretaceous Platform Carbonates
by Marie-Odile Bockel-Rebelle, Marc G. Vesseron, Frederic Jeanjean, Suaad Abdulla Khoori, and Michel J.M. Rebelle

Pore Space Inversions for Petrophysical Rock Type Identification: Application to a Large Carbonate Reservoir
by Gregory N. Boitnott, William T. Lauten, D.H. Jones, E.A. Clerke, and J. J. Funk

Seismic Noise Estimation and Error Propagation Applied to Post-Stack Seismic Inversion
by Michael K. Broadhead

Phase and Polarity Issues in Modern Seismic Interpretation
by Alistair R. Brown

Intelligent Integrated Operations Management
by Ian Brown and Warren Mitchell

Improving Reservoir Characterization Using 3D-CRS Stack Method
by Michele Buia, Paolo Marchetti, Alfonso Iunio Marini, Renzo Zambonini, and Falah Owaina

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Stochastic AVO Modeling and Bayesian AVO Inversion to Predict Hydrocarbon vs. Brine Occurrence in Sand Reservoirs
by Maurizio Cardamone

Unconventional Ways to Support Formation Evaluation in Fractured Reservoir Using Mudlogging Data
by Carlo Carugo

New Drilling Technologies and Their Implications on the Quality of Well Data for Geological and Geochemical Interpretation Problems and Solutions
by Riccardo Cerri, Graziano Capone, Carlo Carugo, Angelo Riva, Marcello Riva, and Fabrizio Zausa

Oil and Gas Fingerprinting in Onshore Kuwait: Implications for the Petroleum System
by P. Y. Chenet, N. Bianchi, M. Pernelle, A. Prinzhofer, F. Lorant, S. K. Bhattacharya, A. Al-Khamiss, and M. Al-Hajeri

The Rosetta Stone Project – II: Spectral Analysis of the Pore Geometries and Their Relationships to Reservoir Properties for the Arab D Limestones
by Edward A. Clerke

The Rosetta Stone Project – I: Spectral Analysis of Pore Geometries and Their Relationships to Depositional Facies for the Arab D Limestones
by Edward A. Clerke and Harry W. Mueller, III

Episodic Growth History of Onshore Kuwait
by Andrew Corley, Michael Kumpas, Narhari Srinivasa Rao, S.K. Singh, and Neema H. Al-Ajmi

Near-Wellbore Black Oil Simulation to Evaluate Fracture Flow Potential in a Tight Reservoir in Kuwait
by Sefer B. Coskun, H. J. Lewandowski, S. Ismail Ozkaya, and Ricardo Oosthuizen

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Rock Type Assignment Using Correlations between Dynamic Rock and Fluid Property Interaction Data (Capillary Pressure and Relative Permeability) and the Porosity
by Youssef Dabbour, Salma Al Hajeri, Mohammed Ayoub, and Maria Ribeiro

Monitoring Reservoir Fluids Using Microearthquake Technology in a Middle East Carbonate Oil Field
by Shiv Dasgupta

Petrophysical and Reservoir Quality Evaluation of the Shuaiba Formation in the Reshadat Field, Offshore Iran
by Rouhollah Dashti

Structurally-Controlled Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs: Characteristics and Rock Fabrics
by Graham R. Davies and Langhorne (Taury) Smith

Geochemical Characterization and Interpretation of Khuff Reservoir Fluids, North Dome
by Daniel Dessort, Gerard Caillet, Marc Lescanne, Enzo Insalaco, and Francois Montel

Architecture and Evolution of the Lower Cretaceous Carbonate Platform Margin Deposits in North Oman; Correlation of Seismics and Well Data
by Peter Driessen, Henk Droste, and Poppe de Boer

A New Model for Epeiric Carbonate Platforms
by Henk Droste and Mia Van Steenwinkel

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Pollen Grains Record from the Early Miocene of the Northern Red Sea
by Mohammed EL-Sabrouty and A.A. Laboun

Characterization of Fracture-Fault Systems in an Early Cretaceous Reservoir, Offshore Abu Dhabi: Implications in Mature Field Development
by Henry Ewart Edwards, Sandeep Chakravorty, and Hamad Bu Al-Rougha

Seismic Structural Characterization of Fault Zones in Early Cretaceous Carbonates, Offshore Abu Dhabi
by Henry Ewart Edwards, K. Hong Sit, and Hamad A. Bu Al-Rougha

Porosity Destruction in Carbonate Platforms
by S. N. Ehrenberg

Uranium Decrease Marks the Permian/Triassic Boundary in the Khuff Formation (South Pars Field, Offshore Iran): Why?
by S. N. Ehrenberg, T. A. Svånå, and P.K. Swart

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Modeling a Fractured Reservoir for a Brown Field by Integrating Geologic and Production Data
by Ismail Ibrahim Fahmy, Yuan Zee Ma, Ahmad Daoud, Farid Ali Allam, Ernie Gomez, Samir Yousef, Sami Bustami, Ashraf Zeina, Ashraf Ali Hassan, and Hany Nassar

PSInSAR: Using Satellite Radar Data to Measure Surface Deformation Remotely
by Alessandro Ferretti, Stefano Cespa, Fabrizio Novali, Fabio Rocca, and Claudio Prati

Constraining In-Situ Stress in North and South Oman with Implications for Exploration and Drilling
by Thomas Finkbeiner, Jessica Avila, Martine Van den Berg, Jacek Filbrandt, and Salim Mahruqi

Combining New Core Data with Surveillance Sharpens the Geological Understanding of a Decades - Old GOGD Field Development
by Edward J. Follows and Saud Al Salmi

