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3D Seismic Interpretation, Attribute Analyses, Well Log Correlation, and GIS Spatial Analyses and Modeling to Re-Explore Productive Oil Fields Located in Northeastern Ellis and Southeastern Rooks Counties, Kansas

Vilma I. Perez
Department of Geosciences, Fort Hays State University Hays, Kansas US
[email protected]

3-D seismic is a petroleum exploration tool that has caused an oil boom in central Kansas because it is especially useful for delineating small structural highs and narrow channels that can be significant drilling targets but cannot be identified with well-control alone or by using 2-D seismic data. A geological – geophysical interpretation of a 3-D seismic cube located in northeastern Ellis is being conducted with the aim of generating structural isochron, and attribute maps, and to create a GIS spatial analysis and 3-D model that will help to visualize and locate new subtle and unexploited structural and stratigraphic traps as well as produce a better understanding of the reservoirs character and petroleum system of this area.


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