--> Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Meeting October 30 - November 1, 2002, Austin, Texas, #90002 (2002)

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Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Meeting October 30 - November 1, 2002, Austin, Texas

Search and Discovery #90002 (2002)


Effects of Increased Freshwater Inflow on the Emergent Vegetation of a South Texas Hypersaline Salt Marsh, by ALEXANDER, HEATHER D., and DUNTON, KENNETH H.

Exploration for Gas in Frontier Area, Lamprea-Gulf of Mexico, Eastern Offshore Mexico, by Alvarado Vega, Juan M., Pineda, Francisco Gonzalez, Rodriguez F., Dionisio, Macias Z., Eduardo, and Zambrano A., Manuel


Sequence Stratigraphy and Seismic Stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous Section in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico, by BADALI, MARCELLO

Geology, Structure and Piercement History of South Liberty Salt Dome, Texas, and the Nature of Fluid Flow Around It, by BANGA, TAT, CAPUANO, REGINA M., and VAN NIEUWENHUISE, DONALD S.

Development of a Groundwater Availability Model for the Central Gulf Coast Region of Texas, by BARTH, GIL, PICKENS, JOHN F.

Brackish Water Resources of the Gulf Coast Aquifers in Texas, by Beach, James A., Kreitler, Charles W., and Klemt, William B.

Geodatabase of the South Texas Uranium District, by BEAMAN, MARK, and MCGEE, WILLIAM W.

I Would Rather Be Vaguely Right Than Precisely Wrong: A New Approach to Evaluating Oil and Gas Investment Decisions, by Begg, Steve

Basin Analysis with the New Stratigraphies: A Test Case Using Subsurface Data, Wilcox Group (Paleogene), South Texas, by BELLAMY, JUSTIN B., and BREYER JOHN A.

Gas Market Fundamentals and Commercial Considerations in the E&P Industry, by BODELL, J. MICHAEL

Formation and Characterization of Turbidites: Mathematical Models, Scaling Analysis and Simulation, by BONNECAZE, ROGER T.

Geological Reservoir Characteristics of Fine-Grained Turbidite Systems, by BOUMA, ARNOLD H., SPRAGUE, RONALD A., and KHAN, ARFAN M.

Biostratigraphic Application and Ecology of Agglutinated Foraminifera in Gulf of Mexico Basin Cenozoic Exploration, by Breard, S.Q., Callender, A.D., and Nault, M.J.

Practical Stratigraphy for Groundwater Modeling of Lignite Overburden, by BREYER, ROXANN. H., and BREYER JOHN A.

Development of Methods for the Integration of High Resolution Topographic and Bathymetric Lidar Surveys of the Tampa Bay Region, by BROCK, JOHN, WRIGHT, WAYNE, GESCH, DEAN, CRANE, MICHAEL, HANSEN, MARK, and SALLENGER, ASBURY

Exploration-Scale Pre-Drill Reservoir Quality Prediction Strategies for Gulf of Mexico Basin Sandstones and Carbonates, by BROWN, ALTON A.

A Preliminary Assessment of Hydrogeologic Suitability for Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) in North-Central Texas, by CHASTAIN-HOWLEY, ANDREW, and PYNE, R. DAVID G.

Risk Reduction in Estimation of Petrophysical Properties from Seismic Data through Well Log Modeling, Seismic Modeling and Rock Properties Estimation, by CHAVESTE, ALVARO

Groundwater Flow Modeling to Estimate Fresh and Brackish Water Availability in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, South Texas, by Chowdhury, Ali H., and Mace, Robert E.

A Methodology for Defining the Base and Geometry of Salt Bodies in the Deep Water Gulf of Mexico, by COBURN, GARY W.

Deepwater Gulf of Mexico—Using Seepage and Oils to Understand the Source and Charge Issues, by Cole, G.A., Yu, A., Peel, F., Brooks, J., Bernard, B., Zumberge, J., and Brown, S.

Geologic Framework of the Northern Edwards Aquifer, Central Texas, by COLLINS, EDWARD W., WOODRUFF, C. M., JR., and TREMBLAY, THOMAS A.