A Method for Determining the Age of Deposition of Sediments using SHRIMP. A Technology Trial on the Clastic Sequences from the Haima and Huqf Supergroups of Oman
by Gordon A. Forbes and Neal McNaughton

Deriving Fracture Attributes from Seismic Anisotropy: A Case Study
by Yann Freudenreich, Cyrille Reiser, Pierre Lanfranchi, Jean-Luc Piazza, and Jean Perrot

The Silicilyte Play in Oman
by Helmut Friesacher, Jan Schreurs, Peter Engbers, and Aida Al-Harthy

Evaluating the Palaeozoic Gas Potential of the Euphrates Graben, Syria
by René Frijhoff, Maarten Lechner, Nada Wassouf, Robert Pimentel, Fahed Kabbesh, Bahaa Mahmoud, and Mokhles Ahmad

High Frequency Inter-bedding of Dune and Extradune Sediments in the Cambrian Amin Formation in North Oman: Control on Reservoir Properties (with Analogues from Modern Sediments of Oman)
by Steven Fryberger, Sulaiman Al Kindy, and Hussain Najwani

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Uplift and Subsidence of the Southeastern Portion of the Arabian Plate from Triassic to Early Cretaceous
by Richard P. George, George J. Grabowski, Bertrand DeMonteynard, Martine J. Hardy, N. I. Muatov, Chris G. Willan, and Willam B. Maze

Case History of Automated Evaluation of Mineralogy and Porosity in Complex Carbonates
by Nasser H. Gomaa, Moyo Okuyiga, Samir Azer, Michael Herron, Raghu Ramamoorthy, Peter Tilke, and David F. Allen

Reflection Tomography for Validation of Subtle Structures: A Case History from Southern Tunisia
by Harald Granser and Oezsen Refik

Magnetotelluric (MT) Profiling of Oman Deep Crustal Structure as a Test for Geodynamic Models
by David R. Gray, Robert T. Gregory, Graham Heinson, and Stephan Thiel

Revised Structure of the Oman Mountains Based on New Structural Mapping and Geophysical Data
by David R. Gray and Robert T. Gregory

Geodynamics of the NE Arabian Plate Revisited
by Robert T. Gregory and David R. Gray

In-situ Water Salinity and Saturation Determination from Simultaneous Logs
by Roger J. Griffiths

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The Sensitivity of Water Saturation Calculation and Modelling to the Uncertainties of the Petrophysical Inputs
by Mostafa Haggag and Rowan Stanley

Depth Imaging a 2-D Saudi Aramco Seismic Line
by Mike Hall, Valery Miroshnikov, Svetlana Bidikhova, and Yan Yan

Effects of Reservoir Properties Upon the Reservoir Models: A Case Study from Blocks 1, 2 and 4, Muglad Basin, Sudan
by Nouradaim Abdel Hameed and K.B. Trivedi

Injection Well Testing: A Case Study from Unity Area, Muglad Basin, Sudan
by Nouradaim Abdel Hameed and K.B. Trivedi

Fast-Track Reservoir Characterization of a Subtle Paleocene Deep Marine Turbidite Field Using a Rock Physics- and Seismic Modelling-Led Workflow
by Martyn Millwood Hargrave

Sharyoof's Shifting Shorelines
by Stuart David Harker

Visualizing And Presenting The Subsurface Data In ArcGIS
by Salima Hamdan Harthy, Jan Schreurs, and Alban Rovira

Evolution of Pre-Stack Multiple Suppression Based on Velocity Discrimination
by Mahmoud E. Hedefa, Weihong X. Zhu, and Khalid O. Rufaii

CRS-stack-based Seismic Imaging Considering Top-surface Topography
by Zeno Heilmann, Markus Von Steht, Ingo Koglin, Tilman Klüver, and Christoph Jäger

Modern and Ancient Analogs Provide Geological Control and Scale for Reservoir Layering and Property Distribution in a ‘Wet’ Eolian Depositional System, Saudi Arabia
by Christian J. Heine and John Melvin

Seeing Is Believing: Object Based Facies Distribution and Porosity Modeling Using Facies-Based External Histograms puts Geology back into Geostatistics
by Christian J. Heine, Jim Wilkins, and J. E. Nieto

Joint Study, High Central Zagros: Part 1 – A Challenge for Geophysical Integration
by Christian H. Henke, Jürgen Schober, Ulrich Weber, Farnoush Gholami, and H. Tabatabai

The Integration of Acceleration Project of a Developing Gas and Oil Field – Case Study: Structure " KRB" PT. Pertamina DOH JBB - Indonesian
by Rachmat Hidayat, Arief Prasetyo Handoyo, and Pudjo Adianto

Fracture Sealing in Sedimentary Rocks: Micro- to Basin Scale Processes
by Christoph Hilgers, David Kirschner, Sofie Nollet, Jean-Paul Breton, and Janos L. Urai

Microstructures in Halite Veins and Their Implication on the Bulk Permeability of Rock
by Christoph Hilgers, Zsolt Schleder, and Janos L. Urai

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Shuaiba-Hawar(Biyadh) Tectonostratigraphic Sequence: Initiation, Development, and Demise of a Carbonate Platform in a Siliciclastic-Dominated Setting
by John C. Hohman, Ismail A. Abdulla Al-Emadi, and Mamdouh E. Zahran

Characterisation of Early Diagenetic Cementation in the Natih Formation, Oman, and It’s Impact on Reservoir Sweep
by Cathy Hollis, Conxita Taberner, Mike Caputi, Yaduo Huang, Vahrenkamp Volker, Talal Musallameh, and Issa Abu-Shiekah

