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Sediment Routing-mass Balance Workflows for Paleogene Gulf of Mexico Deep-water Stratigraphic Predictions

Jacob Covault
Research Geologist, Chevron Energy Technology Company


We developed probabilistic sediment routing-mass balance workflows for exploration-scale ranking of reservoir presence and quality in data-limited, frontier basins. The temporal and spatial distribution of sediment supply is predicted from detrital zircon provenance analysis and geologic scaling relationships. A proof-of-concept test of workflows was conducted for the Paleogene Wilcox trend, Gulf of Mexico. Results indicate significant remaining exploration potential, with unaccounted sediment supply from Mexican source areas. These workflows can be integrated with existing good practices and risk assessment for robust predictions in frontier exploration.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90203 © AAPG Geoscience Technology Workshop, Trinidad and Tobago Deep Horizon and Deep Water Frontier Exploration in Latin America and the Caribbean, March 9-11, 2014, Port of Spain, Trinidad