Depositional History and Genetic Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of the Middle Miocene Depositional Episode, South Louisiana, by COMBELLAS-BIGOTT, RICARDO I., and GALLOWAY, W.

Evolution of the Middle Miocene Submarine Fan East-Central Gulf of Mexico, by COMBELLAS-BIGOTT, RICARDO I., and GALLOWAY, W.

Water Management Planning in Louisiana, by Darling, Bruce K., Hamilton, G. B., Stover, Stuart L., Sonnier, Brent, Onebane, Bernard, and Diaz, Torian

Reconciling High-Resolution Reservoir Models to Production Data Using Streamline Simulation, by Datta-Gupta, Akhil

Sealing Potential and Sequence Stratigraphy of Miocene Shales: Deepwater Gulf of Mexico, by DAWSON, W.C., and ALMON, W.R.

Age Dating of Expected MCSB Seismic Event Suggests It Is the K/T Boundary, by DOHMEN, TED E.

Sequence Stratigraphy of Shelf to Deep Water Depositional Systems in the Tuscaloosa-Woodbine Down-Dip Trend, Louisiana and Texas: Application to Exploration for Deep Gas, by DUBIEL, RUSSELL F., and PITMAN, JANET K.

Off-Road and Sub-Surface ... Similarities in Virtual Space, by Duncan, Jerry R.

Correlation of Marine Sediments from the Texas-Louisiana Continental Shelf, by DUNN, DEAN A., STOKES, TRACI L.

Convergence Between Hydropressured and Geopressured Zones in the Wilcox Group, Central Texas Gulf Coast, by DUTTON, ALAN R., HARDEN, ROBERT, and KIER, KATHERINE S.

Effect of Pleistocene Depositional Heterogeneity on Movement of a Subsurface Crude-Oil Spill, San Patricio County, South Texas, by DUTTON, ALAN R., HOVORKA, SUSAN D., and BENNETT, PHILIP C.,

Reservoir Quality of Lower Miocene Sandstones in Lowstand Prograding Wedge Successions, Vermilion Block 31, Offshore Louisiana, by DUTTON, SHIRLEY P., and HENTZ, TUCKER F.

Petrography and Reservoir Quality of Tertiary Deepwater Sandstones in the Veracruz Basin, Mexico, by DUTTON, SHIRLEY P., JENNETTE, DAVID C., AMBROSE, WILLIAM A., and MARTÍNEZ, MARTÍN

Evaluation of Jurassic-Cretaceous Cotton Valley-Travis Peak Gas Systems in Gulf Coast Region for Petroleum Resource Assessment, by DYMAN, T.S., and CONDON, S.M., and BARTBERGER, C.E.

The Case for the Regressive Systems Tract, by Edwards, Marc B.

Practical Sequence Stratigraphy in Onshore Exploration and Development, With Examples from the Yegua and Cotton Valley Trends, by EWING, Thomas E.

Deep Water Depositional Facies and Reservoir Quality, Evaluation Based on Fourier Analysis of Gamma Ray Logs, by FILLON, RICHARD H., and LAWLESS, PAUL N.

Sediment-Hosted Contaminants and Distribution Patterns in the Mississippi and Atchafalaya River Deltas, by FLOCKS, JAMES G., KINDINGER, JACK L., and SWARZENSKI, PETER W.

Fluid Prediction from 3-D Seismic Data in Deep-Water Sandstone Reservoirs, Veracruz Basin, Southeastern Mexico, by FOUAD, KHALED, JENNETTE, DAVID C., and SOTO-CUERVO, ARTURO

Cenozoic Deep-Water Reservoir Systems of the Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin, by GALLOWAY, WILLIAM E.

Complex Geology and Gas Hydrate Dynamics Characterize Mississippi Canyon Block 798 on the Upper Continental Slope of the Northern Gulf of Mexico, by GERESI, ERIKA, LUTKEN, CAROL, MCGEE, TOM, and LOWRIE, ALLEN

Threshold Conditions for Episodic Beach Erosion along the Southeast Texas Coast, by GIBEAUT, JAMES C., GUTIERREZ, ROBERTO, and HEPNER, TIFFANY L.