Linear Model for Low Frequency Pore Liquid Oscillations Observed in Hydrocarbon Microtremor Analysis (HyMAS)
by Reto Holzner, Patrik Eschle, Peter F. Meier, and Stefan Dangel

Lag Time in the Sedimentary Record at Bar Al Hikman: Part 1 – Predominance of Reworked Material in the Modern Carbonate System
by Peter Homewood, Monique Mettraux, Ken Collerson, and Andy Kwarteng

Lag Time in the Sedimentary Record at Bar Al Hikman: Part 2 – Constraints on Modern Analogs for Carbonate Geobodies in Cretaceous Reservoir Models
by Peter Homewood, Monique Mettraux, Volker Vahrenkamp, Ken Collerson, and Andy Kwarteng

Play Fairway Development Within Highstand and Lowstand Platform Systems in the Late Cretaceous of Northern Arabia
by Andrew D. Horbury and Adnan A. M. Aqrawi

Biostratigraphy, Biofacies, Palaeoenvironments, Lithostratigraphy and Reservoir Implications for the Shaqra Group (Jurassic) of Saudi Arabia
by Geraint W. Hughes

Upper Hanifa Regional Exploration Prospects of Saudi Arabia
by Geraint W. Hughes, Mokhtar Al-Khalid, Osman Varol, and David Bacchus

Multidisciplinary Biofacies Analysis of the Khafji and Safaniya Members of the Wasia Formation (Cretaceous ) of Saudi Arabia
by Geraint W. Hughes, Merrell A. Miller, James B. Riding, and Osman Varol

Role of Fractures in Enhancing Quality of Triassic Gas Reservoirs in Western Kuwait
by Riyasat Husain, Haiqing Wu, Abdul Aziz Sajer, King Hoi Lau, Nadia Al-Zabout, and Reyad Abu Taleb

Stratigraphic Relationship of the Exposed Wajid, Saq and Qasim Formations in Western Saudi Arabia: A Geochemical and Statistical Approach
by Mahbub Hussain and Osman Abdullatif

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Undeveloped Fields and Remaining Potential of a Typical Sirte Basin Graben, Libya
by Muhammad W. Ibrahim

3D Stochastic Models for Reservoir Characterization (on the Example of Bahar Field, Azerbaijan)
by Baghir V. Ibrahimov

Markov Chains for the Reconstruction of Sedimentary Environments
by Baghir V. Ibrahimov

New Geological Data from a Pilot Campaign Illuminates the Understanding of Existing Waterflood Development
by Jarand Indrelid and Mohammed Yaarubi

High Resolution Reservoir Correlation – an Integrated Approach with Sequence Stratigraphy, Geochemical and Biostratigraphical Studies of the Permo-Triassic Transition within the Khuff (Dalan/Kangan) Formation
by Enzo Insalaco, Pierre Masse, Frederique Walgenwitz, Marina Sudrie, Arnaud Meyer, Philippe Thiry-bastien, Alain Roumagnac, Florence Vieban, Marc Lescanne, Christian Fraisse, and Jeremie Gaillot

Which Reservoir Layering for Carbonate Reservoirs? Depositionally or Diagenetically Driven?
by Catherine Javaux

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Impact of the Initial Model on Acoustic Impedance Inversion
by Timothy H. Keho

Synthetic Seismogram Analysis of Unayzah Reservoirs in Saudi Arabia
by Timothy H. Keho, L. Wayne Smith, Michael K. Broadhead, and Fernando A. Neves

The Benefits of Updates on Geological and Petrophysical Understanding of Lower Burgan Reservoir in Sabiriyah Field, North Kuwait
by Ali Nasar Khan, Talal Mohammed Shehab, Nouf Abdulla Al-Mayyas, Moudi Fahad Al-Ajmi, and Ealian H. Al-Anzi, Sr.

The Potential of Blind Source Separation Techniques for Multiple Suppression
by Faouzi Khene

Multiscale Analysis of Well Logs
by Faouzi M. Khene

3D Pre-Stack Depth Migration of a Land Survey with Considerable Multiple Interference - A Case History
by Frederick Kierulf, Adam Fox, and Luke F. LaFreniere

The Charging System of the Lower Cambro-Ordovician Gas Reservoirs of North Oman
by Sulaiman Kindy, Steffen Ochs, Paul Taylor, and John Millson

Anatomy of a World-Class Source Rock: Distribution and Depositional Model of Silurian Organic-Rich Shales in Jordan and Implications for Hydrocarbon Potential
by Sadat Kolonic

Black Shale Deposition on the Northwest African Shelf During the Cenomanian/Turonian Oceanic Anoxic Event: Climate Coupling and Global Organic Carbon Burial
by Sadat Kolonic

H2S Production in Petroleum Reservoirs During Steam Injection Process: TSR Experimental Simulation
by Isabelle Kowalewski, Teddy Parra, Violaine Lamoureux-Var, and François Lorant

Responses of Salt Tectonism and Sedimentation to Changing Regional Stress Fields
by Peter A. Kukla, Markus Mohr, and Janos L. Urai

Distribution and Mechanisms of Overpressure Generation and Deflation in the Neoproterozoic South Oman Salt Basin
by Peter Kukla, Steffen Ochs, Zuwena Rawahi, and Mark Newall

Traditional Geological Model, Humma Marrat Reservoir, Divided Zone Between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia
by Sukhdarshan Kumar, Gilles Pages, Tore Lein-Mathisen, and Claude Boibiean

Upper Cretaceous Fault Trends in the Bahra Area, North Kuwait
by Michael G. Kumpas and Ahmad Jaber Al-Eidan

