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Pacific Section AAPG, SEPM, & SEG
May 9-12, 2004, Bakersfield, California, U.S.A.


Search and Discovery Article #90028 (2004)

Structural and Stratigraphic Re-evaluation of the 26R Reservoir Using SCAT Dipmeter Analysis, 3-D Seismic, and 3-D Earth Modeling 
by John Acord, Bob Reed

The Role of Sequence Stratigraphy in Exploration and Production 
by John M. Armentrout 

Stratigraphy, Paleogeography, and Hydrocarbon Migration of the Shallow Oil Zone in Elk Hills and Coles Levee Fields, San Joaquin Basin, California 
by Ariel Auffant, Jan Gillespie, Bill Long, and Michael Clark 

Comparisons of Post-Stack Migration and Pre-Stack Depth Migration Results at Elk Hills, California 
by Wallace Bayne, Bill Currin

Delineation of Oil Field Brine in Groundwater Using Time Domain Electromagnetic Induction Surveys and Discrete-Depth Sampling 
by David M. Bean, James Waldron, and William V. Pipes

Stress-Induced Seismic Velocity Anisotropy and Physical Properties in the SAFOD Pilot Hole in Parkfield, California 
by Naomi L. Boness, Mark D. Zoback 

Characteristics of a Shallow Groundwater Aquifer in a Steamflood Oil Field 
by Leslie A. Boockoff 

Co-visualization: Rapid Visual Access to Diverse Datasets
by Graham Brew, Paul White, and Richard Schnell

Application of Geostatistical Methods to Reservoir Characterization: An Example from the West Coalinga Field, San Joaquin Basin, California 
Robert A. Bridges,  James W. Castle

Using Microseismic Monitoring Technology to Improve Reservoir Characterization 
by Jason R. Cansler, Larry Drennan, Angela Madding, and Tim Gorham 

Carbon Dioxide Gas Loss and its Effect on Calcite Precipitation within Oil Wells: Relevance to Fault Cements 
by Thomas Carpenter, James Boles 

Reserve Evaluation of a Pre-Mature Carbonate Field Based on Integrated Reservoir Modeling 
by Jiajie Chen, Hung Lung Chen 

Petrophysical Formation Evaluation of Carbonate Reservoirs by Integrating Borehole Images with Other Logs: Analyzing Facies to Define Flow Units 
by D. V. (Vivek) Chitale, John Quirein 

Santa Barbara Channel: Rediscovering the Value of Old Seismic 
by Karen I. Christensen, Marc J. Kamerling

Reservoir Characterization of a Diatomite–Sandstone Reservoir Using Integrated Core and Log Analysis, Lost Hills Field, California 
by Michael S. Clark, Dale Julander, and Tom Zalan

Hills Oil Field, Southern San Joaquin Basin 
by Luz S. Cobos, Janice Gillespie 

San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Issues: Effects on the Petroleum Industry 
by Betty B. Coppersmith 

Six-Phase Heating Project for DNAPL Mass Reduction at a Former Naval Air Station in the San Francisco Bay Area
by Helen Curiel-Mitchell, Rudy Millan

Fracture Detection Using Stoneley Wave Reflectivity: A Case History from a Deep Well in California
by William Currin 

Improvements in Structural and Reservoir Modeling for Future Optimal Utilization of the Honor Rancho Gas Storage Field, California, USA 
by T. L. Davis, M. Kuncir

Formation Evaluation and Imaging in Horizontal Wells 
by Naj Dowla

Real Extinction versus Artifact: A Look at the Frasnian–Famennian Mass Extinction Event on the Mid-Continent 
by Donald L. Dressler III, Lindsey R. Leighton 

Onshore Single-Sensor Technology: Theory and Field Examples 
by Mark S. Egan 

Tectonic History and Evolution of the Faulting at Elk Hills Oil Field: A Mechanical Study 
by Patricia E. Fiore, David D. Pollard, Bill R. Currin, and David D.Miner

