--> Pre and Post Simulation of Shagar Reservoir in North Geisum Field

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Pre and Post Simulation of Shagar Reservoir in North Geisum Field, Egypt


Ali Mohamed Taha1

(1) Geisum Oil Company, N/A, Egypt

 North Geisum is located in the southern entrance of the Gulf of Suez, Egypt. The field started oil production in April, 1995. One year after, peripheral two water flooding injectors were implemented in the field. A Two - phase integrated reservoir study was performed on the two main sand reservoirs (Shagar and Rahmi). The first phase was basically intended to understand the different complications in both characteristics and performance of each reservoir. In this pre-modeling phase, all conventionally known reservoir engineering approaches were applied, including the pressure and production performance calculations (material balance), aquifer strength, and decline curve analysis.

In the simulation phase, a geostatical technique to integrate the 2D seismic data, geological interpretation, petrography, and log data were used and a representative model was eventually developed.

Another technique was applied via the hydraulic zonation (FZI) in order to define the distinct zones with similar fluid flow characteristics within the reservoir and to predict the permeability in the uncored wells. This is based on core analysis and application of a methodology developed by Jude Amaefule and others.

This paper addresses the importance of applying the classical reservoir engineering approaches/techniques before performing the costly full field reservoir simulation work.