Automated Fault Plane and Polygon Generation in a Large, Mixed 2D and 3D Seismic Data Set
by Michael G. Kumpas, Srinivasa Rao Narhari, Hanan Al-Owihan, and Andrew Corley

Oil- and Gas-Reservoir Rocks of the Visean Reef Structures in the Sribne Deep of the Dnieper-Donets Depression
by Ihor Mykhailovych Kurovets, Oleh Volodymyrovych Sheremeta, and Pavlo Serhiyovych Chepusenko

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Integration of Remote Sensing Data with Geology and Geophysics – Case Study from Bahrain
by Andreas Laake, Habib Al-Alawi, and Rutger Gras

Constraining 3D Geological Models by their Diagenetic Overprint - an Example from the Khuff Formation
by Richard Labourdette, Enzo Insalaco, Arnaud Meyer, Marina Sudrie, Catherine Javaux, Frederic Walgenwitz, Jacqueline Camy-Peyret, Ole-Peter Hansen, and Christian Fraisse

Using Low-Frequency Ambient Seismic Vibration Spectra to Detect Hydrocarbon Reservoirs – a Numerical Approach
by Marc Lambert, Stefan M. Schmalholz, Yuri Podladchikov, Reto Holzner, Rodolphe Dewarrat, and Patrik Eschle

Structural Evolution of the Wajid Area, Western Rub Al-Khali Basin, Saudi Arabia
by Simon Lange, Joerg Mattner, and Jon Teasdale

Quality Control in Today’s Recording Systems
by R. Malcolm Lansley

Uses, Abuses, and Examples of Seismic-Derived Acoustic Impedance Data: What Does the Interpreter Need to Know?
by Rebecca Latimer

Sequence Stratigraphy, Facies Assocations and Petroleum System of Maastrchtian - Selandian-Thanetian - Yepressian and Lutetian Succeccions, from Kurdistan Region, NE- Iraq
by Fadhil Ahmad Lawa and Fawzi M. Albayati

Glaciogenic Reservoir Intervals of North Africa and the Middle East: Regional Controls on Sediment Quality
by Daniel Paul Le Heron

A Detailed Jurassic Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for the Formation of Dolomites Along South-Eastern Gotnia Shelf Margin
by Christoph Lehmann, Jeremy Goff, Bob W. Jones, and Alexis Anastas

Geometry and Chronology of Basement Faulting in the Fars Arc: A View from Structural and Morphological Analysis
by Pascale Leturmy, Matteo Molinaro, Dominique Frizon de Lamotte, and Jean-Claude Guezou

Evolution of the Mesopotamian Basin (Iraq): Campanian to Neogene
by Chengjie Liu, Mark Steinhauff, and John Mitchell

The Use of Seismic Impedance to Locate a Discovery Well, South of Ghawar Field
by Thomas Loretto and Adel Al-Mousa

Expanding Imaging Areas Using Transmitted Waves and Multiples in VSP Data
by Yi Luo, Qinglin Liu, yuchun Wang, and Mohammedn N. Alfaraj

Early Detection of Biodegraded Oil Using NMR Downhole Logs and Hydrocarbon GC-MS Analysis on Sidewall Cores
by Anna Maria Lyne, Angelo Riva, and Patrizio Gossenberg

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Optimum Design of 3-D Geometry for Minimizing Acquisition Footprint
by Weining Ma, Xinwen Liu, Mengchuan Duan, and Xueqiang Chen

Joint Analysis of PP and PS Data from a 3D-4C OBC Seismic Survey over a Clastic Reservoir in the Arabian Gulf
by Costas G. Macrides, Fernando A. Neves, and John Scott Eberle

Structures, Kinematics and Petroleum System of the Algerian Deep Water Offshore
by Slimane Mahfoud, Jr. and Sadallah Nabil, Jr.

Lessons Learned as Multidisciplinary Team Investigates Poor Injectivity to Optimise Current Development And Design Future Waterflood Expansion in Raudhatain-Zubair in North Kuwait
by Dipak Mandal, Anees Qazi, and Abdulla Bu-Qurais

Tectonic Controls of Fracturing in the Gulf Region
by Andrew Mann and David Peacock

Detection of Oil/Condensate droplets in a Gas Reservoir
by Rashad Mohamed Masoud and Dewanto Odeara Surja

Good ‘Seismic’ Vibrations in Fahud
by Paul Matheny and Said Mahrooqi

Haban Gas Field: Oman’s First Amplitude-Supported Play
by Mohammed Mazrui, Ray McClenaghan, Nasra Mahrooqi, and Suleiman Salmi

Near-Surface Models for Transition Zone Data in the Arabian Gulf
by Joseph R. McNeely, Robert E. Ley, II, Nikolai Barsoukov, Ralph Bridle, Mohammad A. Homaili, and Bryan R. Maddison

Impact of Earth Model Workflow and Up-scaling on Fluid Flow Response Reservoir Modeling in Mature Fields
by W. Scott Meddaugh

Porosity Semivariogram Parameters for Carbonate Reservoirs
by W. Scott Meddaugh

Humma Marrat Reservoir, Partitioned Neutral Zone (PNZ) Case Study – Part 1: Reservoir Geology and Stratigraphy
by W. Scott Meddaugh, Stewart Griest, Osama Al-Shaarawy, Kumar Sukhdarshan, John Garrity, Gilles Pages, and Tore Lein-Mathisen

Humma Marrat Reservoir, Partitioned Neutral Zone (PNZ) Case Study – Part 2: Reservoir Evaluation and Optimization
by W. Scott Meddaugh, W. W. Todd, Stewart Griest, Claude Bobien, and David Barge

