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AAPG Foundation 2007 Grants-in-Aid Projects

Search and Discovery Article #90070 (2007)
Posted September 25, 2007




Hydrocarbon Potential of the Ferry Lake Anhydrite, Eastern Gulf of Mexico, Southern Mississippi Province
by Faith O. Amadi

Regional Subsurface Investigation: Coal Accumulation in the Wilcox Group, Northern Louisiana
by Richard Ball

Constraining the Timing and Magnitude of Extension along the Southern Okanagan Valley Fault, Southern BC
by Sarah Brown

Chemistry and Derivatives of Petroleum Hydrocarbons Reacted with Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) in a Laboratory Environment
by N. Rebecca Buell

Sequence Stratigraphic Setting and Reservoir Compartmentalization of Leonardian Oolitic Basin-Floor Fan Complexes, Midland Basin, TX
by Jason L. Clayton

Regional Stratigraphy and Characterization of Cretaceous and Tertiary Sandstones, Orphan Basin, Offshore Newfoundland, Canada
by Allison Cocker

Tidal Rhythmites and their Implications in Surmising Earth-Moon Dynamics
by Christopher Coughenour

Sequence Stratigraphy and 3-D Reservoir Characterization of the Ray Reef, Macomb County, Michigan
by Jessica, Crisp

Pre-Mississippian Tectonism on the Southern Margin of Laurentia: Stratigraphic Evidence from Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas.
by Cruz, Dulce C.

The Impact of Reservoir Heterogeneity on Hydrocarbon Accumulation, Niuzhuang Low-Lying, Dongying Depression, Bohai Bay Basin
by Yu Cuiling

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Unraveling the San Gorgonio Knot, California: A Three-Dimensional Numerical Investigation of San Andreas Fault Configuration through the San Gorgonio Pass
by Laura Dair and Michele Cooke

Integrated Ichnology, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Along-Strike Changes in Parasequences of the Lower Cretaceous Boreal Seaway, Central Alberta, Canada
by Aaron DesRoches, Cameron Thompson, and James MacEachern

Platinum Group Element (PGE) systematics in oil source black shales: Implications for petroleum systems
by Alex Finlay

Progressive Deformation of the Mexican Fold-Thrust Belt
by Elisa Fitz-Diaz


Development and Distribution of Porosity and Permeability in a Distal Chert Reservoir, Devonian Thirtyone Formation, Midland Basin, Upton County, West Texas
by Robert Glaser

Mesozoic Return of Brachiopods: Brachiopod-Dominated Shell Beds in the Middle Triassic
by Sarah E. Greene, David J. Bottjer and John-Paul Zonneveld

Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of Coal-bearing Lower Pennsylvanian Strata, Central Appalachian Foreland Basin, southwestern Virginia: Controls on Coal Attributes
by Ryan P. Grimm

Effects of Illitization on the Distribution of Salinity in the Alberta Basin, Canada: A Numerical Case Study
by Ipsita Gupta

A Depositional Analysis of Tidally Influenced Deltaic Deposits in the Torrey Member of the Triassic Moenkopi Formation, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah
by Bethiah Hall

Neoproterozoic Allochthonous Salt-Body Geometry, Minibasins and Salt-Influenced Sedimentation in the Willouran Ranges, South Australia
by Thomas E. Hearon, IV

Genesis of Hyperarid Soils of the Atacama Desert, Chile
by Michael Howell

Evolution of a Conglomeratic Submarine Channel Complex on Sierra del Toro, Cerro Toro Formation, Magallanes Basin, Chile
by Zane Jobe

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Playa Esqueleto and Other Outcrops - Braided, Conglomeratic Submarine Channels: Upper Cretaceous Rosario Fm., Baja California, Mexico.
by Ian Kane

Stratigraphy, Structure, and Sedimentary Provenance of the Fox Range, Northwest Nevada: Evidence for Large-scale (~400km) Displacement along an Early Cretaceous Dextral Fault System.
by Margaret Kinsella

Origin of a Syndepositional-Early Diagenetic Cavity Network from the Berriasian Carbonate Platform of Eastern Sardinia (Italy): Facies Analysis and Geochemical Characterisation
by Alessandro Lanfranchi

Deconvolution of Petroleum Contamination from Cultural Eutrophication
by Yuehan Lu

Integrated Lithostratigraphy and Chemostratigraphy of the Ediacaran Doushantuo Formation, Yangtze Gorges, South China
by Kathleen A. McFadden

Origins of Amalgamated Sand Bodies in the Lance Formation, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming
by Jennifer McHarge

Methane Seep Facies in the Low-Latitude Neoproterozoic Reynella Siltstone from Southern Australia: Implications for Marinoan Climate Change, Ocean Chemistry and the Methane Hydrate Reservoir
by David Mrofka and Martin Kennedy

Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture of the Lea Park and Foremost Formations, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
by Andrew Mumpy

