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Integrated Regional Study of the Shoushan-Obaiyed-Matruh Basins Architecture of the Western Desert of Egypt ÉOKMR


Peter Stuart-Smith1, Karen Romine2, Tom Loutit2, David Allard3, Jan Schreurs4

(1) SRK Consulting, Deakin West ACT, Australia (2) SRK Consulting, (3) Apache Egypt, Houston, TX (4) PDO, Oman

 The Obaiyed, Khalda and Matruh Regional study (OKMR) was conducted to improve resolution of the current basin architecture and understanding of the basin history of this prolific producing area of the Western Desert of Egypt. The results, including new structural-style observations and interpretations of basement composition and evolution, can be used to mitigate risk in prediction of reservoir distribution and hydrocarbon migration. The technology employed included non-seismic data integrated with well tops and seismic data. The study builds on the recent Egypt Area Regional Study (EARS)*.

Proterozoic metamorphic and igneous rocks form basement with Pan-African and older structural elements, controlling the geometry of Paleozoic and Mesozoic extension. Basement highs such as the Faghur and Kharaman Platforms and the Khalda High comprise relatively rigid basement blocks dominated by granitic rocks.

Basins throughout the region can be differentiated on the basis of their underlying basement structural control with local architecture in onshore basins being controlled by the interplay of three main fault sets: NE-trending Jurassic growth faults (Proterozoic lithological trends); NNE-trending reactivated Proterozoic faults; and E-W Cretaceous growth faults.

Using a new depth to basement model, fluid pathway and focus analysis shows a strong association of basement highs with the majority of oil and gas fields in the Western Desert. New target areas can be readily identified. The new understanding of the basement structure and basin architecture resulting from study forms an excellent framework for detailed sequence and paleogeographic analysis.

*EARS, 2000- Egypt Area Regional Study (Apache Egypt, BP Egypt, IEOC, Repsol-YPF, Shell Egypt and SRK Consulting)