Measuring Shoreline Change along Bays and Oceans Using Historical Aerial Photography and Airborne Topographic LIDAR Surveys, by GIBEAUT, JAMES C., WHITE, WILLIAM A., GUTIERREZ, ROBERTO, WALDINGER, RACHEL, ANDREWS, JOHN R., HEPNER, TIFFANY L., SMYTH, REBECCA C., and TREMBLAY, THOMAS A.

Dominant Structural and Stratigraphic Characteristics Influencing Hydrocarbon Production Distribution in Louisiana's Livingston Field, by GODDARD, DONALD A., ZIMMERMAN, RONALD K., and WHITE, CHRISTOPHER D., and BIRDWELL, MAURICE N.

Gas Resource Potential of the West Florida Shelf and Slope, by Gohrbandt, Klaus H.

Paleogeographic and Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for Mesozoic Carbonate Exploration on the Northwest Gulf of Mexico (NW GOM) Rim, by GOLDHAMMER, R.K.

Second-Order Accommodation Cycles and Points of “Stratigraphic Turnaround”: Implications for Carbonate Buildup Reservoirs in Mesozoic Carbonate Systems of the East Texas Salt Basin and South Texas, by Goldhammer, R.K.

Enhancing Analysis of 4C Data in the Gulf of Mexico from Results of 9C Data Onshore, by Gumble, Jason, E., and Tatham, Robert H.


An Evaluation of Hydrogeologic Parameters on Natural Attenuation of Explosives, by HARRELSON, D. W., and ZAKIKHANI, M.

Groundwater Tracing in the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer, by HAUWERT, NICO M., JOHNS, DAVID A., SANSOM, JAMES W., and ALEY, THOMAS J.

Late Cenozoic Sequence Stratigraphy, Main Pass Area, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico, by HE, LEIPIN, BUFFLER, RICHARD T., and FULTHORPE, CRAIG S.

Sedimentology, Ichnology and Depositional Environment of the Woodbine Sandstone (Cretaceous) Exposed along the Shores of Lake Grapevine, Tarrant County, Texas, by HENK, BO, BREYER, JOHN, A., and SCHEIHING, MARK

Reservoir Geology of the Subclarksville ‘A’ Sandstone in the BSR Field, East Texas, Through an Integrated Sedimentology, Ichnology, Petrography and Reservoir Properties Data Analysis, by HENK, BO, SHAVER, SCOTT O., PEMBERTON, S. GEORGE, and HICKEY, JAMES J.

Northern Gulf of Mexico Bathymetry and Feature Names, by HOLCOMBE, TROY L., BRYANT, WILLIAM R., BOUMA, ARNOLD H., TAYLOR, LISA A., and LIU, JIA Y.

Production and Pressure Characteristics of Gas Reservoirs, Veracruz Basin, Mexico, by HOLTZ, MARK H., GARCIA, JAVIER, SAKURAI, SHINICHI, WAWRZYNIEC, TIMOTHY F., JENNETTE, DAVID C., and BOLAÑOS, JUAN JOSÉ

Origin of Faults and Extension Fractures in Cretaceous Carbonates, Northeast Mexico, by HOOKER, John, MARRETT, Randall, and LAUBACH, Stephen

Late Jurassic Source Rock Distribution and Quality in the Gulf of Mexico: Inferences from Plate Tectonic Modeling, by Jacques, John M., and Clegg, Heather

Play-Element Characterization of the Miocene and Pliocene, Veracruz Basin, Southeastern Mexico, by Jennette, David C., Wawrzyniec, TIMOTHY F., Fouad, Khaled, Meneses-Rocha, Javier, Holtz, Mark H., Sakurai, Shinichi, Talukdar, Suhas, Grimaldo, Francisco, Muñoz, Rafael, Lugo, Jorge E., Barrera, David, Williams, Carlos, Escamilla, Arturo, Dutton, Shirley P., Ambrose, William A., Dunlap, Dallas B., Bellian, Jerome A., and Guevara, Edgar H.