Humma Marrat Reservoir, Partitioned Neutral Zone (PNZ) Case Study – Part 3: Historical Look-back at Volumetric Uncertainty during Delineation and Development
by W. Scott Meddaugh and Stewart Griest

The Sedimentology and Stratigraphic Architecture of Late Carboniferous to Early Permian Glacigenic Deposits in Lower 'Unayzah Reservoirs, East-Central Saudi Arabia
by John Melvin and Ronald A. Sprague

Origin and Sedimentary Fill of an Upper Ordovician (Ashgillian) Glacial Paleovalley Near Tabuk, Northwest Saudi Arabia
by John Melvin, Owen Sutcliffe, and Thomas Ferebee

Diagenesis of the Upper Khuff (Permo-Triassic) Formation and Its Impact on Reservoir Characterisation
by Arnaud Meyer, Catherine Javaux, Marina Sudrie, Frederique Walgenwitz, and Enzo Insalaco

An Early Silurian (Llandovery) Graptolite Succession from Central Saudi Arabia: First Documented Record of Telychian Faunas from the Arabian Peninsula
by Merrell A. Miller, Jan Zalasiewicz, Mark Williams, Alex Page, and Edward Blackett

Synrift Tectonics and Depositional Pattern at North Cambay Basin, India
by Tapas Mitra, Aloke Maitra, and R.S. Misra

The Importance of Primary Migration in the Persian Gulf Area
by Gholam Ali Mohajer, Sr.

Infracambrian Sequence: New Petroleum Play in the South-Western Sahara, Algeria
by Daoudi Mohamed

Enhancement of Oil In Place Through Reservoir Modeling of a Multilayered Siliciclastic Reservoir: A Case Study from Muglad Basin, Sudan
by Ahmed Abdalla Mohammed, Sr., Ahmed Mohammed Ziada, ibrahim Kamil, osman Ali Salih, and Hag Ali Mutwakil

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Asmari Formation in the Zagros Basin (SW Iran), Implication for Reservoir Porosity Prediction
by Hassan Mohseni, Saeed Khodabakhsh, Reza Mohammadi, Afshin Yarmohammadi, and Gholamreza Sadeqgi

Multidisciplinary Solution to Enhance Field Development Plan in Burgos Basin, North Mexico
by Manuel Morales Leal, Manuel A. Mercado Ortiz, Guillermo Tirado Vargas, Roberto Nieves Gonzalez, Juan Acosta, Walter Gambaretto, Facundo Robles, Jorge Hurtado, Jorge Pastor, and Marcelo Gomez

The Impact of Nubia Reservoir Quality on Reservoir Management, Gulf of Suez, Egypt
by Mostafa Mortada and Colin W. McCrone

Qatif 3-D Survey: A Case History of a Large Transition Zone Survey
by AbdulRahim A. Mubarak, Robert E. Ley, II, Ralph Bridle, Hashim Hussein, and William L. Weibel

Profiling Complex Flow in Deviated Wells- A North Sea Case Study
by Parijat Mukerji and Pierre Baux

Regional Scale Seismic Interpretation in the Gulf and Its Implication for the Understanding of the Khuff System
by Herman Munsch, Enzo Insalaco, and Marc Lescanne

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An Integrated 3-D Surface and Borehole Seismic Approach to Better Understand a Complex Reservoir: Case History from West Kuwait
by Tarek Nafie, Will Gowans, and Pradyumna Dutta

A Novel Approach to Processing Vibroseis/Transition Zone Seismic Data
by Mohamad Samir Nahhas, Martin Boekholt, and Fatema Al Shekaili

Limitations of 3-D Seismic to Meet its Objectives: A Case History
by Mohamad Samir Nahhas and Osama Abdel-Aal

When Should We Use Seismic Inversion Results for Porosity Prediction? A Case Study from Dhulaima and Lekhwair-East Fields
by Hussain Najwani and Yousuf Al-aufy

Exploration Potential of Lower Cretaceous Section in Raudhatain Field of Kuwait
by Srinivasa Rao Narhari, Saifullah Khan Tanoli, Hanan Salem, and Haiqing Wu

Hydrocarbon Entrapment Mechanics in the Eastern Mediterranean Nile Delta Cone: Consequences of an Overpressured Environment
by Mohamed Nashaat

Reservoir Characterization and 3D Modeling of Hassi R’Mel South Field HRS (Algeria) Using Petrel Workflow Tools
by Zohra Nennouche, Fayçal Ben Amor, and Fadila Benrabah

Multi-Attribute Seismic Volume Facies Classification for Predicting Fractures in Carbonate Reservoirs
by Fernando A. Neves and Harold L. Triebwasser

A Structural Model for Typical Hydrocarbon Traps in Saudi Arabia
by Paul G. Nicholson and Richard H. Groshong, Jr.

