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Gas Hydrates: Energy Resource Potential and Associated Geologic Hazards

September 12-16, 2004, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Search and Discovery Article #90035 (2004)


Note: Items preceded by asterisks(*) designate extended abstracts, most with illustrations.


Formation, Occurrence and Dissociation of Marine Sedimentary Gas Hydrates, Research of Ephemeral Benthic Processes with In-situ Technology
by Hans Amann, Eric Anders, Michael Maggiulli, Thjunjoto, Gert J. De Lange, Anke Daehlmann, John Parkes, and Derek Martin

In situ Sampling, Monitoring and Sub Sampling of Marine Gas Hydrates and Deep Sea Floor Life Processes
by Hans Amann, Eric Anders, Hans-Jürgen Hohnberg, Holger Hüning, Michael Maggiulli, and Thjunjoto

*Quantifying the Methane Content of Natural Gas and Gas Hydrate Accumulations in the Deep-Water Basins of the Bering Sea
by Ginger A. Barth, David W. Scholl, and Jonathan R. Childs

*Initial Geophysical and Geological Assessment of an Industry 3D Seismic Survey Covering the JAPEX/JNOC/GSC Mallik 5l-38 Gas Hydrate Research Well
by  T. A. Brent, M. Riedel, M. Caddel, M. Clement, T. S. Collett, and S. R. Dallimore

*Gas Hydrates at the Storegga Slide on the Mid-Norwegian Margin
by Stefan Bunz, Jurgen Mienert, and Karin Andreassen

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*Structural Analysis of a Proposed Pull-Apart Basin: Implications for Gas Hydrate and Associated Free-Gas Emplacement, Milne Point Unit, Arctic Alaska
by R. R. Casavant, A. M. Hennes, R. A. Johnson, and Tim S. Collett

*Experimental Estimation of Gas Hydrates Accumulation and Existence Conditions in Sediments
by E. M. Chuvilin and E. V. Kozlova

*Realistic Rates of Biological Methane Production in Hydrate Bearing Sediments
by F. S. Colwell, S. Boyd, M. E. Delwiche, and D. R. Reed

*The Mallik Gas Hydrate Field: Lessons Learned from 30 Years of Gas Hydrate Investigation
by Scott R. Dallimore, T. S. Collett, T. Uchida, M. Weber, A. Chandra, T. H. Mroz, E. M. Caddel, T. Inoue, H. Takahashi, A. E. Taylor, and the Mallik Gas Hydrate Research Team

Seismic Detection of Gas Hydrates in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Using Inversion and Rock Physics
by Jianchun Dai, Robert Kleinberg, Haibin Xu, and Nader Dutta

Identifying Surface Expressions of Shallow Gas Hydrates Using Remote Sensing – GIS in the Alaska North Slope
by Kristin Dean

Important Problems for Methane Hydrate Commercialization
by Marlan W. Downey

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*An Experimental Study of Dissociation of Artificial Methane Hydrate Sediment
by Takao Ebinuma, Yasushi Kamata, Hideki Minagawa, Ryo Ohmura, Jiro Nagao, and Hideo Narita

*Recovery of Gas from in Situ Hydrate Using Microwave Heating
by Shuanshi Fan, Dongliang Li, and Deqing Liang

*Numerical Modelling of Wellbore Stability in Hydrate-Bearing Sediments
by Reem Freij-Ayoub, Chee Tan, Ben Clennell, Jinhai Yang, and Bahman Tohidi

*Preliminary Spatial Analysis of Faulting and Gas Hydrate Occurrence Milne Point Unit, Arctic Alaska
by Greg. L. Gandler, Robert R. Casavant, Charles E. Glass, Andrew M. Hennes, Casey Hagbo, and Roy A. Johnson

*Well Log Normalization and Comparative Volumetric Analyses of Gas Hydrate and Free-gas Resources, Central North Slope, Alaska
by Scott Geauner, Justin Manuel, Robert R. Casavant, Charles E. Glass, and Ken Mallon

*Monitoring Seafloor Instability Caused by the Presence of Gas Hydrate Using Ocean Acoustical and Geophysical Techniques in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
by  Erika Geresi, Ross Chapman, Tom McGee, and Bob Woolsey

*Heterogeneity and Strength of Natural Gas Hydrate-Bearing Sediments
by D. Goldberg, G. Guerin, A. Janik, and T. Collett

