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Deepwater Conveyance Hazards while Conveying Wireline Formation Evaluation Toolstrings and Recent Technological Advances Providing Highly Efficient and Reduced Risk Wireline Conveyance Solutions

Serko Sarian


In recent years, risk of DW well access issues, tool sticking risk has dramatically increased. While high tension technology exists today to cope with the increasing challenges but at the cost of narrowed operating boundaries that quite often lead to missed critical DW data acquisition. In very recent years Schlumberger has developed a state of the art high tension conveyance system, engineering out the DW conveyance limitations with reduced operating risk and increased efficiency. The result is safe, cost effective and complete Wireline data acquisition. One SPE paper published (SPE 164762) and two abstracts accepted for ICOTA 2014 and OWA 2014.

Increasing well depth and larger Wireline tool combinations in Deep and Ultra Deep Water plays have led to unprecedented high logging tensions and increased risk of tool sticking incidents. While the high tension logging packages introduced early 2000's have addressed most of the issues, previously non-relevant factors such as cable torque, cable crush and tension relief capstan related hazards have appeared or intensified leading to often lengthy and costly fishing operations in Deep Water. In 2011, Polymer encapsulated high tension wireline cables were introduced eliminating the new hazards and very often the need for specialized high tension and risk equipment.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90200 © AAPG Geoscience Technology Workshop, Fifth Annual AAPG-SPE Deepwater Reservoir, January 28-29, 2014, Houston, Texas