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Figure 4.2.A. and 4.2.B. T-Ridge prospect map and cross section. Plains E&P has announced plans to use ERD from Platform Irene in their Point Pedernales Unit to develop the T-Ridge prospect in state waters and has applied to the State Lands Commission for a lease to carry out the development (Plains, 2005). Sunset Exploration has proposed a competing project to develop the T-Ridge structure using ERD from an onshore site on Vandenberg Air Force Base and has signed a letter of intent to participate in the project with ExxonMobil (Miller, 2005). The Sunset plan is a prototype of development that may be feasible in other OCS areas. The horizontal departures of a well to develop fractured Monterey Formation on the T-Ridge structure from either onshore or Platform Irene would be about four miles. Based on 3000 acres of closure, the potential of the T-Ridge prospect may range from 40-100 MMBOE (cf. Figures 2 and 4.3).