Microstructure of the Modern Cold-Seep Clam Calyptogena: Establishing a Framework for Intraskeletal Chemical Analysis 
by Christopher N. Gale, Stephen A. Schellenberg, and James P. Barry

Definition of Assessment Units and Methodology for Assessment of Undiscovered Resources in a Well-Explored Basin 
by Donald L. Gautier, Timothy R. Klett, Paul G. Lillis, Leslie B. Magoon, Kenneth E. Peters, Allegra Hosford Scheirer, and Marilyn E. Tennyson

Resource Potential of the San Joaquin Basin: Results of the USGS Assessment 
by Donald L. Gautier, Timothy R. Klett, Paul G. Lillis, Leslie B. Magoon, Kenneth E. Peters, Allegra Hosford Scheirer, and Marilyn E. Tennyson

Reserve Growth in Fields of the San Joaquin Basin: International Significance 
by Donald L. Gautier, Timothy R. Klett, and Marilyn E. Tennyson

Analysis of Volcanic Ash Samples Using Laser Ablation ICP/MS 
by Elizabeth M. Golob, Dirk Baron, and Robert M. Negrini

Deep Air Sparging—50 to 150 Feet Beneath the Water Table—for Thick Dissolved Plumes 
by Nigel Goulding, Steven R. James, and Leslie A. Klinchuch

Stratigraphic Megasequences of the San Joaquin Basin: Origins, Characteristics, and Petroleum Occurrence 
by Stephan Graham, Cari L. Johnson

Enhancing Structural Interpretation with Borehole Stress Data from Dipole Sonic 
by Steve Grayson, Marc Kamerling, and Lee Swager

3-D Modeling of Sinusoidal Fluvial Channels in the Kern River Field 
by Paul E. Harness, Thomas Tran 

Geomodeling Computer Frameworks 
by John H. Harris 

Mineralogy of Quaternary Sediments of the Kern River Alluvial Fan, Kern Water Bank, California 
by R. A. Horton, Jr., N. Durham 

Modeling the San Joaquin Basin in Three Dimensions 
by Allegra Hosford Scheirer

Integrated Stratigraphic Framework for the San Joaquin Basin 
by Allegra Hosford Scheirer, Donald L. Gautier, Leslie B. Magoon, Kenneth E. Peters, and Marilyn E. Tennyson

USGS Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources in the Siliceous Rocks of the Monterey Formation, Central San Joaquin Basin, California 
by Allegra Hosford Scheirer, Donald L. Gautier, and Marilyn E. Tennyson

Mapping of Lithologies in the Kern Water Bank, Kern County, California 
by John Huff, Robert Negrini, Janice Gillespie, Karen Blake, Paul Philley, and Jon Parker

Unroofing of the Pelona Schist, as Documented by Sedimentologic Evidence Along the San Andreas and Punchbowl Faults 
by Raymond V. Ingersoll, Clinton V. Colasanti

3-D Geomodeling of the Exhausted Volume of a Reservoir 
by David Jefferis

The San Ardo Field 3-D Seismic Survey: Design, Acquisition, and Preliminary Results
by William C. Kempner 

Full-Wave Imaging: Acquisition and Applications 
by Cara B. Kiger

Skeletal Structure of the Intertidal Bivalve Donax gouldii and the Taphonomic Implications for the Fossil Record
by Mary K. Klinger, Lindsey R. Leighton, and Steve A. Schellenberg 

Analysis of Low-Permeability Intervals in a Heavy Oil, Braided Stream Deposit Using a Combination of Core and Log Analysis, Kern River Field, California 
by Larry C. Knauer, Robert Horton, and Allen Britton

Calculating Reservoir Fracture Density in Near-Vertical Wells 
by Randolph J. Koepsell, Robert T. Becker 

Re-evaluation of the Arikareean (Late Oligocene to Early Miocene) Tecuya Canyon Land Mammal Local Faunas, Lower Member, Continental Tecuya Formation, Northern San Emigdio Mountains, Kern County, California 
by Bruce E. Lander