3-D Seismic Acquisition in Complex Urban Area of Yumen City, Western China
by Hongxiao Ning, Yongqing He, Shugang Zhang, and Wenlong Jiao

Probable Unayzah-a (Early-Middle Permian) Eolian Outcrops, Southwestern Saudi Arabia
by A. Kent Norton and Michael L. Hulver

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Investigation of the Effect of Temperature and Pressure on Interfacial Tension and Wettability of Shu’aiba reservoir, Saudi Arabia
by Taha M. Okasha and AbdulJalil A. Al-Shiwaish

Fracture Detection by P and C Wave Anisotropy from Multi-Offset VSP
by John Owusu, Qinglin Liu, and Jaafar Alnemer

Biostratigraphic and Sedimentological Modelling of the Upper Shuaiba Formation in North Oman. The Key to Effective Correlation
by Stephen Packer and Gordon Forbes

Extension Vs. Compression in the Lengguru Fold-And-Thrust Belt (Papua New Guinea): From JERS SAR Imagery Mapping to 3D Geologic Modelling
by Emmanuel Pajot and Damien Dhont

Outcrop Study Combined with 3-D Petrel Modeling of a Khuff Reservoir Analog: Insights into "Layer-Cake" Stratigraphy
by Denis Palermo, Sergio Nardon, Wolfgang Blendinger, and Thomas Aigner

Delineation of Ac Reservoir Sand from Multi-Attribute Analysis of Well and Seismic Data – A Case Study from Awali Field Bahrain
by Ravi Kant Pathak and Yahya Mohamed Al-Ansari

Investigating Lame’s Parameters for Identification of Gas Bearing Unayzah Formations at Awali Field, Bahrain
by Ravi Kant Pathak and Masoud Faqihi

Uncorrelated Data-Driven Vibroseis Deconvolution
by Peter I. Pecholcs

Palaeozoic Petroleum Systems of Southern Norway
by Jon H. Pedersen, Dag Karlsen, Jan Erik Lie, and Harald Brunstad

Monitoring Oil Field-Induced Subsidence Using Satellite-Based Radarinterferometry
by Lutz Petrat and Abdullah Al-Enezi

Evolution of a Near-Surface Model in an Area of Complex Topography
by Michael L. Pittman, Ralph Bridle, Robert E. Ley, II, and Ameera A. Mustafa

Multiple Suppression by the CRS Technique
by Juergen Pruessmann, Martin Tygel, Fernando Gamboa, and Radu Coman

Uncertainty Quantification in a Micro-Porous, Fractured Limestone Reservoir (Kharaib Formation, Lekhwair Field, Northwest Oman)
by Michael C. Pöppelreiter and Linda Poyser

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The Role of Seismic Coherence Attributes in Mapping the Fracture Network and Improving the Productivity from Thin, Tight and Fractured Reservoir
by Naji Ahmed Qasim, IV, Hisham K. Zubari, Ayda E. .Abdulwahab, and Ali E. AL-Muftah

The “Hands-Off” Approach to Seismic for the 21st Century: A Case Study in the Use of Very High Channel Recording Systems
by Mohammed R. Rajab, Ibrahim Al-Hakim, P. Van Baaren, A. Smart, and John Garrity

Constraining 3-D Modeling of Structure, Porosity and Permeability Using a Combination of Geology-Controlled Deterministic and Stochastic Techniques to Minimize Uncertainty: Example from a Giant Carbonate Reservoir, Onshore Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
by Luis Ramos, Shamsa Al-Maskary, Gerard Bloch, and Avni Kaya

Potential Opportunities Below the Oil-Water Contact of the Arab D Reservoir, Awali Field
by Jonna Dayakar Rao, Cheruku Bapu Reddy, Maysa Yousif Mohamed, and Masoud Mohamed Faqihi

Imaging of Cretaceous Fault System: A 3-D seismic Case Study in Onshore Bahrain
by Cheruku Bapu Reddy and Naji Ahmed Qassim

Integrated Fracture Characterisation and Modeling in Carbonate Fields Using Novel Modeling Software and Sandbox Models
by Pascal Richard, Keith Rawnsley, Peter Swaby, and Catherine Richard

The Influence of Geophysical Modeling for Vertical, Directional and Horizontal Drilling in Carbonate Gas Reservoirs of Batu Raja Formation, South Sumatra, Indonesia
by Adi Ringoringo, Rusalida Raguwanti, and Wisnu Hindadari

A Tale of Two Basins: Hercynian Structural Evolution of the Permian and Arabian Basins
by Donald A. Rodgers and Thomas C. Connally

Oil and Gas Reserves Estimating -- We Have Met the Enemy, and He is Us
by Peter R. Rose

Precambrian Succession of South Oman. New Insights
by Jean-Loup Rubino and Christian JM Blanpied

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Production of Natural Gas from Unconventional Low-Permeability Sandstone and Shale reservoirs- Analogs from the U.S
by Christopher J. Schenk, Troy A. Cook, Richard M. Pollastro, and Thomas S. Ahlbrandt

Halite and Solid Bitumen Plugging in the Intra-salt Carbonate Stringers of the South Oman Salt Basin
by Johannes Schoenherr, Janos L. Urai, Ralf Littke, Peter A. Kukla, Mark Newall, Nadia Al-Abry, and Zuwena Rawahi

Petrography and Geochemistry of Solid Bitumen in the Intra-salt Carbonate Stringers of the South Oman Salt Basin
by Johannes Schoenherr, Janos L. Urai, Ralf Littke, Peter A. Kukla, Mark Newall, Nadia Al-Abry, and Zuwena Rawahi

Total's Approach to Reserve Estimates
by Bernard Seiller

Sedimentology of the Incised Valleys and Their Associated Lowstand Deltaic Sequences in the Ash-Shiqqah Formation of the Unayzah Reservoir, Saudi Arabia
by Muhittin Senalp

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Permo-Carboniferous Unayzah Reservoir in Saudi Arabia and Its Correlation with Oman
by Muhittin Senalp

Using Elemental Chemostratigraphy for Improved Zonation and Correlation of the Cretaceous Mishrif Carbonate Reservoir, Arabian Gulf
by Razik Shaikh, Tim Pearce, and Mike Dix

Integrating Geological Maps with GIS Leads to Optimum Well Locations
by Fahad Shamsan and Kandaswamy Kumar

