--> Abstracts AAPG Eastern Section, September 18-20, 2005, Morgantown, West Virginia, #90044 (2005).

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AAPG Eastern Section
September 18-20, 2005, Morgantown, West Virginia

Search and Discovery Article #90044 (2005)
Posted September 12, 2005

*Special appreciation is expressed to Dr. Mike Hohm, West Virginia Geological Survey, Technical Program Chairman, for providing the abstracts for posting on Search and Discovery.

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Intelligent Seismic Inversion; From Surface Seismic to Well Logs via VSP.
Artun, Emre, Mohaghegh, Shahab D.,  Toro, Jaime, Wilson, Tom, and Sanchez, Alejandro

Possible Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoir(s) in the Swan Creek Field, Tennessee
Bailey, Jeffrey R.,  Evenick, Jonathan C.,. Hatcher, Robert D Jr.,  and Weyland, H. Virginia

Oil Field Structural Mapping and the Distribution of Dolomite in the Dundee Formation in Michigan
Barnes, David A., Grammer, G. Michael, Harrison, William B. III, Gillespie, Robb, Stewart, Joshua, Wahr, Amanda, and Kirshner, Joshua

The Upper Devonian Dunkirk Shale – A Late Hydrocarbon Generator
Blood, David R. and Lash, Gary G. 

Sedimentary and Transcurrent  Fault Control on Dolomitized Grainstone Reservoirs in the Upper Ordovician Black River and Trenton Limestone Groups in Ontario, a Comparison with Northern Afghanistan
Brookfield, Michael E.

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Increasing the value of 2-D seismic data through Application to development drilling
Carney, B.J.

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach for Mapping Rock Units with Geologic Carbon Sequestration Potential
Carter, Kristin M. and Venteris, Erik R. 

Petrophysics of Medina and Tuscarora Sandstones and Integration with the Tectonic-Stratigraphic Framework, Appalachian Basin, U.S.A.
Castle, James W. and Byrnes, Alan P.

Oil and Gas Development in the Urban Environment of Los Angeles
Clarke, Don

The Influence of Cryptic Lineaments upon Patterns of Iron Mineralization, Appalachian Plateau, Western Pennsylvania
Coyle, Paul R. and Anderson, Thomas H.

Volume Fraction Analysis of Two-Phase Flows in Fractures
Crandall, Dustin, Goodarz Ahmadi, Grant Bromhal, and Duane Smith

Geologic Cross Section through the Appalachian Basin from Sandusky County, Ohio, to Hardy County, West Virginia
Crangle, Robert D. Jr., Ryder, Robert  T.,  Trippi, Michael H., Swezey, Christopher S., Lentz, Erika E., Rowan, Elisabeth L., and Hope, Rebecca S.

A Basin-wide Geologic Resource Assessment of the Upper Devonian Interval in the Appalachian Basin
Douds, Ashley S.B., Pancake, James A., and Boswell, Ray M.

Potential Carbon Sequestration Targets in Saline Reservoirs of Kentucky
Drahovzal, James A., Harris, David C., Nuttall, Brandon C., Solis, Michael P., and Greb, Stephen F.

Sequestration Potential in the Illinois Basin Coal Beds
Drobniak, Agnieszka,  Korose, Christopher, Mastalerz, Maria, Moore, Thomas R. ,  and Rupp, John

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Shoaling Upward Cycles (Parasequences) and their Significance in the Black River -Trenton Carbonates (Ordovician)of Southern Ontario, Canada
El Gadi, Muftah S. and Brookfield, Michael E.

The Effects of CO2 Interaction with Coal
Favors, Ryan N., and Goodman, Angela L.

Creating an integrated coal geology and coal mining Geographic Information System in West Virginia
Fedorko, Nick  and Britton, James Q.

Assessing Carbon Sequestration Potential for “Unmineable” Coal Beds in Eastern Kentucky
Greb, S.F., Weisenfluh, G. A., and Eble, C.F.

Siting Coal-Fired Power Plants in a Carbon-Managed Future; the Importance of Geologic Sequestration Reservoirs
Greb, S.F., Nuttall, B.C., Solis, M.P., Parris, T.M., Drahovzal, J.A., Eble, C.F., Harris, D.C., Hickman, J.B, Lake, P.D., Overfield, B., and Takacs, K.G.