High Density 3-D
by R. Malcolm Lansley 

San Joaquin Basin, California: Historical Reserve Growth and Developments Since 1990 
by Christopher J. Lewis

Lithostratigraphy and Chronostratigraphy of Middle Tertiary Strata in the Subsurface of the Central San Joaquin Basin, California 
by Scott Lewis, David P. Brewster 

Petroleum Geochemical Criteria for Mapping the Petroleum Systems in the San Joaquin Basin, California 
by Paul G. Lillis, Leslie B. Magoon

Natural Gas in the San Joaquin Basin—Geochemical Characterization of the Petroleum Systems 
by Paul G. Lillis, Augusta Warden, George E. Claypool, and Leslie B. Magoon

Land Mammals from the Middle Miocene Round Mountain Silt, Northeast of Bakersfield, California 
by Matthew Liter, Donald Prothero, and Jingmai O’Connor

Shake'n L.A.: How Plains Exploration and Production Co. Acquired 21 Square Miles of 3-D Seismic Data in Urban Los Angeles, California 
by Dalton Lockman, Steve Rusch, and Brad Clark

Offset to the Morales Unconformity along the Russell Fault, Cuyama Basin, California—Seismic and Stratigraphic Evidence 
by Timothy P. Lovseth, David P. Brewster

Four Petroleum Systems in the San Joaquin Basin, California 
by Leslie B. Magoon, Paul G. Lillis, Kenneth E. Peters, Allegra Hosford Scheirer, Carolyn Lampe, and Donald L. Gautier

Understanding Seismic Stimulation Using Lab, Theory, and Field Studies 
by E. L. Majer, T. M. Daley, W. C. Lo, and P. Roberts

Functional Morphology and Biomechanics of Chonetidine (Brachiopoda) Spines 
by Brandon Mills, Lindsey R. Leighton

Large-Scale, Coarsening-Upward Sequences in the Stratigraphy of the Kern Water Bank: Prograding Fan-Deltas into a More Extensive Ancestral Buena Vista Lake?
by R. Negrini, J. Gillespie, P. Philley, D. Baron, R. Horton, J. Huff, and J. Parker

Late Cretaceous and Early Tertiary Sequence Stratigraphy, Depositional Systems, Tectonic Framework, and Paleogeography of the Southern San Joaquin Basin, California 
by Tor H. Nilsen, S. A. Reid, and David R. D. Boote

Digital Analysis of Core Images Provides High-Resolution Oil Saturation Data 
by Terence P. O’Sullivan, Bryan Bell, and Donald D. Miller

A 3-D Petroleum System Model for the San Joaquin Basin, California 
by Kenneth E. Peters, Leslie B. Magoon, Allegra Hosford Scheirer, Carolyn Lampe, Donald L. Gautier, and Paul G. Lillis

The Oligocene–Miocene Transition in the Tasmanian Gateway: A Palynological Examination of ODP Site 1168 
by Jorrit Pinckaers, Stephen A. Schellenberg, Henk Brinkhuis, and Appy Sluijs

Good to the Last Drop: Impact of 3-D Technology on Horizontal Well Placement, Midway Sunset Field, California 
by Michael F. Ponek, Häna Baker, and Carlos Anez

Wave-Equation Demigration and Wave-Equation Depth Migration 
by Alexander M. Popovici, Sean Crawley, Biondo Biondi, and Larry Adamson

Magnetic Stratigraphy of the Early Miocene Olcese Sand, Kern County, California 
by Donald R. Prothero, Francisco Sanchez 

Using Satellite Imagery to Detect Hydrocarbons in California and Azerbaijan 
by Jay W. Rauschkolb, Eric G. Frost

Community-Level Paleoecology Study of the Imperial Formation in the Coyote Mountains of Imperial County, California 
by Cory M. Redman, Christopher N. Gale, Jennifer L. Nielsen, Mary K. Klinger, Donald L. Dressler III, Lindsey R. Leighton, and Stephen A. Schellenberg

