--> Eastern Section AAPG October 2-4, 2002 #90003 (2002)

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Abstracts of Talks and Posters, Eastern Section AAPG October 2-4, 2002

Search and Discovery #90003 (2002)


Reservoir Characterization and Production Modeling/Evaluation of a Rose Run Sandstone Reservoir, by ARCHER, PAUL, L., DAVE FREEMAN, JOHN R. BLOMBERG, and TIM KNOBLOCH

Recent Drilling Activity in the Upper Ordovician Trenton-Black River Limestone, West Virginia and New York, by AVARY, KATHARINE LEE

Porosity/Permeability Trends in a basal Pennsylvanian channel sandstone, Caseyville Formation, Crawford County, Illinois, by BANDY, WILLIAM F., JR., DAVID E. BRITTON, and JEFFREY L. HOY

Reservoir Characterization of the South Buckeye Oil Field, Dundee Limestone, Michigan Basin, by BARNES, DAVID A., GILLESPIE, ROBB, AND HARRISON, WILLIAM B., III

Seismic evidence of faulting and fault reactivation of the Rome Trough with implications for Trenton exploration in West Virginia, by BLAXTON, JERRY B.

Applications of the new “PAYZONE” GIS oil production data set in exploration and development programs in Illinois, by CROCKETT, JOAN E., GUSTISON, STEVEN R., and JOHANEK, PHILIP

Coal Resources in the Michigan Basin: Some Suggestions for Development, by CROSS, AUREAL T.

Environmental Assessment and Remediation of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Sites, by CROSS, EDWARD P.

The Tectonic Development of the Rome Trough: A New Model and Its Exploration Implications, by DRAHOVZAL, JAMES A., and TINA M WHITE

Coalbed methane potential of the Seelyville Coal Member in Indiana, by Drobniak, A., M. Mastalerz, N. Eaton, and J. Rupp

Petroleum Well Location Maps: A Geographic Information System (GIS) Approach to Petroleum Mapping in Indiana, by EATON, NATHAN K., RACELLE ESCOLAR, CHARLES W. ZUPPANN, and WILFRIDO SOLANO-ACOSTA

Coalbed Methane Potential in Illinois-Regional Mapping Data, by ELRICK, SCOTT, CHERI CHENOWETH, ILHAM DEMIR, DAVID MORSE and CHRISTOPHER KOROSE

Online well information for Illinois: finding oil at 11:00 p.m., by FAGAN, JOSEPH P., JR.

The Trenton Formation: Why Aren’t We Doing Something About It in Illinois?, by FAGAN, JOSEPH P., JR.

Geometry And Porosity Trends in Subsurface Ooid Shoals of the Mississippian Ste. Genevieve Formation, Illinois Basin, USA, by GIBSON, ANTHONY C., FOUKE, BRUCE W., and LEETARU, HANNES E.

Reservoir Characterization for an Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer Flood of Mississippian Cypress and Pennsylvanian Bridgeport Sandstone Reservoirs in Lawrence Field Illinois, by GRUBE, JOHN P., BEVERLY SEYLER, BRYAN G. HUFF, and CURT S. BLAKLEY


GIS Based Mapping and Distribution of New Oil/Gas Pay Horizon Maps in Illinois, by GUSTISON, STEVEN R. JOAN E. CROCKETT, and PHILIP M. JOHANEK

Reserves Versus Depth, by FREDERICK R. HAEBERLE

Ordovician Dolostones in Central Kentucky: Possible Analogs for Trenton–Black River Gas Reservoirs in the Appalachian Basin, by HARRIS, DAVID C., and LANGHORNE “TAURY” SMITH

Directional Drilling for Oil and Gas in Michigan, by Harrison, William, B. III

Resource Assessment of the Springfield, Herrin, Danville and Baker Coals in the Illinois Basin, by HATCH, JOSEPH R., RONALD H. AFFOLTER, and GREGORY L. GUNTHER

Where Are the Trenton-Black River Hydrothermal Dolomite-Hosted Fields of the Illinois Basin?, by Hickman, Robert G., W. Norman Kent, Mark E. Odegard and Jeff R. Martin

Coal Availability Studies in Illinois - A Summary of Results for a 10-Year Program, by JACOBSON, RUSSELL J., SCOTT D. ELRICK, and CHRISTOPHER P. KOROSE

ISGS Digital Coal Database:  Herrin Coal Availability and Other Applications, by KOROSE, CHRISTOPHER P., and SCOTT D. ELRICK

Digital Databases To Support GIS Mapping Applications: A Review of Available Databases, by KRUMM, ROBERT

Facies, Sequence Stratigraphy and Diagenesis of Selected Tertiary Cores, North Carolina, by LAGESSE, JENNY, H., and J.F. READ

Controls on Silurian Reef Distribution Allow for Cost-Effective Exploration, Clinton and Washington Counties, Illinois, by LANDON, SUSAN M., and JOAN E. CROCKETT

Mississippian Biohermal Buildups in the Illinois Basin and Adjacent Regions and Their Hydrocarbon Potential, by LASEMI ZAKARIA, RODNEY D. NORBY, and JOHN E. UTGAARD

Exploration and Development Potential of the Benoist Sandstone in Central Illinois, by Leetaru, Hannes E.

