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Case Study for Implementation of a Dual Phase Extraction System to Remediate Soil, LNAPL, and Groundwater Impacted with Gas Pipeline Condensate, West Panhandle Field, Texas

Miller, Brent, P.E., ERM Corporation, Bellevue, Washington, Jennifer Barrett, ERM Corporation, Bellevue, Washington, Jacobs, Mike, Pioneer Natural Resources USA Inc, Midland, Texas


Operation of a dual phase extraction system began in May 2005 to remediate soil and groundwater impacted by pipeline condensate.  Measurable light non-aqueous petroleum liquids (LNAPL) and dissolved benzene concentrations exceeding drinking water standards were observed in several extraction and monitoring wells at the site.  The tight clay soils, low groundwater yield, and LNAPL presence required the implementation of an aggressive remediation approach.  Remediation was implemented as part of the Voluntary Remediation Program administered by the Railroad Commission of Texas.


This presentation will provide details on the system design, construction, and performance for the first year of operation.  Soil vapor and groundwater extraction, groundwater drawdown, vapor influence, vapor treatment performance, hydrocarbon mass removal, and LNAPL reduction rates will be presented.