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PSVirtual Reality and Field Integrity Management*


André Colin1


Search and Discovery Article #40254 (2007)

Posted August 28, 2007


Adapted from a poster presentation at AAPG Annual Convention, Long Beach, California, April 1-4, 2007, by Horst R. Von Berg and the author


1VRcontext s.a, Brussels, Belgium ([email protected])



Today, in their search to increase oil field return, oil companies are refining their geological surveys and in the process generating terabytes of data which needs to be analyzed in real-time. Three-dimensional advanced visualization techniques compress tons of data into understandable pictures of the underground reservoirs.  

Thanks to visualization programs, oil fields returns are now showing yields of 65% or better, an incredible improvement over past performance. Being able to see the underground deposits in 3D and in color is opening better ways of operating. Visualization techniques are fully recognized as a technology trhat helps executives to make better and faster decisions.  

Revolutionary visualization tools, such as Walkinside™, are now considered by oil companies to create realistic 3D virtual representations of an entire field, extending from the seabed to the equipment—including flow lines, pumps and manifolds, FPSOs and platforms, together with colors and textures—allowing them to navigate through the entire production area.  

With ProcessLife™, VRcontext delivers another revolutionary set of Decision Support tools that allow real-time access and visualization of SCADA/DCS data and direct links to existing databases, by using the “intuitive” graphical interface of the Walkinside virtual model. VRcontext also provides the appropriate environment to develop “Best Practices” in the areas of maintenance, process simulation, safety and security, as any sequence of events and/or incidents can be realistically simulated and evaluated. ProcessLife uses the virtual 3D model as a federating interface between Engineering, Industrial Maintenance, HSE, and Operations.


Massive Model - Bonga Field

Shell Deep Water Operations Integrated Virtual Massive 3D Model 

Bonga Oil Field: A Walkinside 3D Virtual Reality model was created containing all structures and data listed below.

400 km2 seabed

2.000.000 radar 3d points

Flow and mooring lines

300 MB PDMS model

29 ProEngineer models, 200 MB each

30 AutoCAD models, 22 MB each

15 MicroStation models, 12 MB each


 Invisible Assets 

Maintenance, Operation & Tracking

Process Monitoring

Integrity Management



Step 1: Create VR Model

Step 2: Link tags

Step 3: Integrate ProcessLife applications



  • The connection of the Operational Information Systems to a 3D Virtual Reality Model

    • Demonstrates a major potential return for Owner/Operators.

    • Provides a new vision on the absolute necessity of 3D modeling.

  • This unique solution has the advantage of being built on top of existing application tools, protecting therefore prior investments in:

    • Knowledge and legacy data.

    • Staff training.

Does NOT replace BUT federates existing applications used in the operations of Owners/Operators on a daily basis (O/Os). 

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