*Overview of Production Test Results From The Japex/JNOC/GSC Mallik 5L-38 Gas Hydrate Research Well
by S. Hancock, T. Collett, S. Dallimore, T. Satoh, T. Inoue, B. Weatherill, G. Moridis, E. Huenges, J. Henninges, and D. Carle

A Preliminary Investigation on the Economics of Onshore Gas Hydrate Production Based on the Mallik Field Discovery
by S. Hancock, T. Collett, M. Pooladi-Darvish, S. Gerami, G. Moridis, T. Okazawa, K. Osadetz, S. Dallimore, and B. Weatherill

Multicomponent Seismic Technology for Assessment of Fluid-Gas Expulsion Geology and Gas Hydrates: Gulf of Mexico
by Bob A. Hardage and Harry H. Roberts

*Seismic Characterization of a Shallow Gas-Hydrate-Bearing Reservoir on the North Slope of Alaska
by Andrew M. Hennes, Roy A. Johnson, and Robert R. Casavant

*Economic Analysis and Feasibility study of Gas Production from Alaska North Slope Gas Hydrate Resources
by S. J. Howe, N. R. Nanchary, S. L. Patil, D. O. Ogbe, G. A. Chukwu, R. B. Hunter, and S. J. Wilson

Minerals Management Service Assessment and Studies of Gas Hydrates in the Gulf of Mexico
by Jesse L. Hunt, Jr.

*Characterization, Appraisal, and Economic Viability of Alaska North Slope Gas Hydrate Accumulations
by R. B. Hunter, T. S. Collett, S. L. Patil, R. R. Casavant, and T. H. Mroz

*An Integrated Geological, Geophysical, and Geochemical Analysis of Subsurface Gas Hydrates in the Northern Gulf Of Mexico
by D. R. Hutchinson, C. D. Ruppel, J. Pohlman, P. E. Hart, B. Dugan, F. Snyder, and R. B. Coffin

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*Prospecting for Gas Hydrate Accumulations Using 2D and 3D Seismic Data, Milne Point, North Slope Alaska
by Tanya L. Inks, Timothy S. Collett, David J. Taylor, Warren F. Agena, and Myung W. Lee

*Gas Hydrates in the North Makassar Basin, Indonesia
by B. A. Jackson

*Slope Stability Issues in Hydrate Bearing Sediments Under Seismic Loading
by P. Jackson, D. Gunn, D. Long, M. Lovell, R. Musson, P. Hobbs, J. Rees, C. Rochelle, K. Bateman, and V. Nelder

*Phase Behavior and Relative Permeability of Gas-Water-Hydrate System
by N. J. Jaiswal, J. V. Westervelt, S. L. Patil, A. Y. Dandekar, N. R. Nanchary, P. Tsunemori, and R. B. Hunter

*Why Gas Hydrate?
by A. Johnson

Pre-cruise Estimates of Sediment Properties for the 2005 ChevronTexaco et al Gulf of Mexico Gas Hydrate Research Coring Project
by Emrys H Jones

*Possible Seal Mechanisms in Shallow Sediments: and Their Implication for Gas-hydrate Accumulation
by T. J. Katsube, I. R. Jonasson, T. Uchida, and S. Connell-Madore

Quantitative Assessment of Submarine Slope Stability
by R. L. Kleinberg

*Measurements on Laboratory Core-Scale Sediment/Hydrate Samples to Predict Reservoir Behavior
by Timothy J. Kneafsey, Barry M. Freifeld, Liviu Tomutsa, Yongkoo Seol, and Heather Elsen

*Assessment of Gas Productivity of Natural Methane Hydrates Using MH21 Reservoir Simulator
by Masanori Kurihara, Hisanao Ouchi, Yoshihiro Masuda, Hideo Narita, and Yo Okada

CO2 Hydrate Formation in Aqueous Solutions: Phase Field Theory of Nucleation and Growth 
by B. Kvamme, L. Granasy, T. Pusztai, G. Tegze, and T. Kuznetsova

Size and Consequence of the Global Methane Hydrate Endowment
by Keith A. Kvenvolden

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*Gas Hydrate Distribution Offshore Southwestern Taiwan and Its Geophysical and Geochemical Characteristics
by Char-Shine Liu, Philippe Schnurle, Ta-Hen Hsiuan, Tsanyao Yang, Saulwood Lin, Yunshuen Wang, and San-Hsiung Chung

*Quantification of Gas Hydrate Abundance from Infrared Imaging of Sub-seafloor Cores
by Philip E. Long, William Ussler, III, Jill L. Weinberger, Michael Riedel, and Anne M. Trehu

