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  1. Occurrence of Recent depositional environments in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico.
  2. Classification of depositional environments of the northwestern Gulf of Mexico.
  3. Recent alluvial valley of the Brazos River near Richmond, Texas.
  4. Brazos meander belt near Richmond, Texas.
  5. Alluvial valley environments.
  6. Cross section of Brazos point bar deposits near Richmond, Texas.
  7. Cross sections of small-scale ripple bedded, point bar sands.
  8. Horizontally bedded point bar sands.
  9. Giant ripples and giant ripple bedded point bar sands.
  10. Giant ripple bedded sands.
  11. Poorly bedded, point bar gravel and coarse sand.
  12. Sequence of bedding features found in point bar deposits.
  13. Miscellaneous sedimentary features of point bar deposits.
  14. Giant ripple foreset directions in Brazos point bar deposits.
  15. Dip directions of foreset beds in zone of giant ripple bedded sands of a Brazos point bar.
  16. Expected cross bedding directions of giant ripple bedded sands of Mississippi point bars.
  17. Grain orientation in horizontally bedded sands of a point bar deposit.
  18. Grain orientation in horizontally bedded and small ripple bedded deposits of a point bar deposit.
  19. Comparison of Mississippi and Brazos point bar deposits.
  20. Typical world deltas.
  21. Typical world deltas.
  22. Block diagrams illustrating the development of Mississippi subdeltas.
  23. Mississippi deltaic environments.
  24. Distribution of foraminiferal biofacies in the Mississippi Delta Area.
  25. Bottom sediment distribution, vicinity of Mississippi Delta.
  26. Distribution of Mississippi deltaic deposits characterized by sedimentary features.
  27. Marsh and shallow fringe deposits of the Mississippi Delta.
  28. Deep fringe and distal pro deltaic plain deposits.
  29. Cross section of St. Bernard-Mississippi Delta.
  30. Fence diagram of a Pleistocene Mississippi Delta.
  31. Cross sections of LaFourche-Mississippi Delta.
  32. Sedimentary framework, modern Mississippi Delta.
  33. Brazos River Delta.
  34. Representative section of modern deltaic deposits of the Brazos River.
  35. Fence diagram of the Rio Grande Delta. .
  36. Representative section of point bar deposits of the Rio Grande Delta.
  37. Late Quaternary geology and facies of southeast Texas.
  38. Galveston Island beach accretions.
  39. Bottom sediments in vicinity of Galveston Island.
  40. Sedimentary features of deposits in vicinity of barrier islands.
  41. Cross sections of barrier island deposits.
  42. Representative section of Galveston barrier island deposits.
  43. SP character of principal sand facies of Recent depositional environments.
  44. Foraminiferal assemblages in the vicinity of Galveston Island.
  45. Grain orientation in Galveston barrier island deposits.
  46. Block diagram of Galveston barrier island deposits.
  47. Chenier plain of southwestern Louisiana showing beaches and mud flats.
  48. Chenier plain cross sections of transgressive beach and regressive mud flat deposits.
  49. Grain orientation in cheniers or abandoned beach ridges.
  50. Bottom sediment distribution on continental shelf off Louisiana and southeast Texas.
  51. Representative section of marine shelf sands off southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas.
  52. Trends of Recent and late Pleistocene sand bodies of coastal Louisiana and Texas.


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