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Pacific Section AAPG & Cordilleran Section GSA
April 29-May 1, 2005, San Jose, California, U.S.A.

Search and Discovery Article #90041 (2005)
Posted July 13, 2005

*Special appreciation is expressed to Mel Erskine, El Cerrito, CA, representing the Pacific Section AAPG, and to The Geological Society of America, in particular Nancy Carlson, for making these abstracts available. They are also posted on the GSA website (http://gsa.confex.com/gsa/2005CD/finalprogram/index.html). © Copyright 2005 The Geological Society of America (GSA).

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A Petrographic Analysis of a Paleosol in the Las Virgenes Sandstone, Santa Monica Mountains
by Elizabeth Abeja, Gabriela Noriega, Hector Hernandez, and Pedro Ramirez

Styles and Rates of Quaternary Deformation in the San Luis Area, Eastern Diablo Range, California
by Larry W. Anderson and Daniel R. H. O'Connell

Numerical Reactive Transport Modeling of the Effects of Leakage of Methane-Rich Fluids Along the Refugio-Carneros Fault in the Santa Barbara Basin
by Martin S. Appold, Grant Garven, James R. Boles, and Peter Eichhubl

Anatomy of a Levee to Proximal Crevasse Splay (Harp) to Channel-Fill Succession, Neoproterozoic Windermere Supergroup, British Columbia, Canada
by R. William C. Arnott

Interaction of Mechanical and Diagenetic Processes in Fault Zones and Their Impact on Fluid Flow
by Atilla Aydin, Fabrizio Agosta, Ramil S. Ahmadov, Eric Flodin, Manika Prasad, and Luis Durlofsky

Shallow Coalbed Gas Assessment at Fort Yukon, Alaska
by Charles E. Barker, Arthur C. Clark, James G. Clough, Elizabeth A. Maclean, David O. Ogbe, Karen H. Clautice, Edwin P. Weeks, and Robert F. Fisk

Junction Fault Zone, Sierra Nevada, CA, May Transfer Displacement Between the Kern Canyon and Owens Valley Faults
by John M. Bartley, Drew S. Coleman, and Allen F. Glazner

Eastward Migration of the Continental Divide in Idaho Tracked by Detrital Zircons in Middle Miocene to Recent (16 To 0 Ma) Sediments of the Snake River Plain
by Luke P. Beranek, Paul K. Link, and C. Mark Fanning

Early Tertiary Fluvial Sediments in East-Central Sonora: Relatives of The Rim Gravels?
by Karen D. Blair and Phillip Gans

An Alternate Fluid Dynamic Tectonic Model That Explains Possible Precursory Hints of the December 22, 2003 San Simeon Earthquake
by Lou Blanck and Brian Bode

Carbon/Oxygen Isotopic Ratios as Evidence for Rapid CO2 Degassing and Carbonate Crystallization
by James R. Boles and Thomas Carpenter

3D Property Modeling of Sand-Filled Submarine Channels in North Midway Field, Kern County, California
by Steve Boljen and Tad Gladczenko

Expected and Unexpected Tsunamis Around the Pacific Rim: What Tsunami Deposits Tell Us
by Joanne Bourgeois

Preliminary Research on the Relative Age Estimates of Shorelines Associated with Pluvial Lake Madeline, Lassen County, Northeastern California
by Ronna Bowers and R. M. Burke

3D Seismic Data Reveals Cross-Basin Faulting in the Sacramento Valley
by Richard W. Boyd and Mark B. Holland

Developments in Covisualization: Multiple Volumes, Multiple Attributes, and Representation of Uncertainty
by Graham Brew, Rick Schnell, and Paul White

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Cretaceous Deformation Along the Shoo Fly-Feather River Belt Fault – Evidence from U-Pb Dating of Folded Dikes Along the Middle Fork of The American River, California
by Diane H. Carlson, T. Nathan Manley, and Jeff Vervoort

Active Faulting Along the Southwestern Inyo Mountain Fault Zone (SWIM), California
by John Casteel and Jeff Lee

Sea-Level and Tectonic Controls on Late Quaternary Sedimentation in San Diego Trough, Offshore California
by Jacob A. Covault, William R. Normark, and Stephan A. Graham

Circum Pacific Energy Trends: Concern for the Future
by Daniel A. Cox

Geometry versus Genesis, Structure of Central California
Ronald C. Crane

Crustal Evolution During the Last 105 Million Years, Central Coast Orogen, BC and Southeastern Alaska
by Maria Luisa Crawford

Surface Thermal Maturity of the Yukon Flats Region, East-Central Alaska
by J. M. Crews, R. G. Stanley, A. B. Till, P. G. Lillis, and M. K. Simpson

Confidentiality Under California Law
by James M. Day, Jr.