Did Compaction Fluids Influence Paleozoic Reef Development in the Illinois Basin?, by LONGMAN, MARK W., and SUSAN M. LANDON

Subsurface Structures and Paleovalley Orientations Delineated from Distribution and Thickness Patterns of Carboniferous Rock Units along the Southern Part of the La Salle Anticlinorium, Illinois Basin, Lawrence County, Illinois, by LUMM, DONALD K.

The Role of Existing Seismic Reflection Data in Evaluating Sites for CO2 Sequestration and Natural Gas Storage in the Illinois Basin, by MCBRIDE, J. H., KOLATA, D. R., NELSON, W. J., and LEETARU, H. E.

Natural Gas Exploration and Development in the Finger Lakes Region of New York: A Tale of Science, Politics and Public Perception, by MARTIN, JOHN P.

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Lower Mississippian in Ohio and West Virginia: Origin of the Black Hand Sandstone as Incised Valley Fill, by MATCHEN, DAVID L., and KAMMER, THOMAS W.

The Relationship Between Silurian Reefs and Structural Features in the Michigan Basin, by MIKULIC, DONALD G., and Joanne Kluessendorf

Illinois Coalbed Methane Assessment, by MORSE, DAVID G. and ILHAM DEMIR

Drinking Water / Energy Exchange Groundwater Source Exploration Using Large Scale Land Forms, by NOWACKI, JAMES A.

Regional Seismic Interpretation of the Rome Trough, West Virginia – Implications for Deep Gas Exploration, by OLDHAM, DAVID W., and LEMBERGER, ROBIN H.

Plummer Shoal – A Model for Middle Mississippian Salem Limestone Exploration, by PARTIN, THOMAS H.

Application of Near Surface Geophysical Technologies to Oil and Gas Environmental Issues, by PREZBINDOWSKI, DENNIS R., and GRAHAM, A. QUENTIN

Potential for CO2 Sequestration through Enhanced Recovery in Ohio, by RILEY, RONALD A., JAMES MCDONALD, JOSEPH G. WELLS, and LAWRENCE H. WICKSTROM

Subsurface Facies Analysis of the Cambrian Mt. Simon Sandstone in Western Ohio, by SAEED, ARAM and JAMES E. EVANS

The Origin of Prolific Reservoirs in the Geneva Dolomite (Middle Devonian), West-Central Illinois Basin, by SEYLER, BEVERLY, JOHN P. GRUBE, and ZAKARIA LASEMI

Fracture Characterization with Borehole Imagery: An Example from the Mount Vernon Unit, Lamott Consolidated Field, Posey County, Indiana, by SMITH, JASON T., DAVID E. BRITTON, J. GARY PETERS, PETER S. KAUFMAN and IAN D. BRYANT

Integrated Reservoir Characterization of Dolomitized Cambro-Ordovican Beekmantown Carbonates, Mohawk Valley, New York, by SMITH, LANGHORNE B., RICHARD D. BRAY, RICHARD NYAHAY, and GARETH CROSS

Estimating Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Potential in Mature, Multi-pay Petroleum Fields in Indiana, by SOLANO-ACOSTA, WILFRIDO, CHARLES W. ZUPPANN, NATHAN K. EATON, and RACELLE ESCOLAR

The English Basin and the Louisville Uplift: Exploration Potential for the Eastern Shelf of the Illinois Basin, by STARK, JOSHUA T., Stephen H. Rowley, Carl K. Steffensen, James A. Drahovzal, Louis E. Schultz, Glenn W. Bear, and Steven Bergman

The Structural Features and New Exploration Concepts in the Ionian Zone of Albania, by VELAJ, TELO K.

Mapping Master Faults and Fractures in the Michigan Basin, by WOOD, JAMES R., and BORNHORST, THEODORE J.

Log Curve Amplitude Slicing - Visualization of Gamma Ray Curves for Paleogeographic Reconstruction of the Middle Devonian Traverse Group,  Michigan Basin, U. S., by WYLIE, ALBERT S., JR., and HUNTOON, JACQUELINE E.

3D Imaging of Niagaran Pinnacle Reefs Using Log Slicing - Chester 18 Field, Otsego County and Bell River Mills Field, St. Clair County, Michigan, by WYLIE, ALBERT S., JR., HARRISON, WILLIAM B, III, and WOOD, JAMES R.

High-resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Model For Subsurface Mississippian Greenbrier Group, West Virginia, by WYNN, THOMAS C., and J. FRED READ

Cyclical Variation in the Length of the Earth's Radius as the Primary Mechanism for Deep Ocean Basin Development of Global Cycles of Kilometer-Scale Ocean Level Fluctuation and Ocean Low-Stand Surfaces of Erosion, Transportation and Deposition, by YOUNG, RONALD E., and ERIK W. YOUNG