Verification of a Millennial-Scale Record of Hypothesized Water Surface Elevations of Summer Lake, Oregon, by Grain-Size Analysis 
by Carol Register, Robert Negrini, and Gordon Hilton

The Petroleum Systems of the San Joaquin Basin: Using a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework to Describe the Origin of Hydrocarbon Accumulations in a Structurally Active Basin 
by S. A. Reid, David R. D. Boot2, and Tor H. Nilsen

Scaleable Surveillance Log-Based Reserve Methodology and Tools Employed at the Kern River Field
by Michael Richey, Michael Logan, Richard Cullip, and Anthony Alvarez 

Large-Scale, Newly Discovered, Volcanic Debris Avalanche, Donner Pass Region, Sierra Nevada, and its Relation to Underlying Tertiary Volcaniclastic Succession 
by G. L. Rotberg, J. C. Fosdick, K. A. Hickling, N. J. Garrison, A. G. Sylvester, and W. S. Wise

Evolution of the Mantle Lithosphere Beneath the Southern Sierra Nevada–San Joaquin Valley Region and its Geological Expression, California 
by Jason Saleeby

Magnetic Stratigraphy of the Middle Miocene Round Mountain Silt and Sharktooth Hill Bone Bed, Kern County, California 
by Francisco Sanchez,  Donald R. Prothero

Mt. Poso Oil Field Keeps On Ticking: Geology, Technology, and Market Forces Drive the Life Cycle of This Giant Field 
by Jeff Sande 

Cenozoic Variations in the South Atlantic Carbonate Saturation Profile: Insights from the Walvis Ridge Depth-Transect of ODP Leg 208 
by Stephen A. Schellenberg, Jennifer L. Nielsen

Variation and Complexity: Monterey Formation Reservoirs of California 
by Jon Schwalbach, Stuart Gordon, Charles O’Brien, Bill Benmore, and Cynthia Huggins

Evidence for an Asteroid-Impact Origin for the Ventura Basin 
by Jacque Senteur de Boue

Mantle Degassing—A Possible Hydrocarbon Source in Regions of Anomalous Uplift 
by Jacque Senteur de Boue, D. Demento, and C. Mg

Effective Assessment Techniques and Remediation Planning for Oil Fields 
by Jerome K. Summerlin, Robert S. Skiba, and Eric K. Snelling

Early Cretaceous Evolution of the Northern Great Valley Forearc Basin from Detrital Zircon Provenance Analysis, Sacramento Valley, California 
by Kathleen D. Surpless, Stephan A. Graham, and Joe L. Wooden

Petrography of a Foraminite Unit from Railroad Gap Oil Field, Kern County, California 
by Brian L. Taylor, Robert A. Horton, Jr. 

Growth of Reserves in Large San Joaquin Basin Oil Fields During the 20th Century: Patterns, Causes, and Prospects for the Future 
by Marilyn E. Tennyson

USGS Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources in the West-Side Fold and Thrust Belt, San Joaquin Basin, California 
by Marilyn E. Tennyson

USGS Assessment of Undiscovered Deep Gas Resources in Lower Miocene and Older Strata, San Joaquin Basin, California 
by Marilyn E. Tennyson, Allegra Hosford Scheirer

Natural Hydraulic Control of Petroleum Transport in a California Coastal Stream Setting 
by Daniel Tormey, James Waldron, and Matt Carpenter

Multi-Method Detrital Thermochronology of the Great Valley Group and its Implications for Petroleum Generation in the Vallecitos Syncline 
by Pieter Vermeesch, Donald D. Miller, Trevor Dumitru, Kathleen D. Surpless, Stephan A. Graham, and Michael O. McWilliams

Smearing the Sideslip and Other Anisotropy Problems
by Robert Vestrum

Using Interwell Resistivity for Mapping Steam Chest Development at the Kern River Oil Field 
by Michael Wilt, Ping Zhang, Larry Knauer, and Jim Eacmen

Azimuth and Offset: A Survey Design Perspective 
by Stuart A. Wright