Petrology of Waipaoa River Terrace Deposits and Implications for the Evolution of the Waipaoa River System, North Island, New Zealand
by Alissa M. Devaughn and Kathleen M. Marsaglia

Net Dextral Slip, Neogene San Gregorio-Hosgri Fault Zone, Coastal California: Geologic Evidence and Tectonic Implications
by W. R. Dickinson, Mihai N. Ducea, Lewis I. Rosenberg, H. Gary Greene, Stephan A. Graham, Joseph C. Clark, Earl E. Brabb, W. G. Ernst, Steven Kidder, and Gerald E. Weber

Salinia: A Crustal Cross Section Through a Shallow Subduction Zone Exposing the Subduction Megathrust
by Mihai N. Ducea, Steven Kidder, and John Chesley

New Field and Geochemical Evidence on the Nature and Extent of the Lisburne Petroleum System (Northern Alaska)
by J. A. Dumoulin, R. C. Burruss, P. G. Lillis, and T. M. Parris

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Reservoir Characterization of the Bear Lake and Milky River Formations, Bristol Bay Basin, Alaska Peninsula
by Emily S. Finzel, Kenneth D. Ridgway, Paul Decker, and Rocky R. Reifenstuhl

Recent Deformation along the Offshore Malibu Coast, Dume and Related Faults West of Point Dume, Southern California
by Michael A. Fisher, Victoria E. Langenheim, Christopher C. Sorlien, Guy R. Cochrane, Ray Sliter, Florence L. Wong, and Peter Dartnell

Seismotectonics of the Rupture Zone of the 1964 MW=9.2 Great Alaska Earthquake
by Michael A. Fisher, Natalia Ratchkovski, Ray E. Wells, Donna M. Eberhart-Phillips, Richard J. Blakely, Ray Sliter, and Eric L. Geist

Modeling Climatic Effects of Energy Policy Proposals
by Michael R. Fleishman

A Geomechanically-Based Inverse Method for Interpolating the Three-Dimensional Stress Field in a Faulted Reservoir
by Eric A. Flodin, Frantz Maerten, and Laurent Maerten

Diapirism and Detachment Attenuation in the White Pine and Horse Ranges, East-Central Nevada; A New Approach to Segmentation of Mountain Ranges
by Robert D. Francis, Charles T. Walker, Tor B. Lacy, Gregory J. Holk, Donald E. Hallinger, Roswitha B. Grannell, Alejandro Tiburcio, Geraldine L. Aron, Shannon M. Siegel, and Herber O. Genovez

Socio-Cultural Strategies for Multi-Disciplinary Risk Communications
by Suzanne L. Frew

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Fault-Controlled Pb-Zn-Ba Mineralization in Petroleum Source Rocks, Brooks Range, Alaska: Finite Element Modeling of Reactive Fluid Flow in the Late Paleozoic
by Grant Garven and Christian Schardt

Balance and Restoration of Regional Section: Thrust Belts Systems, Eastern Inner Ranges in the Eastern Venezuelan Basin
by Pablo E. Ghinaglia

Petroleum Geoscience of the Southernmost San Joaquin Basin, California
by Stuart A. Gordon and Henry J. Gerke

Complete Set of New Digital Regional Geologic Maps and Map Databases for San Francisco Bay Region, California
by R. W. Graymer, Earl E. Brabb, David Wagner, Carl M. Wentworth, Milton C. Blake, Keith L. Knudsen, Robert C. Witter, Joseph C. Clark, David L. Jones, and Robert Mclaughlin

Habitats and Hazards - A Circum-Pacific Concern
by H. Gary Greene, Joseph Bizzarro, J. Vaughn Barrie, and Lee Y. Murai, Mercedes Erdey, Holly L. Lopez, and Charlie Endris

Tectonic Geomorphologic Evidence for Spatially and Temporally Varying Uplift Rates Adjacent to the San Andreas Fault on the Point Reyes Peninsula
by Karen Grove, Anne Marie Scherer, and John Caskey

