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AAPG Southwest Section
March 6-9, 2004, El Paso, Texas

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Petrophysics of a Pennsylvanian Virgilian Limestone in the Oklahoma Panhandle: an Interesting Study in Carbonate Petrophysics
by G.B. Asquith

Crustal Seismic Investigation of the Southern Rio Grande Rift
by Matthew Averill, K.C. Miller, and S. Harder

Experimental Fluid Substitution Studies Question Applicability of Gassmann's Theory in Carbonate Rocks
by Gregor T. Baechle, Ralf J. Weger, and Gregor P. Eberli

Drilling Risk Reduction with a Fuzzy Expert Exploration Tool
by Robert S. Balch, Tongjun Ruan, and Susan Schrader

Karsts, Cracks and Compartmentalization in the Fusselman and Montoya reservoirs of the Dollarhide Field, Andrews County, Texas
by Brian C. Ball

Montoya (Upper Ordovician) Core Description, Depositional Lithofacies, Diagenesis and Thin Section Petrography:Pure Resources, Inc., Dollarhide Unit 25-2-S, Dollarhide Field, Andrews County, West Texas
by Fred H. Behnken

Volume Based Curvature Calculations Show Effects of Stress Fields on Varying Lithologies
by Charles Blumentritt

Remaining Oil and Natural Gas Resources of New Mexico
by Ronald F. Broadhead

Play Analysis of Major Oil Reservoirs in the New Mexico Part of the Permian Basin: A Tool for Highgrading Future Exploration and Development Opportunities
by Ronald F. Broadhead, William D. Raatz

Engineering and Environmental Issues Involved in the Development of Water Fields from Oil and Gas Fields
by David B. Burnett, Daniel K.Gibson



A Geophysical Study of the Uncompaghre uplift, Colorado and Utah
by Hector A. Casillas, Randy G. Keller

Lower Ordovician Ellenburger Group Collapsed Paleocave Facies, Associated Pore Networks, and Stratigraphy at Barnhart Field, Reagan County, Texas
by D.M. Combs, R.G. Loucks, and S.C. Ruppel

The Northwest Evaporitic Inner Shelf of the Delaware Basin Area - A Great Place to Evaluate Guadalupian Outcrop - Defined Composite and High Frequency Sequences
by Ian J. Eckardt, Willis W. Tyrrell,  John A. Diemer, and David Griffing

Finding petroleum on the Roosevelt Arch, Roosevelt County, New Mexico
by David J. Entzminger, Michael Miller

Effects of Seismic Reprocessing on Selected Seismic Attributes: A Case Study in the Permian Basin
by Joel Anthony T. Famini, Kurt J. Marfurt, and E. Charlotte Sullivan

Carbonate Facies Identification Using Borehole Image Logs: An Example from Fullerton Field, Andrews County, Texas
by Shawn Fullmer, Stephen C. Ruppel



Onshore Multicomponent Seismology…Real Tool or Science Experiment?
by Allen Gilmer, Jim Dunkleberg, and Jasha Cultreri

Microstructural Analysis of Lower Ordovician Cool Creek Formation Stromatolites, Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma
by Brendan Headd

Desalination of Soil after Produced Water Releases Using Soil Flushing: Theory and Practice
by Randall T. Hicks, Kristin Farris

Fate and Transport of Chloride after Produced Water Releases to the Land Surface
by Randall T. Hicks, Jan Hendrickx, Graciela Rodriguez, and Jirka Simunek

Case Study of Integrated Approach to the Cleanup of Ogallala Groundwater Impacted by Oilfield Brine, Haskell County, Kansas
by M. Jacobs, K. Hopson, A. Potter, and N. Blandford

Deep Structure of Phanerozoic Basins in Southwestern North America: Tectonic and Exploration Implications
by G. Randy Keller

Carbonate Petrology of the Silurian Wink Formation, Howard County, TX
by Michael L. Kohl

Depositional Systems and Seismic Facies Analysis of Cooper, Llano and Habanero Fields, Garden Banks, Central Gulf of Mexico Slope
by Peter K. Kubik



Exhumed Eolian Reservoirs on the Colorado Plateau
by R. P. Langford,  P. A. Depret

An Integrated Study of the Proposed Sei-Tauhe Terrane Boundary, Tajeras Quadrangle, Northern Sinaloa, Mexico
by Conor McDonough

Application of Air Circulation Technology for Remediation of BTEX Plume in the Groundwater at a Natural Gas Plant, Winkler County, Texas
by Gregory A. Minnery,  Hugh B. Robotham, and David B. Vance

Soil Pollution and Toxicity in El Paso, Texas
by A. Montoya, N. Gonzalez, E. Rodriguea, I. Guerrero, E. Casarez, and K. Devaney

Surface to Subsurface Correlation of the Late Ordovician Montoya Group, southern New Mexico and western Texas
by Michael C. Pope, Huaibo Liu, and Dave Thomas



Multicomponent Seismic Interpretation and its Relation to Production Response in the Leonardian Drinkard Formation of Vacuum Field, Lea County, New Mexico
by Michael A. Raines, Tom L. Davis

Spatial Heterogeneity of Modern Carbonate Systems: Implications for Reservoir Complexity
by Eugene C. Rankey

Regional Stratigraphy and Reservoir Development in Middle Paleozoic (Silurian and Devonian) Carbonate Successions, West Texas: A Review
Stephen C. Ruppel

Application of New Seismic Attributes to Mega Karst in the Fort Worth Basin
by Charlotte Sullivan, Kurt Marfurt, Al Lacazette, and Mike Ammerman

Upper Ordovician Montoya Sequence Stratigraphy and Chert Porosity in the Southeastern Delaware Basin, West Texas
by David M. Thomas III, Huaibo Liu

Depositional Environments and Diagenesis of the Montoya Dolomite, Sylvan Shale and Fusselman Dolomite, West-Central Borden County, Texas

by Robert Trentham and Teri McGuigan,

Widespread Marker Units in Delaware Basin Area Permit Regional Mapping of Guadalupian Composite and High Frequency Sequences
by Willis W. Tyrrell, John A. Diemer

First Regional Lowstand - Highstand Maps of a Guadalupian High-Frequency Sequence (Lower Seven Rivers HFS G -17) Northern Delaware Basin Area, New Mexico and West Texas
by Willis W. Tyrrell, John A. Diemer



Anaerobic Bio-Oxidation of MTBE and 1,2-DCA
by David Vance, Mark Lupo

Using Crosswell Seismic Tomography to Provide Better Reservoir Resolution in the Wolfcamp Formation in Lea County, New Mexico
by Cynthia L. Welch, Robert L. Martin, and Greg D. Hinterlong