Northern Segment of the Edwards Aquifer, Texas: Groundwater Availability Modeling, by JONES, IAN C.

Delineation and Analysis of Upper Miocene and Pliocene Gas Plays in the Macuspana Basin, Southeastern Mexico, by JONES, REBECCA H., AMBROSE, WILLIAM A., HOLTZ, MARK H., and JENNETTE, DAVID C., SOLIS, HECTOR, MENESES-ROCHA, JAVIER, LUGO, JORGE, AGUILERA, LEONARDO, BERLANGA, JOSE, MIRANDA, LINO, and ROJAS, ROBERTO

Using GIS for Development and Processing of Surface-Water Data for the TWDB GAM Models, by JORDAN, DAVID L.

Hydrogeology and Simulation of Ground-Water Flow and Land-Surface Subsidence in the Chicot and Evangeline Aquifers, Houston Area, Texas, by Kasmarek, Mark C., and STROM, Eric W.

Challenges and Approaches for Groundwater Availability Modeling of the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer of Texas, by KELLEY, VAN A., SENGER, RAINER K., DEEDS, NEIL E., and FRYAR, DENNIS G.

Predicting Reservoir Quality and Geometry in Rudist Buildups Rimming an Intrashelf Basin; Albian (Cretaceous), Maverick Basin, Pecos River Canyon, Southwest Texas, by KERANS, CHARLIE

Stratigraphic Setting and Controls on Occurrence of Ancient Carbonate Beach Deposits: Examples from the Lower Cretaceous of the Gulf of Mexico Region, by KERANS, CHARLIE, and LOUCKS, ROBERT G.

Natural Gas Resource Characterization of the Federal Offshore Gulf of Mexico: Data Analysis of Key Sand Attributes for Future Exploration and Development Opportunities, by KIM, EUGENE M.

Sand Resources, Regional Geology, and Coastal Processes for Shoreline Restoration: Case Study of Barataria Shoreline, Louisiana, by KINDINGER, JACK L., PENLAND, S., FLOCKS, J. G., KULP, M., and BRITSCH, L. D.

An Analysis of the Interaction of Waterflood and Reservoir Heterogeneity, by King, Michael J., and Jennings, James W., Jr.

Sequence and Seismic Stratigraphy of the Bossier Formation (Tithonian), Western East Texas Basin, by KLEIN, GEORGE D., and CHAIVRE, KENNETH R.

Using Multicomponent OBC Seismic Data for the Evaluation of Deep Gas Prospects on the Shelf in the Gulf of Mexico, by KNAPP, STEVEN

Potential New Uses for Old Gas Fields: Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide, by KNOX, P. R., HOVORKA, S. D., and OLDENBURG, C. M.

Latest Quaternary Stratigraphic Framework of the Mississippi River Delta, by KULP, MARK A., HOWELL, PAUL D., PENLAND, SHEA, KINDINGER, JACK, and WILLIAMS, STANLEY J.

Florida Gulf Coast Marsh Response to Sea Level Rise, by LADNER, LUCIEN, HoEnstine, Ron, and Cross, Brian

Fracture Characterization Based on Microfracture Surrogates, Pottsville Sandstone, Black Warrior Basin, Alabama, by Laubach, Stephen E., Reed, Robert M., Gale, Julia F.W., Ortega, Orlando J., and DOHERTY, Eloise H.

A Methodology for Assessing Monitoring-Well Networks Designed to Protect Wetland and Lake Water Levels, by LAVENUE, MARSH A.

Physical Modeling of Normal Faults and Graben Relays above Salt: A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis, by LE CALVEZ, JOEL H., and VENDEVILLE, BRUNO C.

New Insights on Timing of Oil and Gas Generation in the Jurassic Petroleum System of the Central Gulf Coast Interior Zone Based on Hydrous Pyrolysis Kinetic Parameters, by LEWAN, MICHAEL D.

Comparison of Allochthonous Salt Deformation and Sub-Salt Structural Styles, Perdido and Mississippi Fan Foldbelts, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico, by LIRO, LOUIS M.