Deformation of the Miocene-Pliocene Muddy Creek Formation, Southern Nevada: Lake Mead Fault System, Salt Tectonics, or Both?
by Andrew D. Hanson, Peter A. Druschke, Robyn A. Howley, Nathan R. Suurmeyer, Bud Benneman, Martin B. Erwin, and B. T. Mclaurin

Large Scale Vertical Axis Rotations in Coastal Sonora: Evidence for Transtensional Proto-Gulf Deformation
by Scott W. Herman and Phillip B. Gans

Detrital Zircon Geochronology as Applied to the Evolution of the Petroleum-Rich Talara Basin, Northwest Peru
by Angela M. Hessler and Andrea Fildani

Reconstruction of Late Quaternary Surface Offset on the Salt Lake Fault: Proxy for Earthquakes on the Blind Great Valley Thrust Fault Beneath the Western Margin of the Northern Sacramento Valley, California
by Christopher S. Hitchcock, Jeffrey R. Unruh, Charles M. Brankman, Janet M. Sowers, Robert C. Witter, Carolyn E. Randolph-Loar, Andrew D. Barron, and Koll Buer

Natural Gas -- Supply and Demand in South-Central Alaska
by David M. Hite, Charles P. Thomas, David D. Faulder, and Tom C. Doughty

Stable Isotope Evidence for Mixing Between Meteoric and Magmatic Waters Adjacent to a Shallow Detachment Fault in the Southern White Pine Range, Nevada
by Gregory J. Holk, Herber O. Genovez, Robert D. Francis, Donald E. Hallinger, Alejandro Tiburcio, Geraldine L. Aron, Roswitha B. Grannell, and Shannon M. Siegel

Burial and Exhumation History of the San Juan Canyon and Silverado Canyon Areas of the Northern Santa Ana Mountains, Southern California: Evidence from Apatite Fission-Track Thermochronology
by Deanna L. Hoppe, Karen L. Morrison, and Phillip A. Armstrong

Complex Deformation Patterns Caused by Protolith Heterogeneity: Gem Lake Shear Zone, East-Central Sierra Nevada
by Eric Horsman and Basil Tikoff

Analysis of Hazard, Vulnerability, Population, and Infrastructure
by David G. Howell

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The Role of Volcanism, Inversion, and Neotectonics in the Puget-Willamette Lowland Petroleum System, Washington and Oregon
by James S. Jackson

Recent Monterey Canyon Flushing Events: How Far Did They Go?
by Joel E. Johnson, Charles K. Paull, William III Ussler, William R. Normark, Patrick Mitts, and Rendy Keaten


Resolution of Conflicting Data from the Beaufort Sea Aurora#1 Well Clarifies the Petroleum Source Rock Potential of the Lower Cretaceous Succession, Alaska
by Margaret A. Keller and Kenneth J. Bird

Late Quaternary Deformation in the Northeastern East Bay Hills, San Francisco Bay Region
by Keith I. Kelson, Jeffrey R. Unruh, and John N. Baldwin

Petrology of Waipaoa River Terrace Deposits and Implications for the Evolution of the Waipaoa River System, North Island, New Zealand
by Keith A. Klepeis, Daniel King, George Gehrels, Arthur Goldstein, and Geoff Clarke

Lithofacies Mapping at the Hanford Site - Data Management, Analysis, and Visualization
by George V. Last, Christopher J. Murray, Mark L. Rockhold, Paul D. Thorne, Bruce N. Bjornstad, Robert D. Mackley, Michael J. Truex, and Mart Oostrom

Assessing Hydraulic Fracture System Geometry Using Induced Microseismicity: New Techniques to Characterize Microseismic Events
by Joel H. Le Calvez, Leo Eisner, Kevin Tanner, and Les Bennett

Effects of Hydraulic Jumps on High-Density Turbidity Currents and Their Deposits
by Suzanne F. LeClair and R.W.C. Arnott

Preliminary Results from the 2004 Stanford University Seismic Experiment: A 260 Km Refraction/Reflection/Teleseismic Experiment in the Northwestern Basin and Range
by Derek Lerch, Ewenet Gashawbeza, Simon Klemperer, Elizabeth Miller, Joseph Colgan, and C. K. Wilson