High-Resolution Stochastic Modeling Conditioned to Seismic Rock Property Inversions: Practical Workflows for Middle East Reservoirs
by Gordy G. Shanor

The Depositional Environment of Neogene Great Kavir Evaporite Deposits, Central Iran
by Zeinab Shariatinia

Silica Occurrences in the Upper Jurassic Arab Carbonate Reservoirs, Saudi Arabia
by Aamir Siddiqui, Salih Saner, and Waleed M. Abdulghani

Arabian Plate Sequence Stratigraphy: Potential Consequences for Global Chronostratigraphy
by Mike Simmons, Dave Casey, Roger Davies, Sorrel Holmes, Frauke Schulze, Peter Sharland, and Owen Sutcliffe

Sequence Chronostratigraphy: Issues and Examples
by Mike Simmons, Dave Casey, Roger Davies, Sorrel Holmes, Frauke Schulze, Peter Sharland, and Owen Sutcliffe

Play Concept Evolution and Exploration Success for the Marrat Formation in Kuwait
by Sunil Kumar Singh, Aref Al-Dohiem, Maha Al-Baghli, Talal Al-Adwani, Terry O'Hearn, and Tony Lomando

Fluid Characterization Using 2-D Plots from NMR Logs in North Kuwait Reservoirs
by Dave R. Smith

Hydrothermal Dolomitization and Leaching of Carbonate Reservoirs
by Langhorne B. Smith and Graham Davies

3D Seismic Attributes Reveal Unayzah Secrets in South Ghawar, Saudi Arabia
by Taher M. Sodagar

Depositional Environment and Diagenesis of the Fahlyian Formation Southwest of Iran
by Leila Soori and Hossein Rahimpour Bonab

High Resolution Processing: From Data Preparation to Imaging and Velocity Models to Inversion
by Jaime Stein, John Weigant, Gary Perry, John Tinnin, and Tom Langston

Strontium, Oxygen and Carbon Isotopes to Date and Investigate Permian Events in Arabia
by Michael H. Stephenson, Lucia Angiolini, Fiona D. P. Darbyshire, Melanie J. Leng, Fabrizio Berra, Gabriele Gambacorta, F. Jadoul, Alda Nicora, Yves Le Nindre, and Denis Vaslet

Integrating Information from Multiple Sources to Generate Geologically-Realistic Models: The Multiple-Point Statistics/Facies Distribution Modeling Workflow
by Sebastien Strebelle and Rachel Preece

Seismic Attribute Analysis in Paleozoic Hydrothermal Dolomite
by Uwe Strecker, Matthew Carr, Steve Knapp, Maggie Smith, Richard Uden, Gareth Taylor, and M. Turhan Taner

Depositional Environment and Sea-Level History of the Abu Dhabi Sabkha in the Vicinity of Al-Qanatir Island, United Arab Emirates
by Christian J. Strohmenger, Hesham Shebl, Abdulla Al-Mansoori, Khalil Al-Mehsin, Omar Al-Jeelani, Ismail Al-Hosani, Ali Al-Shamry, and Salem Al-Baker

Basement Control on Structure and Evolution of the Salt Basins of Oman
by Peter G. Stuart-Smith, Karen Romine, Jon Teasdale, and Jan M. Schreurs

Fault-Related Hydrothermal Dolomites in Cretaceous Platform Carbonates from the Karrantza Area (North Spain): Outcrop Analogue for Dolomite Reservoir Characterisation
by Marina Sudrie, Bruno Caline, Mikel A. Lopez-Horgue, Pedro A. Fernandez Mendolia, and Eneko Iriarte

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Rock-Type-Based Reservoir Modelling in Carbonates, the Upper Sarvak Formation: A Case Study, Southwest Iran
by Ali Asghar Taghavi, Torgrim Jacobsen, Magnhild Synnøve Hatløy, and Atle Mørk

Simulation of Waterflooding in an Offshore Oil Reservoir in Order to Improve the Recovery Factor
by Lo'ya Tahani and Naser Alizadeh

Unayzah Formation in Subsurface Kuwait – Implications for Deep Play Exploration
by Saifullah Khan Tanoli, Riyasat Husain, Abdul Aziz Sajer, King Hoi Lau, Nadia Al-Zabout, and Musaed Al-Mukhaizeem

Petrophysical Analysis of the Famous Early Cretaceous Reservoir of the Large Oil Field in Onshore Abu Dhabi
by Surassawadee Tanprasat and Neil Hurley

Oil Rim Development under an Exploited and Cycled Gas Cap – Optimization through 2G&R Integrated Stochastic Workflow
by Patrick Tardy, Said Hunedi, Claude Gout, Jean-Pierre Fossey, and Laure Moen-Maurel

Understanding the Geological Controls on Fluid Properties in the Carbonate Stringer Play of South Oman
by Paul Taylor, Erdem Idiz, Gordon Macleod, Mohammed Al Ghammari, and Steffen Ochs

Perfect Pitch – The Use of Tuning in Reservoir Characterization in the Harweel Cluster, Oman
by Richard R. Terres, Ra'id Z. AL-Jamali, Ali Naamani, and Ahmed Helmi

Resolution of Static Corrections in Sand Dune Regions: A successful Case History
by Koshy Thomas Thayyil and Ralph Bridle

The Khuff Formation: Outcrop Analogues from the Oman Mountains
by Christopher Toland

Fracture Modeling Methodology Based on Continuity Cube Data
by Claudio Toscano, Rosa Atena, Giuseppe Bellentani, Federico Cappanera, and Arrigo Francesconi