Improved Understanding of Regional Geologic CO2 Storage Options through Collaboration with Oil and Gas Industry
Gupta, Neeraj, Jagucki, Phil, Sminchak, Joel, and Byrer, Charles

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Analogs for Fault-Controlled Ordovician Dolomite Reservoirs, Appalachian Basin: Characterization of Central Kentucky Outcrops
Harris, David C., Wilcox, Clay A. and Parris, T.M.

CO2 Sequestration-Assisted Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery Potential In The Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership
Harrison, William B. III, Avary, Katharine Lee, Baum, Gerald R., Nuttall, Brandon C., Harper, John A., Rupp, John A., Wickstrom, Lawrence H. , Williams, William A., and Winschel, Richard A.

Pre–Chattanooga (Devonian-Mississippian Black Shale) Structure and Nashville (Trenton)-Stones River (Black River) Hydrocarbon Production in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Southwestern Virginia
Hatcher, Robert D. Jr., Evenick, Jonathan C.,  and Weyland, H. Virginia

Treating Natural Gas Storage Produced Waters Using Constructed Wetland Treatment Systems
Johnson, Brenda M., Ober, Laura E., Castle, James W., and Rodgers, Jr., John H.

Using Normalized Residual Polarization (NRP) Analysis of Ground Penetrating Radar Data to Detect Jet Propellant in Soils
Jordan, Thomas E., Baker, Gregory S., Henn, Keith, and Messier, Jean-Pierre

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Recent Appalachian Basin Mergers and Acquisitions
Knobloch, Timothy

Gas Capillary Sealing as a Mechanism of Seal Development in the Upper Devonian Dunkirk Shale, Western New York State
Lash, Gary G.

Site Selection for Carbon Sequestration in Saline Reservoirs
Leetaru, H.E.,  Frailey, S.M., Morse, D.G., Finley, R.J., Korose C.P., and McBride, J.H.

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Outcrop Analogs and Sequence Stratigraphic Context of the First Cow Run Sandstone,  (Late Pennsylvanian, Missourian), St. Mary’s  and Newell Run  Oilfields, West Virginia and Ohio
Martino, Ronald L. and Wehrle, Donny

Thirty Years of Coal Production in West Virginia “Energy Crisis” to Present
McColloch, Jr., Gayle H.

Elevated Barium Levels in Bedrock, Eastern West Virginia: Cause for Alarm?
McDowell, Ronald R., Avary, Katharine Lee, and McColloch, Jane S.

Economic deposits of microbial methane in Upper Devonian fractured black shales
McIntosh, Jennifer C., Martini, Anna M., Walter, Lynn M., Petsch, Steven T., and Nüsslein, Klaus

The Sevier-Knox/Trenton Total Petroleum System (Hypothetical)
Milici, Robert C. and Ryder, Robert T.

Illinois Basin Coalbed Gas:  Is there a play?
Moore, Thomas R., Demir, Ilham, and Morse, David G.

Coalbed Methane Research Drilling in Illinois- New Data
Morse, David G., Demir, Ilham, Moore, Thomas R., and Elrick, Scott D.

Thermal History of the Central and Southern Appalachians from Apatite and Zircon Fission-Track Analysis
Naeser, Charles W., Naeser, Nancy D., and Southworth, C. Scott

CO2 Sequestration in Gas Shales of Kentucky
Nuttall, Brandon C., Drahovzal, James A., Eble, Cortland F., and Bustin, R. Marc

Outcrop Analog For Lower Paleozoic Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs, Mohawk Valley, New York
Nyahay, Richard, Slater, Brian, and Smith, Langhorne B.

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Coal Washability Data Trends in Eastern Kentucky
Overfield, B.L., Weisenfluh, G.A., and Eble, C.F.

Case Histories: Frac Fluid Recovery Improvements of Appalachian Basin Tight Gas Reservoirs
Paktinat, Javad, Stoner, Bill, Williams, Curt, Pinkhouse, Joe

Geology 101; The Discovery of the Billy (Abo) Field, Lamb County, Texas
Party, J. Michael

Greenhouse, Transitional and Icehouse Eustasy Yield Distinctive Parasequence and Sequence Stacking on Carbonate Platforms
Read, J. Fred

Developing New Advances in 3D Seismic Interpretation Methods for Fractured Tight Gas Reservoirs
Reeves, James J.