Transpression and Crustal Shortening in the Epicentral Region of the 2003 San Simeon Earthquake, West-Central California
by William R. Lettis and Jeffrey Unruh

Evaluation of Petroleum Source Rocks from Yukon Flats, East-Central Alaska
by Paul G. Lillis and Richard G. Stanley

Use of the Method of Multiple Working Hypotheses in the Discovery and Development of Natural Dry Gas Fields, Sacramento Valley, CA
by Robert G. Lindblom and Richard G. Blake

Characterizing Bedform Habitat Based on High-Resolution Multibeam Bathymetry, Backscatter and Video Imagery in the Georgia Basin, British Columbia and Northwest Straits, Washington, USA
by Holly L. Lopez and H. Gary Greene

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Sedimentary Serpentinites of the Ingalls Ophiolite Complex: Further Evidence of a Fracture Zone Setting
by James H. Macdonald Jr., Ante N. Mlinarevic, Gregory D. Harper, Robert B. Miller, Jonathan S. Miller, and Cynthia E. Schultz

Inventory of Radionuclides in Department of Energy Cold War-Era Landfills at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Site 300
by Victor M. Madrid, Michael Taffet, Zafer Demir, G. Bryant Hudson, Bradley K. Esser, and Katherine Grote

A P-T-Time-Deformation Path for Exposed Deep Continental Crust in the Snowbird Tectonic Zone, Western Canadian Shield
by Kevin H. Mahan, Rebecca M. Flowers, Michael L. Williams, Philippe Goncalves, Samuel A. Bowring, and Michael J. Jercinovic

Relationship Between Fold Geometry and Channel Sinuosity of the Middle Fork of the American River Near Horseshoe Bar, Sierra Nevada, California
by T. Nathan Manley and Diane H. Carlson

Understanding Zircon Transport in the Modern Amazon River
by Russell W. Mapes, Drew S. Coleman, and Afonso C. R. Nogueira

Constraints on the Upper-Crustal Structure of the Westernmost Basin and Range: Preliminary Results from Reflection Seismology and Structural Studies in the Surprise Valley and the Warner Range, CA
by Nicholas Grant Markman, Julia James, Julie Fosdick, Derek Lerch, Elizabeth Miller, Simon Klemperer, and Joseph Colgan

Implications for Tectonic and Magmatic Processes from the ~5 to 40 Km North Cascades Crustal Section, Washington
by Jennifer Matzel, Robert Miller, Scott Paterson, and Samuel A. Bowring

Linking Deep and Shallow Crustal Processes in Extending Continental Crust: Examples from the Cenozoic Basin and Range and the Cretaceous of the Bering Strait
by Elizabeth Miller and Vyacheslav V. Akinin

Neogene Fault Kinematics of the Santa Barbara Coastal Plain Support Transrotational Model for Western Transverse Ranges
by Scott A. Minor and Karl S. Kellogg

Geophysical Expression of the Yukon Flats Basin, East-Central Alaska
by Robert L. Morin, Richard G. Stanley, Naresh Kumar, and David J. Taylor

3D GIS-Based Kinematic Slope Stability Analysis
by Timothy I. Mote

The Role of Pre-Existing Anisotropies and Partial Melt in Controlling Strain Localization in a Paleozoic Lower Crustal Suture Zone, Sierras Pampeanas, West-Central Argentina
by Sean R. Mulcahy, Sarah M. Roeske, William C. McClelland, Joshua R. Ellis, Sebastien Nomade, and Graciela I. Vujovich

Topography of the Eocene Sierra Nevada: Evidence from Stable Isotopes of Kaolinite in Paleo-Stream Channels
by A. Mulch, S. A. Graham, and C. P. Chamberlain

Alaska North Slope Digital Map Project
by C. G. Mull, D. W. Houseknecht, and C. P. Garrity

Trans-Terrestrial Landslides Along the Northern Rim of the Circum-Pacific and the Impact on the Marine Environment: Big Sur Coastline, California
by Lee Y. Murai, H. Gary Greene, and Steven Ward

Late Quaternary Turbidite Systems in Santa Monica Basin, Offshore California
by William R. Normark, David J.W. Piper, and Ray Sliter

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4-D Modeling of the Shublik-Ivishak(!) Petroleum System, North Slope, Alaska
by Kenneth E. Peters, Carolyn Lampe, Kenneth J. Bird, and Leslie B. Magoon