Diagenetic History of the Upper Jurassic Smackover Formation and Its Effects on Reservoir Properties: Manila Sub-basin, Eastern Gulf Coastal Plain, by LLINAS, JUAN CARLOS

Sabkhas, Ancient and Modern, by LOCK, BRIAN E.

Controls on Reservoir Quality in Platform Interior Limestones Around the Gulf of Mexico: Example from the Lower Cretaceous Pearsall Formation in South Texas, by LOUCKS, ROBERT G.

Estimating Permeability from Porosity in the Alabama Ferry Field—The Rock Fabric Approach, by Lucia, F. Jerry

Groundwater Supplies and Availability in Texas: Results from the 2002 State Water Plan, by MACE, ROBERT E., and MULLICAN, WILLIAM F., III

Quantitative Measurements of Brittle Deformation with Burial Compaction, Frio Formation, Gulf of Mexico Basin, by MAKOWITZ, ASTRID, and MILLIKEN, KITTY L.

Reservoir Characterization and Modeling of Upper Jurassic Smackover Carbonate Shoal Reservoirs, Womack Hill Oil Field, Choctaw and Clarke Counties, Alabama, by MANCINI, ERNEST A., and PANETTA, BRIAN J.

The 3D-Seismic Exploration Wheel and Treatments for Economic Pain along the Learning Curve, by MARLIN, DONALD J.

Contrasting Structural Styles of the Macuspana and Veracruz Basins, Mexico, by MENESES-ROCHA, J., WAWRZYNIEC, T.F., FOUAD, KHALED, GUEVARA, E.H., AMBROSE, W.A., JENNETTE, D.C., SANCHEZ-BARREDA, LUIS, and LUGO, J.E.

Water Supply and Subsidence in the Greater Houston Area, by Michel, Thomas A.

Brittle Fracture and Quartz Cementation in Deformation Bands, Cambrian Hickory Sandstone (Cambrian), Central Texas, by MILLIKEN, KITTY L., and Reed, Robert M.

Reservoir Characterization of the Chicot Aquifer in Acadia Parish, Louisiana, by MILNER, L. RILEY

Late Oligocene Sequence Stratigraphy (Lower Arcadia Formation) of Southwest Florida, by MISSIMER, THOMAS M.,

Exploration GIS Analysis of Basin Maturity in the South Florida Basin, by MITCHELL-TAPPING, HUGH J.

Hunting for Elephants: Exploration and Appraisal Learnings from the Western Atwater Foldbelt of the Ultra Deep Water Gulf of Mexico, by MOORE, MICHAEL G.

Subsurface Controls on Historical Subsidence Rates and Associated Wetland Loss in Southeastern Louisiana, by MORTON, ROBERT A., KROHN, M. DENNIS, and BUSTER, NOREEN A.

E & P Drilling Fluid Disposal Facilities in Texas and Louisiana: Analogs for Environmental Assessments of Abandoned Sites, by NANCE, H. S., and DUTTON, ALAN R.

Coastal Change Analysis Program Implemented in Louisiana, by NELSON, GENE, RAMSEY, ELIJAH, III, and SAPKOTA, SIJAN

Recent Sedimentation in St. Louis Bay, Mississippi, by ODAFFER, JAY C.

Class I AVO Analysis in a North Texas Reservoir, by Pankhurst, Duane A.

Lithostratigraphic and Paleogeographic Comparisons of the Jurassic Section in the Gulf Coastal Plain to the Jurassic Ellis Group in Southern Montana and Northern Wyoming, by PARCELL, W.C.

The Geometry and Emplacement History of the Major Allochthonous Salt Sheets in the Central US Gulf of Mexico Slope: A Regional Review, by PEEL, FRANK J.

Implications of Megasequence Stratigraphy for the Petroleum System of the Ultra Deep Water Gulf of Mexico, by PEEL, FRANK J., COLE, GARY A., APPS, GILLIAN M., and MOORE, M.G.

A Coastal Land Loss Classification for the Mississippi River Delta Plain, by Penland, Shea, Britsch, L.D., Beall, Andrew, and Williams, S.J.

