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An Improved Roller Cone, Tooth Bit Life Results in Longer Drilling Sections with no ROP Constraints


 Tarek Waheed1, Majmoud Shawkat2, Mahdy Bahr3

(1) Rashpetco, Egypt, Egypt (2) Halliburton, Egypt, Cairo, Egypt (3) Rashpetco, Cairo, Egypt

 A new technique that is used to hard-face tooth bits, tremendously improved the bit runs length and increased rate of penetration. Case histories in the abrasive sand stones of the Mediterranean application revealed the importance of applying the new hard facing technique. The technique is making use of the encrusted diamond pellets (Diamond Tech 2000TM) that inlays all around tooth faces, on the shirt tail area, and even inside the tooth itself (Claw Tooth). The diagnosis of bits dull conditions after drilling long holes revealed the benefits of utilizing the diamond tech 2000TM technique in protecting bits cutting structure. More over, drilling costs were cut down, encouraging drilling deep water wells with less costs. Other added new technology features contributed in enhancing bits performance as premium silver-plated floating bushing bearing system, central ball race, shale burn insert, integral body stabilizer pads, and index nozzles for improved hydraulics. The advantages of such technology appeared in reducing tripping time and rig hours that impacted positively the drilling costs.