Architectural Element Analysis of Fluvial Deposits within the Muddy Creek Formation, Southern Nevada: A Late Miocene Analog for Dryland Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
by Thomas Muntean


High-Precision Geochronology of the Guadalupian Series (Middle Permian), West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico: Sequence Stratigraphic, Tectonic, and Time Scale Implications
by Brian Nicklen

Multiple Origins of Thin-Bedded Slope Turbidites: El Rosario Formation, Upper Cretaceous - Danian, Baja California, Mexico
by Jesus Ochoa

Holocene Benthic Foraminifera Distribution: Paleoclimatic and Paleoceanographic Records in Anoxic Basins along the British Columbia Coast
by Lamidi Olabode BABALOLA

Origin and Migration of Appalachian Basin Brines by 87Sr/86Sr Analyses
by Stephen Osborn

Fracture Opening Histories in Quartz-cemented Sandstone
by Aysen Ozkan

Onset of Alleghanian Orogen: Detrital – Zircon Signature from the Mississippian Strata in Southern and Central Appalachian
by Hyunmee Park

3D Seismic Interpretation, Attribute Analyses, Well Log Correlation, and GIS Spatial Analyses and Modeling to Re-Explore Productive Oil Fields Located in Northeastern Ellis and Southeastern Rooks Counties, Kansas
by Vilma I. Perez

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Permeability of Different Types of Cross Stratification Formed in Unidirectional Flow
by Arnold J.H. Reesink

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Evaluating Shale Gas Potential of the Upper Colorado Group, Southeastern Alberta
by Cindy Robinson

Geochemical Characterization of Gases from the Barnett Shale, Fort Worth Basin, Texas
by Norelis Rodriguez Maiz and R. Paul Philp

Late Miocene Strain Transfer and Core-Complex Formation in the Silver Peak-Lone Mountain Extensional Complex in the Central Walker Lane, Nevada
by Jeffrey Schroeder

Depositional Environment and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Dakota Sandstone (Lower Cretaceous) in the Ridgway Area, SW Colorado
by Hayet Serradji

Structural Controls on Detachment Folds Associated with Foreland Arches: Beaver Creek Anticline, Wyoming
by Sara Smaltz

Hypogenic Speleogenesis of the Castile Formation: Culberson County, Texas and Eddy County, New Mexico
by Kevin W. Stafford

Examining the Effect of Glacial-Interglacial Climate Change on Atmospheric Dust Loading and Source Rock Deposition in Equatorial Pangaea
by Alice Stagner

K-Ar Dating of Authigenic Illites: Integrating Diagenetic History of the Mesa Verde Group, Piceance Basin, NW Colorado
by Trevor Stroker


Interpretation of Seismic Data in Terms of Gas Reservoir Identification (Carpathian Foredeep, SE Poland)
by Artur Tatarata

Towards a More Quantitative Ichnological Approach: Use of Thin Sections and Large Thin Slices, an Example from Book Cliffs, Utah, USA
by Nicola S. Tonkin, Duncan McIlroy, and Rudi Meyer

Fluvial to Estuarine Transition in the Middle Bloyd Sandstone (Morrowan), Northwest Arkansas
by Kevin Unrein

Processes and Architectures of Deltas in Shelf-break and Ramp Platforms: Examples from the Eocene of West Spitsbergen (Norway), the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway (SW Wyoming & NE Utah), and the Pliocene Paleo-Orinoco Delta (SE Trinidad)
by Carlos A. Uroza

Lithology of the Lower Cretaceous Pebble Shale Unit, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Northeastern Alaska: Shale or Slate?
by Dolores van der Kolk

Seismic Imaging of a Cretaceous Fluvial System
by Claudia Velez

Early Tertiary Coarse Sediment Distribution Across the Central Range of Trinidad
by Hasley Vincent

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Fault-Propagation Folding in Extensional Settings: A Combined Seismic, Outcrop and Analogue Modelling Study
by Paul Whipp

Using Community Structure to Delineate Environmental Change; Rank-Abundance Curves as a Useful Method in Biostratigraphy
by Amelinda Webb

Tectonic Control on Sediment Delivery to the Cordilleran Marine Foredeep, Early Cretaceous (Albian-Cenomanian), Southwest Montana
by Eric Williams

A Fluvial Record of Active Fault-Propagation Folding, Salsomaggiore Anticline, Northern Apennines, Italy
by Luke F. Wilson

Provenance and Paleogeography of the Mesozoic Southern Ordos Basin, North Central China: Implications of U-Pb detrital Zircon Geochronology
by Xiangyang Xie

Geochemistry and Origins of Reservoir Solid Bitumen in the Northeast Sichuan Basin, SW China
by Yongcai Yang

Characteristics and Evolution of Fluid-Rock System Near the Top Surface of Deep Overpressure, Central Junggar Basin, Northwest China
by Zhi Yang