World-Wide Deepwater Exploration and Production: Past, Present and Future, by Pettingill, Henry S., and Weimer, Paul

New Interaction Concepts and Real-Time Algorithms for the Exploration of Geological Data in Virtual Environments, by Plate, John, Froehlich, Bernd, and Goebel, Martin

Slope and Basinal Deposits Shed from a Late Wolfcampian Tectonically-Active Carbonate Ramp Margin, by PLAYTON, TED E.

Morphology of a Marsh-Dominated Coast as Determined from Airborne Laser in Eastern Gulf of Mexico, by RAABE, E.A., HARRIS, M.S., and SHRESTHA, R.L., and CARTER, W.E.

Water Depth, Seagrass, Algae, and Bottom Type Mapped with Airborne Multi-spectral Imagery in Tampa Bay, by RAABE, E.A., and KOVACH, C.W.

The National Vegetation Classification Standard Applied to the Remote Sensing Classification of Two Semiarid Environments, by RAMSEY, ELIJAH, III, NELSON, GENE, ECHOLS, DARRELL, and SAPKOTA, SIJAN

Assessment of Production Predictability of Fourth Order Systems Tracts in the Miocene Offshore Louisiana, by Rassi, Claudia

Marsh Survival in the Subsiding Mississippi Delta Plain: A Ten-Year Record of Marsh Surface Elevation Change, by REED, DENISE J., and BOUMANS, ROELOF M. J.

The Upper Jurassic Bossier Sandstone Play of the East Texas Basin, by RIDGLEY, JENNIE L.

Natural Fracture Characterization of the Travis Peak Formation, East Texas: Application of New Rock Testing and Modeling Methods, by RIJKEN, P., HOLDER, J., OLSON, J.E., and LAUBACH, S.E.

Geologic Framework and Sedimentology of Recent Mud Deposition on the Eastern Chenier Plain Coast and Adjacent Inner Shelf, Western Louisiana, by ROBERTS, H.H., BENTLEY, S., COLEMAN, J.M., HSU, S.A., HUH, O.K., INOUE, M., ROUSE, L.J., JR., SHEREMET, A., STONE, G., WALKER, N., and WELSH, S.

Gas Hydrate Deposits in a Complex Geologic Setting, Northern Gulf of Mexico Slope, by ROBERTS, H.H., COLEMAN, J.M., HUNT, J.L., SHEDD, W.W., SASSEN, R., and MILKOV, A.

Salt-Related Accommodation in the Gulf of Mexico Deepwater: Withdrawal or Inflation, Autochthonous or Allochthonous?, by ROWAN, MARK G.

Estimate of Lithology and Net Gas Sand from Wireline Logs: Veracruz and Macuspana Basins, Mexico, by SAKURAI, SHINICHI, GRIMALDO-SUAREZ, FRANCISCO M., AGUILERA-GOMEZ, LEONARDO E., and RODRIGUEZ-LARIOS, JOSE A.

Impacts of Sand and Gravel Mining on Physical Habitat of the Colorado River and Tributaries, Central Texas, by SAUNDERS, GEOFFREY P.

Environmental Assessment of an Abandoned Saltwater Disposal Site in Manvel, Texas, by SCHEERHORN, JEFFREY, D., BAKER, NOREEN A., and CRAVENS, PAUL B.

Remediation and Re-vegetation of Brine Impacted Soil: A Case Study, by SEWELL, H. JAMES, HAMILTON, WAYNE A., FARRISH, KENNETH W., DEUEL, LLOYD E., JR., and MOORE, DON

Geopressure Progression - Regression: An Effective Risk Assessment Tool in Gulf of Mexico Deep Water, by SHAKER, SELIM S.

The Influence of Fine-Grained Sediment on Wave Propagation, West Louisiana Coast, by SHEREMET, A., STONE, G.W., BENTLEY, S.J., WALKER, N.D., ROUSE, L.J., JR., WELSH, S., ROBERTS, H.H., INOUE, M., HUH, O.K., and HSU, S.A.

