--> Integrated Reservoir Characterization Studies in the Khalda Concession

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Integrated Reservoir Characterization Studies in the Khalda Concession, Western Desert, Egypt


 Fred Wehr1, Sheldon Plahn1, Ali Mohamed Bakr1, Tarek Mansoury2, John Youle1

(1) Apache Egypt, Cairo, Egypt (2) Khalda Petroleum Company, Cairo, Egypt

 The Bahariya Formation is a complex succession of mixed clastic-carbonate deposits of Cenomanian age that formed on a broad, tidally-influenced ramp on the southern margin of Tethys. It is a principal oil reservoir in the Western Desert of Egypt. Over the past twelve months, reservoir characterization studies of Bahariya producing fields along the Khalda Ridge (Salam, Hayat, Yasser and Kenz fields) have resulted in a more complete understanding of the Bahariya depositional system as well as a number of successful infill drilling locations. The studies include full integration of depth-converted seismic, wellbore and production data within a sequence-stratigraphic framework and the extensive use of geologic modeling for data visualization and sand mapping.