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AAPG Geoscience Technology Workshop
Trinidad and Tobago Deep Horizon and Deep Water
Frontier Exploration in Latin America and the Caribbean

March 9-11, 2014, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Search and Discovery Article #90203 (2014)

Posted December 29, 2014


The Evolution from Depositional Geometry to Trap Definition by Rapid Multi-layer Mapping,
      Michelle Allum

Sediment Routing-mass Balance Workflows for Paleogene Gulf of Mexico Deep-water Stratigraphic Predictions,
      Jacob Covault

Three Important Conventional Reservoirs Receiving Exploration Focus in the Atlantic Margin,
      John Dribus

Introduction to Geo-hazards in Deep Water and Associated with Exploration Around Salt,
      John Dribus

Exploration for Cretaceous Deep-water Reservoirs in the Circum-Caribbean Region: Historical Review and Expectations for the Future,
      Robert N. (Bob) Erlich

Key Exploration Uncertainties and the Petroleum Potential of the Deepwater Caribbean Offshore Colombia,
      Brian R. Frost

The Global Laramide Orogeny and its Influence on Cretaceous and Paleogene Petroleum Systems of the Caribbean Plate and its Contiguous Continental Plates,
      Steven L. Getz

Cretaceous Deep-water Sediment Opportunities in the Suriname Basin,
      Clyde Griffith and Sharon Khun

Berbice Submarine Canyon Guyana's Basin, Possibly Jurassic through Cretaceous-aged Deepwater Sediment Delivery System, Offshore Guyana,
      Allan E. Kean

Kinematics of the Barreirinhas Basin Deep-water Fold and Thrust Belt, Brazilian Equatorial Margin,
      Ana Krueger

LWD Sonic Real Time Application Case Study,
      Chris Maranuk

Unlocking the Deep HPHT Oligocene Fairway in the Nile Delta and the 20K Technology Promise,
      Chrysanthe S. Munn

Cretaceous Prospectivity in Southern Trinidad,
      Krishna Persad

Petroleum Prospects of the Mid Tertiary Reservoirs in the Southwest Peninsula of Trinidad,
      Krishna Persad

Jaguar-1 HPHT Well, Geological Operations Lessons Learned,
      Teresa Polo

Overview of the Cretaceous Petroleum Systems of the Suriname-Guyana Basin,
      Vinita Raghoenath and Zeudi Sontohartono

A Brief Tectonostratigraphic Account of the Guyana Basin, Offshore Guyana–In Search of the Fabled Canje-Saramacca Cretaceous Petroleum System,
      Rick Roberson

The Hypothetical Cretaceous Petroleum System of Trinidad and Tobago,
      Adrian Thomas

New Thermochronologic, Paleomagnetic, and Fault-slip Constraints on Pliocene Tectonics and Provenance, North Coast Marine Area, Trinidad and Tobago,
      John Weber

Key Learnings and Exploration Challenges in a Long-lived and Complex Deep Water Thrust Belt, Trinidad,
      Dave Widdoes

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