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Application of High Previous HitResolutionNext Hit Q-Tomography: A Case Study From North West Shelf, Australia


Geo-bodies and gas chimneys near the water bottom create anomalously high levels of absorption. This leads to dim zones, hindering interpretation and AVO studies. The problem is compounded further by the small dimensions of these anomalies, necessitating a high-Previous HitresolutionNext Hit Q-model to compensate for localized absorption. This case study examines the application of Q-tomography and Q-PSDM using a high-Previous HitresolutionNext Hit Q-model to compensate for Q effects. The alternative, which is to apply simple Q compensation outside migration, results in indiscriminate boosting without taking into account the true raypaths. Results after Q-PSDM show successful restoration of amplitudes by healing the dim zones beneath localized anomalies. It is concluded that applying Q compensation within migration via Q-PSDM, and using a high-Previous HitresolutionTop Q-model, provides superior results over traditional Q compensation methods.