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Figure 8. Photograph 37-83-54. View north across the Mojave Desert to the Sierra Nevada (covered with snow). The Salton Sea lies in a depression where the San Andreas (at the foot of the mountains on its right) steps west (left) and cuts through the Imperial Valley irrigation district into Mexico (foreground). The San Andreas fault continues northwest between the snow-capped ranges (San Gabriel on the left, San Bernardino on the right), then along the southern margin of the Mojave Desert to where it crosses the Tehachapi Mountains and lies just west of the San Joaquin Valley. Las Vegas is the green patch in the brown valley at the right edge of the photo. Death Valley lies near the right center of the frame and extends away from the viewer. Circular Mono Lake lies just beyond the far end of the straight Owens Valley along the east base of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada.