--> Analysis of the Bagley Otsego Antrim Shale Infill Program for 2004: A Case History, by Timothy Jay Brock, #20040 (2006).

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PSAnalysis of the Bagley Otsego Antrim Shale Infill Program for 2004: A Case History*


Timothy Jay Brock1


Search and Discovery Article #20040 (2006)

Posted October 16, 2006


*Adapted from poster presentation at AAPG Annual Convention, Houston, Texas, April 9-12, 2006.


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1NuEnergy Operating, Inc, Mason, MI ([email protected])



The Bagley Otsego Antrim Shale Project in Otsego County, Michigan is one of the oldest producing Antrim Shale projects and contains the first wells ever completed in the Antrim Shale, starting in the 1940's. It is rather unique in that the project is not unitized and each well is individually metered. The 2004 infill program was designed to look for areas in which production and ultimate recovery could be enhanced through the drilling of additional wells. In order to perform this analysis, maps of current production rate, cumulative production and percent CO2 in the gas were prepared. Drilling locations were selected to determine whether the target for additional drilling should be areas of historically low recovery, areas of poor productivity, areas with low CO2 content in the gas, and whether more modern completion techniques would impact the results. Four wells were drilled and the results of those wells were analyzed. The result was that 3 of the 4 wells were successful, and additional wells have since been drilled and permitted, using the results of this study and the results of the initial 4 wells.


Selected Figures


Cumulative production, Areas with low cumulative production either have not been efficiently drained or have been drained by offset production.

Percent carbon dioxide in gas. Areas with low CO2 concentration are not as depleted as those areas with higher concentration.


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