*Origin of Gases in Permafrost Associated Gas Hydrate - Examples from Alaska and Canada
by Thomas D. Lorenson, Timothy S. Collett, and Michael J. Whiticar

Sediment Control on Hydrate Occurrence in Natural Sediments – from Experimental Results
by Hailong Lu, Fred Wright, Toshiharu Okui, Scott Dallimore, James Zheng, and John A. Ripmeester

*Proven Reserves and Basics for Development of Gas Hydrate Deposits
by Y. F. Makogon, S. A. Holditch, and T. Y. Makogon

*Numerical Analysis of Hydrate Dissociation Behavior in Sand-Packed Cores during Depressurization and Heating
by Yoshihiro Masuda, Takao Ebinuma, Masanori Kurihara, Hisanao Ouchi, Yoshihiro Konno, and Hideo Narita

*Geochemical Proxies and Temperature Regimes for the Distribution of Gas Hydrates in Nankai Trough
by Ryo Matsumoto

*Physical Geochemical Aspects of Natural Gas Hydrate and Implications for Dissociation and Exploitation
by Michael D. Max, Sarah A. Holman, John P. Osegovic, Audra L. Ames, and Shelli R. Tatro 

*Using Seismic Inversion Methods to Characterize the Extents of Gas Hydrate Traps in Northwest Walker Ridge- Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
by Dan McConnell and Beth Kendall

*Can Fractures in Soft Sediments Host Significant Quantities of Gas Hydrates?
by T. McGee and C. Lutken

*A New Method for Enhanced Production of Gas Hydrates with CO2
by B. P. McGrail, T. Zhu, R. B. Hunter, M. D. White, S. L. Patil, and A. S. Kulkarni

Integration of VSP Seismic Data With Core and Well Log Data to Investigate Lateral Variations of Potential Hydrate-Bearing Sands, Alaska North Slope
by Donn McGuire, Steve Runyon, Tom Williams, and Richard Sigal

*In-situ Stresses and Natural Fractures of the Mallik Gas Hydrate Reservoir, Mackenzie Delta, N.W.T., Canada
by Pat McLellan, Kevin Gillen, Chris Podetz, and Scott Dallimore

*Gas Hydrate Resource Potential in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico
by Alexei V. Milkov and Roger Sassen

*Measurement of Water Permeability under the Presence of Methane Hydrate
by Hideki Minagawa, Yukiko Hirakawa, Mitsutaka Sato, Ryo Ohmura, Yasushi Kamata, Satoshi Takeya, Jiro Nagao, Takao Ebinuma, Hideo Narita, and Yoshihiro Masuda

*Numerical Studies of Gas Production From Oceanic Hydrate Accumulations
by George J. Moridis

*Numerical Modeling of Gas Dissociation from Gas Hydrate in Porous Media
by N. R. Nanchary, S. L. Patil, A. Dandekar, and R. B. Hunter

Gas Hydrates as a Drilling Hazard: Examples from Global Deep Water Settings
by Jillian Nimblett, Craig Shipp, and Floris Strijbos

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*Progress Toward a Petroleum System Approach to Gas Hydrate Resource Assessment
by Kirk G. Osadetz and Zhuoheng Chen

*No Evidence for Enhanced Gas Flux from the Blake Ridge Depression
by C. K. Paull and W. Ussler III

*Gas Hydrates on the Hikurangi and Fiordland Margins, New Zealand 
by Ingo A. Pecher, Stuart A. Henrys, Andrew R. Gorman, and Miko Fohrmann

Downhole Catalytic Combustion- A Tool for Methane Hydrate Dissociation
by William C. Pfefferle

Is It Possible to Simplify the Formulation of Hydrate Decomposition in Porous Media?
by Mehran Pooladi-Darvish and Shahab Gerami

*Model Testing of Methane Hydrate Occurrence on the North Slope of Alaska with Artificial Neural Networks
by Mary M. Poulton, Robert R. Casavant, Charles E. Glass, and Bo Zhao

*Hydrate on the Cascadia Accretionary Margin of North America
by M. Riedel, R. D. Hyndman, G. D. Spence, N. R. Chapman, I. Novosel, and N. Edwards

*On the Laboratory Analysis of Natural Gas Hydrate
by John A. Ripmeester, Hailong Lu, Igor L. Moudrakovski, and Yu-Taek Seo

