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Enhancing Well Data Sets Using PC-based Visualisation Software


 George Alexander Bambridge1, Sahar Salah El Din2, Mostafa Abul Hamd3

(1) HRH Limited, Aberdeen, United Kingdom (2) BP Egypt, Cairo, Egypt (3) Horus Geoscience Limited (Egypt), Cairo, Egypt

 Increasingly oil companies store their well data sets on large-scale Unix databases. Often only petrophysical data along with a selected amount of additional well data is stored. This leaves large quantities of valuable well data in original data formats or worse still as paper logs that are inaccessible to E & P personnel.

Some oil companies are now starting to collate and quality control their data from these various sources using a PC-based visualisation software chosen for its flexibility and ease of use. Once the data is displayed and verified it can be saved as industry standard image files for archiving or for use in other applications. In addition the data that has been gathered from alternative sources can be exported to the corporate database to be stored as a more comprehensive well data set or for use in reservoir modelling packages. Fields worth of data can then be presented in a web-enabled interface on CD or on a corporate intranet making data and images readily available to all E & P personnel.

Once complete the oil company has gained in two main areas: firstly, existing well data on the company database has been checked and if necessary repaired and expanded, and secondly, the data is available both electronically as digital data and image files and as new high quality hard copy logs.