3D CRS Imaging for Recovering High Subsurface Resolution from Sparse 3D Seismic Surveys
by Henning Trappe, Guido Gierse, Simon J. Robinson, E. Møller Nielsen, M. Owens, and Radu Coman

CRS Processing - A Key to Improved Static and Dynamic Corrections in Seismic Data from Saudi-Arabian Deserts
by Henning Trappe and Juergen Pruessmann

Improved AVO analysis based on the CRS method
by Henning Trappe and Juergen Pruessmann

Sequence Stratigraphy, a Predictive Tool to Understand Interplay of Basin Tectonics and Sedimentation: a Case Study from Muglad Basin, Sudan
by K.B. Trivedi, Saif El Islam, and Ranya Elamahi

New Life from Old Data--Processing and Interpretation of Older Diplogs with Modern Techniques, and an Example of Glacial Environment Interpretation
by James W. Tucker

Temperature Structure of the Jafurah Low, Eastern Saudi Arabia: Enigma or Opportunity?
by James W. Tucker

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Fahud Changing Image - Seismic Processing Contribution to the Rejuvenation of Oman’s Oldest Oil Field
by Cees Van Eden, Suleiman Al-Shukeiry, Johannes Rehling, Harry Rynja, Rupert Cole, Wadie Mansour, Pascal Schoepffer, Nigel Benjamin, Jaap Croese, and Oleg Khakimov

Land Seismic Static Corrections in the Rub Al-Khali Desert
by P. Van Mastrigt

Intra-Salt Carbonate Stringers: Where’s the Reservoir?
by Mia Van Steenwinkel and Joerg Mattner

Testing Static Concepts Used for Discrete Fracture Network Modeling of Najma-Sargelu Reservoir of West Kuwait
by Naveen K. Verma, Fahed Al-Medhadi, D. Natrajan, Rasha Al-Moraikhi, Charles R. Chris Smart, and Eman Al-Mayyas

Complex Near-Surface Problems Management Using the CFP Technology: Part 1 – Principles
by E. Verschuur and M. N. Al-Ali

Complex Near-Surface Problems Management Using the CFP Technology: Part 2 – Applications
by E. Verschuur and M. N. Al-Ali

Removing Multiples or Using Multiples: New Challenges for Land Data
by Eric Verschuur

Geostatistical Recipes for Near Surface Modeling
by Aldo Vesnaver, Ralph Bridle, Robert Ley, and Robert W. Rowe

Structural Evolution of the Eastern Arabian Terrane: Basement to more than 20% of the World's Petroleum
by Walter Voggenreiter, Jon Teasdale, Karen Romine, and Peter Stuart-Smith

Integrated Geoelectrical Methods in Oil Exploration
by Iraj Vosoughi-Niri

Scalar CSAMT Applied to Woxi Au-Sb-W Deposit, Hunan, China
by Iraj Vosoughi-Niri

The Mebe Gis Database: A Tool for Middle East Geology
by Bruno Vrielynck, Martin Bochud, Eric Barrier, Marie Francoise Brunet, Francoise Bergerat, Jean-Francois Brouillet, Isabelle Morgant, and Daniele Pasquie

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Use of Interbed Multiple Prediction in Acoustic Impedance Modeling: Example from an Eolian Dune Reservoir, Saudi Arabia
by Brian P. Wallick, Harold Triebwasser, and Gael Lecante

Origin of Hydrocarbons of East Abu Gharadig Sub-Basin, Western Desert, Egypt
by Mokhles Waly, Tom Maher, and Hosam Aly

Reservoir Characterization and Stochastic Modeling of the 2nd Eocene Dolomite Reservoir, Wafra Field, Divided Zone, Kuwait-Saudi Arabia
by Mohamad Rafiq Wani and Sondos Khalil Al-Kabli

Worldwide Compilation of the Formative Properties of Giant and Supergiant Carbonate Fields Sealed by Bedded Evaporites
by John K. Warren

Potential and Pitfalls of Outcrop Analogue Studies: A Comparative Analysis of Permian Carbonates from the Arabian Peninsula
by Oliver Weidlich

Building a Discrete Feature Network Model of Fractures Within the Reservoir Property Model: Humma Field, PNZ, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia
by Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, Stewart Griest, and Scott Meddaugh

Dolomitization and Reservoir Quality in the Arab and Asab Formations (Upper Jurassic, United Arab Emirates)
by Wayne R. Wright, Sam Bishop, Christian J. Strohmenger, Suleiman Ali, Abdelfatah El-Agrab, and Rafael M. Rosell, III

Strontium (Sr) Isotope Stratigraphy of the Upper Jurassic Arab and Asab Formations, U.A.E
by Wayne R. Wright, Christian J. Strohmenger, Suleiman Ali, Abdelfatah El-Agrab, and Rafael M. Rosell, III

Uncertainty Analysis in Geomechanics Modeling for Fracture Prediction
by Haiqing Wu, Mohammed D. Al-Ajmi, Andrew Corley, Nikhil Banik, and Neema H. Al-Ajmi


Structural Styles in Central and Eastern Saudi Arabia
by Hongbin Xiao, Andrew Knowlton, Martin Rademakers, and Doug Cook

Geological Data Integrity & Quality Control for Correct Decision Making
by Wayel Mohamed Adham Younis and Warda Awadh Al-Braiki

Integrated Recovery Model and New Correlation for Middle East Carbonates
by Seyed Said Zaimy Taklimy

Model-Driven Land Multiple Suppression - the Third Generation
by Weihong Zhu, Khalid Alrufaii, and Panos Kelamis

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