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A Two-Staged Approach to Simulate the Inter-Well Reservoir Property Parameters


Guoqing Feng1, Jun Chen1, Liehui Zhang1, Heng Hu2

(1) Southwest Petroleum Institute, Nanchong, China (2) Dagang oil company, Dagang, China

 A two-staged simulation is applied to simulate the distribution of inter-well reservoir property parameters. At first stage, the Boolean simulation method is adopted to establish the model of the inter-well distribution of sandstone and shale; Then on the basis of this model, the simulated annealing method is applied to characterize the inter-well distribution of rock property parameters. The problem about the linkage of the Boolean simulation and the Simulated anneal simulation has been satisfactorily solved in this paper. As a result, the Boolean simulation result can be directly input to guide the Simulated anneal simulation. A case study was given in this paper and the results showed that it had great advantage over ordinary methods in heterogeneity characterization of inter-well reservoir property parameters. In order to make use of the original data effectively, a forward model is proposed. In simulation, the original well logging data was used to generate the distribution fields of logging data(such as GR and AC), then to calculate inter-well reservoir property parameters such as porosity and permeability by using the function of the logging signal related to reservoir property parameters.