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AAPG Hedberg Conference

Understanding, Exploring and Developing Tight Gas Sands

April 24-29, 2005, Vail, Colorado

Search and Discovery Article #90042 (2005)
Posted July 26, 2005

Note: Items preceded by asterisks(*) designate extended abstracts, most with illustrations.

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Meeting the Pinedale Challenge
by John Bickley, Candyce Beck Brake, Mike Caputi, Floyd Doughty, Paul Huckabee, Bud Johnston, Edwin Quint, and Robert Whale

*A Dynamic Approach to Evolution of Low Permeability Gas Accumulations in the Greater Green and Wind River Basins, Wyoming
by Randal L. Billingsley and Maria Wood Henry

Utilization of a Regional Water Chemistry Database to Improve Formation Evaluation and Reservoir Simulation in Low Permeability Reservoirs of Southwest Wyoming
by Randal L. Billingsley, Maria Wood Henry, Leta K. Smith, and Keith J. Jagiello

Common Attributes of Jurassic Tight Gas Sand Reservoirs, Greater Gulf Coast Basin
by Steve J. Blanke

Assessments of Regional Gas Accumulations at the Department of Energy
by Ray Boswell

*A Model for the Origin of Underpressured and Overpressured Tight Gas Systems: Rate Competitive Gas Generation, Water Drainage and Gas Leakage
by S. W. Burnie, Dr. Brij-Maini, Kaush Rakhit, and Bruce R. Palmer

*Issues with Gas and Water Relative Permeability in Low-Permeability Sandstones
by Alan P. Byrnes

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*Impact of Source Rock on Basin-centered Gas Accumulation; Example from Bossier Sand Shale of Cotton Valley FM. in East Texas
by Ahmed Chaouche

Evolution of U.S. Geological Survey Methodology for Assessing Continuous Oil and Gas Accumulations
by Ronald R. Charpentier and Troy A. Cook

*Water?? We Don’t Make No Stinkin’ Water!
by Robert M. Cluff and Keith W. Shanley

Permeability Jail and Implications for “Basin Centered Gas” Production and Resource Assessment
by Robert M. Cluff, Keith W. Shanley, and Alan P. Byrnes

Tight Gas Sandstones: 25 Years of Searching for “The Answer”
by James L. Coleman, Jr.

*Burial History/Thermal Modeling of the Northern Green River Basin, Wyoming - Origin and Migration of Hydrocarbons in Low Permeability Reservoirs
by Robert J. Coskey and Jay E. Leonard

*Geology and Mechanics of the Basin-Centered Gas Accumulation, Piceance Basin, Colorado
by Stephen Cumella and Jay Scheevel

Utility of Rocky Mountain Tight Gas Sand Resource Assessments: Data Sources, Methodologies and End Users
by John B. Curtis

Practical Advances in Tight Gas Sands Core-Based Shaley Sands Water Saturation Analysis
by John Dacy

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Necessary But Not Sufficient: Uncertainty Surrounding Assessment of Additions to Reserves from Low-Permeability Gas Reservoirs in the Rocky Mountains
by Donald L. Gautier and L.P. “Red” White

*Who Hexed Hoodoo Hills? A Case History of a Subthrust Mountain-front Test, Wind River Basin, Wyoming
by Charles A. Hinson

*Statistical Correlations in Tight Gas Sands
by Stephen A. Holditch

Optimal Stimulation Treatments in Tight Gas Sands
by Stephen A. Holditch

*Invasion Profiles from Porosity Log Interpretation and Relationships with Formation Permeability in Tight Gas-Bearing Sandstones
by Michael Holmes, Dominic Holmes, and Antony Holmes

*Assessing the Mesaverde Basin-Center Gas Play, Piceance Basin
by Ken Hood and Don Yurewicz

*Shake, Rattle and Tilt - Understanding Hydraulic Fractures in Tight Gas Sands
by Nancy House, Thomas Hewett, Julie Shemeta, Stephen Wolfe, Brian Fuller, and Marc Sterling

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“Visualize the Trap”: Theory and Application of Using Seismic Residual Velocity for Tight Gas Sand Exploration in the Hoback Basin, Wyoming
by Robert Kidney, Marty Williams, Roger Falk, and Doug Sharp

Geologic Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources of the Mowry Composite Total Petroleum System, Greater Green River Basin, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming
by Mark A. Kirschbaum and Laura N. R. Roberts

*Tight Gas Sand Resource Appraisal: Incorporating the Best Features of Current Resource Appraisal Methodologies
by Vello A. Kuuskraa

*Applying Microseismicity to Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring as a Tool to Improve the Understanding and Development of Tight Gas Reservoirs
by Joël H. Le Calvez, Les Bennett, Kevin Tanner, Dee Grant, and Frank Peterman

Underpressuring Mechanism for Gas-Saturated Sands
by Jim Letourneau

*Experimental Insights on Sources, Amounts, and Kinetics of Thermogenic Gas
by Michael D. Lewan

*Reservoir Characterization and Performance Prediction of Dual Permeability Tight Gas Systems
by Derek C. Longfield, Marc R. Junghans, and Hank J. Baird

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*Tight Sand Water Saturation Calculations: What do They Really Mean?
by Mike Mullen

Growing and Indispensable: The Contribution of Production from Tight Gas Sands to U.S. Gas Production
by Richard Nehring

Attributes of Underpressured Gas Systems
by Philip H. Nelson

*Potential Tight Gas Resources in a Frontier Province -- Jurassic through Tertiary Strata beneath the Brooks Range Foothills, Arctic Alaska
by Philip H. Nelson, Kenneth J. Bird, and David W. Houseknecht

*Wamsutter “Acreage Capture:” A Case Study in Tight Gas Sand Development, GGRB, Southwestern Wyoming, USA
by G. Earl Norris, Tony Mcclain, and Debra H. Phillips

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Transient-pooled Natural Gas Systems: Moving Beyond the Continuous-type Gas Illusion
by Steven Schamel

Geologic Definition of Conventional and Continuous Accumulations in Select U.S. Basins – The 2001 Approach
by Christopher J. Schenk

Pressure and Fluid Contact Evolution of “Basin Centered Gas” Accumulations
by Keith W. Shanley and Robert M. Cluff

*Models for Gas Accumulation in Low-Permeability Reservoirs, Rocky Mountain Region, U.S.A. – An Evolution of Ideas and Their Impact on Exploration and Resource Assessment
by Keith W. Shanley, Robert M. Cluff, and John W. Robinson

*The Distribution and Continued Existence of Overpressure in the Delaware Basin?
by T. Sinclair, R.E. Swarbrick, and S. Jones

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*Exploring for Deep Basin Gas Resources in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin: A Case Study of the Cutbank Ridge Cadomin Field
by Brian Tuffs, James Wood, and Dan Potocki


Controls on Gas and Water Distribution, Mesaverde Basin Center Gas Play, Piceance Basin, Colorado
by Don Yurewicz