*Transient Numerical Models of Well-Characterized Gas Hydrate Reservoirs in a Range of Geologic Settings
by C. Ruppel and J. Nimblett

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*Mechanical, Thermal, and Electrical Properties of Hydrate-Bearing Sediments
by J. C. Santamarina, F. Francisca, T.-S. Yun, J.-Y. Lee, A. I. Martin, and C. Ruppel

*Historical Perspective and Future Opportunities of Coalbed Methane
by Andrew R. Scott

*Potential Natural Gas Hydrates Resources in Indian Offshore Areas
by A. K. Sethi, A. V. Sathe, and M. V. Ramana

*Bottom Simulating Reflectors and Hydrate Occurrences Beneath the Scotian Slope, Offshore Eastern Canada
by John Shimeld, David Mosher, Keith Louden, Chris LeBlanc, and Kirk Osadetz

*Characterization of Potential Hydrate Bearing Reservoirs in the Ugnu and West Sak Formations of Alaska’s North Slope
by Richard F. Sigal, Chandra Rai, Carl H. Sondergeld, W .J. Ebanks, Jr., William D. Zogg, and Robert L. Kleinberg

Natural Gas Hydrates: How Did We Get Here?
by E. Dendy Sloan

Seismic Prediction and Operational Results for Gulf of Mexico Wells in Gas-Hydrate Areas
by Michael A. Smith, William Kou, Adnan Ahmed, and Robert Kuzela

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Imaging of Laboratory-Grown Gas Hydrates, and Comparisons with Recovered Samples from Marine and Permafrost Origin
by Laura A. Stern, Stephen H. Kirby, Susan Circone, and William B. Durham

*NETL’s Methane Hydrate Research
by Charles E. Taylor, Jonathan Lekse, and Niall English

Evidence for Free Gas within the GHSZ on Hydrate Ridge, Oregon, and Implications for Rate of Gas Hydrate Formation
by M. E. Torres, A. M. Trehu, K. Wallmann, G. Bohrmann, P. Schultheis, W. Borowski, and H. Tomaru

*Gas Hydrate Distribution and Dynamics on Hydrate Ridge, Cascadia Accretionary Complex
by A. M. Trehu and the Leg 204 Science Party

*Multi-Well Drilling Campaign METI “Tokai-Oki to Kumano-Nada” in 2004 for Methane Hydrate Evaluation in the Nankai Trough Area, off Central Japan
by Yoshihiro Tsuji, Yoshijiro Nonaka, and METI “Tokai-oki to Kumano-nada” drilling project members

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*Microbes and Microbial Diagenesis in Methane-rich Sediments
by W. Ussler III, S. J. Hallam, C. K. Paull, V. J. Orphan, W. S. Borowski, M. K. Thompson, and E. F. DeLong

Seafloor Morphology and Seismic Characteristics of Gas-related Sedimentary Features and Gas Hydrates along the Southwestern Continental Margin of India
by M. Veerayya

The development of Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD): A Paradigm Shift in Reservoir Engineering
by Daryl M. Wightman

Hot Ice Well #1 – Well Planning, Operations and Results of the First Dedicated Gas Hydrate Well in the Alaskan Arctic
by Thomas E. Williams, Bill Liddell, Ali Kadaster, and Tommy Thompson

*Comparison of Methane Gas Hydrate Formation on Physical Properties of Fine- and Coarse-Grained Sediments
by William J. Winters, William F. Waite, Ingo A. Pecher, David H. Mason, Deborah R. Hutchinson, Lauren Y. Gilbert, Richard A. Birchwood, Sheila Noeth, and Emrys Jones

The Landward Edge of the Methane Hydrate Stability Zone Offshore Chile
by W. T. Wood, R. B. Coffin, and J. F. Gettrust

*Pressure-Temperature-Salinity Influences on Gas Hydrate Stability in Sediments of the Mallik Gas Hydrate Reservoir, Mackenzie Delta, Canada
by J. F. Wright and S. R. Dallimore 

*Gas Hydrate Dissociation and Excess Pore Pressure in Marine Sediment
by Wenyue Xu

*Intrapermafrost Gas Hydrates at the North of West Siberia
by Vladimir Yakushev

*Micro and Macro-Scale Investigation of Cementing Characteristics of Gas Hydrates
by Jinhai Yang, Bahman Tohidi, and Ben M. Clennell

*3-D Velocity Model of Hydrocarbon Ventsite in Cascadia Region offshore Vancouver Island
by Mikhail M. Zykov and Ross Chapman