--> Figure 14. Electric log of the SS 349 #1 well.

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Figure 14. Electric log of the SS 349 #1 well, which drilled very little sand above salt, along with the pore pressures as mud weight per gallon and temperature. Pressures and temperatures were typical for above salt wells in the area. Sedimentary inclusions within the salt were first encountered halfway through salt which is over 3500 ft thick. The first oil show was 2/3 the way through the sheet. The temperature gradient in the salt was low due to the high thermal conductivity of salt. Rotary sidewall cores were cut in the salt and analyzed for viscosity and strain to help determine salt mobility which can impact long-term casing design. Although salt is an incompressible rock and should have no variations in pore pressure, the sedimentary inclusions within the salt made it necessary to increase mud weights to control gas. Mud weights were also increased in anticipation of the subsalt section.