Thickness of Sedimentary Rocks in the Yukon Flats Basin, East-Central Alaska, as Estimated Using Constrained Iterative Gravity Inversion
by Jeffrey D. Phillips and R. W. Saltus

Kinematics of the Betic-Rif Arc from Crustal Cross-Sections
by John P. Platt

Gas and Oil Plays Related to Frontal Thrusts and Folds of the Brooks Range Foothills and Arctic Coastal Plain, Central North Slope, Alaska
by Christopher J. Potter and Thomas E. Moore

Yukon Flats Basin, Alaska: Reservoir Characterization Study
by Rocky R. Reifenstuhl

Bristol Bay, Frontier Basin, Alaska Peninsula: Hydrocarbon Resources, Petroleum Reservoir Characterization, and Source Potential
by Rocky R. Reifenstuhl and Emily S. Finzel

Petrographic Study of 50 Potential Tight Gas Reservoir Samples, Tertiary, Cook Inlet, Alaska
by Rocky R. Reifenstuhl, James J. Hickey, and Michael D. Wilson

Neotectonics of the Rinconada and Reliz Fault Zones, Salinas Valley, California
by Lewis I. Rosenberg and Joseph C. Clark

Stratigraphic Framework and Reconstruction of the Windermere Turbidite System: A Neoproterozoic Passive Margin Depositional System
by Gerald M. Ross

Burial and Thermal History Models to Evaluate Hydrocarbon Source Rock Maturity in the Yukon Flats Basin, Central Alaska
by Elisabeth L. Rowan and Richard G. Stanley

Fluid-Catalyzed Metamorphism in the Footwall of an Ancient Subduction Thrust Fault, Ring Mountain, Marin County, California
by Christen D. Rowe and David A. Bero

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A Preliminary Tectonic and Sedimentation Model of the Santa Maria Basin, Offshore California
by Joseph M. Saenz, Peter J. Fischer, Richard J. Behl, Frank E. Denison, Thomas J. O'Neil, Michael R. Brickey, and Phillip R. Schroeder

Gravity and Aeromagnetic Data Analysis, Central North Slope, Alaska – Historical Perspective and Contemporary Implications
by R. W. Saltus, Jeffrey D. Phillips, and Christopher J. Potter

Geophysical Characterization of Pre-Cenozoic Basement for Hydrocarbon Assessment, Yukon Flats, Alaska
by R. W. Saltus, Jeffrey D. Phillips, Richard G. Stanley, A. B. Till, and R. L. Morin

Relationship Between Deformation Bands and Petroleum Migration in an Exhumed Reservoir Rock, Los Angeles Basin, California, USA
by James C. Sample

Geologic Map of the Lake Tahoe Basin, California and Nevada – Map No. 4 in the 1:100,000 Scale Regional Geologic Map Series
by George J. Saucedo

Hyperspectral Imaging of Paleocene Carbonate Cold Seeps in the Panoche Hills, California
by Erica J. Schneider, J. Casey Moore, Hilde Schwartz, and Eli Silver

Borehole Images and Production Logs Relate Fractures and Discontinuities to Productivity in California Reservoirs
by Jon R. Schwalbach, Charles O'Brien, Robert Godfrey, and Steve Grayson

Anatomy and Evolution of a Slope Channel (Isaac Formation, Neoproterozoic, Canadian Cordillera)
by Ernesto Schwarz, R. William C. Arnott, and Gerry Ross

Geologic Evolution of the Southeastern Calico Mountains, Central Mojave Desert, California
by John S. Singleton and Phillip Gans

Increasing Success Through Collaborative Environments
by Stephen E. Smart

A Structural Transect Across the Ivrea-Verbano Zone Near Varallo Sesia, Northern Italy
by Arthur W. Snoke and Thomas J. Kalakay

The Relative History of Fluid Flow and Mineralization Along the Keno Fault, East Central Nevada
by John G. Solum, K. Jill Pachell, and J. P. Evans

Outcrop Characterization of Channelized Deep-Water Deposits, Carmelo Formation, Point Lobos State Reserve, Northern California
by Steven Springhorn, Ryan Alward, Morgan Sullivan, Bryan Demucha, Sean Spaeth, Margaret Skartvedt-Forte, and Nick Lawlor

Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources in Yukon Flats, East-Central Alaska
by R. G. Stanley, A. B. Till, M. K. Simpson, C. J. Schenk, R. W. Saltus, E. L. Rowan, J. D. Phillips, R. L. Morin, P. G. Lillis, and J. M. Crews

Evidence for a Pluvial Lake Highstand in Western Nevada During Marine Isotope Stage 4
by Heidi L. Stauffer

U-Pb Detrital Zircon Data from Metasedimentary Rocks at Black Mountain Near Victorville, California--Implications for the Age of the Early Mesozoic Fairview Valley Formation
by Paul Stone, Andrew P. Barth, and Joseph L. Wooden

Middle Eocene Markley Canyon in the Sacramento Basin
by Raymond Sullivan and Morgan Sullivan

From Turbidite Bed Thickness Distributions to Depositional Environments: Methods and Pitfalls of Fitting and Interpreting the Power-Law and Lognormal Models
by Zoltan Sylvester

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Active Deformation Offshore Southwestern San Juan Island, Washington: Implications for Seismic Hazard Assessment
by Janet E. Tilden, Richard J. Blakely, and Samuel Y. Johnson

Tectonic Events Leading to Establishment of Yukon Flats Basin, Alaska
by A. B. Till, Richard G. Stanley, Paul B. O'Sullivan, R. W. Saltus, and Jesse Crews

Evidence for Hinge-Parallel Extension in the Monterey Formation: Implications for the Kinematics of Deformation Across the San Andreas Fault System
by Sarah J. Titus and Basil Tikoff

Stream Piracy to Fan Dissection
by Paul R. Troop and Garry Hayes

High-Frequency Syntectonic Uplift in Outcrop and Subsurface: Examples from the Lower Belle Fourche Member of the Frontier Formation, WY
by Boyan K. Vakarelov and Janok P. Bhattacharya

Evaluation of the Stranded Kavik Gas Field, North Slope of Alaska
by Mahendra K. Verma, Kenneth J. Bird, Philip H. Nelson, and Robert C. Burruss

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New Constraints on the Structural and Stratigraphic Development of the Proximal Colville Foreland Basin: Implications for Burial History and Oil and Gas Exploration in the Central Brooks Range Foothills, Northern Alaska
by Marwan A. Wartes and Robert Swenson

Recent Erosional Changes at Point Año Nuevo, Implications for Beach Stability and Coastal Erosion in Northern Monterey Bay, California
by Gerald E. Weber, Sr.

Application of Two Detrital Zircon Geochronology Techniques to the Deep-Water Deposits of the Songpan-Ganzi Complex, Central China
by Amy L. Weislogel

Coseismic Slip and Deep Tremor in Subduction Zones and Its Relation to Crustal Structure Revealed by Gravity Anomalies
by Ray E. Wells, Richard Blakely, H. Dragert, H. Kao, W. Mccausland, and S. Malone

Carboniferous Phosphorite Deposition and Carbonate Platform Drowning, Lisburne Group, Central Brooks Range, Alaska
by Michael T. Whalen, Julie Dumoulin, Jeff J. Lukasik, Michelle M. McGee, Jesse G. White, and Tonje D. Toendel

Investigating Deep and Middle Crustal Processes in Isobarically Cooled Terranes: The East Athabasca Area of Canada and the Proterozoic Terrane of SW-USA
by Michael L. Williams, Kevin Mahan, Greg Dumond, Michael Jercinovic, Karl Karlstrom, and S. A. Bowring

Using 40Ar/39Ar Thermochronology to Assess the Tilting and Exhumation of Continental Crustal Sections: An Example from the Sierra Mazatan Core Complex, Sonora, Mexico
by Martin Wong and Phillip Gans

Turbidite, Densite, Debrite Or Gravite? Phytoclasts Can Help
by Martha A. Woodward

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Depositional and Deformational History of the Colma and Uppermost Merced Formations, Southwest San Francisco
by Chimi Yi, Karen Grove, John Caskey, Drew Kennedy, and Glenn Berger

Laccolith Host Rock Joint Set Analysis: A Finite Element Model and Field Observations
by Nathan M. Zimmerman, Aaron S. Yoshinobu, and Thomas Lehman

Distinct Zones of Ductile Deformation Between Whistler and Lillooet, BC
by Erich V. Zorn, Thomas H. Anderson, and Patricia A. Campbell