Forensic Hydrogeology Applied to a Half-Century-Old Crude-Oil Seep, Colorado River, Wharton County, Texas, by SMYTH, REBECCA C., DUTTON, ALAN R., and GUTIERREZ, ROBERTO

Local Biostratigraphic Markers of the Frio (Oligocene) of Northern Mustang Island, Texas State Waters, by SPENCER, JEFF A., BARRETT, ELLIOTT, and BREARD, S.Q.

Evolution and High Dissolution Porosity of Woodbine Sandstones in a Slope Submarine Fan, Double A Wells Field, Polk County, Texas—A Deep Water Gulf of Mexico Model Onshore, by STRICKLIN, FRED L., JR.

Hydrocarbon Source and Charge in the Neogene in the Macuspana and Veracruz Basins, Mexico, by TALUKDAR, S. C., GUEVARA, E. H., JONES, R. H., GALINDO, AGUSTÍN, ROMERO, M. A., WAWRZYNIEC, T. F., VILLANUEVA, LAURA, FOUAD, KHALED, AMBROSE, W. A., JENNETTE, D. C., DUNLAP, D. B., MENESES-ROCHA, J. J., SÁNCHEZ-BARREDA, LUIS, and LUGO, J. E.

Petrology and Geochemistry of Calcite Precipitates and Water from Surface and Spelean Environments, Central Texas: Analogs for Non-marine Carbonate Cements, by TAYLOR, PENNY M. and CHAFETZ, HENRY S.

The Gas Potential of the Wilcox and Queen City Plays in the Western Burgos Basin, Mexico, by Tellez, Mariano H., Espiricueto, Antonio, Marino, Alberto, de Leon, Jesus, and Hernández, Alcides

Quantitative Measurement of Porosity Reduction Around Deformation Bands in a Porous and Permeable Sandstone, by THOMPSON, LAIRD B., EVANS, JAMES P., and WALLACE, JAMES P.

A New Interpretation of Trusheim's Classic Model of Salt-Diapirs Growth, by VENDEVILLE, BRUNO C.

Observations on Effects of Lithology on Well Failures, by WACH, GRANT D., and KUHFAL, DENNIS L.

Satellite-Based Assessment of Sediment Transport, Distribution and Resuspension Associated with the Atchafalaya River Discharge Plume, byWALKER, NAN, ROBERTS, HARRY, HUH, OSCAR, ROUSE, LARRY, INOUE, MASAMICHI, WELSH, SUSAN, BENTLEY, SAMUEL, STONE, GREGORY, SHEREMET, ALEXANDRU, HSU, S.A., and MYINT, SOE

Effect of Hydrocarbon Production and Reservoir Depressurization on Subsidence, by Wang, Fred P., and Nance, H.S.

Regulatory Changes for Commercial E&P Waste Facilities in Louisiana, by Wascom, Carroll D., and Snellgrove, Gary W.

Neotectonic Deformation of Alluvial Valleys in Southern Arkansas and Northern Louisiana, by WASHINGTON, PAUL A.

Integrated Modeling of Salt Features in a GIS Environment: Examples from the Gulf of Mexico and Kazakhstan, by Weber, R.W. and Odegard, M.E.

Dual Gradient Drilling Technology, by WEINSTOCK, CHARLES W.

Photo Analysis of Marsh Changes Associated with Delta Sedimentation and Faulting near the Mouth of the Colorado River, Texas Gulf Coast, by WHITE, WILLIAM A., TREMBLAY, THOMAS A., and CALNAN, THOMAS R.

Paleodepositional Facies Lower Cretaceous Cow Creek Member Texas Hill Country, by WILSON, WILLIAM FEATHERGAIL

Diachronous Erosion Surfaces and Sequence Stratigraphic Practice, by WINKER, CHARLES D.

Exploring Nontraditional Hydrocarbon Traps for Gas Resource Additions in the Shallow Gulf of Mexico Shelf, U.S.A., by Wood, L.J., De Angelo, M., Zeng, H., Hentz, T., Holtz, M., Kim, E., and Bergquist, B.

Upper Miocene Depositional History of Central Gulf of Mexico Basin, by Wu, Xinxia, and Galloway, William E.