Oil and Gas Reserves Estimating --  We Have Met the Enemy, And He is Us
Rose, Peter R.

Burial and Thermal History Models of the Central Appalachian Basin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia
Rowan, E.L., Ryder, R.T., Repetski, J. E., Trippi, M. H. and Ruppert, L. F.

In Search of a Silurian Petroleum System in the Central Appalachian Basin
Ryder, R.T., Lentz, E.E., Trippi, M.H., Avary, K.L., Harper, J.A., Kappel, W.M., and Rea, R.G.

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Workstation 101 and How to Find Consulting Work
Sacrey, Deborah King

Evaluating Controls on the Formation and Reservoir Architecture of Niagaran Pinnacle Reefs (Silurian) in the Michigan Basin: A Sequence Stratigraphic Approach
Sandomierski, A.E., Grammer,G.M. and Harrison, W.B., III

Investigation of Brine Geochemistry and Implications for Geologic Sequestration of CO2 in Deep Sedimentary Basins
Sass, Bruce, Gupta, Neeraj, Jagucki, Phil, Sminchak, Joel, Massey-Norton, John, and Spane, Frank

Fracture Pattern Analysis using FMI Logs of the Tensleep Formation, Teapot Dome, Wyoming
Schwartz, Bryan C., Wilson, Thomas H., and Smith, Duane H.

Geochemical Exploration for Trenton-Black River Gas Reservoirs In New York and Ohio
Seneshen, David M., Viellenave, James H., and Fontana, John V.

Petroleum Potential for the Lower Paleozoic Strata in the Illinois Basin
Seyler, Beverly, Grube, John P., Crockett, Joan E., Johanek, Philip M., Huff, Bryan G., Knepp, Rex A., Gustison, Steven R., Lipking, Randy D.

Wrench Fault Architecture of Trenton Black River Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs
Smith, Langhorne B. and Richard E. Nyahay

Western Kentucky Precambrian Structure Map
Solis, M.P., Drahovzal, J.A., Greb, S.F., and Hickman, J.B.

Multi-trace Curvature and Rotation Attributes- Application to Fractured and Hydrothermally Altered Reservoirs
Sullivan, Charlotte and Marfurt, Kurt

Porosity Evaluation of the Geneva Dolomite (Marion County, Illinois) Using Petrophysical Data
Summers, B. R. and Carpenter, P. J.

The Appalachian Salina Deposits: Salt, Industry And Geologists
Svitana, Kevin D.

Treatment of a Chromate-impacted Water-bearing Unit in Ogallala Sediments, Southern Lea County, New Mexico
Tischer, Steven P.

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New Model for Characterizing a Shallow Bedrock Aquifer in Central Lower Michigan- Heterogeneity and Discontinuity Dominates the System
Venable, Niah and Barnes, Dave

Characterization of America’s “Engine Room” for Geologic CO2 Sequestration
Venteris, Erik R., McDonald, James, Solis, Michael P., Barnes, David A., Carter, Kristen, Lockhart, Catherine, Radhakrishnan, Premkrishnan, and Avary, Katharine Lee

Managing Environmental Risks Associated with Gas Production in the Vicinity of Suburban and Rural Development
Viellenave, James H., Fontana, John V., and Seneshen, David M.

A Reevaluation of the Silurian Burnt Bluff Group, Michigan Basin through Sedimentologic and Paleoecologic analysis
Voice, P.J., Harrison, W.B. III , and Grammer, G.M.

Cretaceous and Tertiary Coal-bed Gas Resources in the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Plain
Warwick, P.D.

Kentucky’s Online Geologic Map and Information System
Weisenfluh, G.A., Curl, D.C., and Crawford, M.M.

Geologic CO2 Sequestration – An Introduction
Wickstrom, Lawrence H.

Geology and Geometry, A Geological Perspective on Maximizing Performance of Hydraulic Fractures
Willis, Roger, Moyer, Charles, and Fontaine, Jim

A GIS Based Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of the Mississippian Big Lime, West Virginia, U.S.A
Wynn, Thomas C., and Read, J. Fred

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