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AAPG Geoscience Technology Workshop
Fifth Annual AAPG/SPE Deepwater Reservoir

January 28-29, 2014, Houston, Texas

Search and Discovery Article #90200 (2014)

Posted November 30, 2014


Innovative Approaches to Cement Evaluation in a Deepwater Setting,
      Matthew Blyth and Iain Whyte

Spectral Analysis in Stratigraphic Interpretation,
      Yihua Cai

The Perdido and the Southwestern Gulf of Mexico,
      Milena Colmenares

The Laverda Field; Evidence for Stratigraphic Compartmentalisation in A Deepwater Setting,
      Vaughan Cutten

Introduction to Geo-hazards in Deep Water and Associated with Exploration Around Salt,
      John Dribus

Seismic Geomorphology of Early North Atlantic Sediment Waves, Offshore Northwest Africa,
      Dallas Dunlap

Continental Margins of the South Atlantic: Deepwater Reservoirs within the Meridional Salt Basins and in the Equatorial Basins without Salt,
      Roberto Fainstein

Context, Challenges, and Future of Deep-Water Plays: An Overview,
      Joan Flinch

Thoughts and Observation on Interpreting Depth-Imaged Data in the Jurassic Norphlet Play, Deepwater Eastern Gulf of Mexico,
      Donald Herron

Seismic Diagenesis, A New Perspective for Seismic Interpretation,
      Patrice Imbert

Geohazards in Green Canyon, GOM,
      Andreas Laake

Seismic and Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Area of Influence of the Magdalena Submarine Fan, Offshore Northern Colombia,
      Andrea Cadena Mendoza

Multi-Applications of Capture Formation Sigma While Drilling,
      Ana Peternell

Deepwater Conveyance Hazards while Conveying Wireline Formation Evaluation Toolstrings and Recent Technological Advances Providing Highly Efficient and Reduced Risk Wireline Conveyance Solutions,
      Serko Sarian

Reservoir vs. Seal Geopressure Gradients: Calculations and Pitfalls,
      Selim Simon Shaker

The Gulf of Mexico Basin: New Science and Emerging/Re-emerging Deepwater Plays,
      John Snedden

Structural Deformation, Traps and Reservoir Distribution in Deep-water Southern Equatorial Guinea: A Tale of Two Basins,
      Scott Thornton

Pitfalls in Prestack Inversion of Merged Seismic Surveys,
      Sumit Verma

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