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AAPG-Geoscience Technology Workshop (GTW)
Hydrocarbon Charge Considerations in
Liquid-Rich Unconventional Petroleum Systems

November 5, 2013, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Search and Discovery Article #90186 (2013)

Posted January 13, 2014



Key Parameters for Liquid-Rich Unconventional Plays: Case Studies from North America,
      Tom Anderson

Advances in 3D Imaging, Spectroscopy, and Stable Isotope Geochemistry to Constrain the Evolution of Liquids-Rich Shale-Gas Systems,
      Robert C. Burruss

Thermal-Maturity and Expulsion-Retention Modeling in the Utica Shale Play,
      Steven G. Crews and John M. Guthrie

Observations and Implications of Organic Shale Microstructure in the Oil Window,
      M. Curtis

Challenges to Black Oil Production from Shales,
      Harry Dembicki Jr.

Key Parameters for Liquid Rich Unconventional Plays: Case Studies from North America,
      Milind Deo and Tom Anderson

Characterizing a Hybrid Liquid Rich Shale Play and Identifying Hydrocarbon Producing Zone(s),
      Amr El-Azhary, Lavern Stasiuk, Michele Asgar-Deen, and Paul Taylor

Geochemical Methods for Assessing liquid-rich Plays, Past, Present and Future,
      Martin Fowler

Reservoir Fluid Properties Required for Low Permeability Oil Reservoir Analysis,
      Matt Mavor

Determination of in-situ Hydrocarbon Volumes in Liquid Rich Shale Plays,
      G. E. Michael

My Source Rock is Now My Unconventional Reservoir - Geological and Petrophysical Characterization of Organic-Rich Rocks,
      Q. R. Passey, K. M. Bohacs, M. Rudnicki, S. Sinha, O. R. Lazar, W. L. Esch, and R. Klimentidis

Early Development Assessment of an Unconventional Play: Drawing a Picture of the Reservoir to Guide Right-Sized Development,
      Craig Rice

Alberta's Unconventional Shale Resource Potential,
      Dean Rokosh

A Management View of Risk Assessment for Investment Decisions in Unconventional Resource Plays,
      J. Sherrick

Assessment of Organic Petrology Methodology and Characterization of Primary and Secondary Dispersed Organic Matter in Liquid-Rich Shales,
      L. D. Stasiuk, Amr El-Ezhary, Michelle Asgar-Deen, Volker Dieckmann, Rob Robinson, and Gary Green

The Zen Path to the Kingdom of Kerogen: A Case Study of the Duvernay Shale,
      Brad Stirrett

Well Performance Prediction and Analysis for Liquid-rich Shales,
      Ian C. Walton

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