--> 2005-2006 AAPG Distinguished Lectures' Abstracts; #90053 (2006).

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2005-2006 AAPG Distinguished Lectures

Search and Discovery Article #90053 (2006)
Posted June, 28, 2005


Applying Deltaic and Shallow Marine Outcrop Analogs to the Subsurface
by Janok Bhattacharya

Martian River Deltas and the Origin of Life
by Janok Bhattacharya

Global Tectonic Asymmetries
by Carlo Doglioni

The Burial of Carbonate Reservoirs: “The rest of the story”
by Mateu Esteban and Conxita Taberner

Overpressure, Hydrocarbon Entrapment, Seafloor Venting, and Slope Stability: The Dynamic Flow Regime Beneath the Seafloor
by Peter B. Flemings

From Deep Water Exploration to Tar Sand Production: Bugs; Biodegradation, and the Origin of Heavy Oil
by Steve Larter

Uses, Abuses, and Examples of Seismic-derived Acoustic Impedance Data: What Does the Interpreter Need to Know?
by Rebecca Latimer

The Carbonate Analogs Through Time (CATT) Hypothesis – A Systematic and Predictive Look at Phanerozoic Carbonate Reservoirs
by James R. Markello

Integrated Research for Carbonate Reservoirs – It Is the Business Question that Mandates the Multi-disciplinary Integration
by James R. Markello

Linked Mechanical and Chemical Processes in the Diagenesis of Sandstones
by Kitty L. Milliken

Reservoir Quality Assessment: Petrography as a Tool for Deciphering Kinetically-dominated Systems and the Need For Petrographic Education
by Kitty L. Milliken

Collisional Fold-and-thrust Belts Detached on Salt
by Mark G. Rowan

Salt-Sediment Interaction During Diapir Growth
by Mark G. Rowan