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Figure 5: Sequences in well Hrs-7, which was cored. Core A: Sandstones in upper and lower parts , with channelized bases. Clays rusts (very marmorized and dolomitized) with traces of roots and desiccation features. Core B: With dolerite showing green-gray rust (partially oxidized) and with anhydrite. Paleosol, 5 m, at top of the dolerite, with green marmorization, red rust, traces of roots, desiccation features, nodules (dolomitic). Core C: Sandy shale, minor sandstones. Dolomite ,marmorization, desiccation features. Core D: Sandy shale. Marmorization, traces of roots with fine-grained dolomite crust. 1: Sequences of evaporites (sebkha). 2: Sequences of fluvial deposits. 3: Sequences of braided sequences. 4: Electrosequences of the river environments and lake. 5: Sequences of the volcaniclastic series. 6: Sequence of alluvial cone deposits.